The Best Humidifiers in Canada in 2024

It’s no surprise that humidifiers are a necessity almost in some climates around Canada, especially in the winter when peak dryness hits. Sore throats, dry skin – and worst of all, static – are prominent. Humidifiers are a great way to mitigate dry climates and can help alleviate a lot of issues that you may not realize are from dry air inside your home, including illnesses or colds. 

Not all humidifiers are the same, some are cool mist while others heat up with warm mists, some have changeable filters and others have easy maintenance. If you’re looking for the best humidifiers available in Canada, our guide below contains a range of humidifier reviews and will help you find the one that works best for you.

Our top picks

How to choose a humidifier in Canada

When looking for a humidifier keep these key points in mind: 

  • Cool mist vs warm mist – Contrary to what some news says out there, cool mist and warm mist will humidify a room equally well. The differences are what you want more and choosing accordingly. There are also many humidifiers out in the market that have both functions, so that you can use either or depending on your needs or the time of year.
  • Cool mist humidifiers tend to be slightly louder when in use and can be more expensive, but they tend to work better during summer or when you have a cold as they don’t spread germs around as easily. They are also great for pets and children as there is no hot steam/mist that can potentially harm them.
  • Warm mist humidifiers are quieter, a bit less expensive, and are wonderful for winters or if you have a lot of plants that prefer warmer humidity climates. They are typically easier to keep clean as well with less maintenance as the water in the humidifier itself doesn’t stick around as easily as with the cooler options. 
  • Size– A small desk humidifier will not help raise the humidity in your living room or office, and a very large humidifier in a smaller room may be too much and cause issues such as mold. Find the proper size for which room you’d like your humidifier to be in and purchase accordingly. All humidifiers will say how large of a room size they are meant for, such as 400 square feet or 1500 square feet – along with some other labelling, generally “Large Room” “Bedroom” or “Personal/Small”.
  • Price – As with most appliances, more expensive doesn’t always mean the best and vice versa where cheap doesn’t always mean the worst. Keep in mind brand names and reviews, and if a price seems too good to be true – it most likely is. Humidifiers have gone down in price over the years as they are more readily available, but the prices do fluctuate between brands and availability. 
  • Scent features – This is optional, but some humidifiers (especially smaller ones meant for desks/bedrooms) come with a scent tray that you can put essential oils into that will scent the air as the humidifier works. Having a scent tray doesn’t mean that the humidifier isn’t going to work well or is just more for ‘relaxation’ than humidifying – it will work just fine and do its job. The scent trays are optional to use as well, so it can be ignored if need be, but is still worth noting. 
  • Filters – Some humidifiers have filters and some do not. Some may need to be replaced and others can be washed/rinsed and replaced back in. This is to keep the air cleaner and to help filter out particulates, especially if you are using tap water or Brita filtered water, for example. Humidifiers can leave white residue on surfaces from the minerals in water and filters can help mitigate this. Not all humidifiers have filters, some don’t have any at all – this doesn’t make them any less efficient.

The best humidifiers in Canada

Levoit Dual 150

The Levoit 3L cool mist humidifier is a great humidifier that works well for bedrooms and smaller office spaces, baby rooms/nurseries, or living rooms. This fits on a desk, dresser, or nightstand without taking up too much space. 

This top-filling humidifier makes refilling and cleaning easy and hassle free, unlike other humidifiers that require you to turn them over or otherwise disassemble to refill or clean, getting water everywhere. It is an ultrasonic style that ‘sprays’ water up into the air as a very fine mist. The nozzle can be turned 360-degrees around in any direction you want the mist to be spraying and everything is controlled by one simple knob. 

It is whisper-quiet at a 28dB level, making it ideal for nurseries or while you sleep without disruption or being too much white noise. It’s BPA free and has an auto-shutoff feature that ensures that if the water runs out it will shut itself off. The 3L tank lasts for up to 25 hours before it needs to be refilled. 

  • Top-filled.
  • 3L capacity.
  • Easy to clean. 


  • May not always last for 25 hours. 

Levoit OasisMist 450S

Another Levoit humidifier, this is a ‘step up’ from the previous one on our list, as it has smart capability and an app that works with your phone remotely. It also has a larger 4.5L tank and two nozzles for mist, making it great for larger rooms. 

Having both the warm and cool mist options available, this humidifier is wonderful to have all year round and for varying issues, such as using cool mist while you have a cold or using the warm mist to keep your plants happier. It provides fast relief as the VortexMist technology along with their smart OasisMist settings can increase room humidity by 10% within 15 minutes. It has up to 430 square foot coverage, and will make a difference in larger rooms but may not be as effective as larger humidifiers if you’re trying to humidify a very large space. 

Ideal humidity can be set with Auto mode and will be maintained with the built-in humidistat, which makes it perfect for setting your humidifier and leaving it. The OasisMist has a smart schedule feature as well in the app that allows you to set timers and humidity levels for plant-care. It is top-filling as well, making it easier than ever to refill without a mess. It hits 26dB while running, making it ideal in a bedroom or nursey without being distracting at night. 

Lastly, it has a 2-in-1 diffuser that allows you to put essential oils on the aroma pad to scent the air as it works. 

  • Smart warm & cool mist.
  • Large room capacity.
  • Oasis mode for plants. 
  • The app is a bit limited for options. 

Bear 5L Humidifier

Bear’s 5L humidifier allows for a long 25- and 35- hour run time (respectively) for long lasting cool mist to humidify a room and not have to worry about heat so much for your loved ones. 

It has a top filing design, making refilling it a breeze and it is relatively easy to clean. The large opening makes it easy to reach into the crevices or adding water into the inlet. Running at 28dB, it is slightly louder than other humidifiers on the list, but it is still quiet enough while working to not be a bother while sleeping. 

A 2-in-1 diffuser allows you to add your own fragrance oils to the pad at the bottom of the humidifier, to add a scent into the air while the mist envelopes the room. It is noted to not add oils into the tank itself and only onto the pad, so that it doesn’t get damaged or destroyed. The stepless control knob on the front of the humidifier allows you to control the knob from low to high as your ideal levels are set. The 360-degree nozzle at the top can be adjusted to wherever you want the mist to go more precisely. 

  • 3L and 5L tank options both provide enough capaacity for large rooms.
  • Top fill design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be noisier than other models.

Honeywell MistMate

The Honeywell MistMate is a smaller humidifier that works well for small bedrooms, dorms, nurseries, or other smaller spaces. It runs for up to 20 hours before it needs to be refilled, the 2L tank holds a surprising amount for being a smaller unit. 

The wide opening is easy to clean and fill from the top without any hassle of having to turn it over or disassemble to do so. Keeping the humidifier clean with Protec Continuous Cleaning Cartridges as well. This humidifier has no filters and is relatively easy to clean out, though the smaller spaces can be a pain if you have particularly hard water that always leaves residue. 

A simple dial on the front allows you to turn the humidity from low to high as needed and an auto shut-off will turn off the humidifier if it is left on while it runs out of water. The nozzle sprays the cool mist at about a 30-degree angle and is not adjustable. 

  • Surprising 2L capacity for small size. 
  • Easy to clean.
  • Voted most trusted humidifier brand by BrandSpark Canadian Trust Study. 
  • Nozzle is a fixed height.
  • Nozzle can be difficult to clean out.

Vicks V6400

Vicks is known for their medicine that we all grew up with, the menthol clearing our sinuses. They have appliances as well, including this cool mist humidifier. 

The 4.5L tank has a wide opening that is easy to fill from the top and is easier to keep clean than other humidifiers. It’s ideal for small to medium sized rooms, including bedrooms, nurseries, and offices. It’s filter free, ultrasonic, and has dual scent pads on the bottom of the humidifier to add scents or Vicks’ own VapoPads that work well when you have a cold or are stuffed up. 

The clear blue material design helps you see when the water level is low and it will auto-shutoff in case it is left on when it runs out of water. The spout has a wide opening and only mists upwards and cannot be adjusted. It lasts for up to 30 hours before it needs a refill. There is also a softglow nightlight that turns on when it is in use that isn’t too bright or troublesome. 

Cleaning it is fairly easy, though the very bottom can be troublesome with the corners being harder to reach. 

  • 4.5L tank provides humidity for up to 30 hours.
  • Add Vicks VapoPads to infuse your home with soothing menthol.
  • Top filled.
  • Not great for larger rooms.

Let’me 8L Standing Humidifier

This large 8L standing ultrasonic humidifier is made for larger bedrooms, living rooms, and lasts for days before it needs to be refilled. Even once refilled, it isn’t that heavy to move around if need be. 

If you’re looking for a large tank humidifier that can go for days between needing refills, this one is it. 8L will last for 3-4 days and it has a built-in whetstone filter that means you don’t need to buy extra filters or change it out. It will automatically shut off if it runs out of water, and it conveniently comes with a remote that allows you to change the settings without having to get up to do so. There are three speed settings, and the nozzle turns 360 degrees to aim it where you’d prefer. 

It does have a scent pad section for you to place a few drops of essential oils, and as always, do not place any oils into the humidifier itself outside of the pads as it can cause cracking, breakage, and ruin the machine in general. It is decently easy to clean with some vinegar and hot water, though reaching any smaller areas that may accumulate build up over time can be tedious, but it is rarely an issue according to most reviews. 

  • Large, long-lasting 8L tank.
  • Sleek design.
  • Includes remote control capabilities (remote included).
  • Cleaning can be tedious at times.

Our Methodology

For this article we chose the best humidifiers based on top-rated Amazon reviews, other trusted peer-review websites, and our own personal uses with humidifiers. We took into account different budget levels, humidifier features, and room sizes, to ensure that our readers get the best insight and deals for what they are looking for and can make an informed decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cool mist and warm mist humidifiers?

Cool mist humidifiers (as their name suggests) do not have any heating elements whatsoever and just uses the water and fans to humidify a room. Warm mist, however, uses heating elements to warm the water as it works, humidifying the room. Both are equally as effective when humidifying a room. 

Cool mist humidifiers tend to be louder than warm mist counterparts and can be more expensive. They are safer for pets and children and also help with colds as well. They can be harder to keep clean from bacteria and other build up. 

Warm mist humidifiers are great for winters, are better at reducing bacteria and germs, and are generally less expensive, along with being quieter as they run. The hot steam can pose a hazard for pets and children that are curious, and they have a slightly higher energy consumption. 

 How to clean a humidifier? 

All humidifiers come with instructions on how to clean the model that you have purchased. All of them are different and some may need new filters that are replaceable, or you may need to take apart certain areas to scrub away build-up. It all depends on which one you have.  

What does a humidifier do? 

Humidifiers raise the humidity of a room and are especially helpful in dry climates. Dry area can cause nosebleeds, bad skin, dandruff, and make colds/sicknesses last longer and be more prominent. Sore throats and more. Static is another troublesome effect of dry air, especially in winter. Using a humidifier can help reduce this and keep your home working efficiently and helps to reduce symptoms. 

Pets especially are sensitive to dry air and static.  

How do I use a humidifier?  

Most humidifiers follow the same format of filling it with water to its fill line, closing the top or putting the bin into where it goes, and turning the humidifier on! Couldn’t be easier. Some have filters that you need to change or clean every few uses.  

When to use a humidifier? 

You can use a humidifier all year round, though most that live in dry climates tend to use them most in the wintertime when static and dry air make sore throats and dry skin even worse. They can be used anytime during the year though, and if you have a lot of plants for example – humidifiers can help them as well and allow you some breathing room from having to constantly water, for example. 

The same goes with electronics and static, as they can be destroyed accidentally by large static charges and dry air. 

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