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Best CBD Oil for Dogs

When it comes to CBD oil for dogs, it can be a tricky subject. CBD oil can calm down your anxious dog or soothe the aches of your arthritic pet but most oils available on the market aren’t genuinely CBD. Even the ones that seem legitimate and cost an arm and a leg – may not be properly CBD either. There are only a few reputable markets within Canada to purchase CBD oil for pets, and most other brands should be researched and used with caution. 

For our guide below, we have listed the ones from reputable websites that are tested, approved, and are proper CDB oils to help take away the worry and guesswork from searching. 

Our top picks

How to choose a CBD oil for your dog

When looking for CBD oil for dogs, keep these in mind: 

CBD oil content/Analysis

Any reputable CBD oil manufacturer/storefront should provide a certificate that certifies how much CBD oil is in their products and have the information of what exactly is in the bottle you’re buying. You can see whether they include THC, what the amounts are, and all other ingredients – which is especially important if your dog has allergies to anything. 

Hemp vs CBD

Hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil, though they are used interchangeably often. Both oils do come from the same plant – just different parts. Hemp oil comes from the seeds, whereas CBD can come from the stems, leaves, or flowers. CBD doesn’t necessarily contain hemp, and hemp doesn’t necessarily contain CBD. They are different oils altogether. 


Generally when buying anything we can assume that expensive means better, which is not always the case. With CBD oil however, generally higher quality and purity will be more expensive. ‘Budget’ CBD oils could contain pesticides, herbicides, or toxic metals – be sure to check the additives list, and always ask the store if you’re unsure. 


Like all things that are to be ingested by you or your pets, there are risks. CBD oil should be given in very small doses at first and gauging how your dog reacts to it – especially if they’re already on other medications. Always talk to your vet first and discuss with them. 


CBD oil ranges in its potency depending on brand and concentration. More CBD is absorbed by the body with high-quality fatty foods, which is why it’s generally sold in oil tincture form more often. Be careful when starting your dog on CBD oil and make sure that what you have isn’t a high potency you’re giving them too much of to start.   

Oil tincture vs treats, etc.

Oil tinctures are best and recommended more as they can be easily absorbed and added to food and treats. CBD treats are pre-dosed format that’s easy to give to your pup and works the best when out and about, such as travelling or while out for walks if you have an anxious dog, or if they have pain that can be alleviated. 

Best CBD oil for dogs overall

Honest Botanical CBD Oil for Dogs – Bacon Flavoured

Almost every pet loves bacon (much like us humans) and the additional flavour can really help the medicine go down. CBD oil can have a noticeable bitter taste, and this can help mask it, making it easier to administer to your pup when they need it most. Some picky pets of course may not prefer it, but from reviews – it seems that this is the winner. 

It comes in three different sizes starting at 250mg that has 8.3mg of CBD per 1ml drop for small dogs, 500mg that is 16.6mg of CBD per 1ml, and 1000mg CBD that is a large 33.2mg CBD per 1ml – which is of course for large breeds. Be sure to check reference guides and start your pet off with smaller doses. 

  • Bacon flavour is highly liked.
  • Great quality for cost. 
  • Some picky pets may not like the CBD flavours. 

Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil

Full Spectrum CBD oil is a pricier option on this list, but it packs a punch for pain and anxiety, while also giving additional benefits. It’s a full plant extract and contains 0.3% THC which means that your furry friend will be getting all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. It isn’t a high enough THC content to get your dog ‘high’ – but it does all work together as a ‘entourage effect’ that is a highly effective form of CBD oil. 

They all work together to amplify the results. It comes in three different sizes, just like the other previous bottles. 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg for large dogs. Always start your dog off on smaller doses and go from there. 

  • Perfect for dogs that need more relief from pain and/or anxiety.
  • Full-bodied oils. 
  • More expensive than other CBD oils. 

Best isolate CBD oil for dogs

Honest Botanicals isolate CBD oil

If you want to make sure that the CBD oil tincture you’re using for your pet has absolutely no traces of THC or otherwise, an isolated CBD oil is for you. The only ingredients are MCT oil (like coconut oil) and CBD isolate. That’s all. 

This one does come in several sizes and dosage sizes. 250mg, where 1ml is 8.3mg of CBD. 500mg, where 1ml is 16.6mg of CBD, and 1000mg, where 1ml equals 33.3mg of CBD. The bigger sizes are great for very large dog breeds such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, Cane Corso, etc. Small to medium sized dogs are advised to start at 3mg upwards at the least for chihuahua’s and such, upwards to 16mg for a 66-75lbs dog. 

The benefit of purchasing an isolate is that there are no added ingredients or flavours that your dog may be allergic to and since it’s flavourless, it can be added into their food or with treats very easily as well without any messing around with mixing flavours accidentally. 

  • Unflavoured.
  • No THC content.
  • Simplest ingredients.
  • Good for cats and dogs. 
  • Like all tinctures, may cause upset stomach in some pets if given too much. 

Best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

CBDNorth Wild Salmon CBD Oil

This wild salmon enhanced CBD oil is perfect for any dogs that have arthritis and need rest from aching joints. It has the additional benefit of heart/joint health and a shinier coat from the salmon oil. All natural, made in Canada, no THC high effects at all, and lab tested. 

The bottle size is 30ml, while each drop contains 16.67mg of CBD. 500mg in the entire bottle. It’s entirely THC free so there’s no worry if these oils will make your dog feel high. No added preservatives or colouring as well. 

  • Blended with wild salmon oil to enhance flavour/additional health benefits.
  • Lab-tested.
  • Not all dogs may like the flavour.

Best CBD treats for dogs

CBD Oil Canada Longevity Dog Treats

These CBD-infused dog treats are an easy and tasty way to help your dog with any stress or anxiety while out on walks, travelling, or even before a vet visit – without having to fuss about oil and measuring out drops. 

There is 3mg of CBD per serving in each treat. The formula was designed for old and aging dogs with arthritis and joint pains. These treats contain astragalus, burdock root, and turmeric to help with inflammation reduction along with the CBD. These contain no THC, are lab tested, and are vet approved. 

If you’re looking for other dog treats to fix other health issues with your dog, such as bad breath or teething, we also have a write-up on an array ofdog and puppy treats.

  • Great for relieving joint and arthritis pain with known inflammation reducers.
  • Designed for older dogs. 
  • Not all dogs like the taste.
  • If your dog has a peanut butter allergy, this isn’t the treat for them as it does contain it. 

Our methodology

For this article, we did extensive research into what the best true CBD oils are for dogs and went by trusted, reputable sources. We also considered budgets, different CBD oil and treat types, and ensured that every item on this list is Canadian and available within Canada specifically. 

Frequently asked questions

What does CBD oil do for dogs? 

CBD oil is a great way to calm down your dog if they have anxiety, and has the added benefit of easing any aches and pains they might have as well from arthritis, etc. It will not make them ‘high’ as the THC content of any CBD oil for pets is in the 0.03% ranges and is generally made from hemp, not marijuana. 

Is CBD oil worth it? 

If you have a dog that seems to have a lot of arthritic pains or joint issues, CBD oil can be worth it – even if it’s just a try to see if it helps dimmish their pains down to a tolerable level. It’s also great for any pets that have anxiety, whether it’s from car trips, the vet, or separation anxiety. 

How does CBD oil work? 

Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous systems, which help maintain balance in the body and keep it in a normal healthy state. It works by helping calm the nervous system that causes anxiety and stress. 

Can CBD oil make a dog more anxious?  

Usually, CBD oil will make a dog drowsy and calm them down, however, not all dogs are the same – just like people – and some can react differently. It’s important to start very small and monitor your dog closely to determine how they’re feeling/acting and adjust from there or decide to stop completely. 

Do you need a prescription for your dog’s CBD oil in Canada? 

No, but you do need to be careful and make sure that you’re purchasing CBD oil made specifically for animals from a reputable source that will ensure that you’re not giving your dog something that isn’t CBD oil. 

Is CBD oil safe for dogs? 

In proper small doses, CBD oil can be greatly beneficial and is safe for dogs. All dogs are different and what works for one might not work for the other. Always monitor your pet after giving them anything, and always start with small doses. 

What else can I give my dog for anxiety? 

Anxious dogs can benefit greatly from exercise, mentally challenging toys such as treat puzzle boards, being given something with your scent on it such as an old worn t-shirt that they can lay with and cuddle, etc. There are many ways that you can help a dog that has anxiety besides using CBD oil. 

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