The Best Cat Toys in Canada 

When it comes to choosing toys for your pets, there is no shortage of options out there. With automatic cat toys, plushies, catnip infused toys, toys to hide treats in, and more – it can be daunting where to start, especially if you’re a new cat owner.

All cats have different play styles and how they prefer to hunt and attack. Some love the fishing rod toys, others prefer toys they can swat around and chase. It can take some time to understand what your pet loves and we’re here to help.

This article lists off the top-rated cat toys in Canada and you can’t go wrong with choosing a few to try!

Our top picks

What to look for in cat toys

When it comes to purchasing cat toys for your pet, make sure to keep these in mind when you’re out shopping around or looking online:

Size – Size can be more important than you think when it comes to pet toys. Some may be too small for your cat if they’re a larger breed and may choke if they happen to eat it. Larger toys aren’t too much of a problem, but if your cat gets frustrated and can’t play with something – it might just sit there unused.

Material – Be sure that the material for the cat toys you’re looking at getting won’t be something they can accidentally swallow and end up with an emergency vet trip. It’s good to try different toys and materials though – just keep and eye on your cats when they’re playing to gauge whether it’s something that should be taken away when you’re not around.

The tinsel/shiny crinkle streamer toys can break apart and cats can eat the strands, or toys with feathers as well.

Catnip – Not all cats enjoy or react to catnip the same way. Some will get goofy and hyper, rolling around on the floor and playing, others will mellow out. Others won’t even care about catnip at all. Try different kinds with your pet to see if they like it!

Type – There are many types of cat toys available such as:

  • Fishing rods – We’ve all seen these before. Toys that look like fishing rods or poles that have a string or elastic with something at the end for your cat to chase and jump with. Almost every cat love these and they’re a must-have for any new cat owner.
  • Plushies/Kickers – These larger stuffed toys can have catnip or not and come in all shapes and sizes; though generally it’s a skinny rectangle. These are great for cats that like to hug, and bunny kick their toys – and are a great distraction for any cats or kittens that tend to do this with human arms or legs.
  • Automatic toys – These are the types that you can put some batteries into (or charge through usb) that will do the heavy lifting of playing with your cat for you when you’re not around, asleep, or just too tired to keep up with their energy. The automatic laser pointers that randomize a path, the ones where it’s essentially a blanket with something under it that moves, the ‘floppy fish’ toy that moves when your cat comes into proximity, etc.
  • Household toys – You don’t need to spend hundreds on fancy toys, especially for cats. Do so if you’d like – but cats are fickle, and the best toys can be things you already have! Empty paper towel tubes, toilet rolls, rolled up socks, wadded up paper balls – you name it.

(The author of this article has two cats – one of which is obsessed with plastic take-out forks) 

Best durable cat toys

Wide colourful springs

You can not go wrong with these colourful spring toys for any cat. They’ll have hours of fun chasing these around the house. These come in a pack of 10, which is perfect because your pets are bound to fling some into a hidden area of your house never to be seen again. 

They’re a great toy that work well whether you’re playing with your cats or they’re home alone and entertaining themselves. The springs bounce off objects, walls, and the floor in an erratic way that cats love to chase. 

  • Inexpensive.
  • Multiple colours available.
  • Durable. 
  • Some cats might not like them.

Best interactive cat toys

Flopping Fish Interactive toy

This flopping fish interactive toy is a great way to get your cat playing and exercising out their hunting skills and instincts. There are several fish types to choose from in different colours, and the automatic function means that they can play with this when you’re away. 

It’s charged via USB for easy recharging and each fish is stuffed with catnip, making playtime with your cats even more fun! Some cats may not like how loud the fish can be at first when it does move on its own, but after they get used to it and know that it’s a toy, they generally warm up to how it works. 

  • Great design.
  • Most cats love them.
  • Last for weeks before needing a recharge.
  • Some cats may not like the sound they make.

Cat Toys Interactive

Another fun interactive toy is this cutely designed feather robot that includes both a laser pointer and multiple feather arm attachments that allow your cat to play with either one and get their energy out when you’re tired from playing with them as well, or you’re out of the house. 

It has an adjustable height, the feather rods are adjustable by length, and the laser pointer section can be moved up or down as well to change the range of the light. It includes two different bells and feathers to switch it up from time to time to help ensure that your pet doesn’t get bored. 

  • Great design.
  • Durable material.
  • USB charged.
  • Auto-shutoff after 30mins.
  • Depending on use, the charge may not last as long.

Best cat toys for bored cats

21-piece cat assortments

This assortment of cat toys and a tunnel is a great way to find out and explore what your cat may like. Some cats can get bored rather quickly and one way to get them playing again is to find something that you may not have tried before or maybe they just need to try new toys. 

This includes a cat teaser wand, a green tunnel, and a multitude of small toys such as a fish, crinkle balls, bells, other balls, and a few small mouse toys. 

  • Great for kittens and new cats.
  • Good price-point. 
  • Not as durable as other toys.

Best KONG cat toys

KONG Kickeroo

The KONG Kickeroo is a well-loved cat toy for its durability and design. It’s well-loved by most cats and some additional personal experience – the author of this article has two of them and they’re well-loved by their cats. 

The plush shape and size were designed with hind-kicking ‘bunny kicking’ play in mind, while the fluffy tail and catnip filled pillow shape allow your cat to play with it when they’re hyper and it works great even as a pillow for downtimes. 

It’s durable and will last against aggressive playtime sessions. 


  • Durable and well-designed.
  • Good price-point.
  • Great for cats that prefer kicking.
  • Some cats may try to tear off or eat the fluffy tail portion. Be sure to supervise your cat while playing before leaving them alone.

KONG CuteSeas Octopus

This cute octopus design is ideal for cuddling and playtime. Premium catnip is included for added engagement, while the crinkle sound it makes when being moved around encourages playtime and hunting with your cat. 

The soft corduroy material is great for when your cat wants to wind down and cuddle a toy, while also being gentle on your couches or floors when being tossed around. It’s durable and lightweight, with the ability to hold up against more rough playtimes. 

  • Durable and soft material.
  • Crinkly inner material encourages play.
  • Great price-point.
  • Catnip effect will eventually wear down with time, but the toy itself will last for years. 

KONG Curlz teaser toy

Almost all cats love chasing and playing with fishing rod type toys. The KONG Curlz is a springy spiral shaped teaser toy that can be pulled on and attacked without breaking or losing its shape. The additional boa feathers and ribbons add even more interaction. 

The handle itself is durable while you’re playing, and the only real caveat is to watch for any of the feathers getting torn out and eaten by your cats while they’re playing around. This toy is top-rated and well worth the purchase to try for your cats. 

  • Great durability.
  • Highly rated.
  • Durable handle against aggressive play. 
  • Feathers may get torn out.

KONG Kitty treat dispenser

Known for these soft rubber toys that you can hide treats in – KONG has one for cats as well! The KONG kitty treat dispenser is a perfect addition to playtime and getting some mental interaction going with your cats. Easily put a few small treats into the center and watch your cats bat it around to get a few out. 

It may be too small for larger breed cats however, but it is perfect for kittens and smaller cats that are always in the playful mood. 

  • Perfect for hiding small treats.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Soft rubber.
  • Not all cats will enjoy looking for treats but may like the unpredictable bounce if the KONG is thrown.

Best cat puzzle toys

Petstages Rainy Day Treat puzzle

If your cat is very curious or you want to switch up their toys for some mental stimulation as well, this rainy day treat puzzle is a great way to do so.


Batting the pegs and being rewarded when they swat the raindrop shaped with treats inside helps their foraging instincts. This toy is durable and has no removeable parts, allowing for safe play and never losing play pieces. 14 hidden treat compartments and there are difficulty levels, such as placing treats in the cups for beginner play, upwards to placing treats within the hole of the peg piece so that they must move it to receive the treat.

  • Durable.
  • No removeable pieces.
  • Great price-point.
  • Some may cats not be interested in puzzle toys.

Cardboard cat maze puzzle

This durable cardboard treat maze helps your cat home in on their foraging and hunting skills by having to swat into and reach for their treats in this cleverly designed puzzle box. 

It works with your cat’s favourite treats, catnip, or toys – whatever you’d like to throw in that will fit and what your cat will chase after or try to retrieve. Three difficulty levels/areas make it ongoing fun for both you and them. 

  • Great design.
  • Varying difficulty levels.
  • Durable.
  • No moving parts. 
  • Cardboard may get destroyed after a while if you have more aggressively playful cats.

Best cat teething toys

Catnip soft toys for teething

If your kitten or cat likes to chew or is teething, these soft and expressive cat shaped toys filled with catnip will help alleviate their gum pain and the need to chew. They’re the perfect size for kittens and smaller cats. 

It comes with six different coloured cat-shaped toys, all with a different expression on their faces. The stitching and fabric are sturdy and well built, though some more aggressive cats may destroy these faster. 

  • Soft and durable.
  • Great for teething kittens and cats.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Aggressive playing may destroy these faster.

Catnip soft toys 10-pieces

This 10-pack of super soft toys full of catnip will help your teething kittens and cats. There are 10 in total of varying colours and shapes that are made from a soft non-toxic cotton. They also rattle and crinkle so they’re great as regular toys otherwise once your cat gets bigger. 

They also have a lifetime guarantee so if they do break or something happens, they can be replaced with new ones. Reviews have stated that their cats seem to love these, and the customer support is great. 

  • Quality and quantity are worth the price.
  • Durable.
  • Perfect size for kittens and small cats.
  • May be destroyed fast if your cats use them constantly.

Best cat toys for active cats

Delomo interactive ball

This rotating interactive electronic ball will keep your active cats entertained for hours on end. It rolls itself around and has a red LED light that shines and swings along with it. It charges via USB and will last around four hours before it needs a recharge. A USB cable is included. 

It’s made of odorless ABS plastic that should hold up for a good amount of time before it gets destroyed or broken. 

  • Perfect for active cats or small kittens.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Durable.
  • Can be loud when rolling on hardwood floors.

Best cat toys for indoor cats

Multiway collapsible tunnel

This multi-way tunnel is the perfect addition for indoor cats so they can hide and race through – especially if you have multiple cats in your house or apartment. 

There are bells, hanging ball toys, and a peep hole in the middle for hours of fun and entertainment for you and your cat. Five tunnels are available for them to hide and hunt toys in, offering plenty of space. Tear-resistant polyester fabric and a sturdy frame will ensure that it lasts for years. 

It’s easy to fold back down into the included carrying case as well. 

  • Great for cats to hide and play.
  • Good price-point.
  • Easy to store.
  • Cats with overly sharp claws may puncture the material.
  • Tunnel does tend to move and slide around.

Best electronic cat toys

Laser toy for cats

We all know how much pets like laser pointers and this top-rated automatic interactive toy combines the best of both worlds by generating random patterns for your cats to follow and chase. It’s charged by USB so that there is no fuss with batteries, and five different adjustable circling ranges allows for customization that works for most room sizes. 

There is an automatic on/off and that’s perfect for when you’re out and your cats/kittens need to play with something and be entertained, diminishing the chance that something gets wrecked if they get bored. 

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Perfect for when you’re out.
  • Cute design.
  • Long lasting charge.
  • Some reviews have stated that the laser can be erratic in a bad way, including shooting up walls, etc. There is a lifetime exchange warranty available in those cases.

Best cat toys for older cats

Stuffed catnip chili toy

Cats are generally less active as they get older and when the fishing rod feather duster toys aren’t played with as much, a good choice is stuffed toys and the always popular laser pointer. This cute stuffed pepper full of catnip can help your older cats play more – and keep younger ones just as entertained as well. 

It’s the perfect size and length to be used as a kicker toy, if chewed on, or even laid on as a stuffed toy. It’s a great addition to any cat toy box and is very inexpensive. 

  • Great design.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Durable. 
  • Some stronger cats might be able to tear it apart.

Our Methodology

For this article, we compiled our choices from top user reviews on Amazon, personal use, and other peer-reviewed website recommendations. We also took into account different budgets, types of toys, and what other cat owners had to say about them. 

Common questions about cat toys

What are the types of cat toys? 

There are many types of toys for cats – if it’s safe for your pet, it can be used as a toy. There are electronic automatic toys that move on their own to engage your pet, handheld ones such as laser pointers or fishing rod style toys, catnip infused kicker toys, little balls or crinkly mouse shaped toys, etc.

The lists are endless. That being said – you don’t have to buy the most expensive toys out there, as they may not even play with them. The author of this article has two cats, one of which loves plastic take-out forks more than any other toy in the house.

What are the best DIY cat toys? 

Some of the best DIY cat toys can be toilet paper rolls with the ends folded, with treats inside they must swat out. Plastic take-out forks work great, same with spoons or the like. Rolled up socks they can chase. The possibilities are endless – just be sure that your cat can’t choke or swallow the toys. 

Are laser toys safe for cats? 

Laser toys are a great way to get your cats energy out as they chase it around the house or apartment. There are even automatic laser toys that do the work for you by randomizing patterns that your cat can chase around. There is a caution not to use them too often though and be sure to vary what your cat plays with so that they get mental stimulation as well. 

Is catnip bad for cats? 

Not all cats react the same to catnip, and some just don’t care about it at all. Catnip isn’t harmful to cats and most have a great time with it being infused into toys, fresh catnip, or the dried variety that can be sprinkled onto the floor or on scratchers. 

Why does my cat bring me toys? 

Cats are natural hunters, and that instinct is what makes them play and stalk us around the house. They bring you toys as a sign of, “Look what I caught!” Some cats can and will play fetch with toys they bring you!

How to play with your cat without toys? 

Cardboard boxes, wadded up paper balls, running your hand underneath a blanket while they pounce from above, hide treats or toys underneath blankets, or take time to try to teach them tricks! You can even hide treats in an empty toilet paper or paper towel tube and watch as they try to get it out. It’s good to not only get their energy out, but they need mental stimulation as well! 

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