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The Best Watches in Canada

To look at a modern approach to wristwatches it does not differ much from the 19th and 20th centuries. Just like back then, we still look for style, practicality and quality. Moreover, a watch can reveal certain traits about the owner. Besides status, a wristwatch shows style preferences (classy or trendy), lifestyle (for instance, a watch for diving), and even profession.   

Certainly, a wristwatch, especially if we speak of classic, Swiss-made brands, is an expensive accessory. However, if you consider it as an investment in your style, (or planning to resell it later), and count cost per wear, then such purchase makes a lot of sense. Luxury, high-quality watches can also be heirlooms passed down to your children.   

The only issue that arises when you start considering a new wristwatch is an abundance of choices on the market. And considering the high price, it is not an item to purchase without learning the details. That is why we made sure to cover not only various requests customers have, but also combine everything you need to know. We also added not only the biggest watch brands in the world but found some worthy of your attention budget-friendly, smart and trendy pieces. 

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Our Top Picks

How to choose a good watch

No doubt, the very first thing you have to consider is your lifestyle. That includes budget, habits, profession, and taste. Secondly, such technical aspects as material, durability, brand name and others should always be considered. Those main factors are something we will look at in details today.   


While titanium or ceramic materials are the most durable, they also come at a higher price. Meanwhile, stainless steel watches are some sort of a compromise between a lower price tag and long-lasting material. Stainless steel is also not easily affected by moisture. Here we also want to mention that the weight of a watch can be a direct indication of its quality. It provides you with an understanding of how solid the used steel is.   

Finally, another factor to consider in a material is PVD coating. Even if you buy a budget-friendly watch, look for a PVD coating mark (or check with a seller). The coating ensures that a watch would reserve the original colour be it gold, rose gold or even black.   


Most budget-friendly watches have quartz (powered by battery) or COSC (certified mechanical movement) movement. You can easily find one of those at a considerably affordable price for under $500.  What gives them a major advantage is fewer moving parts required, which in the end makes those watches more accurate and brings a lower price tag.  

In a higher segment, some watches use Miyota, Seiko and Ronda movements. Those movements have a long history behind them and proved to serve not the lifetime of one owner but also decades of further generations. You only have to make sure to maintain them properly.   

Watch glass

Sapphire glass is an indication of a high-quality watch. The main reason behind it is a complete scratch-free feature. If we go a little lower in price and quality you can find crystal or mineral glasses. While it makes a watch cheaper it is also more susceptible to scratches. Keep that in mind if you are planning to wear your watch daily, and especially if you are involved in active sports activities where your watch can easily get scratched.   

Water resistance

There are a couple of numbers to remember if you want to swim or shower without taking your watch off. 10 ATM indicates a higher quality watch that is water resistant to 100 meters of pressure. The next one is 5 ATM which is safe to shower with, and 3 ATM allows only hand washing. Overall, if you are not planning to swim or shower with your watch on your wrist, look for 3 ATM for peace of mind in case it gets some water splashed on.   

Brand name

The advantage of current trends and the overall fashion industry is that a smaller, less well-known brand can boast of the same high quality as a brand with a longer history. However, as much as it is an advantage, (which also makes it easier to find equal-to-luxury quality at a lower price) as much danger it holds. What we suggest here is to make sure that you buy from a contemporary brand, to see if they can offer extra security in delivering spare parts, as well as replacing or fixing any possible issues with their watches. After all, you are paying a high price for that piece of accessory and it only makes sense to contact a seller or look closer into their production process. 


Surely, nothing can beat the versatility of a Rolex-like dress watch which ideally compliments anything from an office suit to jeans and hoodies. However, it is not the style for everyone. And, to put aside the digital smartwatch there are five main styles you can pick from. Those styles are dress, pilot, field, dive and racing.   

Extra features

All previously mentioned factors should be considered in any type of watch you buy. However, some extra features would depend on your lifestyle. Do you hike or work out on a frequent basis? Then a smartwatch with a touch display might be a better choice than mechanical or quartz movement models. Speaking of smartwatches, consider not only steps count, but also such features as GPS tracking, calorie calculation, and alarm.   

Other features are date indicator and glow in the dark. Those are not essential, yet useful characteristics if you want to know the time in the middle of the night.  

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Best luxury watches for men

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34

NOTE: Keep in mind that although we mention only a few selected models from luxury segments, there are many other watches to choose from whether it be Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer or others. You might want more features, different finishes, and display colour options and for that, we suggest you visit official websites and even contact the seller before purchasing to ensure satisfaction with your new watch.   

Rolex is undoubtedly not only one of the most famous watch brands, but also the one that has proved its quality since the beginning of the twentieth century. All their watches are assembled by hand, which is an indication of exceptional quality and high standards. But that also means another thing: Rolex watches come in limited quantities and often the demand for them is exceeds the actual availability.   

For instance, this Oyster Perpetual is made in the image of the original Oyster, the world’s first waterproof wristwatch, designed in 1926. It is an ultimate classic with chronometric precision and a waterproof case. The display, made exclusively of Oystersteel with a sophisticated black finish shows hours, minutes and seconds.   

Because Oyster bracelets are the perfection of form, function and minimal, yet classic aesthetic, they hit number one on our list as the best luxury watch for men. The watch is not only for office professionals, and businessmen, but also for anyone with an active lifestyle: the Oyster Perpetual is a robust, durable piece of craftsmanship that can serve you through decades and then be passed on to your children.   

Finally, to add one last point about the bracelet itself, it is made of metal with broad, three-piece links, which makes it comfortable to wear. Also, it won’t wear out compared to even the most durable genuine leather straps. 

  • High quality.  
  • Hand assembled.  
  • Long-history brand.  
  • Waterproof case.  
  • Swiss-made. 
  • High price. 

Omega Speedmaster 38CO‑AXIAL

Another luxury, Swiss-made watch brand is Omega. However, this brand began its history even earlier than Rolex. The first Omega watch was made in 1884 at a small shop in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland by Louis Brandt. Since then, they have been a direct indication of quality and sophistication and are preferred by many clients all over the world.   

This particular model is much slimmer than the Heritage Speedmaster, yet it is an ideal model for men with thinner wrists or anyone who does not want extra bulk on their arms. It has been said about this watch that while it retains the aesthetic of Omega’s most famous chronograph model, this modernized version was designed with more simplicity in mind.   

Speedmaster 38CO-AXIAL features stainless steel case which has proper weight to it, it does not overwhelm your wrist, yet does not feel weightless like many slim watches tend to. Besides, the stainless-steel case and bezel promise durability of a lifetime.   

Speaking of a dial we selected this watch for its opaline silver finish. The dial is designed with a vertical oval date slot and horizontal oval subdials.  The indexes on the dial are 18K Sedna™ gold: this detail alone makes this a unique accessory. If you know fashion trends you must be aware that matching your metals is no longer a thing. Instead, mixing gold with silver became an expression of effortless style.   

To other signs of a classy watch, this Omega, just like any other model has a Seahorse medallion on the case back and is powered by the OMEGA Co-Axial Calibre 3330.

  • Slimer than other models.  
  • Modern design touch of gold and silver.  
  • Durable, lasting stainless steel.  
  • Swiss-made.  
  • High price. 

The Best Luxury Watch For Women

Cartier Tank Louis Watch

Yes, other Cartier Tank watches come at a lower price, but we specifically want to highlight this one for it is a symbol of elegance in every millimeter. However, the story behind the watch is far from the image of sophistication it displays. Louis Cartier designed the watch in 1917 after the tanks on WWI battlefields. However, since then flat vertical brancards and a sapphire cabochon became the symbol of class and up until now, it captivates the minds of both fashionistas and intelligence.  

This particular Tank model is a large (33.7 mm x 25.5 mm) version finished in 18K yellow gold. Although it is a quartz movement watch, the craftsmanship (Swiss-made) still exceeds all expectations. Besides, it is water resistant up to 30 meters. Not that we suggest you swim with a watch that comes with a leather strap, yet it is beneficial to consider when buying such an expensive accessory. Speaking of the strap, this particular model comes with a gray alligator skin strap and an 18K gold buckle.  

Finally, as the last touch (but the one that makes all the difference), the watch features a beaded crown set with a sapphire.   

We recommend you contact Cartier before buying a watch. The carat weight, the number of stones and product dimensions will vary based on the size of the watch you have your eyes on. 

  • Swiss-made. 
  • Elegant, timeless design.  
  • Water-resistant. 
  • Alligator skin strap.  
  • Very high price.  

The Best Watch Under $2000

Rado HyperChrome XXL Quartz Stainless Steel Watch

To look at watches that cost less than previously mentioned models, yet that do not concede in quality, Rado comes to mind first. It is another brand with Swiss heritage, so you do not even have to question the lastingness of Rado HyperChrome XXL Quartz.   

To return to the history of the brand, it was established in 1917 by three brothers Schlup, watchmakers from Lengnau, Switzerland. They created the brand that has been a favourite among many customers for one reason: from the beginning, the owners started with spotting new opportunities, and delivering quality, classic watches to clients all over Europe and later the world.   

Of course, more than a century passed since the establishment of the brand, however, take a look at this Rado HyperChrome. They still reflect the style of classic Rado models, yet a two-toned brushed stainless-steel design makes this watch easy to wear and an ideal accessory for a young and sporty person.   

The Rado HyperChrome XXL has a sapphire crystal and blue dial which gives it a sophisticated, yet unique appearance. Meanwhile, titanium three-fold clasp with stainless steel cover proves long-lasting and durability.   

Finally, the watch is water-resistant from 10 ATM so you do not have to take it off while swimming or showering. As we said previously, it is an accessory for an active, sporty young man or a woman.   

  • Swiss-made.  
  • Quartz movement. 
  • 2-year limited warranty. 
  • Water-resistant up to 10 ATM. 
  • Might be too large for a thinner wrist.  

The Best Watches Under $1000


You might think we repeat ourselves saying that this is another Swiss-based watch brand, yet it is true. They surely know how to make quality watches and the history behind each brand proves it. Tissot, for instance, was founded by the father and son Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Émile Tissot in Le Locle, Switzerland, in 1853.  

What we especially love about this brand is that you can easily find a stylish, quality watch for around $500-$1000.   

This Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 is a slim, sophisticated model inspired by the authentic ‘70s design. Overall, it combines minimalism and retro chic. If you are into complimenting your style with unique accessories, the watch is for you. Yet, even if the design is somewhat too retro, the inside is packed with twenty-first-century features. The self-winding Powermatic 80 movement is reliable and precise because of the innovative Nivachron hairspring.   

Another feature is 80 hours of power reserve: specifically created for those with busy, active lifestyles. Basically, this automatic watch is driven by the energy of the person who wears it: wrist movements power the mechanism. As to the 80 hours of power reserved, those are for telling time even if you don’t move your arm much or don’t wear the watch for a few days.   

  • Retro inspired design.  
  • Swiss-made.  
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • 80 hours of reserved power. 
  • Some find this watch looks too 70s, however, perception of style is subjective. 

The Best Smart Watch

Apple watch Series 7

iPhone owners who want to keep up with their messages and notifications without pulling a phone out of a pocket need a smart Apple watch. But, besides reading your messages, a smartwatch allows you to get directions and track your fitness progress.   

The reason we think the Apple watch is the best smartwatch is in its simplicity of use and seamless interaction with your iPhone.   

Besides the inner features, it is of course the appearance. Apple smartwatch offers a narrow, slim bezel, which not only looks stylish and futuristic on your wrist but also can track your heart rate during workouts, and show walking distance.   

Many customers are also impressed with the watch’s ability to accurately track laps during swimming sessions. The watch is waterproof for swimming in a pool or a lake up to 50 meters of pressure.  

Another addition Apple Watch Series 7 includes a blood-oxygen sensor and electrocardiogram hardware. Those features are useful especially for those who have health concerns. 

  • Seamless interaction with your smart phone.  
  • Quick measuring of heartbeat, steps, walking distance and more.  
  • Lightweight and slim design.  
  • Not suggested to buy if you do not own iPhone.  

The Best Watch For Golfers

Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

Garmin Approach’s S62 might seem too expensive as a golf GPS watch, yet you do not have to use it for playing golf only. It is the top seller that already received recognition from many satisfied customers and for a fair reason, The watch combines useful features and quality materials.   

The very first feature is a large 1.3” touchscreen made of ceramic bezel (scratch-resistant material).   

Another function is S62 Virtual Caddie: it counts your average distances for the clubs in your bag and uses wind speed and direction to suggest the best club. Add to it a suggestion of a landing area in any given situation. It sounds quite futuristic, but many golfers promise that the watch counts wind speed and direction with precision. Although you would have to connect it to the Garmin Golf app through your smartphone.  

Besides that, the Garmin Approach S6 displays par holds and allows you to scroll through each hazard on the map.   

Finally, some exclusive features are PinPointer that can show the direction of the pin, advanced club tracking, over 41,000 preloaded courses and a battery that lasts 14-20 hours depending on the mode. 

  • Ideal accessory for golfers.  
  • Compatible with Garmin Golf app.  
  • Ceramic bezel.  
  • Watch bands are expensive to replace. 

The Best Watch For Diving

Seiko 5 Sports

Customers say that Seiko 5 Sports feels and wears just like a luxury watch. The movement is accurate, the bezel moves fluidly and the colour is superb, added one of the satisfied watch’s owners, and we agree. This watch from Sports Collection was crafted from stainless steel which is not only durable material but also suitable for swimming. (The watch is water resistant up to 10 ATM.)  

Seiko 5 Sports offers a combination of elegance and sport chic, that is why not only divers but anyone with an active lifestyle choose this watch. It is suitable for wearing casual and formal outfits alike.  

Speaking of looks we especially love the shining green dial. It adds novelty and sophistication. As another satisfied customer noted the watch has awesome looks and solid feeling watch. It has a beautiful green face similar to British racing green, which he loves. The band is classy too, the stainless steel is more of a brushed finish so it’s not too shiny, it’s just right. It also has some good weight to it, feels like a premium watch. He hasn’t had it for very long so he cannot say for durability, but it is Japanese so he has some faith in it. The back of the watch has a window for you to see the gears working, he added. 

  • Automatic movement. 
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet. 
  • Three-year limited warranty. 
  • Japanese made.  
  • Water resistant up to 10 ATM. 
  • Some customers noted the watch looks to heavy.  

The Best Health Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic Black Stainless Steel

Another smartwatch on our list and this one is preferred by Android users. Samsung Galaxy Classic is a full package of stylish, sporty appearance on the outside and useful functions inside. Just like with the Apple smartwatch you can track your activities, fitness score, check calories loss and use GPS on the grid.   

Another important feature, this Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic offers, is a physical activity tracker and support for more than 90 exercises.  

Yet, there are two main functions which make this watch the best health watch. The first one is the Bioactive Sensor. It measures ECG (electrocardiogram) in real-time and can send an alert to a compatible device right away. As one customer noted, he likes a hidden feature of this watch. It will send a signal to family and friends if he falls. This is important when you get to be his age. It is also fascinating the amount of sleep data that it records, he added. This watch is functional and fun.  

The second function is sleep quality measuring. A sleep tracker detects and analyzes your sleep stages which can be useful to check your blood oxygen level and even detect if you were snoring.   

  • Sleep detector.  
  • ECG sensor.   
  • Stylish design.  
  • Android compatible.  
  • Some reviewers noted that straps feel too narrow compared to the display. 

The Best Outdoor Watch


While most smartwatches can be useful while camping or hiking, there is nothing that could beat a watch that was specifically designed for the outdoors. As many customers say, they wear SUUNTO 9 to anywhere from work to skiing, climbing, bike riding, and diving.   

What makes this watch different is up to 120 hours of continuous exercise tracking and up to 170 hours of recording time with GPS tracking. The watch has four battery modes (Performance, Endurance, Ultra and Tour) so in case you start running out of power you can always switch to another mode. The watch will suggest you switch on a different mode when the battery is getting low. This factor also makes the Suunto 9 one of the best hiking watches. You can be on the top of the mountain with enough battery to stay overnight and then hike back.   

Suunto 9 watch is specifically designed for athletes who expect high performance from their smartwatch. All the features it combines are made for long training sessions and outdoor adventures even in most remote areas. Suunto’s unique FusedTrack™ algorithm features GPS and motion sensor data that record track distance with accuracy.

  • Four battery modes.  
  • Ideal for the outdoors.  
  • Durable and resilient.  
  • Water-proof.  
  • Some reviewers noted that they had technical issues with GPS.

Why Trust Us

You might have noticed lately that the list of items we feature has been reduced drastically. We did so because our goal became more to educate consumers about the right choices for them personally, than to offer each product that exists on the market. Besides we shifted our focus on the unique features each product offers and decided to select only the best ones. However, how and why we picked this particular watch did not change.   

Firstly, we trust what other buying guides and magazines say. For instance, Esquire, Wirecutter, BAAZAR and others that covered a similar topic.  

Secondly, we selected only watches that earned recognition from satisfied customers and experts in the industry. Besides, we made sure to include watch brands with a rich heritage and a hundred years of history.  

Thirdly, as always, we do not include any product that earns less than four stars.

Questions and answers about watches

Who makes the best watches?  

Considering that most high-end, world-known watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega and others are all Swiss-made it would be fair to say that the best watches are made in Switzerland. However lately, Japanese-made watches climbed up the same ladder and can easily compete with Swiss-produced ones. The main difference between those two is aesthetic. Swiss watches typically have a classic, posh look while Japanese movements are designed with more practicality in mind.   

Which watches hold their value best?  

One thing you need to know about value when investing in such an expensive accessory as a wristwatch is that we recommend you stay away from luxury brands whose original mission did not include watchmaking. Other than that, high-end brands that historically built their reputation on watches craftsmanship all hold their value pretty well. Here we are talking about Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, TAG Heuer, RADO and many others.   

Which watches are the best investment?  

Just like in the previous question, those watches that hold their value best are worth your money. We cannot say that Rolex, for instance, is the only watch that would offer a long-lasting and timeless design. Many other brands with extended history can be an investment. The main question is about your personal preference. Will you still like the style in ten years?   

What are the best watches for nurses?  

Many nurses tend to wear smartwatches for a few valid reasons. It is a device that can assist with timer, and alarm, and considering a busy schedule you can leave your phone in your purse and still receive all notifications on your watch. Finally, it is a step count where after a long shift you can track your steps and perhaps even lost calories.   

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