The Best Jewelry Cleaner in Canada

Jewelry, as an essential part of many wardrobes, is meant to sparkle no matter how simple your outfit is. However, due to constant exposure to hair products, dust, sweat, lotions and even air and moisture, your favourite pieces can tarnish over time.  

Looking at that silver necklace you inherited from your grandmother, all tarnished, can be disheartening. And even if you bought it for yourself, a piece of special sentimental value deserves proper treatment and cleaning. Finally, if you are done with experiencing and trying to clean your dingy jewelry with baking soda and toothpaste, we have another more effective solution: a professional jewelry cleaner.    

While it is the easiest way to take your gemstones, silver and gold rings and necklaces to a professional jeweler for a quick clean-up, we suggest you try cleaning them at home. With the right supplies and cleaning solution you can restore the original shine of your precious stones and metals in a matter of minutes. 

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How to choose a jewelry cleaner


Before you begin cleaning your jewelry keep in mind there are two common methods: ultrasonic and liquid. The former one uses water and ultrasonic waves. Those waves create bubbles which lift dirt off leaving your jewelry pieces clean (as per some reviews you get close to professional results). The only downside to ultrasonic waves is that they do not remove tarnish from silver. That is why if you are mainly wearing silver jewelry, we suggest you consider liquid solutions. Liquid solutions typically combine ammonia and isopropyl alcohol which can be more effective in removing tarnish. Besides, you can always try gels, foams, specialized clothes, and creams.  

Another factor is that certain cleaners work with most metals and gemstones, while others are dedicated to working on specific metals only.   

Cleaning mode

Most ultrasonic cleaners would use water for gentle grit removal. Other devices use steam. While both ultrasonic and steam machines are safe to use with hard metals it might not be the case with all gemstones. Make sure to read the instructions before turning the cleaning process on. (Hard gemstones such as diamonds, cubic zirconia, sapphire, ruby and others are safe to clean in ultrasonic machines. While softer in natural gemstones such as emerald, onyx, topaz, opal, turquoise, and amber, should be cleaned more gently.) 


The size of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner would depend on how many pieces you own. It should be large enough to fit in all your jewelry, but also compact so you can easily put it away. If your collection contains many pieces and you would prefer to clean them all at once get a larger machine.   

Tips to clean certain metals and gemstones  

Gold and Gemstones  

Besides semiprofessional cleaning methods, you can always try giving your gold jewelry or gemstones a gentle bath. Mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water and put jewelry pieces into the bowl to soak for about five minutes. After you pull items out, lay them on a soft cloth and remove the grime with a soft toothbrush. Then place jewelry pieces on a strainer and rinse everything under running water.   


Pearls are porous and can easily hold on to dirt which takes away their shine. To restore the original shine, use a clean makeup brush dipped into a mixture of shampoo and warm water. After the first cleaning step wipe pearls with a damp cloth and let them dry.   

Keep in mind that pearls, whether real, cultured or faux, must be treated with care. Avoid soaking pearls in water as doing so can cause weakness and breakage.   

Best jewelry cleaner machine

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

With 30,684 and almost five stars on Amazon, it would be fair to say that Magnasonic is the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Combining practical design and multiple time settings, this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner delivers close-to-professional results. As it generates 42,000 Hz of sound waves, bubbles remove the dust and dirt from your precious pieces. It is a very easy-to-use cleaner where all you have to do is place your items into a basket and fill it up with enough water to cover them. (You can also add a drop of dish soap for a deeper clean.)   

Keep in mind that even if you can expect shining jewelry at the end of a cleaning process, tarnish won’t be removed. What you can do is use a polish cloth to remove tarnish after the ultrasonic cleaning cycle. As per one review, though it won’t remove tarnish from silver, it would do everything else. You can clean not only jewelry but also glasses and even coins.  

This Magnasonic professional cleaner features a simple design with a removable basket, three buttons (on, off, and set) and five settings where you can pick from 90 seconds to eight minutes.  

As per other reviews, diamond engagement rings, as well as silver, gold, and cubic zirconia come out glowing. As per other reviewers, they even tried to clean watch bands and kitchen silverware and all pieces came out shining.   

  • Powerful yet gentle cleaning. 
  • Five preset cleaning cycles.  
  • Easy to operate. 
  • Generous 20 oz (600 mL) capacity. 
  • Does not remove tarnish.  

Best diamond cleaner

Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik

If you own diamond jewelry you know that the beauty of those stones is in their ability to sparkle. Diamonds are meant to reflect light; however, they might lose that ability by being covered in dust, oil, cosmetic products and soap residue. That is why time after time you should revolve that built-up film and restore the original light-reflecting quality of your diamonds. That is when the Diamond Dazzle Stik comes as an effective cleaning solution. As a satisfied customer noted after purchasing this stick, she got rid of her professional jewelry steamer. It is tiny but mighty, she added. She recommends this to everyone and loves that it is small enough for travel or to keep in a purse.  

Overall, this stick features long, flexible bristles that can easily reach into the smallest parts of your engagement ring. The brush distracts a gentle cleaning solution which removes dirt residue and seals tiny scratches. As per another review, although her engagement ring is not a real diamond it turned out amazing after just one cleaning. She highly recommends it for the stone gets cleaned, is easy to use, and brush pushes into all the small spots she needs to get the grime off of.  

What we especially love is how compact this stick is. It can easily fit into your jewelry cabinet or your travel bag. Unlike the very first jewelry cleaner we mentioned, this one can be taken wherever you go.   

  • Effective and gentle cleaning.  
  • Compact stick. 
  • Budget-friendly. 
  • Flexible bristles.  
  • As per some reviews it dries out quickly.  

Best silver jewelry cleaner

Goddards Silver Cleansing Foam with Sponge Applicator

Silver is one of the most popular jewelry metals (and an affordable one). If your collection consists of several silver necklaces, rings and bracelets you must be familiar with the tarnishing issue that occurs time after time. That is why when ultrasonic cleaner can not deal with built-up tarnish and dirt you need a specialized solution.  

Based on expert interviews by The Strategist, this Goddard cleansing foam is milder than some other polishes, yet delivers a subtle look which is like silk rather than chrome that is the most suitable for silver jewelry.  

The Goddard silver polish is a three-in-one cleaner that not only removes grime and dirt, but also creates a barrier which protects your jewelry from further tarnishing. And what is most important is this foam does not require hard rubbing. You can use the included applicator and lather the solution onto a silver pendant or ring. The foam easily washes away with a quick rinse. Although the solution is a pretty strong cleaner, it is gentle enough to use on fine silver or even silver-plated heirloom furnishings.   

Finally, compared to other brands the Goddard foam provides long-lasting protection for months of shiny, clean jewelry. As a satisfied customer noted this seems to be a safe and easy way to clean silver jewelry and silver plates. It works quickly and after using a silver polishing cloth to finish, her silverware stays shiny for a long time.   

Another customer, who found this jewelry cleansing foam amazing, noted that he had tried to remove the tarnish from silver goblets with three different methods which were not successful. The Goddard Silver Polish did the job well, but most importantly the result was long lasting.  

  • 3-in-1 cleaner.
  • Non-abrasive formula. 
  • Long lasting protection. 
  • Not ideal for gemstones. 

Best polishing mitts

Anti-Tarnish Silver Polishing Mitts One Pair by Town Talk

The anti-tarnish solver polishing mittens from Town Talk are made in England and that is all you need to know about the quality. English surely do know how to take care of silverware (think of all those fine dining experiences); thus, they continue passing that knowledge even in creating such small items as polishing mittens. Gladly, you do not have to own a whole set of silver cutlery to be able to use those anti-tarnish mittens by Town Talk.  

As one customer noted she had a couple of silver bracelets that were tarnished (one quite badly) and she can honestly say these mittens are fantastic. She is seriously impressed and since the first try she has been polishing all her jewelry with them.  

Another customer talked specifically about polishing silver cutlery saying that she usually sets aside a half morning for cleaning silver. But when visitors are on their way and you notice the silver is looking a little tarnished, in ten minutes wearing a pair of these mitts, the silver looks as if a half morning has been spent cleaning, she added.  

The only downside is that compared to a cleaning solution the result from those gloves does not last that long. However, if it is a quick clean-up of your jewelry or kitchen utensils you are looking for, those gloves are the right ones for you. 

  • Ideal for a quick result.  
  • Saturated with a cleaning agent.
  • Lined to protect your hands.  
  • The result does not last long.  

Best gold cleaner

Simple Shine Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit

While the Simple Shine cleaning kit can be used on any metal and gemstone (avoid using it on plated jewelry) we find it the most fitting for gold products. Its formula gently cleans precious metals and stones, gold, silver, platinum, treated gemstones, and even porous stones and pearls which are prone to breaking if not treated properly.   

This Simple Shine is not only a gentle cleaning solution, but the complete kit you would find useful to bring professional cleaning results to your home without paying a jeweler. (Overall hand-cleaning your jewelry is a much safer way than using a cleaning machine because you can handle fragile pieces with extra care.)  

The kit includes a jar of the cleaning solution, a small brush, a drop-in plastic tray and a polishing cloth. A small brush allows you to clean even the smallest stones and jewelry with complicated designs. Meanwhile polishing cloth is the last cleaning step which removes tarnish and restores shine.  

As per satisfied customer, for such low price this kit works great, especially if you are looking for a jewelry cleaner to use on various precious metals and costume jewelry. She would definitely recommend it.  

What we love about this Simple Shine kit is that the solution is ammonia-free which means it does not contain irritating chemicals like many other cleaners. You do not have to worry about wearing gloves when cleaning jewelry. 

  • Gentle cleaning formula.  
  • Complete kit.
  • 100% non-toxic & biodegradable. 
  • Suggested not to use on plated jewelry.  

Best jewelry cleaner solution

Connoisseurs Delicate Jewelry Cleaner

If you are looking for an effective yet gentle jewelry cleaner, this Connoisseurs solution is the one. As one satisfied customer noted this is a good-sized jar of a jewelry cleaning solution. He puts a couple of rings in the basket for the allotted time, rinsed them, shined them with a soft cloth and they are like new.  

Based on another review a customer was worried about how the cleaner would work with opal and cubic zirconia so she did extensive research before buying this. She was so glad she bought it because it made a world of difference in her jewelry.   

The Connoisseurs formula is created to deliver instant results restoring the shine of your semi-precious stones, pearls and any type of jewelry, even plated ones. It is like giving a bubble bath to your jewelry collection.  

While this solution might not be the best option for tarnish removal, it is effective enough to restore the brilliance of rings, necklaces and bracelets in just a few seconds. It is created to repel dirt and oils from gold, silver and gemstones like coral, onyx, moonstone, turquoise, pearls, and other delicate, semiprecious stones. Further, it creates a film that prevents the appearance of fine scratches and gives your jewelry a longer lasting shine.   

  • Gentle versatile cleaning formula.  
  • Quick shine recovery.  
  • Long-lasting result.  
  • Does not remove tarnish.  

Pandora Jewelry Cleaning Kit

If you are a vivid collector of Pandora jewelry you must know that those trendy, precious pieces also require proper, regular cleaning. And what can be better for cleaning Pandora jewelry than a specialized Pandora cleaning kit?   

A customer who tried the popular dish soap/water method said it never really worked. She decided to try this cleaner and it worked fantastically. The cloth worked great as well: you could tell how dirty her charms were just by looking at the residue on it, she added.  

The cleaning kit comes with instructions, a gentle Pandora-approved cleaning solution (suitable for all metals), a soft brush to reach even the toughest dirt in hard-to-reach spots of rings and bracelets, and a handling tray to hold your jewelry.  

The solution is effective, yet gentle to remove away oils, dirt, and germs. Finally, the kit includes a double-sided polishing cloth where “the white side is for sterling silver and 14k gold, and the pink side is for plated metals such as Pandora Rose™ and Pandora Shine™”, as per the brand’s instructions

Based on another review this kit is the best and most inexpensive item Pandora sells. The customer visited several locations to have her bracelets and charms cleaned and recently they have been doing a horrible job, she complained. This cleaner is great because you can clean your jewelry yourself. She got it cleaned to her satisfaction with no residue left on charms. She got all her charms and bracelets clean without any hassle. Additionally, what many customers love about owning a cleaning set from Pandora is that they can clean their jewelry as frequently as they want to.  

  • Specialized for Pandora jewelry.  
  • Gentle and effective cleaning formula.  
  • Complete kit.  
  • As per some customers’ reviews, they wish the solution could be purchased separate (refill)

Why Trust Us

Jewelry, be it expensive luxury or high street brands, requires proper care. It is not only about removing your earring and bracelets when you are taking a shower, but also regular cleaning. In creating this list of the best jewelry cleaners, we wanted to spare you the hassle of going to a jeweler. On the contrary, with cleaning kits and solutions you can restore the shine of your favourite jewelry pieces in a few minutes.   

We based this list on a few factors. The first one is the opinion of other trusted buying guides such as The Strategist, The Spruce, and Good HouseKeeping. Those publications are trustworthy and some even get a chance to test every product they talk about.   

The second factor is customers’ reviews. A thorough analysis of reviews allows us to be as transparent as possible. We realize that each product has its pros and cons and that is when users’ feedback is valuable.  

The third aspect is rating. Every product we selected earned at least four stars and thousands of reviews. That does not only show the quality, but also convinces you that you can trust the liability of each jewelry cleaner, and do not worry about it running your precious stones and metals. 

Questions and answers about jewelry cleaners

How to make a jewelry cleaner?

The easiest way to restore the shine of your jewelry without spending money on a specialized cleaner is to mix warm water with a few drops of dish soap.  

Place jewelry that needs cleaning into the bubbly solution and let it sit for a few minutes. After you pull each piece out, scrub it with a small toothbrush and rinse it under lukewarm water. The extra step you can take is polishing your rings and necklaces with a polish cloth. This method works on all types of jewelry such as gold, silver, heavier metals, and all types of gemstones. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that porous stones and pearls do not require intense rubbing because that can ruin their structure.   

Where to buy jewelry cleaner?

You can buy jewelry cleaners at Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Pandora and of course, Amazon.   

How to make jewelry cleaner for silver?

Silver is prone to tarnishing. Also, silver jewelry is often a choice of casual daily wear for many people. That is why it might require more frequent cleaning, and compared to gold it might be harder to clean. However, if you want to experiment with cleaning silver jewelry at home without bringing it to jeweler or buying a special solution, you could try the following method.   

Mix half a cup of white vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda. Place your silver jewelry into the solution and let it soak for two to three hours. Then rinse and polish with a jewelry polishing cloth.  

How to clean diamond rings?

Diamonds are meant to shine. To restore the original sparkle without buying an actual jewelry cleaner you can follow all the steps we mention in the first answered question with one exception. We suggest you let your diamond rings or earrings soak in dish soap-water solution longer than a few minutes. Leave it for at least twenty minutes, then gently scrub with a baby toothbrush to remove that film that prevents the diamond from shining. Finish with a quick polish by using a jewelry polishing cloth.  

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