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The Best Foot Spas in Canada 

Foot spas can be a great compromise for when you want to treat yourself with some self care without leaving the house. Additionally, when you have your own foot spa, you can worry less about getting foot conditions such as athlete’s foot fungal infections since you can clean your foot spa yourself after every use.  

Scrolling through endless pages of foot soaking tubs online probably isn’t your idea of a relaxing time – that’s why our team has researched and compiled a list of the top foot spas in Canada below. Read on find out what foot spas are best suited to your personal needs. 

Our top picks

How to select a foot spa

Here are a few things to consider when you’re choosing which foot spa to have delivered to your door: 

Size – Space is something many of us are short on in our homes. Take a moment to envision where you’d like to set up your foot spa. To avoid disappointment, have a look at your selected foot spa’s dimensions to ensure you have enough dedicated floor space and storage space for it. 

Heated or not – Not all foot spas are built the same. For instance, some of them plug into an outlet and have the ability to maintain a specific water temperature. However, these types of foot spas also tend to run a higher price tag. 

Noise Level – Many of us like to relax in a quiet environment – be sure to look out for review comments pertaining to noise. 

Our Methodology

In order to compile a list of the best foot spas in Canada, our team spent over 10 hours reviewing and sorting through verified consumer reviews on sites such as Amazon as well as trusted guides from sources like the NY Times. 

As a Canadian review website, our team is dedicated to presenting Canadian consumers with the best options that are accessible within our geographical location. 

Best Foot Spa Overall

Ivation Foot Spa

Product Dimensions: 41.9L x 23.4W x 37.9H Centimetres 

If you’re looking for a foot spa that has every feature needed for a relaxing soak, this Ivation foot spa is one option to consider.  

It features a 450W heater that can keep water between 35°C – 50°C – simply use the control panel on the top of the unit to select your preferred temperature. If you prefer to soak your feet in cool water, you can add cold water to this unit instead, although you won’t be able maintain the temperature in the same manner. 

On the control panel, you’ll also see a bubble feature to encourage circulation as well as an all-over vibration feature to help alleviate soreness in your feet. 

Additionally, this unit features two built-in motorized rollers to help you massage away pain in your ankles, heels, soles, and balls of your feet. Plus, to complete the pedicure experience, this foot bath spa also includes a pumice stone to get rid of any callouses or rough skin and a brush attachment to encourage circulation. 

To prevent slipping and sliding while in use, this unit includes non-slip feet on the underside. Once you’re finished using this foot spa, you can use its built-in carrying handle to easily move it away to its storage location. 

Overall, reviewers of this unit are especially satisfied with its ability to maintain water temperature. Additionally, consumers like that the massage rollers are motorized rather than manual, which contributes to a more relaxing experience. 

  • Maintains water temperature.
  • Has motorized rollers.
  • Relatively short cord.

Best Foot Spa with Massager or Automatic Rollers

Rilvva Foot Spa Bath

Product Dimensions: 101.9L x 86.5W x 66.5H Centimetres 

If massages are the most important part of a foot soak to you, have a look into this Rilvva at home foot spa. It features 6 groups of 3D massage roller balls with 3 modes of automatic massage frequencies to work out even the worst tension in your feet. For a gentler massaging/circulation option, you can switch on the bubble feature. Additionally, this model features self heating for water temperatures between 35°C and 47°C, meaning you’ll never have to deal with tepid water again. 

If the thought of hunching over to use a control panel doesn’t sound appealing to you, this foot spa has you covered. Simply use the magnetic remote to adjust this foot spa’s settings as needed. 

One common complaint people have with foot spas is that they’re bulky and take up a lot of storage. This unit mitigates that problem through being collapsible – it measures up to only being ~12.4 cm tall when folded up.  

Overall, reviewers appreciate this foot spa’s ability to thoroughly massage all areas of the foot as well as its ability to quickly heat water. 

  • Collapsible.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • High surface area covered by massage rollers.
  • The remote is the only way to control the unit. 

Best Foot Spa with Heat and Massage Jets

Kendal All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

Product Dimensions: 42.7L x 34W x 24.4H Centimetres 

If you’re searching for a decent foot spa for under $100 that has both jets and heating, this Kendal model could be a good fit. It features a bubbling massage mode that can be set to run for up to 60 minutes with the timer function. Tapping the temperature button will bring up the water temperature – do note, however, that there is only one pre-set temperature. Once the water reaches this pre-set temperature, you’ll see the red lights on this unit switch off. 

In addition to heating and bubbles, this unit also features manual rollers to help roll out fatigue and pain in your feet. If you’re not a fan of these rollers, they’re easily removable. 

Lastly, it features rubber feet on the bottom of the unit to help prevent spills or movement during use. 

Overall, reviewers particularly appreciate the strong bubbling feature on this unit, as well as how fast this unit quickly heats water up. 

On the other hand, some reviewers found that the pre-set water temperature was too high. 

  • Strong bubbling function.
  • Affordable price.
  • Removable rollers.
  • Heat isn’t adjustable.

Best Foot Spa for Pedicure / Best Foot Spa for Callouses

Belmint Home Foot Spa Bath Massager

Product Dimensions: 37.5L x 31.8W x 14H Centimetres 

If you’re looking for a foot tub that’ll tackle hardened or rough skin on your feet, this Belmint at home foot spa may be worth looking into. To start, it features two exfoliating loofah disks to help soften skin and buff away callouses all around your feet and ankles.  

If you’re feeling up to it, this unit also features a salt/herb diffuser that you can place your favourite Epsom salts or dried herbs into for continuous aromatherapy and additional relaxation. 

Next, its manual rollers and bubble jets will massage out any remaining stress and tension. One thing to note, however, is that this unit doesn’t feature heating, so you’ll need to top up with hot water occasionally. 

Overall, reviewers found that this foot bath was easy to use and retained heat well enough to use for 30 minutes or less. On the other hand, some reviewers felt that the plastic build of this unit was flimsy. 

  • Affordable.
  • Helps buff away dead skin.
  • Has dedicated diffuser.
  • Less sturdy than other foot spas.
  • No heat function.

Best Luxury Home Spa

H & B Luxuries Foot Bath Massager

Product Dimensions: 35.56L x 30.48W x 22.86H cm 

For an all-in-one home spa experience that comes close to a salon, this H & B luxuries foot bath massager comes to mind. 

If the idea of lifting or dragging around a foot spa tub around the house puts you off from wanting to use one, worry no further. Its lockable caster wheels make it easily portable for when you’re taking it out and putting it away, and also more secure for when its in use.  

For a breath of fresh air (or rather, scented air), this unit features a diffuser where you can place dried herbs or Epsom salts of your choice to help put together an even more relaxing experience. 

Moving on, it features 6 motorized rollers to help roll out any tension or fatigue in your feet and calves without extra effort on your part. Plus, the bottom of this foot bath that contains the massagers and diffuser can be popped out for easy cleaning. However, what makes this foot bath unique is its shower massage bar – it has 3 adjustable levels and focuses on your lower legs. 

To further help your feet and ankles to relax, this unit can adjust the water temperature from between 35 °C and 48 °C – no need to constantly add hot water to bring up the temperature. Additionally, this unit has overheating protection as well as a heating timer for up to an hour. 

Compared with other foot spas, this unit is in a higher price bracket. However, it does come with a one-year warranty to give you peace of mind. 

Overall, consumers are particularly impressed with the strength of this unit’s motorized rollers and its portability. However, some reviewers found that the cord on this portable foot spa was too short. 

  • Easy to clean.
  • Motorized massagers.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Short cord. 

Common questions about foot spas

What to put in foot spa water? 

While it’s not necessary to add anything to water you put in your foot spa, some people find adding Epsom salts or a few drops of essential oils into the water helpful for relaxing. Essential oils and Epsom salts come in several different scents. Do note that you should avoid getting essential oils directly onto your skin to avoid irritation. 

Where to buy foot spa machine? 

Foot spas are available from a wide variety of retailers (both online and in-store), including Amazon, Walmart, Costco, and Home Depot. 

How to use a foot spa? 

For a non-heated foot bath, simply add hot water and you’re good to go. Be sure to test the temperature of the water to prevent having your feet burned. 

For foot spas that plug into the wall, have a look at the user manual for how to use its features, including maintaining water temperature, turning on massagers or turning on jets. 

Why can’t you use a foot spa when pregnant? 

When you’re pregnant, it’s best to consult a physician if you’re not sure about any activities. Pregnancy can come with some unfortunate health issues, such as gestational diabetes, or an increased risk for blood clots, particularly in your legs. Unmanaged diabetes can lead to nerve damage in your feet, which could mean injury to your feet since you wouldn’t be able to feel that your foot spa’s water temperature is too high. Similarly, as some foot spas provide massaging action, any massaging to your legs or feet could cause complications if you were to have developed a clot. 

How long should you use a foot spa for? 

On average, people use foot spas anywhere up to half an hour. Otherwise, read your foot spa’s manual for information on recommended usage times. 

How to clean a foot spa? 

Although cleaning out your foot spa may not sound relaxing, it’s important to do so every so often. Below is a set of instructions taken from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for how a foot spa should be cleaned: 

  • Drain the water from the foot spa basin or bowl and remove any visible debris. 
  • Clean the surfaces of the foot spa with soap or detergent, rinse with clean water, and drain. 
  • After cleaning, disinfect the surfaces with an disinfectant according to the manufacturer’s directions on the label. Surfaces must remain wet with the disinfectant for 10 minutes or the time stated on the label, which may be shorter.  
  • For whirlpool foot spas, air-jet basins, “pipe-less” foot spas, and other circulating spas: It is best to disinfect by filling the basin with clean water, adding the appropriate amount of liquid disinfectant, and turning the unit on to circulate the disinfectant for the entire contact time. 
  • After disinfection, drain and rinse with clean water. 

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