the best foot massagers in Canada

The Best Foot Massager in Canada

Sometimes we just want to treat ourselves to a massage without leaving the house or paying for the services, especially after tough workdays or in the winter months when you do not want to drive in the gloom and ice.

Home foot massagers can make for a great purchase that lasts for years and can pay itself off in everyday use. No more commuting or spending extra money. Some foot massagers can be full of at–home spas for your feet with scented water, heat, and multiple massage settings. Others can be as simple as vibrating pads that help break up the stress of the day and relax your feet. However, with many options out there it can be difficult to figure out where to start.

Below we chose the best foot massagers available in Canada that range from simple to spa experiences to help ease the stress of the day.

Our Top Picks

What To Look For in an Electric Foot Massager

When it comes to choosing a foot massager, keep these features in mind: 

Power settings: Not all feet massagers are made equal, and not all have multiple settings. Be sure to check if your massager has different power settings or is just a simple on/off switch without any adjustable options. 

Water or dry: Some foot massagers are essentially tubs you can put your feet in and enjoy a soak while also getting massaged. Others are more like flat pads or pads that have rotating balls indented into them that are meant to target certain areas of the feet while massaging. Whether you want a wet or dry foot massager experience is up to you. 

Features such as heat: The price can change for foot massagers depending on some key features, one of them being heat! Heat as a feature is included with many massagers, though there are models that come without it. It is up to you if you would prefer to spend the extra few dollars for features that you may or may not use. 

RENPHO Foot Massager

Equipped with a rotation ball, rolling stick, heating, and offering a deep-kneading Shiatsu foot massage vibration, the RENPHO heated foot massager is a great gift for everyone in the family, including yourself. Day to day stress can melt away with this massager. 

It has an ergonomic design, has 3 kneading options and 3 squeeze intensities so that you can adjust and customize to what works best for you and can be adjusted whether you need more or less power. Whether you need a gentle massage and some heat for sore feet or want to crank it up for an intense massage that will really help work out any stiffness and get the blood flowing, this foot massager can do so. It fits most foot sizes comfortably and safely. 

It comes with a remote control, (or you can use the touch panel situated at the top of the massager). The cloth in the foot chambers is removable and washable to ensure that it stays clean and hygienic. RENPHO also has a good customer service team if anything breaks or does not work as intended. 

  • Fits most feet sizes.
  • Six different intensity options.
  • Heat option is available. 
  • No water function.

Theraflow Foot Massager

If you are looking for a simple foot massager that can help with pressure points and get the blood flowing, this anti-slip wooden manual foot massager has rollers that do just that. 

The multiple rollers made from wood that are carved into triangle shapes help to massage and pinpoint parts of your feet that may need some more attention after a hard day. It comes with a reflexology guide to show you what parts of the feet you may want to focus on and comes with a user guide as well to ensure that you get the most out of this roller. The wood is durable and sustainable, while the anti-slip grip ensures that it stays attached to the floor properly without being pushed away as you use it. 

It features two different types of acupressure nubs in five rows of rolling massagers and the design itself is arched to mimic the natural curve of most feet shapes for added comfort while sitting or standing on it. Heel pain, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis are some of the few things this pad can help. 

  • Good for manual foot massage.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Durable.
  • May not provide deep enough massage for some.

Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

This flat foot styled massager has 6 massage heads and 54 rotating massager modes to ensure that this massager gets to all points of your feet and whether you need a calmer massage or a deep one to help de-stress after a long day, this has you covered. 

It has a heating function as well and it can even be used as a back massager safely without becoming too hot or causing any issues with clothing or skin burning. The foot massager can be turned on or off easily with a tap of your toe without needing to bend down or unplugging the foot massager from the wall. It also has a carrying handle attached to it for easier transportation from one room to another or simply moving it out of the way. 

It does not have a water function and is not designed to put your feet into anything like other models: the flat design allows you to place your feet on top of while it massages the undersides of your feet. 

  • Heat function.
  • Large amount of rotating heads and nodes.
  • Works as a back massager as well.
  • No water function.

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

An all-in-one massager that works not only for your feet, but massages calves and ankles as well, the Cloud foot massager is ideal if you want a more complete massage after being on your feet all day or whenever stress strikes. 

The adjustable base can be rotated to massage your calves and ankles, and of course, flat down to massage your feet. It fits most sizes though can be a bit snug if you have larger calves or large feet. The multiple levels for intensity allow you to adjust as needed and there are 5 modes along with that including a rolling massage, sway function, heat, and a quiet mode for a less intense massage that is also quieter while working. 

The material is durable and easy to wipe down to clean when needed. It must be used with your socks on for safety and it does have programmable 15-minute intervals (you can touch a button and not have to fuss with settings every time you turn on the machine). Buttons on the device make it easy to use. 


  • Complete ankle, foot, and leg massager.
  • Adjustable base.
  • Multiple modes and levels are adjustable.
  • May not fit some feet or calf sizes.

Medcursor Foot Massager Machine with Heat

With this foot massager that is shaped similar to a giant slipper that you can slide your feet into, this boot design allows you to massage your feet and partially your ankles. The heat function along with air pressure, kneading and rolling, allow for nice de-stress at the end of the day. 

It is easy to use and set with the included remote and if the remote is out of reach, you can still use the controls that are placed on the middle of the device. Massages can be customized by combining the deep kneading, heat, and two intensity functions to your personal preferences. The foot covers are detachable, easy to wash, and replace without having to find replacements. A safety feature is that it will turn off automatically after fifteen minutes to ensure that it does not accidentally stay on when not being used. 

  • Heat function.
  • Washable.
  • Durable design.
  • May not fit all feet sizes comfortably.

FORBLO Electric Foot Massager Mat

A different kind of foot massager, this thin yoga mat allows you to get some relief from a long day by massaging the proper pressure points and knots that are accumulated throughout the day. 

It has 6 selectable modes and 9 intensity levels allowing for a customizable experience depending on what you need during the day. It runs automatically for twenty minutes per session, but you can always turn it back on or turn it off beforehand if you need less time. It can be powered and recharged using a USB power bank or a USB phone charger as well, it draws little power but can deliver big results. 

It must be used with bare feet, and they must both be touching the mat for it to work correctly as intended. Otherwise, you might not feel much or get the full benefit of how the mat works. It can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth when needed, however, the massager should not be washed or submerged in water as that can damage the internals and possibly be hazardous.  

  • Extremely quiet.
  • Thin and compact.
  • Multiple modes.
  • Does not provide deep massage.
  • Cannot get wet.

Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

A flat pad style foot massager that can be used completely flat or raised up with the legs for a more inclined position, this massage has 6 massage heads and 18 massage modes that allow for gentle to intense massage for your feet when needed. 

Gentle heat can also be used, and it can double as a back massager and heater, along with using it on your calves or ankles after walking/running or just after a long day. The removable cover makes cleaning this a breeze. The machine can be turned off and on easily with a tap from your toe without needing to bend over and the control panel has 3-buttons to choose which mode is needed. 

Rolling massage has 3 optional modes and 3 intensity levels that allow you to customize what you need. There are 2 anti-sliding pads that allow you to adjust the height of the feet position and massager machine as well, to ensure that it does not slip on the floor while in use and your feet do not slide off the massager. 

  • Heat function.
  • Can act as back massager.
  • Washable cover.
  • May not have enough strength if you need an intense massage.

Our Methodology

For this article we went through and chose the best foot massagers from top user reviews and other trusted review websites. We chose those products based on multiple factors such as features, styles, and a budget to ensure that these are the best options for our readers. 

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