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The Best Massage Gun in Canada

If you’ve been looking at something to help with stress or to help work out tight muscles, a massage gun can be a great addition and cost-efficient way to help massage your muscles and get relief at home without needing to spend hundreds on professional massages. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, massage guns can be quite effective when you can’t see a massage therapist. These devices can increase blood flow, relieve muscle tightness, and provide stress relief.

Our list below covers most bases and will help you choose a massage gun that works best for you.

Our favourite massage guns

What to look for in a massage gun

When you’re looking to purchase a massage gun or upgrade for a new one, keep these factors in mind: 

Size/Travel – Massage guns have gotten much smaller over the years but they can still be rather unwieldy and large depending on what you’re looking for and what you need. Some models have smaller portable bodies and a longer battery life, which is great for travelling or if you need to bring it with you more often than not. 

Rechargeable – Most massage guns on the market today are easily rechargeable without needing batteries or needing to be plugged in to use. That isn’t always the case though depending on the model and power needed, so be sure to check if the model you’re interested in has a rechargeable battery or not. 

Percussive vs vibration – Percussive massage extends deeper into the muscles by an estimated 60%. Vibration therapy is used more for relaxing your body, improve circulation, and alleviate stress. 

Noise/sound level – Massage guns are generally going to be on the louder side since they work with strong vibrations to penetrate into muscle. Some models are noisier than others and if noise is going to be a worry, look into smaller models or less intense massage guns that are built specifically for quiet function while running. 

Speed/Power – Arguably the most important factor when it comes to any type of massage gun, the speed and power. They come in all different speeds and power factors, from simple vibrations to powerful deeper tissue massages. Be sure to choose one that works best for what you need, and keep in mind that not all muscle groups can handle the same amount of pressure or vibrations. If you’re looking to target specific spots, choose a power that works well for it without causing damage accidentally. 

Weight – Most massage guns can be on the heavier side as everything to make them work and the batteries themselves are quite heavy to fit into a smaller piece of equipment. There are models that are touted as being lighter or are lighter for travel. Some are also weighted specifically to be able to use it on yourself easier without fatiguing your arm by holding it. 

Attachments – Most decent massage guns come with several separate attachments for pinpointing certain areas and massaging out muscle groups. If you’re wanting a specific attachment for an area, check to see if the model you’re interested in comes with an attachment or if it’s designed to target the areas you’d like. 

Best overall massage gun

Opove Apex

The Opove Apex has a 45-degree holding angle designed to reduce wrist-fatigue and to help you better utilize the massage gun yourself. The weight of the gun itself should help with pushing pressure while in use, further reducing further arm and wrist issues. 

14.5mm amplitude reaches deeper into tissue by 60% compared to other similar massagers. Overall there are no complaints about this massager from reviews and from other review websites, other than a few customers have had dud issues with their battery where it wouldn’t hold a charge or last longer than fifteen minutes. The brand seems to have fixed this. 

Altogether this can be used for a continuous 3.5 hours, and the design has been created to ensure that it not only reduces noise, but better pinpoints the massage and will not deviate from the position you’re working on, making the massage more comfortable and effective. The shell exterior uses sound-absorbing and drop-resistant materials, along with the internal structure being made with sound reduction in mind. 

  • 45-degree holding angle to combat wrist fatigue.
  • Quiet.
  • Long battery life. 
  • Some users have had battery issues where it wouldn’t hold a charge. 

Best rated massage gun

Theragun Elite

One of, if not the, top-rated massage gun overall – is the Theragun Elite. It’s used by athletes from every sport and the NFL uses it for their teams. Upfront the price tag is much higher than other massage guns, not without reason. 

It comes with 5 attachments and 5 speed settings, making it easily customizable for all users and uses. It’s Bluetooth enabled allowing you to take control of what you’d like to target and do. The Theragun Elite uses percussive therapy that allows it to accurately pinpoint the areas you’re targeting and the ultra-quiet sound insulation makes for a nice touch. 

Theragun’s patented triangle shape is designed to reduce fatigue on wrists, arms, and hands while being able to position it in a manner of flexible spots easily and to hold it without needing extra pressure or hold. 

  • Comes with 5 attachments and speeds.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Used by NFL and other athletes. 
  • Much pricier than most other massagers. 

Best budget massage gun

Aerlang Handheld

The Aerlang massage gun is great for anyone that wants to try out a relatively inexpensive massager without breaking the bank and still getting a quality product. It’s decently quiet while it runs and is rechargeable with a built-in battery that can’t be removed. 

This massage gun has a beautiful LCD touchscreen and comes with 6 different head attachments to suit any group of muscles area you need to help get in deep massages or lighter for areas around your spine and neck. 

The only trade-off for this massage gun is that it does seem to be on the heavier side and can lead to wrist and arm tiredness rather quickly, this also makes it a bit harder to use on your back or further to reach areas. 

  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Quiet.
  • LCD touch screen. 
  • On the heavier side. 

Best mini massage gun

Ekrin Athletics Bantam Mini Massage Gun

Ekrin Athletics is a highly rated massage gun that is a mini-sized massage gun with the same amount of power and differences that you’d expect from a regular sized piece of equipment.  

The Quiet Glide noise reduction technology in this mini massager helps to deliver a powerful vibration and speed without the noise. It has three speeds to choose from and comes with four different head attachments to better help break up tight, sore muscles and muscle groups. It has a carrying case as well, and since it’s a miniature size compared to a regular massage gun – this one is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something to travel with or you need to take with you on a regular basis. 

  • Multiple attachments included.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Good build quality.
  • On the pricier side. 

Best deep tissue massage gun

RENPHO Powerful Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager

If you’re looking for a powerful massage gun that can get into the deep tissues and really work out any sore, tense muscles – the Renpho deep tissue massage gun might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

With an upgraded R3 powerful motor, this massage gun is designed and built for athletes first and for anyone needing to get deep tissue massages more than simple regular massages. It charges via USB-C and can even be charged using a power bank as well. 

It only weighs 1.5lbs and can be easily maneuvered to reach most muscle groups that you need to really work on without worrying about your wrist, hands, or arms getting tired having to carry it for a long enough time. They claim that it can handle a week worth of workouts after fully charging and it has a 10-minute auto-shut off feature in case it’s ever left on or has been accidentally turned on. 

It has 5 attachment heads and 5 speeds ranging from 1800 to 3200 RPM, and even on the lowest setting, it may be too powerful for some users depending on your tolerance and what you need it for. 

  • Multiple head attachments.
  • Easy USB-C charging. 
  • May be too powerful for some users.
  • Louder than other massage guns. 

Our methodology

For this article, we chose our top picks for costs, functions, and user reviews to determine the best massage guns for most users, and took into account other trusted review websites and reviews to ensure that we have chose the best options for you.

Questions and answers about massage guns

How to use a massage gun?

If you’re using a massage gun for muscle pain, be sure to adjust the speed and depth settings to where they aren’t causing extra pain. You should be applying pressure when using a massage gun for 20-30 seconds on each trigger point/muscle group, but not so intensely that you’re creating damage for yourself.

If you’re using it before exercising, you can use the massage gun for 2-3 minutes on each muscle group, rotating between them. 

Each massage gun brand may have different recommendations on how to use them. However, if you’re not sure about how to use yours, it is highly recommended that you contact an expert for advice.

When to use a massage gun?

You can use massage guns when your muscles are sore, tense, before or after exercise, and when you just want to relax your muscles and take a weight off from your day. 

Where to use a massage gun?

To prevent any injury from using a massage gun, you should be avoiding:  

  • Front of the neck 
  • Spine 
  • Carotid artery 
  • Kidneys 
  • Elbows 
  • Ankles 
  • And of course, any bruises or already injured areas. 

How to use a massage gun on neck/legs/calves/knots?

To use a massage gun safely and effectively on your neck, legs, calves, and to target specific knots – be sure to avoid bony areas such as your spine around your neck and the front and sides of your neck. Massage guns are most commonly used on lower body muscles such as your calves, quads, glutes, and hamstrings, and of course upper body biceps, triceps, pecs. Parts of your hands and feet as well, shoulders, and lower neck.

Just be sure to use strength and intensity at a lower rate for certain areas, especially the neck. 

Which massage gun attachment to use?

Every massage gun that comes with attachments will tell you what they’re for as they can vary. Most come with at least four different attachments. 

  • The round-shaped ball one that is the standard head, is also the most versatile. Using it for general deep tissue massage on any muscle group. 
  • A fork shaped or U-shaped attachment works great for the muscles on either side of your spine without damaging your bones, and for ankles and feet. 
  • A bullethead attachment is used for targeting very specific knots and muscle areas where you need a more concentrated vibration and deep tissue massage. 
  • A flatter head shaped that looks almost like a flattened ball shape is wonderful for shoulder blades and full-body massages in general. 

Can you use a massage gun when pregnant?

Using a massage gun can be a non-intrusive and safe way to relax and get some muscle tension worked out without trouble. Just be sure to follow any safety instructions and avoid any sensitive areas.  

What massage gun does the NFL use?

NFL teams use the Theragun Pro and the Hypervolt 2 Pro, though it depends based on personal preference which ones the players use. If a brand sponsors a player or their team though, that will determine which one they use at a time. 

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