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The Best Yoga Pants in Canada in 2024

While yoga pants seem synonymous with leggings, there are differences between the two, and it can be difficult to differentiate between them when you’re shopping for a particular pair. With brands labelling almost every type of pant and legging as yoga pants, it can be tough. This list we’ve compiled should have something for most users, and at the very least send you in the right direction in what to look for so that you get yourself a perfect pair for your next yoga session, whether it’s at home, the gym, a studio, or outdoors.

Our top picks

How to choose yoga pants

When shopping for yoga pants for the first time, or even just a new pair, keep these key points in mind: 

  • Size / Length – It might seem obvious, but it is important to make sure that the length of your yoga pants aren’t too short or too long, especially if they’re wide-legged or flaring at the bottoms. You don’t want to be tripping or slipping while going between poses. Proper size is also important for fitting your hips, butt, and everything else so that you’re comfortable but not so snug that you can’t move. 
  • Comfort – This may be an offshoot from size/length, but comfort is key when doing yoga, and how comfortable you are during your sessions will make a world of difference. Some material blends may bother your skin, or you just might not like how they feel in terms of stretch. Be sure to check whether a fabric is compatible or not with what makes you comfortable. 
  • Material / Fabric – There are an overwhelming amount of fabric blends out there when it comes to yoga pants and deciding between what you’d like can be hard. Cotton, cotton blends, polyester, rayon. There are countless options to choose from and you can’t really go wrong. Just be sure that they breathe well, wick away sweat, and if you’re bothered by transparent thin material, test if you can see your hand through the fabric before purchasing, when possible of course. 
  • Price – Yoga pants can cost anywhere from $15 to $200+ depending on brand name and fabric/style. More expensive doesn’t always mean the top-of-the-line quality though, and you can get wonderful yoga pants without breaking the bank. If you do want to splurge and see what the fuss is about for certain brands, be sure to research reviews and what other users are saying. 
  • Weight – This may seem like an odd thing to think of, but some yoga pants are heavier than others in terms of fabric, especially when they get wet. Some are more lightweight, and if possible, try out a few pairs to get a feel for what works best for you while exercising. 

Best Yoga Pants in Canada

Amazon Essentials yoga pants

Amazon’s own Essentials yoga pants are top-rated and best-selling due to their comfort, affordability, and true to size ranges.

Coming in Black and Grey, they are inexpensive and a great fit for anyone looking for yoga pants that won’t break the bank and are comfortable enough to wear during yoga practice and around the house or outside. They keep their shape after washing and retain the comfort with minimal changes. A hidden waistband pocket is great for keys if you’re in a yoga class or out for a run.

The 84% polyester and 16% spandex fabric blend has a four-way stretch and is moisture-wicking. They’re made with a three-layer construction, keeping these yoga pants opaque and non-see through, which is ideal for exercising and going out and about.

A downside according to some is that the inseam for taller users can be a bit short if you need an inseam longer than 34”. Otherwise, they’re comfortable, not too tight, wash well, and hold up to exercise and sweat without becoming uncomfortable.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Good quality.
  • Hidden waistband pocket.
  • Opaque fabric.
  • Inseam may be short for some users. 

Best flare yoga pants

Kmisun flare yoga pants

Buttery soft and available in 10 different colours, the Kmisun flare leg yoga pants might be what you’re looking for in a flared, comfortable style.

Large side pockets are always a huge plus, and they’re versatile enough that they can be worn around outside, while lounging, or even at work. Stylish and soft, these are good for any closet. 79% polyester and 21% spandex, they have stretch enough that they aren’t too tight or uncomfortable, but not so loose that they’ll fall down or bunch up strangely. You can move from pose to pose without having to focus or worry about your yoga pants.

There are even instructions included on how to cut your pants if they’re too long for your legs, without destroying them. It’s a helpful and thoughtful gesture from a brand, especially if you’re shorter and always struggle with having to roll up pant bottoms or hem them yourself.

  • Array of colours to choose from.
  • Buttery soft fabric.
  • Two side pockets.
  • Can be a bit long for some users.
  • Material is a bit thin.

Best bootcut yoga pants

Promover bootcut yoga pants

With an incredible array of colours and patterns to choose from, Promover’s bootcut yoga pants are great for exercising between yoga positions and versatile enough to be worn to work if need be.

With a bootcut design and a blend of 44% nylon, 32% polyester, and 24% spandex – these top-rated yoga pants are comfortable and form fitting, without being too tight or loose. Opaque but thin enough to breathe and wick away moisture, they’ll do their job well during most yoga sessions.

A caveat with these yoga pants is that they are recommended to be handwashed or run on the delicate setting in your washer and hung to dry. The material can shrink a little and lose its shape if washed roughly in hot water and tossed in a hot dryer. Most users didn’t seem to have many issues, but it is worth noting just in case you end up accidentally ruining a pair.

A high-waist, tummy control elastic band, and deep side pockets are great and don’t weigh down the pants when you have your phone and etc. in the pockets. The side design is nice as well so that you can still stretch and move without anything digging in or getting in the way like with some front pocket yoga pants.

  • Array of colours/patterns to choose from.
  • Comfortable.
  • Opaque fabric.
  • Most colour options have side pockets.
  • Too long at the bottoms according to some users.
  • Material can shrink a small bit if washed in hot water and dried on high heat in dryer.

Best lululemon yoga pants

Lululemon wunder under yoga pants

Lululemon was one of the first, if not the first since 1998, to start creating and selling yoga pants, and for igniting the craze that exists today. They’re known for their prices and quality and are worth checking out if you’ve ever been curious about what makes them so renowned.

Tight fitting without being uncomfortable, soft mixed fabric that wicks away sweat and has a four-way stretch that ensures you can bend and stretch in any yoga position without any worry about them tearing, pinching any skin, or becoming uncomfortable.

They can also be worn to work or after yoga class while still looking stylish and dressy. The waistband hidden pocket is big enough for keys and a few cards such as your gym membership. It’s also a thick waistband, designed to help with ‘tummy control’ and help support your abdomen while stretching and exercising.

The material mix is 45% polyester, 42% nylon, and 13% lycra elastane for additional stretch and help for keeping the fabric in its shape, even after washing and being stretched. Some users have reported that the material is a bit on the sheer side, and some have said that it’s fine, so it may or may not be too thin of a material for you, depending on your preference.

  • Comfortable, soft, and durable.
  • High-rise waist. 
  • Pricey.
  • Can be more sheer than other yoga pants.

Best affordable yoga pants

Espidoo bootcut yoga pants

Inexpensive, comfortable, and sporting two deep side pockets, the Espidoo yoga pants are worth grabbing and trying out for your next yoga session. 

77% polyester and 23% spandex material ensures that you have breathable, stretchy yoga pants that aren’t tight or get uncomfortable as you sweat while changing between yoga poses. 

At just a hair over $20, you can’t go wrong with trying a pair of these top-selling yoga pants. Super stretchy and opaque, there’s no worries about see-through fabric while stretching and changing between poses during your session. 

Two side pockets can easily hold most phones, cards, keys, whatever you need without hindering any movements or getting in the way. Coming in six different colours, there’s bound to be one that matches any of your outfits or favourite colours. 

The waistline / waistband has slight compression and grip, without being tight or uncomfortable. They hold up well and stay up. If your yoga pants are too long for you, there are added instructions for how to cut them without hemming or fraying, it can easily be done with a simple pair of sharp scissors. Some users have stated that their yoga pants are too short for them, just to keep in mind. 

  • Inexpensive.
  • Opaque fabric.
  • True to size.
  • Has side pockets.
  • Inseam may be short for some users.
  • Waistband also may be too tight for some users.

Best yoga pants under $30

Ollrynns Yoga Pants

With opaque, comfortable fabric and a high-waisted design that also includes pockets – this under $30 steal is worth every penny.

Ollrynns yoga pants come in four different colourways: Black, Pink, Blue, and Grey. According to Amazon reviews, users all say that the fabric is extremely comfortable, fits well, and is completely opaque, meaning no worries about them being annoyingly see-through while you exercise and go about your day.

Two outer pockets and one hidden pocket in the waistband for a key, etc. are always the most welcome addition to yoga pants. They run true to size, though the inseam may be too long for shorter users, and perfect for anyone taller, according to a few reviews. The material is comfortable and breathable and if you do have any issues with the size you’ve chosen, you can contact them to exchange for a new pair.

They’re high-waisted and have ‘tummy control’, but according to reviews the only downside for some is that they seem to be less tummy controlled as advertised, just because the elastic waistband can be less supportive for some. Overall, they hold up and stay up even with phones and keys in the pockets, and stay soft after washing with no pilling.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Good quality. 
  • Has pockets. 
  • Opaque fabric
  • Great for taller users. 
  • Top band isn’t as stretchy
  • Can be on the larger side.
  • Can roll down sometimes, according to some reviews. 

Best high-waisted yoga pants

Hofi high-waisted yoga pants

Another brand of yoga pants that won’t break the bank, the HOFI brand of high-waisted yoga pants will keep you dry and comfortable.

Available in multiple colours, including a periwinkle blue option that is different than most other brands of yoga pant, there’s definitely something sure to suit your style. The high waist is comfortable and supportive without being too tight or becoming annoying and uncomfortable while you’re stretching and moving between poses.

Side pockets and a small inner waistband pocket are perfect for your phone, keys, cards, and whatever else you require while out and about. They don’t weight down the pants either, which is always good news. The material is opaque and thick enough that there is no see-through issues, and not so thick that they’re a hindrance.

77% polyester and 23% spandex make these extra stretchy while retaining their shape. Be sure to wash them on a cold cycle and low heat or hang to dry, just to ensure that they don’t shrink or warp.

  • Many different colour options. 
  • Opaque fabric. 
  • Side pockets.
  • Quality consistency can be hit or miss.

Best yoga pants with pockets

Polygon high-waisted pocket yoga pants

Four colourways available and three pockets, including two side pockets and one inner hidden waistband one makes sure that your keys, phone, and other important items don’t get lost while at your yoga session.

Buttery soft material and stretchy fabric make these a good buy. Suitable for most sizes and heights, they seem to be well received and work perfectly. The price is affordable and customer service is always available for any questions you might have.

High waist and tummy control help support your abdomen without becoming uncomfortable and they’re great for yoga studios or work with the design being minimal but functional. The elastic in the waistband and around the ankles aren’t too snug and also stretch with you between poses.

  • Multiple colours.
  • Opaque material.
  • Three pockets – side pockets and one inner waistband pocket.
  • Inseam length and hip size may be small for some users. 

Best yoga capris

Along fit printed yoga capri pants

Machine washable yoga pants that are buttery soft but hold their shape. Stretchy and breathable while moving between poses makes these fantastic.

Two side pockets and one hidden waistband pocket allow you to hide your keys or gym card with ease, without getting in the way of your exercise. The four-way stretch fabric ensures that your yoga pants will retain their shape regardless of your stretching routines, work-out, and machine washes.

Opaque material with zero see-through and a thicker tummy control waistband help support your abdomen and stomach while doing yoga and stretching. This pair doesn’t roll down and stays put.

Size wise there does seem to be some discrepancy according to the user reviews, though most are on par with being true to size. Some users have said that they do run large, so be aware of that and maybe choose a pair that’s a size down from your regular. Their customer service does do exchanges, for that peace of mind.

  • An array of colours available.
  • Machine washable.
  • Opaque.
  • Has pockets.
  • Sizing can be hit or miss.

Best yoga pants for tall women

Yogipace Tall Yoga Pants

Comfortable, lightweight, and flattering – the Yogipace yoga pants are a great addition to anyone looking for a new pair of yoga pants.

The hidden inner waistband pocket is perfect for your keys or cards, and the stretchy fabric fits most sizes without any issue. Moisture wicking and four-way stretch keep them in shape and keep you comfortable and dry.

There are several versions of these yoga pants, including two side pockets, or pairs without any pockets at all if you prefer just straight yoga pants with nothing else. These bootcut pants flare out a little bit at the bottom for additional comfort. Several inseam sizes are available depending on which size you choose, and according to reviews they are straight on the money for sizing.

  • Opaque.
  • Great inseam size choices.
  • Hidden inner waistband pocket.
  • Waistband can be too tight. 

Best fold-over yoga pants

HDE fold-over yoga pants

Affordable and available in several patterns and colours, these yoga pants are the height of comfort. For fitting around the waist and thighs, while flaring out before the knees, they’re perfect for yoga classes and lounging around the house afterward.

With a fold-over waistband, you can wear these high up above your bellybutton, or fold them over to be hip hugging and shorter. They’re breathable and soft, but they don’t quite wick away moisture as well as other fabric blends do from other brands. It isn’t recommended to use these in a hot yoga class, for example.

The sizing fits most users and includes larger sizes as well, and they stretch too, making them versatile for nearly everyone.

  • Multiple patterns and colours.
  • Comfortable enough for loungewear.
  • Fabric is thinner and may be more see through on certain colours.

Best yoga pants for men

Willit men’s yoga sweatpants

Multiple colours available make these comfortable and thicker men’s yoga pants a great choice. They’re relaxed fit with a drawstring closure, allowing you to adjust along the waistline. Deep side pockets hold your phone, keys, gym card, etc. with no trouble or issue of falling out.

92% cotton with 8% spandex make these lightweight and relatively moisture wicking, ensuring that you don’t feel damp or cold during your yoga session. They’re comfortable enough for lounging and other workouts as well.

An average price for men’s yoga pants, these are great to try. Size wise, they should fit most users and they do offer enough stretch that you shouldn’t have to worry about any ill-fitting pants.

  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Deep pockets. 
  • Can shrink in the dryer.

Best yoga pants for work

Yogipace Work Yoga Pants

Versatile and comfortable with a long-lasting durability, these are perfect if you’re looking for yoga pants that can double as comfy work pants during the day at the office.

Opaque fabric that is form fitting and still stretchy, these are a stylish choice to go between exercise and work. Functioning pockets make these well worth it, and there are several styles to choose from that have more or less function as you’d like.

The slight flare at the cuffs help elongate your silhouette and they look great with heels, flats, or even sneakers. Belt loops are included if you’d like to wear a belt and they do fit most slim and regular sized belts. A wide and comfortable waistband doesn’t dig in or roll down either while standing, sitting, stretching, and flowing between yoga poses.

  • Stylish and comfortable.
  • Multiple functional pockets.
  • Opaque material.
  • May be too long for some users.

Best yoga pants on Amazon

Along Fit high-waisted yoga pants

An array of colours and soft fabric with a high-waisted design make these a steal for their price point.

Machine washable, moisture wicking, stretchy, and quick drying these are great for everyday wear and any yoga session you can throw at them. Two large side pockets and one hidden inner waistband pocket are good for storing keys, gym cards, and your phone – without any sagging or distorting.

If you have any issues at all with these, according to user reviews, the customer service is absolutely fantastic with this brand and will sort out any concerns you might have with your purchase. The opaque material passes the squat check, and they’re not sheer at all.

They’re machine washable without having to worry about shrinkage or losing their stretch and form fitting design.

  • Multiple colours available. 
  • Opaque. 
  • Functional pockets. 
  • Machine washable.
  • Sizing may be off – Order your usual size, compared to the chart.

Best plus size yoga pants

Zenana Plus-size yoga pants

Extremely comfortable and versatile enough to be worn for yoga or while out and about, these plus-sized yoga pants from Zenana are affordable and great for most users.

The fold-over waistband design allows you to wear these higher waisted or folded over for a lower waistline, and the flare leg bottom with the form fitting top and waistband support and flatter everyone.

95% cotton with 5% spandex allow these yoga pants to keep their shape during yoga and after in the wash. They aren’t as moisture wicking as other brands, but they hold up well and are stretchy enough without losing their shape.

Multiple colours are available, so there’s one for any colour preference. A caveat from Amazon users is that they can be incredibly long, so if you enjoy longer yoga pants these will be for you.

  • Comfortable.
  • Multiple colours.
  • Good quality.
  • No pockets.
  • Thinner material that can be see-through.

Best yoga maternity pants

Yiwoza Maternity Yoga Pants

If you’re looking for maternity yoga pants to keep up with your exercise routine while you’re expecting, these hit the mark. 

93% rayon and 7% spandex material blends keep these stretchy and comfortable without losing their shape no matter what you throw at them. Soft and high-quality fabric makes these a comfortable choice. 

The large, wide waistband supports your abdomen and stomach while moving and stretching, with an elastic side ruched design that provides even more support and stretch while your baby bump continues growing, so that you don’t have to keep buying separate yoga pants. 

  • Multiple colours available.
  • Stretchy and supportive. 
  • Good price.
  • No pockets.
  • Some colours can be more see-through than others.

Best slimming yoga pants

Fitsojoy mesh yoga pants

High-waisted and slimming yoga pants, Fitsojoy has you covered.

The contoured mesh leg curve design helps your skin breathe while working out, and elongates your figure, including slimming. The high waisted thick waistband help support your abdomen and stomach as you work out, and the four-way fabric holds its shape regardless of how you stretch and move between yoga poses.

Opaque and available in an array of colours, there’s a pair bound to suit your tastes and style. Two functional side pockets hold your phone, keys, and whatever else you need to store while you’re out and about. The polyester spandex blend is breathable and is also available in a yoga shorts version if you want another pair.

They also have matching tops if you’d like a full outfit. Buttery soft and true to size, these are flattering and comfortable.

  • Beautiful design.
  • Opaque.
  • Side pockets.
  •  Can be a bit snug for some bigger thighs. 

Best cotton yoga pants

Juicy Couture Cotton Yoga Pants

Available in black and grey, these Juicy Couture cotton yoga pants might be the most comfortable pants you’ve ever tried for your sessions.

Form fitting but stretchy and comfortably loose in the proper places, these are a wonderful addition to your collection. They’re machine washable with no issues regarding shrinkage or fabric being destroyed. The wide high waisted band is supportive on the abdomen and stomach, while the material wicks away moisture and helps to keep you dry and cool during your sessions.

90% cotton and 10% spandex keeps it in shape and durable no matter what you throw at them. They’re affordable and great for the price.

  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Form fitting.
  • Opaque.
  • No pockets.
  • Inseam may be too short for some users.

Best butt-lifting yoga pants

Instinct Yoga Pants

If you’re looking for a pair of yoga pants that will boost your butt and make you feel unstoppable, these are the pair for you.

Instinnct’s butt-lifting yoga pants are designed to be squat-proof, opaque, and ruched in the right places to enhance your backside with lift. The nylon, polyester, spandex material blend holds its shape perfectly and remains buttery soft to the touch, making these almost like a second skin. They’re moisture wicking and stretchy, perfect for any tough yoga sessions you put them through.

The high waist helps control and support your abdomen and stomach while you work out and stretch, and the breathable but thick fabric doesn’t dig in or cause any discomfort whether you’re working on the floor or doing standing yoga poses.

According to some reviews, they can be a bit tight on the first wear but soften up properly as they’re worn. There are no pockets on these, so do keep that in mind when ordering.

  • Affordable.
  • Lots of colour options.
  • Opaque. 
  • No pockets.

Our methodology

We created this list based on thorough research and top-rated user reviews on Amazon and other trusted comparison websites. Top user reviews and peer reviews helped us reach the conclusion we came to and after 10+ hours of research, we’ve made the list above to help you choose the best yoga pants that work for your style, budget, and size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a pair of yoga pants? 

Yoga pants are worth buying if you’re getting into yoga or doing exercises. They’re comfortable, form-fitting and stretchy for a wide range of movements and are designed to wick away sweat and let it evaporate off your skin – leaving you comfortable throughout your work-out.

Yoga pants vs leggings: What’s the difference? 

Yoga pants are different than leggings in a few ways. Yoga pants are designed for exercising and are made from material blends that should wick away moisture, cool you down, stretch and move with you, and be comfortable the whole way through. Leggings are too often too thin for yoga, aren’t made with the same materials, and aren’t designed to move with you throughout the exercise. 

What’s the average price for yoga pants? 

The average price for yoga pants varies from brand to brand – Higher prices don’t always mean the best quality. Prices can range from $30 to $200+, depending on what you’re looking for and from where. Lululemon is a well-known yoga brand that has prices ranging from $100-150 per pair. Amazon has their own brand of Basics that includes yoga pants, and if you’re just starting out or not sure if you want yoga pants, it can be beneficial to start on the lower end and work your way up. 

Are yoga pants worth it?  

Yes. Yoga pants not only look good, but they can be worn while exercising or lounging around. A good pair of yoga pants don’t have to break the bank and can make yoga and other exercises much easier and comfortable to get done. 

Where to buy yoga pants in Canada? 

Yoga pants can be purchased on Amazon, Lululemon, Alo Yoga, Simons, Nike, Walmart, Mark’s. Nearly anywhere has some level of yoga pants available now for purchase across Canada and online. 

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