Must-haves: Things Andrew Cretaro Can’t Live Without

There’s nothing better than getting advice from people who are currently using (and loving!) a product you are looking for. From DSLR cameras to skincare routine must-haves, we asked Andrew Cretaro about his favourite products for his busy life as a photographer and content creator. Cretaro is a Canadian influencer with thousands of followers on Instagram. He provides his followers with tips on everything lifestyle, including food and drinks, travel, and fashion.

If you want to learn more about Andrew Cretaro’s world and his product must-haves (including what he usually carries in his bag!), then you’re at the right place. Read on for the full interview.

Andrew’s Top Picks

What is your must-have bag to carry your stuff during a trip?

My go-to tools for WFH would be my Nikon D700 camera which I use to shoot and create my content. My Apple SD card adapter which I use to transfer my photos to my phone for editing, and finally my MacBook where I finalize my images and draft my captions to be sent for approval.

As a traveller person, right now my go-to bag is the Bugatti Edition 22 Backpack. It fits all my equipment (above), it’s lightweight and water-resistant so perfect no matter the climate of our trip!


We see that you like and use handbags. What is your favourite one?

I love a lot of different brands but right now my go-to bag for outfits is my Louis Vuitton Dauphine. Its such a classic bag and pairs so well with neutrals.

I would say a handbag is probably the only accessory that I use throughout each season to elevate my look.


Note from the editors: Although the Dauphine Chain Wallet (M68746) is currently out of stock on the official Louis Vuitton Canadian website, you can find the authentic model on other online retailers and marketplaces for a higher price. 

Which products do you always bring inside your handbag?

If you had to choose a product that you can’t live without, what would it be?

My absolute favourite product ever is the Advanced Night Repair serum from Estee Lauder. It’s my go-to serum, my skin looks and feels so refreshed. Who doesn’t like to fight wrinkles and signs of aging?

Andrew’s favourite look for summer

I’m really into the European vibes right now, mostly Spain/Italian. I’m wearing a lot of linen, lighter fabrics and a good pair of espadrilles.


Andrew’s skincare routine products

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