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Things Alexis Mahdavi Can’t Live Without

Influencers often live a glamorous life full of designer brands and desirable items, but they are still humans like everyone else. In other words, they also carry bags full of things we are never sure if we’re ever going to use but we keep them there just in case, from lipsticks to bubblegum.

For our interview with social media star Alexis Mahdavi, we were interested in what’s in his bag, what are his favourite products, and why he loves them. Alexis is a digital influencer from Montreal currently living in Dubai and a well-known beauty blogger in the industry. With a unique style and great taste for fashion, he shares his personal lifestyle, trips, and tips with his followers on both Twitter and Instagram.

That’s why we at got so excited when Alexis accepted to give us this interview. We wanted to learn how he manages to keep being so glamorous with such a busy life. Read on for a list of things Alexis Mahdavi can’t live without, from skincare products to his love for bags.

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Alexis’ top picks

Alexis’ favourite handbag

What is your favourite handbag?

I always wear handbags that are versatile for everyday wear. I’ve been wearing bags for as long as I remember. My top favorites will definitely have to be Bally’s newest collection or Dior’s classics.


Which products do you always carry inside your bag?

Dior lip oil

In my Dior oblique pouch, I call it the “Mary Poppins” bag because I can literally fit everything I thought would be impossible to fit in that bag.

First, I have my iPhone. I’m #obsessed with the weather app, and I have several weather apps, it’s weird. I don’t have my driver’s license yet in Dubai, so I always carry my passport with me. I always have some random candy, I have a #major sweet tooth. Cleaning wipes, which always come in handy. Dior’s lip glow oil. Sunglasses. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s lip balm, I’m addicted to lip balms and I put it on every second. And Barbara too, she’s an #icon. Pen, I ‘Always’ have a pen in my bag, I hate scrambling for a pen in public so I just like to have one right in there. And of course, my Evian water spray mist, although I had wished it was Fiji.

Inside Alexis’ bag you will find:

Must-haves on your skincare routine

So this is my nighttime skincare routine and it’s between 8-10 steps. I’ve been taking care of my skin and been obsessed with skincare since I was 11 years old. My mom taught me everything I know.

So first I use the Philosophy Purity Made Simple all in one step – Cleanser, one of my favorite cleansers, I love the consistency and the color reminds me of seashells. Always feels great after a long day of meetings to just clean your face with a cleanser, and with this one, you don’t even have to use as much.

My next fave is my eye cream by Ole Henrickson. It makes you get that “photoshopped” look, puffiness, and circle-free. And I like to apply it with my Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye massager and it really gets the product in as much as possible while massaging the areas. I do this every morning and every night before bed.

Then I go ahead with Dr. Barbara Sturm anti-pollution drops. This was recommended to me by my friend. It’s absolutely great, especially in Dubai, where you are run to meetings outdoors a lot. It’s the perfect product to make sure your skin is perfect and pollution-free, and to get all that sand out.

After going to many dermatologists, I learned so much about skin science and red lights and all that kind of stuff. So I think knowing the science behind skin maintenance is super important.

My next serum is The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. This product completes my skin’s immunity and moisture retention by strengthening the epidermal barrier and protecting the skin’s layers. I love the Ordinary and I use a bunch of other serums from there as well. Their products’ formulas repair DNA cells and know how to tighten, illuminate and make the skin more youthful. Basically makes your skin glow.

When I have the extra time at night, I also use redlight therapy and masks to build my collagen. In addition, I also use Sisley’s neck cream because the neck is as important as the face.

I finish off the steps with Lamer lip balm and Elemis collagen repair rosewater mist.

Alexis’ skincare routine:

What about your hair?

Kérastase is prime

#SlayingHair is important. I’ve tried numerous shampoos in the past, but when I wanna indulge  I’d definitely say that Kerastase is prime, because the scent is amazing and they make the best conditioner. And then from drugstore products, Pantene’s very own silk & smooth set because it just smells good and I like the commercials for it.


What he likes to use:

Selfcare must-haves

Fashion favourites

I love hats. I think it’s fabulous and always makes your outfit look hotter. If I could own every single color from every single brand, I would. My current fave is Lack of Color.


My favorite look this summer is definitely flowy, South of France vibes.

Tech tips for tech lovers

Ring light and other WFH tools

High-quality pictures

Whenever I have the chance to have my photographers out with me, they shoot with their professional equipment and take care of the editing as well. Nonetheless, my iPhone certainly serves me purpose too when I’m on the go or whenever I don’t have a camera around.


Favourite WFH tool

I listen to music and podcasts a lot. My favorite #WFH tool would be my headphones customized by Sony. When I do Zoom videos and meetings, my ring light is my beauty assistant.






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