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The Best Home Safes and Lockboxes in Canada

While stashing away valuables in high places may work for keeping them away from pets and children, it won’t do much in terms of safety during robberies or emergencies such as house fires. If you’re looking for a better way to secure your valuables and important documents, safe boxes, wall safes and the like are the way to go. Not sure what personal home safes are right for your needs? Look no further – we’ve researched and compiled a list of the best available lock boxes in Canada right in this post. 

Our Top Picks

How to Select the Best Safety Box

Not every home safe out there is necessarily a good match for your household. Consider the following when you’re comparing quality home safes with one another: 

  • Capacity – If you’re looking just to keep a few small sentimental items or important documents secure, small home safes will serve you just fine. As an added bonus, smaller capacity safes also often cost less than their larger capacity counterparts. 
  • Portable or bolted down – When you’re faced with an emergency situation, are you hoping to be able to quickly and easily pick up your safe on the way out? Or are you wanting a safe that can withstand fires, floods or other natural disasters that’s also bolted down to deter theft? 
  • Resistances to water and/or fire – Safes with these types of resistances will often cost a little more. The best safes for documents or other paper items will for the most part have fire proofing and water proofing. If, however, your location isn’t really prone to flooding, finding a safe that’s waterproof might not be necessary for you.  
  • Electronic or not – There’s more to this decision than just deciding if you’re up for purchasing replacement batteries or charging batteries every so often. Here are some pros and cons of electronic and mechanical safes: 


Electronic Home Safes 


  • In some models, you can set a time delay for opening after inputting the correct combination. Additionally, some electronic lockboxes can be set up so they’re inoperable outside certain hours. As such, these features are great for deterring theft. 
  • Generally, electronic safes can have their combinations changed at your convenience, provided you remember your current safe pin. 
  • Electronic home safes will have limited attempts at entering combinations before locking you out for a duration of time. This makes it quite difficult for anyone to brute force their way into your safe. 
  • Electronic safes often come with lighting, making them easy to use even during the night. 


  • Unless your electronic lockbox comes with an override key, its contents will be inaccessible if the batteries run out of power. 
  • These types of safes can often run much pricier than their manual counterparts. 

Manual Home Safes 


  • Manual lockboxes are often more budget friendly than electric models. 
  • If you aren’t a fan of having to remember a combination, using a key is also an option for some safes. 
  • Compared to electronic safes, non-electronic ones can require less maintenance and are more likely to last a longer time. 
  • Manual home store boxes are unaffected by power outages, unlike some electronic lockboxes. 


  • If you happen to forget your combination or lose your key, you’ll likely have to seek out a locksmith for assistance. 
  • Dial locks can be difficult to use, especially for individuals with any kind of tremor or unsteadiness to their hands. 

Best Fireproof Home Safe and Best Waterproof Home Safe

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fire and Water Safe

Dimensions: 13.8 in H X 12.6 in W X 11.9 in D / 35 cm H X 32 cm W X 30.2 cm D 

Capacity: 1.23 cubic feet / 34.8 L 

A fireproof personal safe can help give you peace of mind so that even when a fire occurs, your most important valuables and documents will be safe and sound. In particular, this SentrySafe unit can protect your valuables for an hour at 927 °C. Additionally, it has water resistance for up to 8 inches of water for 24 hours. 

This safe comes with 4 large 1-inch bolts for bolting this unit to the ground – however, do note that if this safety box is floor mounted, the fire resistance and water resistance features will be voided. It’s also worth noting that this home safe weighs approximately 40.8 kg – heavy enough to deter robbery but also heavy enough to be an inconvenience if you need to move this safe. 

Additionally, this safe features pry resistant hinges as well as a dual key lock for additional security – you’ll need both a key and the correct combination to open it. 

Overall, reviewers find this safe to be generally well constructed. In particular, one reviewer shared that this unit survived the Camp Fire in California, the most destructive wildfire in Californian history and kept all its contents intact, including documents and cash. On the other hand, consumers noted that there was a small learning curve for learning how to open this safe. Additionally, some found that the handle of this safe felt flimsy compared to the rest of the construction. 

  • Fireproof and waterproof.
  • Has pry-resistant hinges.
  • Dual key lock for added security.
  • Flimsy handle.
  • Floor mounting voids the fire and water resistance features.

Best Personal Safe

Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe with Resettable Combination Lock

Dimensions: 2-1/4 inch H X 9-17/32 inch W X 4-59/64 D / 5.7 cm H X 24.2 cm W X 12.5 cm D 

If you’re travelling or constantly on the go, a traditional, bulky safe probably wouldn’t be the right fit for you. Fortunately, smaller, and lighter weight options such as this safe from Master Lock exist.  

For added security, it features a cable that can be used to attach this portable safe to a fixed object such as a desk or an appliance. Additionally, it can be used as a carrying handle. 

If you happen to get caught out in a rain storm, no need to worry – the water resistant construction of this safe will keep your valuables and documents safe and dry. Additionally, your items are protected from drops and falls thanks to this unit’s shock absorbing foam lines. 

Lastly, this safe also features a cable access port so that you can charge your electronics or listen to music while keeping your device(s) secure. 

Overall, reviewers find that this safe is portable and practical for travelling – plus, it’s quite budget friendly. On the flip side, some reviewers find that the number lock can be a little difficult to turn, meaning those with dexterity issues or tremors may have some difficulty opening this portable safe. 

  • Is water-resistant.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Light weight.
  • Number lock can be slightly hard to turn.
  • Limited space meaning you can only store small items.

Best Large Home Safe / Best Safe for Jewellery

SentrySafe SFW205CWB XX-Large Water/Fire-Resistant Safe

Dimensions: 9.3 in H X 7.6 in W X 7.3 in D / 23.8 H cm X 19.3W cm X 18.6 D cm 

If you have multiple items and documents that need to be stored away safely, this extra large SentrySafe safety box could be worth looking into. If you’re not a fan of throwing things together into a huge pile, not to worry – this safe comes with a removable organizer and tray to keep your belongings tidy. It even features hooks on the inside of the safe door that you can use for keys, jewelry, or accessories. If that’s still not enough in terms of organization for you, the safe door features a pocket where you can keep envelopes, documents or whatever else you need to keep secure. Because of its multitude of organization features, this safe would be ideal for storing various kinds of jewelry. 

In terms of anti-theft features, this fireproof personal safe has pry-resistant hinges, 6 1-inch large bolts, a combination lock as well as steel construction that makes it difficult to cut into. Plus, in cases of fires or flooding, you’ll also be covered since this unit has UL 1-hour proven fire protection as well as water proofing for up to 24 hours when in 8 inches or less of water. However, as with other safes in of this brand, bolting down your safe will void the water resistance portion of the warranty as well as the fire protection portion. 

Lastly, this home safe comes in both a combination lock version and electronic version. At the time of posting this guide, the electronic lock is the less costly option. 

Overall, purchasers of this unit found it easy to use and is spacious enough to fit a large amount of valuables and documents. On the other hand, a number of reviewers have found that the inside of the safe can get somewhat humid or sticky – making use of a dehumidifier or silica packets could be worth looking into. 

  • Water-resistant and fire-proof.
  • Comes in an electronic and non-electronic version.
  • Features a tray, hooks and pocket for organizing your items.
  • Inside of the safe can get humid/sticky.

Best Home Safe that Bolts to the Floor

Dimensions: 5.7D in X 6.5W in X 7.5H in / 14.5D cm X 16.5W cm X 19H cm 

Having your home safe bolted to the floor can help add an extra layer of security as it makes it more difficult to pick up your safe and walk away with it. However, many safes that have waterproofing and fire resistance unfortunately have that portion of their warranties voided if you bolt them to a surface.  

This safe, however, solves that issue – it features ready-seal technology that allows this safe to remain waterproof and fire-resistant, even when bolted down. In particular, this safe has UL verification that it can withstand temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit (~926 degrees Celsius) for up to an hour. Additionally, this safe is designed to float in water so that it’s easier to locate during floods. 

In terms of organization, this storage safe features key hooks, an inner door pocket as well as an adjustable storage shelf so that you can keep your valuables neatly arranged. 

As for security features, this unit features hinges that are hidden under composite construction, making forced entry by a crowbar difficult. Additionally, the door features 4 live-locking bolts to keep your safe door shut firmly in place. 

If you ever happen to forget your safe’s combination, this unit comes with two emergency override keys that will allow you to access its contents. If you’re not confident that you can securely store these keys, destroying them may be an option worth considering. 

Overall, individuals who have purchased this safe found it easy to bolt down to the floor. However, if you plan to bolt it to concrete flooring, some reviewers suggest using a hammer drill or something similar to create the holes necessary in order to save yourself some strain. On the other hand, there were some complaints that this safe is tedious to open. This is a good deterrent for thieves trying to access your items but not so great if you need to frequently access your items. 

  • Fire and water resistant even when bolted.
  • Comes with override keys if you can’t remember your combination.
  • Hidden hinges help deter theft.
  • Composite construction rather than metal (potentially less durable).
  • Tedious to open.

Best Wall Safe

Paragon Safes Flat Electronic Hidden Wall Safe

Dimensions: 22H in X 16W in X 4D in / 55.9H cm X 40.6W cm X 10.2D cm 

If you’re short on floor space but need a secure storage area for valuable possessions, a wall safe may be worth considering. 

As this is a wall safe, you will have to cut into a wall to install it – however, since this unit comes with a frame around the front, it’ll hide any uneven cuts you may make during the cutting process. One important thing to know before installation is that the door on this unit opens to the right, so be sure to leave enough room. Other than that, this safe comes with pre-drilled holes inside of it to help make anchoring with fixing bolts less of a burdensome process. 

For opening this safe, you can either use the electronic pin pad or the included keys. So even when your batteries run out of power, you’ll still be able to access your belongings. 

With three shelves on the inside, you can sort your belongings by type rather than piling them all together. 

Lastly, in terms of security, this wall safe features inside tamper proof hinges as well as durable steel construction. If multiple incorrect attempts are made on the electronic pin pad, this safe will be unable to be opened for 5 minutes. 

Overall, many reviewers found this safe easy to install. Additionally, many purchasers of this unit liked that this safe easy to hide behind paintings, banners or other wall decorations for added security. On the flip side, reviewers didn’t like that the middle shelf had more limited space due to the inner part of the safe door taking up space. 

  • Easy to hide this safe behind wall decorations.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can open with key or pin pad.
  • Less storage space due to the inside part of the safe door taking up room.

Best Small Home Safe

Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe (0.5 cubic feet)

Dimensions: 13.8L in X 9.8W in X 9.8H in / 35L cm X 24.8W cm X 24.8H cm 

For a small yet durable safe that’s also affordable, this Amazon Basics security safe may be worth considering. 

As with many other safes, this unit features steel construction, live-door bolts (2) as well as concealed hinges to prevent robbers from easily opening it up. If you aren’t great with remembering combinations, that won’t be an issue for this safe. It uses fingerprint touch technology as the main mechanism of opening, meaning this safe is safe from individuals that would normally try to brute force combination codes. Otherwise, this safe also comes with a backup key. 

Lastly, this unit comes with pre-drilled mounting holes, so you’re more easily able to attach it to the floor or a wall for added security. 

Overall, reviewers are pleased with how easy it is to open this safe via fingerprint scanning. However, the process of setting up fingerprint scanning itself can be somewhat tedious as you only have a few seconds after pressing the reset button to scan your fingerprint in. 

  • Fingerprint recognition means you don’t have to remember a combination.
  • Affordable pricing relative to other safes.
  • Since this safe is relatively light weight (9.84 kg), it can easily be picked up unless you bolt it down to a surface.
  • Setting up your fingerprints to be recognized by this unit can be a hassle.

Best Safe for Money

SentrySafe UC-039K Depository Safe

Dimensions: 12H in X 8W in X 10.3D in / 30H cm X 20.3W cm X 26.1D cm 

If you handle cash or checks often, having to make trips to a bank frequently can be a hassle. By using a safe, you can rest assured your money is in a safe place and reduce the number of times you need to visit your bank. 

Rather than having to unlock your safe every time you need to add money to your safe, you can simply slide in any cash through the slot at the top of this unit. Plus, the slot is specifically made be fish-proof with metal teeth on the inside of the slot so that your money cannot be stolen. 

In terms of other safety features, this unit is able to be bolted to the ground. Additionally, it’s made out of steel and has an anti-prying door – both are useful for withstanding robbery attempts. Lastly, this safe features a dual key opening system meaning that both keys needed to be inserted in order to open the door. 

Overall, reviewers found this safe easy to mount and durable – many users have used this safe for years without issue. However, some buyers found that the keys for this safe can be somewhat flimsy, and that you need to take care not to bend them when inserting them into the key locks. 

  • Can easily add deposits without unlocking safe.
  • Can this unit to surfaces.
  • Two key opening system for added security.
  • Safe keys can be flimsy.

Our Methodology

For this guide, we spent over 10 hours comparing various safes with one another based on several different criterion such as budget, durability and size. We consolidated information from various retailer sites such as Amazon, Home Depot and Canadian Tire with verified reviews. Additionally, we also examined trusted consumer sites such as The Spruce for additional helpful insight and information regarding home safes. 

Rank-It.ca is a review website focusing on finding consumers the best products for their needs based on availability in the Canadian market – we aim to provide a one-stop source on information to help Canadians make informed decisions about home goods, electronics, clothing and more. 

Questions about home safes and lockboxes

What are home safes? 

Home safes are secure, lockable boxes that are usually made of steel or other durable materials designed to keep your valuable items safe from theft or from adverse situations such as house fires. 

Where to buy home safes near me?  

Home safes are available online and several retail stores including Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Staples, Lowes and more. 

How safe are home safes? 

While there isn’t any one thing you can do to completely guarantee the safety of your items, there are things you can do concerning your safe in addition to general safety tips to maximize the safety of your valuables. We’ve listed some easy-to-follow tips below: 

  • Don’t tell anybody the combination to your safe. In the same line of thinking, avoid having your combination written down if possible. 
  • Keep your safe out of view from your main entrance as well as any windows. 
  • Look for and eliminate fire hazards from your home, even if your safe is fire-proof. 
  • Keep electronic safes away from water and sources of moisture. 

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