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The Best Plant Stands for Your Indoor Garden

To make flower arrangements easy and convenient, you might want to consider a plant stand. There are two types of traditional stands: a mid-century style that has four legs and holds one big pot, and a book-shelf-like stand that can fit a few small and big pots. There are also metal, latter-shaped stands and simple round stands that can serve as side tables as well. Both traditional styles, as well as any other stand that you adapt as a plant pots holder, can be functional and attractive. No matter what style and type you pick to hold your plants, make sure to look for an open design that allows you to spray and water plants, that can support a certain weight of clay pots and soil, and that has been treated with water-resistant stain in case of water spills.   

Properly arranged greenery in a living room or on a patio does not only bring some nature to your place but also creates an attractive centrepiece. Especially in Canada, where winter lasts longer than three months our eyes and souls start aching for something fresh, exotic and leafy after another snowfall. So, having potted plants and flowers in the house can be a satisfying hobby and a way to decorate a room and some sort of therapy. 

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Our top picks

What to look for in a plant stand

Choosing a plant stand that would fit perfectly your home décor and would accommodate as many plants as you have might be a confusing business: the number of options is overwhelming and every furniture and garden supplies retailer offers something different. To make the process easier for you, we picked the best plant stands for a variety of style preferences and budgets. Based on customer’s reviews about flower stands, we made a list of units that come in a few different sizes, colours, materials and that can be used both indoors and outdoors.   

  • SizeThe size of a plant stand should depend on the size of the space you plan on decorating. While most stands are fairly narrow at the bottom and spacious enough in height to fit many plants, some have outstanding plates that hold one plant each. Considering size also includes thinking ahead of how many plant pots you are planning to arrange together. Some plant stands can only hold three or four pots while others can be decorated with 10-12 small, big and tall plants.   
  • MaterialIf you are planning on keeping the plant stand indoors all the time then it might not be the biggest concern of what material it was made of. However, if you are planning on taking it outside for summer and bringing it back during colder months, make sure that wood/metal has been treated to withstand rain, moisture, sunlight and would not wear out after one summer. Another factor to consider about the material is how well it fits into your home décor. For a more glamorous look, go for a metal stand; and for a boho/minimalist, decorated room, pick a wooden or rattan one.   
  • TypeAs we said in the beginning, while there are two main types of plant stands, a mid-century one and a bookshelf style, you can also find plenty of other stands that can be both a decorative piece and a potholder. Depending on the interior style, and size of your living room/patio/office, you might want to stay away from large units and instead get a plant stand that has, for instance, three-tier plates that could fit three medium size pots. If your space allows a larger type of stand then it makes sense to invest in a unit that can hold books, vases and of course, plants. Besides that, you can always experiment with such pieces of furniture as bar chairs and side tables and convert them into plant stands. 

Our methodology

Speaking from a personal experience, since I moved into a bigger house it became almost an obsession with filling space with a variety of plants. At first, I used to keep them spread in different rooms, but later running around with a watering can from a room to a room became irritating, and I decided to collect them all on a plant stand. A spacious side table was something that suited my plants and living room décor the best. It became a convenient way of organizing, watering and taking care of plants that were arranged altogether in one area. 

We selected plant stands that would fit a variety of interior décor designs and different room sizes. We have also included stands that are purposed to use in both surroundings indoors and outdoors. We made sure to oversee such materials as different types of wood and metal. All selected plant stands made it to our list after thorough research and based on suggestions from other buying guides (The Strategist, Better Homes and Gardens,  HGTV), and customers’ reviews. Besides that, we have only considered units that earned at least four stars on the selling platform. Lastly, we made sure to include only those plant stands that are available to Canadian at the moment to make your shopping for summer patio décor easy and convenient.   

The best tall plant stand

Magshion Bamboo tall plant stand (3 or 4 Tier)

When lush green plants are arranged together, they can create quite an impressive display. With this Magshion bamboo tall plant stand, you can arrange house plants or create fresh floral arrangements. The stand features a simple, yet elegant design that comes in three or four-tier sizes. A customer who purchased a four-tier stand noted that it can hold three of her smaller plants and then one bigger one on top. It has sturdy shelves with slats in them which allows for light to shine through on the plants below – a nice touch.  

The beauty of this plant stands in that it is an ideal choice for a smaller room. It has a fairly small bottom shelf, thus saves space on the floor while allowing you to stack plants vertically. 

  • Compact in width, yet has enough height space.  
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.  
  • Comes in two sizes.  
  • As some customers noted, not the sturdier structure.  

Best metal plant stand

HollyHOME tray metal end table

This metal end table might not be an original plant stand; however, it can be used as one with the same purpose. This end table blends well with any modern decors which makes it perfect to be used for plant/flower arrangement in any room from a bedroom to a kitchen.  It is made of metal that ensures lasting durability and waterproof, which, makes it an ideal stand for both outdoor (garden, balcony and patio), and indoor plant display: it features anti-rust and waterproof construction.   

  • Available in seven colours.  
  • Adjustable height.  
  • Anti-rust surface.  
  • Not the biggest table.  

Best multi-tier plant stand

VIVOSUN Wood Plant Stand High Low Shelves Flower Rack Display for Indoor Outdoor Garden

This Vivosun plant stand has a smooth surface and a stable structure due to natural fir wood. Natural fir wood prevents moisture from damaging the frame; thus, you can have it both outside and inside, which makes it one of the best wooden plant stand.  As some customers noted, the wood is of good quality, the frame is durable and sturdy and won’t fall or collapse.  

As another customer noted, remember to retighten the bolts after about five days or so, to keep it tight. There is a little give in the wood, and you can adjust for that. Because this plant stand is equipped with simple planks and screws you can assemble it easily by tightening the screws.  

Overall, the stand has six shelves and can accommodate up to 10 flower pots. Although, some people use this stand not only for plant, but also for books, vases, towels or collectables. Because of its aesthetically pleasing design, this stand can be a stylish detail in your patio, kitchen, or living room décor.  

  • Easy to install.  
  • Aesthetically attractive wood material.  
  • Can accommodate up to 10 flower pots. 
  • Not designed for heavy plant pots.

Best budget plant stand

Hairpin Leg plant stand

We love Etsy for variations of hand-made and unique quality décor pieces. This particular plant stand is a minimalist, yet beautiful way to display plants. It has a simple wood circular top with hairpin-style metal legs; the style fits well into the living room, bedroom, hallway decor. Although the table is fairly small it is enough to arrange a few small and medium size flower pots.   

With this table, you can pick from six different colours and two leg finish options. As a customer noted, she likes this plant stand a lot: it is well-made and is the perfect height. She also really liked the look of the legs – they add a bit more style to a simple round top. 

  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Stylish minimalist design.  
  • Compact in size.  
  • Not ideal for heavy large pots. 

Best outdoor plant stand

Meridien 26.75″ grey plant stand

This Meridien outdoor plant stand can display your potted plants in a three-level way that looks simple, yet stylish. The best ladder plant stand on our list is made from acacia wood; it is sturdy, can hold a few pots at the same time and offers reliable durability for your plants to soak up the sun outside.   

Another convenient feature this plant stand has is foldability, which allows you to transfer it easily placing the stand around the backyard, patio, or deck. The Meridien stand has a sleek finish in grey colour that is an ideal background for lush greenery or flowers. As one satisfied customer noticed, the stand is a perfect fit for her patio: it looks nice and has enough space for several plants. 

  • No assembly required.  
  • Acasia wood shelves.  
  • Ideal for outdoor space. 
  • Some customers noted that the frame was much darker than on the picture.  

Best indoor plant stand

Lofgren round multi-tiered plant stand

One of the best chic plant stands we found is Lofgren multi-tiered plant stand in gold and black colours. It features mid-century-inspired glam flavor that can fit into many interior styles, from minimal to eclectic. According to a customer, it is sturdy, fits all her pots and she can still put a 10” water liner in the bottom.

This stand presents three metal tiers that are made for holding and displaying your best plants and flowers. Behind attractive appearance the stand has an innovative design: because of the main center leg placement, all of the other legs can be arranged around, so it is both customizable and easy to store.

  • Available in nine colours.  
  • Chic looking stand. 
  • Durable metal material.  
  • A bit flimsy.  

Best indoor plant stand for multiple plants

VIVOSUN multi-layered wooden plant stand

Another Vivosun plant stand on our list, however, this one can fit up to 12 plants, and some shelves are designed to hold such tall plants as orchids. The stand is made of natural fir wood that has a smooth surface that prevents moisture from damaging the frame. Thus, even if you use the stand mainly indoors you can place it on your patio during the summer months as well. Yet, if you decide to use it solely inside, you can use the stand not only for plants but for books, vases and other decorative pieces. It contains six small shelves for miniature plants, and six that have enough space in height and width for larger plants and items. A customer noted, that if you are into plants and you do not know what to get them as a gift (or for yourself) she highly suggests this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  

Also, just like another Vivosun plant stand this one is easy to assemble. It is equipped with simple planks and screws, so you can easily assemble the stand by tightening the screws with a tool. 

  • Spacious enough to accommodate 12 plant pots.  
  • Natural fir wood.  
  • Can be both used for indoors and outdoor décor.  
  • Some customers had issued with assembling because of the amount of details. 

Best plant stand for balconies

Homes Garden 4-tier metal plant stand

This metal stand from Home Gardens can create a lovely, welcoming display with a few potted plants or flowers. If you keep it indoors it certainly will add some touch of old-fashioned simple elegance to a living room or a hallway. If you place it outdoors on a patio or balcony, it will also add eye-catching charm. The stand is easy to move indoors in the fall and back outdoors in summer, and simple to assemble.   

It has a sturdy frame, simple and attractive design, perfect height, and can hold up to four medium-size plant pots. One of the customers noted that she liked the height of the stand and the size of the holding trays (8″). This item is well-made and sturdy, and the coating on the metal prevents rust. 

  • Easy to use as a plant stand or as a storage shelf.  
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor.  
  • Easy assembly.  
  • Not ideal for heavy large pots.  

Best rolling plant stand

Munos free-form multi-tiered plant stand

The Munos plant stand is an easy-to-move shelving unit: it has four attached 360-degree rotation moving wheels and a lockable design. Thus, whenever you think your plants need more sun or want to relocate the shelving during cleaning those wheels can make the process effortless. The stand was heat treated with timbering, which created a carbonized level on the surface that gives shelves a strong sturdy, and weather-resistant exterior.  

As for the assembly of the unit, it is fairly easy: all hardware and instructions are included so you can quickly build up the stand and arrange your favourite plants on it. One satisfied customer noted that the Munos plant stands holds several small and medium plants; it is perfect for winter when all her plants are inside and arranged in one place. 

  • Anti-rust screws. 
  • Fitting for outdoors and indoor use.  
  • Easy to move around.  
  • Heat treated timbering wood.  
  • There are a lot of pieces to put together. 
  • Not extremely sturdy.

Best hanging plant stand

WoodlandSoil hanging plant stand

This WoodlandSoil handmade plant stand with a hanging basket is an absolutely stunning creation that can be attention-catching detail in any interior design. Due to its unique appearance and quality wood material, it can fit into bohemian, minimal, modern types of home decors. It is made of wood, and the whole set includes a curved stand and a hanging basket that can fit a 6” pot. The WoodlandSoil has five stains you can choose from. (The stain pictured is dark “espresso” and our light “golden oak”.)  

A satisfied customer noted that he was blown away by the quality of the piece. It took two minutes to put together, and it is just perfection: it is an art piece.  

  • Aesthetically pleasing design.  
  • High quality wood.  
  • Compact and does not take much space.  
  • Some delivery charges.  
  • Can only accommodate one plant pot. 

Best mid-century modern plant stand

Mkono plant stand

This elegant house floor planter stand from Mkono reflects classic mid-century style design. Due to simple details, it fits to complement most home decor and can be paired with a variety of plants, such as fiddle leaf fig tree, cactus, snake plants, and more.  

It has metal legs that are powder coated that also come with floor protectors on the top and bottom of the legs. Overall, it is a sturdy and well-built stand that keeps plants from falling or being knocked over by kids or pets. It was designed with attention to functionality, for the stand is easy to put together and take apart. Speaking again of design, it is preferred by many because of its unobtrusive, elegant design; you can put it in any corner of your house, patio, garden and balcony, creating an attractive natural focal point in your place. As one customer noted, she likes the sleek lines and subdued look. And she loves that she can just flip the stand over to get the option of a higher or lower stand. 

  • Minimal, aesthetically pleasing design.  
  • Durable stable material.  
  • Functional and practical.  
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoor.  
  • Does not come with a pot.  

Best small plant stand

BUSKBO Rattan plant stand

This small Buskbo plant stand is made of hand-woven rattan, it is a living material that makes each plant stand unique. The top can fit at least three medium-size plant pots and on the bottom shelf, you can arrange magazines, books or add more flowers.   

The look of natural material of the wicker plant stand is a simple way to create a little corner of nature in your living room, office or bedroom. As one customer noted, Buskbo is a well-made item, and very on-trend. While another one added that she loves this stand: it is on the smaller side when it comes to a plant stand, but she loves the look of the natural rattan.  

  • Compact size that can complement even smaller rooms.  
  • Natural ratan material.  
  • Stylish and trendy design.  
  • Not ideal to use outdoors.  

Common questions about plant stands

What’s the average price for a plant stand?  

The average price for a six-shelf plant stand (the one that can accommodate up to 12 plant pots) is $150. However, it depends on the type of material and size you can find some stands for $80 and some for nearly $300.   

What’s the best material for an outdoor plant stand?  

Cedar (most expensive) and fir woods (more affordable) are the best materials for an outdoor plant stand. They are durable, and when properly treated can have a long life span, withstand moisture and different weather conditions.  

What can you use for a plant stand for?    

A plant stand with a few shelves can be used to arrange such decorative items as vases, flowers, pieces of art, books and of course plant pots.   

Why buy a plant stand?   

A plant stand is a convenient way to organize greenery in the house or on the patio presenting plants in a visually appealing way. Also, it can save you time to water, spray and take care of your plants if they are organized all in one place.   

Where to buy a plant stand in Canada?  

You can buy a plant stand at such retailers as JYSK, Urban Barn, Canadian Tire, IKEA, and some models can be found on Amazon.   

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