The Best Store-Bought Bread Brands in Canada

The Best Store-Bought Bread Brands in Canada 

Bread is a staple food all over the world. Crafted from three simple ingredients, (flour, yeast and water), bread comes in many forms, varying from culture to culture as a favourite food for many people. Such popularity of bread is not surprising: it contains fibre, minerals and vitamins and supplies carbohydrates for proper bodily functions. Among other health benefits, whole-grain bread decreases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

After people domesticated their plants, the history of bread started evolving from flatbreads to leavened bread with light airy texture. (It was back in Egypt around 3000 BCE when with the use of wild yeast, the first leavened bread was developed.)   

Transporting through history to Canada, in the early days of the country, most people made their own bread until cities emerged and small bakeries started providing for the needs of women who did not have much time to bake at home. “It has been estimated that in 1900 only 8% of Canadian housewives bought bread; by the early 1960s, more than 95% of homemakers regularly purchased bread and the bulk of their bakery requirements from commercial bakeries,” as per Canadian Encyclopedia 

It was during WWII when Canadian government, concerned about the lack of iron in the diets of many residents, decided to start adding iron to breads. Later in 1953, the Canadian food industry introduced vitamin-enriched bread (thiamine, riboflavin and niacin).  

Today every store in Canada offers country-wide known brands where bread is crafted with top-quality ingredients. We covered some of the most popular bread brands that have been on the market for decades and earned approval among Canadians.   

Why Trust Us

When reviewing bread brands in Canada we followed our standard pattern of creating the selection of the best products worthy of your attention and money.   

We analyzed what Canadians all over the country had to say about their favourite store-bought bread, especially those who have certain health concerns and must watch their diet.   

Then we researched what other buying guides (Best Rated in Canada, Canadian Living) said about the best bread brands in Canada.   

Finally, we looked at every brand, their history and their commitment to craft loaves, buns, and pastries, and chose those that use natural simple ingredients and traditional techniques.   


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How to find good bread in Canada


Bread, that you will be eating a few times a day, should be made as clean as possible without additives or preservatives. That is why the best bread brands in Canada are entailed to use Canadian flour and natural leavened agents.   

When checking ingredients look for organic whole grains, and a variety of healthy wheat such as rye, oats, and barley. For additional nutrients choose bread that contains protein, fibre, and vitamins. A loaf of bread where every bite is packed with fibre helps to support gut microbes, reinforce the immune system and properly fuel the body.   


The better ingredients the better the taste will be. The best bread brands in Canada, as you will see further, strive to combine both, diversity of taste and texture and various ingredients. Look for bread that offers a well-balanced flavour, and tender but chewy texture instead of the one that is too airy or too sweet.   


Try a bread that has been made with a naturally fermented dough and then bite a piece of the one that has additives for faster production. You will be surprised at the significant difference in taste. When yeast has enough time to rest and ferment, the carbs are turned into acids that dissipate during baking, which in the end gives the bread a distinct, artisanal-like taste, texture and aroma.   

Overall, eating fermented foods such as bread, sauerkraut, and yogurt helps to balance digestion, maintain healthy body weight and even prevent some heart diseases.   

Shelf life:  

Let’s put it this way, bread that has a narrower window of ‘Best Before’ days is more likely to contain natural preservatives like salt and vinegar compared to breads with artificial additives. Although some bread companies decide to compromise and add a whole list of preservatives to make bread last longer, do not fall for it (those artificial preservatives could have negative health implications if consumed daily). Instead, buy bread in smaller quantities or get in the habit of freezing that extra toast before it goes bad.   

The Best Bread Brand in Canada Overall

COBS Breads

Established in 1980 in Vancouver, COBS Bread is now one of Canada’s largest bread franchises with over 130 bakeries country wide. They specialize not only in freshly baked bread, but also in pastries, cookies and other baked treats.   

We especially love the diversity of breads that COBS offers. Every bakery caters to timeless white and whole wheat loaves, sourdough bread, sweet and savoury buns, and seasonal pastries that can be easily given as a gift or served for dessert. Moreover, COBS created a whole selection for those who prefer gluten-free or vegan diets.   

The Best Bread Brand from Toronto


Dempster’s bread is available at any grocery store across Canada. However, it has a long history that started back in the late 1800s when William Dempster established the company that would produce bread of high quality and exquisite flavour. Their success was also due to innovations in production and traditional values of making bread. Canadian pioneers of bringing bread to the masses, Dempster’s has always been about community.   

Now, they maintain partnership with Canadian farms and ensure ethical sourcing and fresh ingredients. Most supermarkets stock up on Dempster’s bread products that satisfy many tastes and diets.  

The Best German Bread Brand in Canada

Dimpflmeier Bakery

A German immigrant, Ulrich Dimpflmeier started a bakery back in 1967, which grew into a country-wide available bread brand. Although it is a Canadian bread company, the roots are primarily in German-inspired traditions, including baking methods, and preservative-free quality ingredients.  

Dimpflmeier offers various bread tastes from rye, pumpernickel and whole grain loaves to bread rolls and pastries (depending on the store location and availability). 

 Despite many decades passed since the establishment of the first Dimpflmeier bakery, they are still honouring their German heritage through the taste of every loaf of bread and visually aesthetic packaging they choose.   

The Best Organic Bread Brand from Abbotsford

Silver Hills Bakery

Silver Hills Bakery is a Canadian bread enterprise founded in 1989. Since their establishment, they have been producing wholesome and organic bread. However, the main factor that sets Silver Hills Bakery apart is sprouted grains as the core ingredient.   

Besides, Silver Hills Bakery delivers a vast selection of bread products to stores all over Canada including gluten-free options, sprouted grain bread, and even ambrosial organic bagels. Each loaf is packed with nutrition and impeccable taste.   

Overall, you can tell by the taste that Silver Hills Bakery is committed to using organic ingredients that deliver enough nutritional value to get you throughout the day.   

Another factor worth mentioning about Silver Hills is that to fuel bread production they source 100% renewable energy and reduce their ecological footprint.   

The Best All-Natural Bread Brand from Brampton

Country Harvest

As a well-known Canadian bread brand, Country Harvest has focused on crafting wholesome loaves since 1982. They claim that bread is freshly baked in local Canadian bakeries every morning with the use of as many natural ingredients as possible.   

Speaking of ingredients, Country Harvest’s breads are crafted with whole grains that are rich in fibre, hence promoting a healthy eating experience. They also cater bread to various tastes and diets, including those who prefer gluten-free loaves.  

Besides, Country Harvest is one of those bread brands that thrive to leave as little as possible of a negative environmental footprint in their production by using eco-friendly material for packaging.   

The Best Italian Bread Brand in Canada

Villaggio Bakery

Even if you have not tried Villaggio’s bread loaves, you have probably gone for their hot dog buns when throwing summer garden parties.  

It is innovative technology and fresh ingredients that contribute to the popularity of the brand. Villaggio frequently introduces new tastes from their classic Italian-style loaves to various buns. Overall, no matter what you choose you can expect satisfying flavour and texture.   

(Although this brand is renowned for offering quality bread, if you do not like the texture of fluffy lightweight bread, choose Villaggio’s buns instead or go for another brand.)   

The Best Healthy Bread Brand from Toronto

Stonemill Bakehouse

Another brand that started as a small bakery is Stonemill Bakehouse.

Established in 1981 in Ontario with a focus on traditional European baking techniques and fresh ingredients, Stonemill quickly gained popularity among Canadians.   

Up until now, they have committed to crafting bread with simple, natural, locally sourced ingredients and trusted practices such as stone milling for preserving natural flavour and creating throughout consistency of texture.

It is easy to spot the difference between Stonemill bread and other brands due to the dense, chewy inside and crunchy exterior.   



Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the healthiest bread in Canada?

It is challenging to put a pin on one brand or type of bread only and call it ‘the healthiest’. However, several studies have shown that sourdough bread is recommended for those managing their blood sugar levels. Compared to whole wheat bread, sourdough has lower glycemic responses.   

How can you tell if bread is high quality?

Bread is not just ingredients, although those are crucial to the taste and qualities of a loaf. It also includes techniques of preparation and baking. Hence, to spot a high-quality bread start by looking at crust. (It has to be crispy and can vary from light golden colour to golden brown.) 

Then, check for air pockets. The fewer there are in the bread the denser and chewier the texture would be. Carbon dioxide is what creates bubbles in bread (the more the yeast grows the more gas appears in the dough), which turns out as light and fluffy loaf.  

Further, you can identify a high-quality bread by its flavour. You want your loaf to have a slightly sweet and nutty taste, which of course, depends on ingredients used to craft that bread.  

How can you tell if bread is healthy?

Unless you are buying sourdough bread, look for bread that is made with 100 percent whole grains or sprouted grains. It should also contain at least three grams of protein and two grams or more of fibre (per slice) but has less than 160 mg of sodium.   

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