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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Edmonton 

The best vegan restaurants in Edmonton serve their food in stylish, boho or minimal-inspired décor. Some of those places, that are favourites among locals, often include wood and plants in their interiors which contribute to a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Since veganism, as a lifestyle, became more popular among Canadians, including those who live in Alberta, the popularity of vegan and vegetarian restaurants also expanded. What I find the most satisfying about those places is that besides uniquely combined ingredients, they take meticulous care of their interiors. 

It is a misconception to think of vegan food as boring and limited. Combinations of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and grains as well as plant-based milk and other ingredients can be delicious and most importantly healthy. People who follow vegetarian or vegan diets swear that they farewelled many health issues. The only downside to such diets is missing the taste of meat. However, digging deeper into vegan cooking you might be surprised how many appetizing meat substitutions there are.  

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Why trust us

As someone who is enthusiastic about trying out new restaurants and advertising Edmonton’s best businesses, I felt passionate about vegan restaurants as well. To my genuine surprise, I loved vegan dishes and discovered so many pleasant and new to me places, which hopefully would be a delightful surprise to you as well.   

All selected vegan restaurants earned at least four stars on Google and hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers. The best vegan restaurants in Edmonton were selected based on those reviews 

Another factor is location. Most of those restaurants are conveniently located around downtown and are preferred by office workers for a quick lunch or an after-work dinner. Some others are located in South Edmonton and offer convenient parking.   

Finally, it is the menu factor that makes those restaurants the best vegan eateries. As I mentioned earlier many people find a plant-based diet unimaginative and limited. That is why chefs of each restaurant strive to prove otherwise. They come up with fascinating combinations of beans, vegetables, sauces, nuts and more to deliver novelty, exceptionally delicious dishes.

The Moth Café

Family-owned The Moth Café is a favourite among the Edmonton community for healthy and nutritious food and drinks. The café is not only for vegetarians but for anyone who is looking into expanding their diet to plant-based meals. Besides, it is the aesthetic of The Moth Café that makes each meal even more pleasurable. Someone who visited the restaurant for the first time, found that all the plants draping down from the ceiling, combined with the tasteful décor, made her feel like she was in a fairy tale.  

Located on the East end of Downtown, The Moth Café is a choice number one for many for a first date or a special occasion. Enjoy your meals and later on take a scenic walk near the river valley. (The café is also available for wedding ceremonies, receptions, bridal showers, bachelor/ bachelorette parties and birthday celebrations.) Their unique, boho, yet classy interior definitely makes the dining experience more elevated rather than casual.   

Speaking of the menu, it is 100% plant-based including meals from Vietnamese and American cuisines. For instance, what attracts me most on the menu are purple jam risotto and berry cheesecake. Recommend. Recommend. Another satisfied customer left a note about jackfruit crab cakes which were crispy on the outside and a little mushy on the inside, but still very good when paired with the coconut sauce. (Of course, besides the main meal, give their vegan chocolate cakes and/or cheesecakes a try: they are perfect indulgence desserts.)  

Finally, if you are in the mood for a drink or celebrating a special occasion, The Moth Café takes pride in its drinks’ menu. Choose from carefully sourced plant-based beer, wine and spirits. If, however, you are looking to try one of their famous teas, I recommend turmeric tea with macadamia milk. It might sound strange, but let them surprise you with such a unique combination.   

Average prices: 

Breakfast: $21 

Mains: $22 

Drinks: $7  

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Tuesday: CLOSED 

Wednesday – Saturday: 11 a.m.—9 p.m. 

Sunday: 11 a.m.—4 p.m. 

Contact: (780) – 244 – 9702 

Address: 9449 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5H 3T8  

  • Inviting, boho inspired interior.  
  • 100% plant-based cuisine. 
  • Available for parties.  
  • Some customers complained about slow service.  
Photo credit: The Moth Cafe

Cafe Mosaics

Cafe Mosaics is a sister restaurant of The Moth Café located on the south side of Edmonton. Just like The Moth Café, Mosaics uses fresh whole foods and organic herbs sourced from local farms to prepare food and drinks.    

Cafe Mosaics is also a family-owned restaurant which began in the 90s as a place to eat vegetarian meals, listen to rock music and learn about some new artists. Back then it was a rare move, and even after many other similar places opened, Mosaics still attracts many visitors because of the creative combination of food and music.  

After the restaurant was passed to another family, it went through a few changes, recipes included. Such dishes as the Huevos Rancheros and Tofu Scramble were refined, while new recipes (Burgers, Wings, Pho, Mac n’ Cheese) appeared on the menu and quickly found devoted fans. As plant-based dishes became more and more popular, Cafe Mosaics also experienced growth and from primarily vegan visitors it became a favourite among Edmontonians who follow all types of diets.    

A satisfied customer, who is also a gluten-free eater, noted that she recommends Mosaics for anyone who is looking for vegetarian/vegan options.   

Another visitor noted how the food, service, and atmosphere were spectacular. “First time going and I was incredibly impressed,” he added. “The chocolate peanut butter cupcake was to die for, and Sea Change on tap is always a wonderful thing.”   

 Average prices: 

Burgers: $19 

Breakfast: $21 

Mains: $22 

Drinks: $7 

Hours of operation: 

Monday: CLOSED 

Tuesday – Thursday: 12 p.m.—9 p.m. 

Friday – Saturday: 11 a.m.—9 p.m. 

Sunday: 11 a.m.—4 p.m. 

Contact: (780) – 433 – 9702 

Address: 10844 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2B3  

  • Fun and inviting atmosphere.  
  • GF/vegan/vegetarian menu.  
  • Convenient location. 
  • Can be quite loud.  


Padmanadi is owned by a family that moved to Canada in 2002 and decided to recreate a restaurant they founded in the late 70s in Jakarta, Indonesia. As it was a successful establishment back there, they hoped that Edmonton would receive vegetarian Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian dishes with the same enthusiasm.   

They were not wrong because over the past decade Padmanadi has become one of the best eateries for vegetarians, vegans and anyone who is looking for tasty and healthy meals.   

While this restaurant is still on my list to visit in the future, a satisfied customer testified that it is her favourite restaurant in Edmonton. She noted that it is beautiful inside, and the food is absolutely delicious. The staff has always been very warm and welcoming, she added. Most importantly her meat-eating friends are always blown away by how tasty the food is!   

Another visitor also noted that the service is great, the restaurant is clean and beautiful, and the food is absolutely amazing. He could not get enough of the Kung Pao chicken and Curry chicken. “I have never been to a vegan restaurant and have to say I would never know there was not any meat in the dishes,” he noted.  

Average prices: 

Small bites: $12 

Bowls: $15 

Entrees: $18  

Hours of operation: 

Monday: CLOSED 

Tuesday – Thursday: 11 a.m.—2 p.m., 4 p.m.—9 p.m. 

Friday – Sunday: 11 a.m.—9 p.m.  

Contact: (780) – 428 – 8899 

Address: 10740 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3  

6925 Gateway Blvd NW #106, Edmonton, AB T6H 2J1  

  • Unique twist on vegetarian dishes.  
  • Cozy interior.  
  • Some customers found that using the word ‘meat’ in the menu is confusing.  
Photo credit: Padmanadi

Loma House

Loma House, while not impressive inside (although it is cozy and clean), offers a vast menu and filling and tasty vegetarian dishes. However, what separates them from other vegetarian restaurants is Chinese-style inspired dishes. The owners noticed that most restaurants “had bland vegetarian dishes with a limited selection” and decided to recreate dishes such as sweet and sour pork and kung pao chicken with soy-based “meats”.   

Now, they focus on serving wholesome, and hearty vegetarian food with the main goal: to show how delicious and easy it can be to maintain a vegetarian diet. Frankly speaking, you do not even have to be a vegetarian to fully enjoy Loma House’s menu.   

Based on reviews from satisfied customers, many of those who are not following a vegetarian diet found textures as surprising and tastes satisfying: crispy tofu, steamed buns and pickled coleslaw along with tempura enoki mushrooms are a mouthwatering indulgence.   

Some other customers praised the red curry Udon soup: it came out piping hot with super fresh veggies. Something to keep in mind whenever you decide to give Loma House a try.   

Average prices: 

Sides: $8 

Soups: $15  

Noodles/Rice: $15 

Mains: $17  

Hours of operation: 

Monday/Wednesday – Friday: 11:30 a.m.—8 p.m. 

Tuesday: CLOSED 

Saturday – Sunday: 12 p.m.—8 p.m. 

Contact: (780) – 466 – 8391 

Address: 9142 23 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1H9 

  • Chinese-inspired vegan meals.  
  • Vast menu.  
  • Convenient location. 
  • Some customers found food overpriced. 

Copper Branch

“We are a family who works together to make this planet better for our future generations,” said the owners of the Copper Branch. It is a perfect restaurant to explore a new diet if you are planning a transition to plant-based eating habits or simply want to explore another vegan eatery.  

Copper Branch offers a vast menu of comfort food, lighter appetizers and salads for every diet and taste preference. I love trying power bowls, they are always fresh, healthy, fulfilling, and delicious.   

Besides familiar ingredients and combinations, they constantly seek new ways to create sustainable and appetizing dishes that even non-vegan visitors find every meal enjoyable.   

Another factor is the charming and aesthetically pleasing copper design of the restaurant. It is cozy and ambient, perfect for a chat with a friend or a date.   

Average prices: 

Burgers: $13 

Bowls: $18  

Smoothies: $8  

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m.—8 p.m. 

Saturday – Sunday: 1 p.m.—8 p.m. 

Contact: (587) – 524 – 5606 

Address: 10316 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y7 

  • Cozy atmosphere.  
  • Unique combination of ingredients.  
  • Convenient location.  
  • Limited seating space especially on busy evenings. 
Photo credit: Copper Branch

The Buckingham

The Buckingham might seem like a traditional pub, yet its vegan menu is vast and unique compared to the expected chicken wings and burgers. Instead, it would be proper to call it vegan street food, served in a lively atmosphere with a dance floor, music and an outdoor patio.  

I am not a pub goer, but a few reviews from satisfied customers convinced me to plan a visit one of those evenings. “It’s great to see a pub/venue that strives to make everything vegan so I can try many different foods,” said one of the regular visitors. He went to Buckingham for a show and the atmosphere was nice and the vibe was good.   

Another customer praised garlic flavour fries that were among his top three best fries. The Spicy Chicken was excellent, he added. Service was good, and the patio was a great place to eat with a view.   

At the same time, if you are craving a taste of meat, yet striving to support a vegan diet, they serve one of the best vegan burgers, based on many reviews.   

Someone else rightly noted that most places end up making a soggy mess cooking deep-fried pickles, but the Buckingham’s were crisp and great tasting along with the house-made sauce.   

Average prices: 

Burgers: $18  

Appetizers: $15  

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Sunday: 3 p.m.—2 a.m. 

Contact: (780) – 761 – 1002 

Address: 10439 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A1 

  • Live music and dance floor.  
  • Vast vegan ‘meat’ menu.  
  • Might get loud and crowded.  


Are you a hummus fan? I definitely am. It is filling, healthy, creamy and ah, so delicious especially when paired with freshly baked bread and vegetables. The owner of Vish has the same passion for hummus and that is exactly what stands behind the philosophy of the restaurant. Eliyahoo, the man behind Vish says that “a hot hummus dish, is as good as a body and soul “Bach flowers” treatment.”  

It is an urban hummus bar that offers hummus bowls with a variety of toppings and a freshly baked Yemen bread. You can also add freshly chopped salad, Shakshuka and Falafel. Everything is fresh and delicious. Of course, what mostly attracts visitors to Vish is a completely different experience and taste compared to other restaurants in the city. As per satisfied reviewers, Vish’s food is nutritious and flavourful, shawarma hummus and falafels stand out from the whole menu.   

Besides a warm, welcoming atmosphere, it is one of those restaurants with generous servings. You can get free chickpeas, tahini and fava beans with any of your meals. They also provide free olives and pickles to start when you sit down, noted a satisfied visitor.  

I recommend trying vishuka hummus with a poached egg (ideal for brunch), babaganoush, and “malabi” milk pudding with a sweet rose drizzle if you want a unique dessert at the end of your meal.   

Average prices: 

Bowls: $17 

Specials: $20  

Salads: $14 

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Sunday: 10 a.m.—7 p.m. 

Contact: (866) – 573 – 4326 

Address: 10326 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5N 1R2 

  • Hummus based bar.  
  • Warm atmosphere.  
  • Vast menu.  
  • No negative reviews so far, for the place is fairly new.  


“Our goal is to offer you a space that is bright yet warm, and modern yet relaxed. In other words, no yoga mat required,” say owners of kb&co. Although it is a vegan-based eatery, they surely welcome and satisfy every customer.   

It is conscious eating they strive for considering that eating well and healthily gives a body what it needs for proper function and energy. Thus, that is exactly the goal kb&co tries to achieve.  No wonder they are so loved by visitors from all over the city.   

What I find the most satisfying on the menu are mint matcha latte (an exceptional combination), avocado toast and oat waffles for dessert. I also find it quite strange that as meat eating person, after every visit to a place like kb&co I start considering a plant-based diet. It can be so assorted in ingredients, and combinations. Many other customers who were skeptical about a menu without any meat, dairy, and eggs, found kb&co food surprisingly satisfying.   

Average prices: 

Soups: $10  

Greens and grains: $15  

Wraps: $14 

Hours of operation: 

Sunday: CLOSED 

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m.—5 p.m. 

Saturday: 10 a.m.—3 p.m. 

Contact: (780) – 705 – 4007 

Address: 10224 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1B8  

  • Minimal, yet cozy interior.  
  • Plant-based menu.  
  • Vast selection of desserts and drinks. 
  • Some customers found the place overpriced.
Photo credit: kb&co

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