best horseback riding places in Edmonton

The Best Horseback Riding Places in Edmonton

Horseback riding is one of those activities that benefit both body and mind. When I first started regular riding lessons, I was working in a fast-paced, and quite stressful environment. Back then stables became a peaceful haven. Surrounded by horses, engaging my hand with grooming, and focusing my mind on connecting with my mare, truly helped to unwind both mentally and physically.   

It is no wonder I have noticed a such effect from horseback riding. Sitting in a saddle has been proven to increase muscle tone, improve core strength, coordination and boost mood and reduce stress. Besides, if you are riding outdoors you receive all the advantage of fresh air and pleasure from observing nature.   

If you find horseback an attractive activity, want to try a new sport, or enroll your kids in a riding program, Edmonton, and the nearby area, has many schools to offer. Most of those facilities are located conveniently within Edmonton or a short drive towards Sherwood Park or Beaumont. Other than riding programs for beginners and advanced riders, those equestrian centers offer boarding services which are something to keep in mind if you are looking into buying a horse of your own.

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Why trust us

Horseback riding places in Edmonton are not so hard to find. Whenever you drive on Queen Elizabeth Highway or Whitemud, you can spot multiple facilities and arenas. However, discovering the perfect match between a coach, a rider and a horse might be more challenging. That is why this list includes a variety of equestrian centers. (We looked at what other local guides such as The Best in Edmonton and Horse Riding Network had to say.)

Among the chosen schools, a few of those include programs for beginners, (or very young riders), while other offer professional training which prepare equestrians for jumping shows.   

Additionally, the best horseback riding places in Edmonton also cater to anyone who is looking to board a horse or go on a trail ride. One of those places even offers a therapeutic ride to anyone with disabilities to improve physical and mental health.   

Finally, this list has been created based on customers’ reviews. Riders, and parents of young riders, report about their favourite schools and coaches in a detailed way, which made the advantages and disadvantages of each place more obvious. Frankly, there were more of the former and only a few of the latter. That alone proves the whole point—the Edmonton area has several first-rate equestrian centers to pick from.

Riverfront Equestrian Centre

Combining traditions of English and Western horseback riding disciplines, Riverfront Tudor Equestrian Centre has a lot to offer. Whether you want to get back in the saddle, participate in a jumping show, or simply enjoy developing your riding skills, you can get it all done at Tudor Equestrian. It is a multi-discipline center where besides riding, one can also board a horse. Boarders have access to a large outdoor arena, a large and heated indoor arena, individual lockers, a viewing area, trails to the river, and a tack store on site: all to the convenience of you and your horse.   

For those into English lessons, you can pick from flat work or jumping, available in a private, semi-private and small group format. And, if you feel like jumping is too advanced, for instance, all group lessons are divided by level. The Tudor Equestrian Lesson Program starts with beginner riders up to the intermediate level with respected and certified coaches.  

A satisfied rider called Riverfront Equestrian a gem which sits in the West end, (just a minute’s ride to North Saskatchewan). Although within the city, it offers peaceful country vibes in its relaxing, serene setting, he added.  

Someone else whose five-year-old child attends a lesson program there, found Riverfront Equestrian Centre highly valuable. Jess (the coach) was safety focused and professional, but made riding fun, tailored the experience for their son’s comfort level. The boy always looked forward to his time in the barn, satisfied parents noted. “The lesson horses are top-notch and are extremely well cared for.” 

Average prices: 

Small group lesson: $75 

Private lesson: $85 

Operating hours: 

Monday – Saturday: 8 a.m.—10 p.m. 

Sunday: 8 a.m.—9 p.m. 

Contact: (587) – 599 – 1760 

Call or visit website for class registration.  

Address: 20821 9 Ave SW, Edmonton, AB T6M 2N9 

  • Convenient location.  
  • Both beginner and advanced lessons.  
  • Multi-discipline facility.  
  • Fairly expensive school.  

Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association

Whitemud Equine Centre has been around for more than two decades, helping to develop riding skills for children and adults in their welcoming facility. They say about themselves, “WELCA provides easy access for anyone wishing to discover the joys of equine activities, and to those who wish to rekindle their love for horses”.   

The main goal of the center is to provide coaching to any rider who wants to develop self-confidence through horseback riding. And the best part is, the equine center is located right in the heart of the city which makes it one of the most convenient schools in the Edmonton area.   

As to available programs, you or your child can find a suitable one because WELCA is offering coaching at various levels using well-behaved, trained horses.   

Whether you decide to learn horseback riding yourself or send your kids to attend a program, WELCA takes in any beginner and turns them into advanced riders. You will start with a safe introduction to horses, continuing with the basics of horse care (including grooming and saddling), and later riding in the ring. In the ring, you or your child will start with steering, walking, trotting and later learning more advance patterns and allures.  

WELCA also offers summer camps, and as a satisfied parent noted, her daughter attended summer camp and it was wonderful! The staff was fantastic and it was a fun, well-organized program. She highly recommends this barn for camps, lessons, and boarding.   

Average prices: 

Four weeks session: $300  

Operating hours: 

Sunday – Saturday: 6 a.m.—10 p.m. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Visit website for class registration.  

Address: 12504 Fox Dr NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2L6 

  • Summer camps program.  
  • Convenient location.  
  • Multi-functional facility.  
  • Some adult riders found lessons too simple for them.  

Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Association

Another part of WELCA is the Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Association (LBTRA). It is a non-profit organization with recreational riding programs with therapeutic benefits for children and adults with disabilities.  

I used to volunteer with the program two years ago and witnessed the dedication of the staff and the improvement of riders. LBTRA takes up to 210 riders a year who benefit from the program drastically. The program truly is invaluable to the community. Each horse has its own personality and coaches take great attention to matching a horse with a rider. Finally, the impact on disabled children was heartwarming to observe and participate in.   

The program began in 1975 and continues to be run by a volunteer board of directors with a help of donations. Children can get into the program by filing an application, where acceptance is based on certain criteria (health concerns, age, weight, etc.).   

Operating hours: 

Thursday – Monday: CLOSED 

Tuesday: 3 p.m.—7:30 p.m. 

Wednesday: 3 p.m.—8 p.m. 

Contact: (780) – 476 – 1233 

Call or visit website for class registration.  

Address: 12510 Keillor Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2L6 

  • Therapeutic program.  
  • Long-established facility.  
  • Convenient location.  
  • Application does not promise getting into the program.  

Blarney Stone Farms

Blarney Stone Farms is another long-operating equestrian facility. It began in 1977 with a focus on training riders and horses who later would participate in hunter and show jumping disciplines.   

The equestrian center, located a few miles west of Edmonton includes a large indoor arena with a viewing room, stabling, a tack room, and an outdoor show ring. Besides a large facility, Blarney Stone Farms offers lessons for adults and children who wish to learn to ride.   

The programs are suitable for both beginners (less structured) and advanced (formal programs). They own 22 reliable horses to match the level of each rider. The only lessons they do not offer are Western and dressage.  

A regular rider noted that Blarney is an amazing barn, and she would recommend it to young people learning to ride, as well as those who are very skilled and experienced. 

Average prices: 

Small group lesson: $52.50 

Operating hours: 

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m.—4 p.m. 

Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED 

Contact: (780) – 470 – 0581 

Call or visit website for class registration.  

Address: 51424C AB-60, Spruce Grove, AB T7Y 1C8 

  • Long-established center. 
  • Both professional and beginner classes.  
  • Large, multi-purpose facility.  
  • No Western/dressage classes.  

Putting Horse Ranch

While Putting Horse Ranch offers various activities, including golf, sleigh and trail rides, they also have great learning programs. As a satisfied rider who was given riding lessons for a birthday gift, found this an extremely pleasant experience. The grounds are beautiful and easy to find. Liz is an excellent, experienced and kind teacher who makes you feel like you are an awesome rider. “She has already taught me so much in just two lessons, and she looks forward to her next class,” the rider noted.   

Overall, the offered programs are less formal than at other schools, yet they teach you or your child to ride with confidence. You can pick from private or semi-private lessons which include horse handling plus corral and trail riding. One of the most convenient parts is that, unlike other schools, ASTM-certified riding helmet rental is included with lessons.  

A rider who has not been riding for fifteen years noted that the horse she was riding at Putting Horse Ranch was a very soft plough reign with leg yields. She also added about the lovely atmosphere out there, and convenient location close to Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Edmonton.

Average prices: 

Lessons session: $250  

Operating hours: 

Monday – Sunday: 9 a.m.—7 p.m. 

Contact: (780) – 962 – 5232 

Call or visit website for class registration.  

Address: 53312 Range Rd 272, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3N3 

  • Golf and sleigh rides included in the facility.  
  • Convenient location.  
  •  Not the best choice if you are looking for professional programs.  

Meadow Ridge Equestrian

Meadow Ridge is located on the outskirts of South West Edmonton, nearby Devon, and the city of Spruce Grove with paved roads right to their driveway. With such convenient access to the city, it is hard to believe lovely grounds and a relaxing atmosphere are within a short drive.   

Besides, Meadow Ridge is one of the few facilities that do not require you to be in a lesson or training program to board your horse. Speaking of lessons, parents testify that they prefer this equestrian center for their children over any other.   

Children start with learning about horsemanship, both on the ground, and in the saddle. (Meadow Ridge has miniature horses and full-size horses in their programs.) It is not just a program where they learn to ride, but also engage in team-emphasized exercises, and, as the owners say, “find themselves learning valuable skills in a fun, and exciting atmosphere”.  

As a parent, you can also attend your kids’ lessons and participate as a leading volunteer until your child learns to steer a horse confidently.   

Average prices: 

Small group lessons (4 classes per month): $200 

Private lesson (4 classes per month): $275 

Operating hours: 

Monday – Saturday: 8 a.m.—9 p.m. 

Sunday: 8 a.m.—6 p.m. 

Contact: (780) – 886 – 0304 

Call or visit website for class registration.  

Address: 51303 Range Rd 262, Spruce Grove, AB T7Y 1B5 

  • Great programs for kids.  
  • Convenient location.  
  • Parents are allowed to lead a horse.  
  • Classes get fully booked quickly.  

Keno Hills Stable & Tack Shop Ltd

If you are looking for a full-service equestrian facility in Sherwood Park, check out Keno Hills Stables. They offer riding lessons to all experience levels and ages. They promise improvement for any adult who wants to get ready for a show or a child to begin riding experience. (Tiny Tots program caters to children of 2-5 years old age.)   

A couple of satisfied parents noted that they wanted to have some kind of horse experience for their two kids (5 and 7) while on vacation in Edmonton. Keno Hills booked them for an indoor semi-private lesson for the two kids. They had Callie as a guide or instructor. She was amazing with the kids, parents say. Each child had their own horse. As parents, they led the children on the horses after some quick instruction. The kids rode horses walked, trotted and played games. They loved it! After their one hour of riding, they had a brief tour, got to brush the horses and fed them apples. “This by far was the highlight of the trip,” the parents said.  

Another rider who rode at Keno twenty years ago and loved the experience so much that he brought his five-year-old daughter to start riding. The atmosphere is welcoming and feels like home. “It is something my daughter and I look forward to every week,” he said.   

Besides, Keno Hills is another place that also offers boarding services and an adopt-a-foal program. That unique program teaches you how to care for a horse from the moment it takes its first breaths until the time they are ready to participate in a lesson.    

Average prices: 

Small group lesson: $42 

Private lesson: $75 

Operating hours: 

Sunday – Saturday: 8 a.m.—10 p.m. 

Contact: (780) – 922 – 2941 

Call or visit website for class registration.  

Address: 52165 Range Rd 210, Sherwood Park, AB T8G 1A1 

  • Adopt-a-foal program.  
  • Programs for very young riders.  
  • Convenient for Sherwood Park residents.  
  • Some customers noted that for one hour ride it is overpriced.  

Good News Riding Center

Now, I wanted to add this particular school to the list because I have been attending it for the last two years, and, while it might sound biased, could not be happier.   

I started as a complete beginner and in a few months of professional, yet sincerely kind training, became a confident rider. Jeff (the owner and a coach) teaches not only riding techniques, but also encourages to build horsemanship of genuine friendship between a horse and a rider.    

Good News Riding offers lessons in English and Western, group and private lessons, horse training, summer camps, and boarding services.   

Average prices: 

Small group lesson: $50 

Private lesson: $75 

Operating hours: 

Sunday – Saturday: 9 a.m.—3 p.m. 

Contact: (780) – 464 – 0447 

Call for class registration.  

Address: 50466 AB-21, Leduc County, AB T0B 3M1 

  • Large area to go on a trail ride. 
  • Lessons for both beginner and advance riders.  
  • Boarding/clinic services.  
  • No website, only Facebook page.  

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