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The Best Ice Scraper and Snow Brush for Cars 

It’s that time of year again where ice scrapers and snow brushes come in handy for the early morning and afternoon cleaning so that you can use your car. Most users keep theirs in the car year long or have it in the garage or closet – if you’re needing a new snow brush, ice scraper, or are new to the great white north and need some help with winter, the ice scrapers and top-rated snow brushes for your car are down below, as it surprisingly isn’t always a one size fits all for snow brushes. 

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What to look for in ice scrapers and snow brushes

When it comes to getting an ice scraper and snow brush for your car, keep these factors in mind:  

Length – Contrary to what most believe, not all snow brushes and ice scrapers are the same and when it comes to length and what you need, it can be more important than most anticipate. If you have a longer truck or a higher vehicle – a longer brush might be better than a short one. And vice versa if you have a small car that doesn’t have a lot of space.  

Style – There are a few styles for snow brushes and ice scrapers. The combination ones have typically the same style with a brush on one end and the scraper on the other. Scrapers can look like squeegees, cones, or other shapes that help to break up the ice on windshields easily, while snow brushes can be thicker or longer. Look for a style that helps you with what works best.  

Material – Most ice scrapers and brushes are made from plastics, to ensure that your windows aren’t scratches and so that they don’t get dangerous when it becomes -40-degrees in the wintertime. 

Ice Scraper Brush Combo Extendable

This combination ice scraper and snow brush is the perfect winter companion to clean your car off in the mornings and after snowstorms. 

Fitting most vehicle sizes and heights, this extendable aluminum scraper/brush makes removing snow from the top of your vehicle, off the hood, and off the bottom easily without needing to struggle reaching. It extends to 43” and has three levels of reach, which is ideal for taller cars, trucks, and vans. When the snow brush isn’t in use, it can be broken down into three parts: The brush head, the handle, and the ice scraper, making storage much easier if you need the extra room. 

There is also a squeegee that allows you to wipe any excess water from your windshield after scraping ice and snow. The scraper is equipped with foam grips for a more comfortable hold, same with the snow brush. The brush Is wrapped in rubber and the bristles are at different heights to allow for easier snow removal, and they are soft enough that it won’t damage paint or glass. 

  • Combination brush and scraper.
  • Good quality.
  • Extendable and pivoting. 
  • Can be a bit heavy. 

Cavla windshield scraper

This two-pack of ice scrapers will help to easily remove snow from windows and windshields in a larger radius than regular scrapers that often come with snow brushes. The larger diameter and shape make it easier to get rid of ice across your entire windshield and windows in a much quicker time. 

They’re made from ABS plastic that is strong and durable, though they can crack in extremely cold weather (-40C or so). The edge of the scraper will make quick work of breaking up ice while not scratching or damaging anything like metal can do. Outside of winter, any time of the year, the scraper can also be used as a funnel to add fluids to your car or whatever else you might need to use. 

  • Two scrapers included.
  • Also can be used as a funnel any time of year. 
  • May crack in severely cold weather under -40 

Hopkins 16621 Subzero 11″ Ice Crusher Scraper

An affordable ice scraper with two sides that allow you to break up the ice and scrape it off without any damage to your windows or paint. The palm and thumb rest allow for an increased scraping leverage and the 11” reach provides decent range for most cars and vehicles. 

A soft foam grip helps for comfort while holding and less fatigue for grip while in use. The ‘blade’ is 4.5” wide and the other side of the scrape has a tooth-like design to break up larger chunks of ice that can be stubborn to break apart with just the scraper side itself. 

  • Comfortable grip.
  • Won’t damage windows.
  • Affordable. 
  • May not be big enough for large vehicles. 

Econour snow brush

This snow brush and scraper combination is affordable and made from a durable aluminum body, with ABS plastic for the scraper. 

A soft foam grip makes using it more comfortable and eases any fatigue your hands may get while sweeping snow and ice off of your car. The windshield scraper is made from ABS plastic with a foam grip in the middle for both the brush and it, making holding either side easy. There are ‘knuckles’ on the back of the scraper as well to gently break up ice before scraping while ensuring no damage happens to your windshield. 

The brush itself is made from soft PVC bristles that are sturdy enough to clear away thick snow, but soft enough that it won’t scratch your windows or the paint. A metal snap can be pressed to separate the scraper and the snow brush for easier handling and dividing up work and it makes them easier to store. It reaches up to 27”, 9.5” width for the brush, and the ice scraper is 4.3” wide. 

  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Aluminum body and ABS plastic.
  • Durable bristles.
  • May not be long enough for larger vehicles. 

AstroAI extendable snow brush

This AstroAI extendable snow brush and ice scraper combination are perfect for winter and larger vehicles. Four rows of thick bristles help remove snow faster from your car or truck, while the 4.5” ice scraper blade makes breaking up ice and scraping it away easy. 

The aluminim body can extend from 36.4” to 47.2”, which makes it easy to reach the tops of cars, trucks, and vans with relative ease compared to other shorter models. The head of the brush also pivots 360-degrees so that you can adjust it as you need to get rid of snow and ice at any angle with any awkward angles. 

A foam grip allows for easy and comfortable handling whether wearing gloves or not while in use and it can be disassembled if need be to save space in the trunk or backseat. There is a 1-year limited warranty in case it breaks or if you’re not satisfied. It is pricier than other options, but the reach and quality can be worth it if it’s in your budget. 

  • Comes in medium and large sizes.
  • Extendable.
  • 360 pivoting head. 
  • Pricier than other options. 

YeewayVeh 35″ Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

A combination snow brush and ice scraper is easy to use and comfortable to hold for as long as needed without grip fatigue or weight being too much of an issue. It has an extendable reach from 28.3” to 35”, which should be good for most car models and trucks. It has three levels it can be adjusted to. 

It’s lightweight, sturdy, and the foam grip makes it comfortable for any extended periods of time. The ABS plastic ice scraper ensures that you don’t ruin your windshield,, other windows, or make any paint scrape off. It is 4.5” wide across, much like every scraper available on the market. The brush side includes a handle design so that it can be used as just the brush. It comes with a carrying/storage bag and the brush can be disassembled easily at the press of a button, allowing you to use either the snow brush or scraper separately if wanted. 

  • Multiple colours available.
  • Extendable.
  • Combination brush and scraper. 
  • Can be accidentally dented or broken in severely cold weather. 

Our methodology

For this article, we chose the best ice scrapers and winter brushes for cars based on top user reviews and other trusted review websites, along with user experience in person during long Canadian winters ourselves. 

Questions about ice scrapers and snow brushes

How to use a snow brush on a car?

Using a snow brush on a car is easy and makes snow removable much less of a problem in the wintertime. They can be used by simple sweeping the brush section over your windshield and the roof of your car to get any snow off of it that could otherwise be a hazard to other drivers or block your vision.   

Ice scrapers can also be used similarly, by scraping any stuck on ice from your windshield, mirrors, or other windows with a scraper. Most are designed to look like a squeegee style plastic ‘blade’, while others have ‘teeth’ and are shaped in a large cone design to break up thicker chunks that may be stubbornly holding on.  

How to get snow off my car without a brush?

The easiest way to get snow off of a car without a brush is the old-fashioned way: with your hands!

Slap on a pair of gloves, a waterproof/weatherproof jacket and you’d be amazed at how quickly you can get snow off of your vehicle with some elbow grease. There of course may be some areas you can’t reach as well, in which case you may be able to utilize a plastic broom to shove the snow off without scratching your windows.   

Where to buy a good snow brush for cars in Canada?

Good snow brushes for cars in Canada can be found in many places including Amazon, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, London Drugs, and Dollarama.  

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