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Best Phone Mounts for Cars in Canada

When we need easier GPS maps to see or to take calls easier without dangerously handling our phones, especially with older cars or trucks that may not have automatic electronic connections – a phone mount for the car is the way to go and is what to look for. 

Our list below can help you choose a proper phone mount for your vehicle set-up and phone model, and to help take the guesswork out of choosing one that otherwise may have ended up being too small or flimsy that breaks. 

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What to look for in phone mounts for cars

When it comes to looking for phone mounts for your car or vehicle, keep these in mind:  

Size – While most car phone mounts are ‘one size fits all’, the size of them do vary and it does affect how well it will hold your phone in place without falling backwards, sliding down, or other failings that could happen. If a phone mount is too big, it can also hinder how easy it is to get your phone back out of it when you need to just grab it off and head in to work or back home.   

Attachment style – Some are meant for cup holders in the middle, some are meant to clip onto other ones, or clipped onto the vents. The majority of them have suction cups and/or clip onto vents, which fit well into most makes and models of vehicles with less of an issue for stability and not being in the way.  

Weight – Not all phone mounts are made equal, depending on your phone model (and the case if you have one), weight of the mount itself can make a difference on the performance and whether your phone will stay up or fall.  

Durability – Phone mounts are fairly durable in general, but some cheaper brands and thinner plastic can crack or break, especially if you consider Canadian winters and the fact that the phone mount will more than likely be left in your car until you get a new one or take it down for other reasons.

Miracase Universal Phone Holder

This phone holder from Miracase is a well liked phone mount from users across the board, not just on Amazon. The vent hook has been upgraded to metal so that it will hold on better than their original model and is compatible with most car vents firmly. It is compatible for horizontal and vertical vents, as it is designed for that. 

The well-designed adjustable arms enable this phone mount to fit most phones, 4.0 to 7.0 inches, thicker cases (including Otterbox) and other devices (widths between 2.1 to 4.0 inches) It’s compatible with most iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Notes, Google Pixels, GPS devices, and most other mobile phones. Specially designed rubber and sponge on the holder offers a secure supportive grip for your phone while driving and will protect your phone from any accidental falls or damages. 

Extremely flexible, the 360-degree rotatable head gives you the best viewing angle and it can be witched at any time, without any accidental moving around when you don’t want it to. The quick-release button and adjustable clamp arms make it very easy to clamp and remove your phone with a single hand, without any resistance that takes more effort than necessary. Talking on the phone, listening to music, checking Maps for GPS, or even charging – it’s easy with this phone mount. 

One complaint that only a few users had was that the mount itself can rattle around and shake if you’re in a particularly rough road area, or depending on your phone type and weight of it. It could also be varying depending on vents and how snug it is within your vehicle. 

  • Durable.
  • Works for iPhone and Android smartphones.
  • Multiple colours. 
  • Holder itself may shake a lot depending on your own phone weight/movement. 

JOYTUTUS 2-in-1 Rotating Phone Mount

This 2-in-1 phone mount is equipped with updated air vent hook and extension arm, which can be firmly installed on various car vents, horizontal or vertical. The extension arm and free angle adjustment, this car mount won’t block the air vent it’s mounted onto so that you can still use the vents and airflow. 

The mount itself also upgraded from a plastic hook to a metal one with a protective layer, that can firmly lock the vent blades/sections without scratching. Before using the phone mount, make sure that all of your vent knobs and etc. are tightened to better help secure the fit when it’s placed in. 

As with all phone mounts, it has multiple anti slip and scratch-resistant rubber pads are in place to ensure that your phone, neither your car gets scratched up, especially if there are any accidental sudden turn. It adjusts and fits most smartphones and GPS units, iPhones, Androids, Google Pixels, and Samsung. 

  • One touch release button.
  • 2-in-1 vent system where it won’t block your vent. 
  • The rubber suction cup may not work well, according to some users. 

Miracase Magnetic Mount

Another Miracase phone mount, this one is the same as the rest on our list, except that it has a magnetic phone holder, instead of having clasps and clamps to hold your phone into place. If you don’t want to deal with one-touch releases and dropping your phone into place, the magnetic mount ensures that all you have to do is place your phone down and it’s good to go. 

The aluminum alloy frame is durable and lighter weight than other metals, while staying solid even in the winter or summer without warping. The N52 Rubidium magnets won’t drop your phone or slide them, and also won’t interact or interfere with phone signals and NFC functions. Any device using a magnetic charger or phone mount will need to use the metal plate just to ensue that it will stay on without any difficulties or damages to your phone. 

It’s compatible with most smartphones, including iPhones, Androids, Google Pixels, and even some tablets if you need to mount it somewhere, such as iPhone tablets like the Air 2. 

  • Magnet is durable and strong.
  • 360-degree swivel.
  • Won’t interrupt phone signals or NFC use. 
  • Can be shaky at times.
  • The magnet seems to lose its strength after a few years, according to some users experiences. 

MagSafe Phone Mount

This Magsafe  mountable dashboard mount has a 4 in 1 system, enabling you to be able to mount this on basically any surface you need to in most vehicle builds. This mount holds well in vertical and horizontal vents. There is also a suction cup and adhesive to stick to the vents so that you can switch it up when and if you need to, such as during seasonal changes or when it needs to be moved for any other reason. 

Compared to other magnetic phone mounts for cars, the Magsafe mount has a very strong magnet that will hold up without damaging the battery, interfere with signals, or any other issues that can arise from using cheaper magnetic mounts. 

It’s suitable for curved and flat surfaces and can be stably mounted on dashboards and on other varieties of horizontal, vertical, and curved surfaces safely without your phone falling down or getting knocked around during tight turns or over bumps roads and potholes. This one is designed mostly for iPhones, but it does work well for basically every other smartphone out there currently on the market. 

  • 4 in 1 flexibility makes it so that you can switch up what works best for mounting.
  • Works for most phones and cases. 
  • Vent mount design and suction cup may not work for all users. 

Our methodology

For this article, we chose the best phone mounts available in Canada for cars (and other vehicles) based on top Amazon user reviews, and from other trusted review websites to ensure that users will find a fit for their phone and car models. We’ve decided to keep it simple while providing you with a list of phone mounts for different purposes or at least with different features. Essentially, all car phone mounts serve the same purpose but their additional features can be dealbreakers for some drivers.

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