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Best Gaming Headsets in Canada

With the huge array of gaming headsets and gaming peripherals in Canada, it can be hard to determine what’s good for gaming and what is just expensive for the sake of branding that isn’t worth burning a hole into your wallet.

Our guide below should help you parse through the gaming headsets that are worth looking into and finding what works best for you. We’ve reviewed multiple gaming headsets available in Canada for a wide range of needs, from affordable options to high-end ones. 

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Our top picks

How to buy a good pair of gaming headsets

Size – Not all headphones (and/or earbuds) are created equally and the size of them is more important than a lot of people realize. If you have a small head, wear glasses, have a larger head, etc. make a difference. Headphones for the most part all have adjustable options but the overall fit won’t be comfortable if they aren’t the correct size for your head in the first place. 

If you can do a test fit before getting a new pair of headphones, that is recommended. Check reviews as well to see if they line up with what your needs.  

Headphones or earbuds – Some gamers prefer earbuds for gaming, as opposed to headsets and they also include a microphone for chatting or streaming. Headphones and headsets are still considered the preferred way to listen to games and chat during multiplayer sessions.  

Audio quality – This is the most important factor for most when it comes to gaming headsets. Some people prefer more bassy tones while others don’t mind if they aren’t too deep if everything else is equalized well and not tinny. 

7.1 surround sound in headphones can be crucial for gaming, especially competitively. It allows you to pick up audio cues from anywhere around you and can be far more immersive than regular headphones. 

Earbuds are a great option that can have solid noise cancelling benefits, lead to less pain for glasses wearers, and can be easier to deal with if you don’t want to wear large over ear headphones, while still delivering decent quality.  

Microphone settings – The majority of headsets and earbuds meant for gaming now have microphone capabilities, whether Bluetooth enabled or a physical built-in microphone. Not all microphone qualities are the same however, but it is up to you if microphone quality is as important as headphone audio quality. 

A good headset microphone shouldn’t peak or cut out if you’re speaking too loudly, shouldn’t crackle, and won’t pick up everything in the room around you either. Some headsets have easy mute/unmute functions, such as simply tilting your microphone up or hitting a toggle button.  

Style – The styles and colours available for gaming headsets are as varied as they can be. If there is a specific colour scheme you want to aim for or enjoy using, there is a good chance that a matching headset is available on the market for you to find. If you’re not too fussed with headset style and are more focused on the audio solely, it can make it easier to find a pair that works well for you.

Best  wireless gaming headset

The Steel Series Arctis 1 wireless headphones are great for their price point, with ultra-low latency and a steel-reinforced headband that is a must-have if you might be (of if you know someone) that can be rougher handling their headsets. 

A lossless 24ghz wireless headset, this has low-latency while using with a PS4/PS5, PC, Xbox, etc. and the headphone sensitivity itself is 98 dbspl. It also works well with Nintendo Switch/lite and with Android phones without any crackling or cutting out that can happen with some headsets. A detachable clearcast noise cancelling microphone has a natural sounding clarity and is discord certified, ensuring that you don’t run into any issues while gaming with friends or in a group in-game. 

The speaker drivers within these headphones are the same as their multi-award winning Arctis 7, making it is reliable. A steel-reinforced headband helps you get a perfect fit and has lasting durability. Optimal PS5 compatibility does require the user to change settings to disable the Sony 3D Audio and then increase the default volume to 100%. 

  • Lossless audio.
  • Ultra-low latency.
  • Steel-reinforced headband. 
  • Not great for noise-cancelling. 

Logitech Astro Wireless

The Astro Gaming A50 wireless gaming headset and base station charger from Logitech are expensive, but worth the cost if you want a slick design, Dolby audio experience, and enjoy a long battery life. 

A Dolby audio experience delivers a high resolution, cinematic adventure whatever games you find yourself playing, from fast paced FPS to more calm and relaxing games, every sound and direction will be picked up and delivered to your ears without any overly aggressive volume or tinny sounding issues where the treble is too much. 

Dolby Atmos is available for Xbox, which provides object audio, providing an even more accurate and immersive sound experience. A game voice balance gives the user total control over the mix of the game and chat audio at the same time, so if you prefer your game audio on equal ground as chat, or if you like one higher or lower, you have complete control to do so. Battery life is 15+ hours, and the lithium-ion battery only takes a couple of hours to charge in the base dock, or directly plugged in via USB-C. 

  • Dolby audio.
  • Long battery life.
  • Game voice balance.
  • Expensive.

Best wired gaming headset

Logitech G733

These very comfortable headset headphones from Logitech are well known in the gaming scene for good reason. They come in multiple colours to suit your setup, and the customizable RGB lighting has front facing dual-zone LIGHTSYNC RGB that covers the full spectrum, over 16.8 million colours. 

This headset has 29 hours of battery life when used wirelessly, and covers a range of 20m. Advanced microphone filters help make your voice richer and cleaner, though some users have stated that it can cut off your sentences while speaking – that can be mostly mitigated by tweaking the settings to what works for you and your voice in the G HUB software. 

PRO G drivers ensure that you hear everything crisply and clearly, making immersion into your games much easier. They are designed to reduce distortion and reproduce precise, consistently rich sound quality, while the soft dual-layer memory foam design will conform to your head and reduce any stress points for lasting comfort for the whole day. 

  • Multiple colours available.
  • Long battery life.
  • Personalize RGB lights. 
  • The microphone could be better quality. 

Best affordable gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2

HyperX is known for their affordable and quality gaming peripherals including keyboards, microphones, and headsets like the Cloud Stinger. This headset includes an activation code for 3D audio spatial and localization that enhances perception, awareness, and immersion. 

Memory foam ear cushions and a soft leatherette material makes these comfortable to wear for a decent length of time. According to some reviewers they aren’t the most comfortable for all day, but for the price point are above the rest. 50mm drivers produce sound with a wide frequency response that helps you better pick up on audio cues and enhances the experience. 

The earcups rotate on a 90-degree swivel, so when you take them off, you can comfortably lay them flat if you prefer. Easy access audio controls are right on the headset itself, making it effortless to navigate without anything being complicated. 

  • Great price.
  • 3D spatial sound.
  • Easy audio controls. 
  • May not be comfortable for long gaming sessions.

Senzer SG500

Senzer is known for their audio, and not so much as a gaming headset peripheral. These have foldable and detachable ear pads. The headphones themselves fold inside the arm, making them great for storage and travel without breaking or taking up space. Magnetic earpads make them easy to clean and maintain. 

These are very lightweight and are adjustable size wise, making them usable for both children and adults, as the memory foam allows for up to 8 hours of continuous use without discomfort. The entire headset weighs approximately 0.66lbs, making them 40% lighter than other headphones. A bendable microphone arm can be flexed to any position, while the filters ensure a clean voice pickup without picking up any noise around you or blowing out your voice. 

Surround sound capabilities allows for crystal clear audio and makes for an immersive experience while gaming, whether it be for FPS games, hearing your team around you, or cozier games that let you soak in the ambiance. Subtle sounds like footsteps, wind, rain, and more are enhanced. These work with most modern devices, including consoles and phones such as Androids. No drivers or downloads necessary, they can just be plugged in and used. 

  • Noise-cancelling anti-static microphone.
  • Surround sound.
  • Plug and play multiplatforms. 
  • May break if handled too roughly. 

Best hi-fi gaming headset

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Most don’t think of hi-fi headphones when they think of gaming, but if you want an elevated experience with audio more than microphone settings, these are the pair for you. These are made for studio applications, but will pick up every ambient noise and voice clearly. 

The soft and replaceable velour ear pads make them comfortable for long wear, and the adjustable headband makes it easy to find your size without any discomfort. Strong bass and treble noises ensure that everything is equal without being tinny or too bass heavy. They’re made in Germany and are robust to stand up to any accidental drops or any other issues that might occur. 

A practical single side 3.0 coiled cable allows for easy use and plug and play for PC’s. 

  • Wonderful audio clarity.
  • Durable. 
  • Pricier.

Best gaming headset for PS5

Gtheos PS5

If you’re looking for quality headsets for console gaming, these Gtheos over the ear headphones with a detachable microphone are right up your alley. They have a stable connection and stereo sound, utilizing high performance 2.5GHz lossless wireless technology for an accessible connection up to nearly 50 feet, lower latency, and a 50mm driver that has a 30% extra sound effect that ensures they still provide a high quality stereo sound despite not being wired. Footsteps, wind, and more ambient sounds will be much more immersive. 

The microphone is detachable for the times where you don’t need or want it, and is omni-directional as well that provides high end noise cancellation, which can be adjusted to whichever angle you want. A 3-in-1 connection supports Bluetooth without any loss, and works with every console – the Xbox series one may only be compatible with the 3.5mm wired mode though. 

An ergonomic design and long lasting battery life ensures comfort for long gaming sessions. The padded adjustable headbands are great for easing up on head pressure and is good for various head shapes. These are noise-cancelling for the most part and they also have RGB lighting. 

  • Sleek design.
  • Lossless audio.
  • Detachable omni-directional mic.  
  • Microphone quality could be better. 

Best gaming headset for Xbox

EKSA Fenrir

These EKSA Fenrir headphones/headset are great for glasses wearers and for anyone that likes extra large ear cushions with their headsets. They feature an exclusive design that stands out. 

The microphone is rotatable noise-cancelling microphone lets you position your microphone in the most comfortable spot without any blown out sound or voices becoming less than crystal clear. No static or interference from your headset towards your team. 50mm drivers bring superior sound quality and deep punchy bass notes. These are a versatile headset that works with Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices without breaking the bank. 

  • Affordable.
  • Glasses friendly.
  • Multiplatform capable.
  • Durability could be better.

How we picked the top gaming headsets for Canadians

For this article, we chose the best gaming headsets based on top-rated customer comments and reviews, trusted comparison/testing websites, and our own personal tests and uses for some of the headsets available on this list. We considered varying budgets, features, uses, and quality to ensure that the ones on our list are best for users to find what works for them. 

Common questions about gaming headsets

What are good gaming headset brands? 

Good brands will depend on what you’re looking for, whether it’s a microphone, lossless audio, headsets for different head sizes, glasses wearers, or etc. 

HyperX, Razer, Logitech, and Senzer are typically great brands to get started and to look into. 

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