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Switch It Up With The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s more versatile and top selling console, to date. With the ability to instantly go from a handheld console straight onto your TV and vice-versa without interrupting gameplay, it’s easy to see why they sold out in record numbers, and why it’s so beloved. 

If you’re looking to amp up your Switch gameplay with some accessories to make the experience even more enjoyable, our curated list below has everything you need to get started and choose new accessories for your Nintendo Switch that are sure to elevate your experience whether it’s using pro controllers, accessories that allow you to play for longer on handheld, download more games, or even practice how well you can use a sword in games like Link’s Awakening. 

And if you’re on the look-out for a new case for your Switch as well, be sure to check out those that we reviewed previously while you’re shopping around. Also worth mentioning is that a few of the accessories mentioned below are compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite and will be marked as such, as not to leave out any players that prefer/own the handheld Lite. 

How to choose a Nintendo Switch accessory

When you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch accessory, be sure to keep these in mind: 

Features – Are you looking for Bluetooth headphone capability? A larger SD card for digital games? Better controller? Screen, case, and Joy-Con protectors? There’s a plethora to choose from and deciding what you’d like most is the first step. Some are compatible with the Switch Lite while others are exclusively for the full Switch. 

Cost – They can be pricey, especially when it comes to Joy-Cons or third-party Bluetooth connections. Whatever accessory you’re looking for, be sure to keep the costs in mind. 

Compatibility – Not all games or Switch accessories are compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite. There’s nothing worse than spending $80+ on a brand-new game or accessory just to find out that it doesn’t even work with your Lite. Be sure to check, and if it doesn’t say, check reviews or Google searches.  

Design – There is a rainbow array of colours and game themes available for the Nintendo Switch and its accessories. Joy-Cons, skins, cases, and even joystick covers all exist for you to create your perfect Switch aesthetic. Whether you love cat paw joystick covers, Zelda or Pokemon themed cases, or anything in between, you can find what you’re looking for. 

Our methodology

It can be overwhelming deciding between Switch accessories, especially when considering what is genuine Nintendo branding and if duped accessories are worth the price at all. Our team spent over 10 hours compiling this list to ensure that you get the best accessories and deals for your Nintendo Switch, utilizing top-user reviews, personal usage experience, and other trusted peer-review websites. 

For this particular buying guide, we chose the best Nintendo Switch accessories based on top Amazon reviews, personal use with products, other peer-reviewed websites, and overall user reviews. With the multitude of accessories available, there is something for everyone regardless of budget, style aesthetic, and Switch Lite compatibility, there should be something that suits your needs on our list. 

Nintendo Switch pro controller

At the top of the list, the absolute best accessory for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite is the Pro Controller. Known as arguably one of the most comfortable controllers around with an amazing battery life, it’s not hard to see why it’s touted as one of the must-haves for the Nintendo Switch. 

Compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, it’s a versatile controller that boasts 40 hours of gameplay on a single charge, taking around 6 hours to charge fully from a dead state, which is a lot of gaming time before it needs to be recharged. 

The Pro Controller can be used whether the Switch is docked or undocked, and when in Tabletop mode as well. It is compatible with the Switch Lite, so if you wanted to play with a controller instead of always being in handheld mode, you absolutely can. It has HD rumble, motion controls, and an Amiibo reader built in so you can just tap the controller and reap any rewards or characters you’re wanting to use for whichever game you’re playing. 

It’s a solid, well-built controller that can’t be beat for its battery life and comfort for being an accessory to the Switch’s Joy-Cons. An overwhelming number of users love how comfortable it is to hold for long periods of time, it suits most hand sizes whether you have large or small hands as they find other controllers difficult to fully handle sometimes. It is wireless and only needs to be connected via the included USB when being charged. 

If you’re looking to expand your gaming set-up, the Pro Controller is a must have. Especially fantastic with games such as Mario Kart, Zelda’s Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing, and any other more open world roaming style. All that said, the price tag can be hard to get over, but considering a pair of Joy-Cons are only $20 less, it’s a steal for the comfort, quality, and most notably the decrease of ‘Joy-Con drift’ issues that plagues the Joy-Cons after playing for some time.

  • Fantastic design and comfortable.
  • Great response and durability.
  • Can still succumb to joystick drifting.
  • Pricier. 

Best Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter accessory

HomeSpot Adapter

With wireless Bluetooth headphones becoming more of the norm over the last few years and expanding as times goes on, it’s sometimes frustrating that the Nintendo Switch still only allows using wired headsets. (Especially since the Switch itself uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Joy-Cons, etc.) If you’re looking to use Bluetooth headphones with the Switch, we’ve got you covered. 

Tailor-made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch (and Switch Lite), is HomeSpot’s Bluetooth Adapter. With a plug-and-play set-up, and a dual headphones connection, you can share audio on two separate headsets with zero latency. LED indicators next to the coloured buttons show which audio codec is active and which headphones are currently in use. 

Coming in with an array of colours for most Switch colour schemes like the Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee Switch, regular red and blue, Lite Grey, Lite Yellow, etc. for the Switch Lite colour schemes as well. You’re sure to find a colour that matches your set-up and style, especially if you like to mix and match. Compared to other Bluetooth adapters for the Nintendo Switch, HomeSpot’s stands above the rest for its built-in wireless microphone. The mic can be used in a standalone mode without having to pair to Bluetooth headphones either, which is a fantastic additional feature. 

The Qualcomm chipset that runs within this adapter ensures incredibly low latency with barely any lag issues. The audio is directly transmitted from the USB-C port and when used with non-aptX headphones/speakers, the standard SBC codec will be used which can account for lower quality. 

As with all Bluetooth adapters for the Switch that utilize the USB-C port, if you have a case on your Switch or Switch Lite, you will have to remove it while using these adapters since it needs to be flush against the system while in use. It also does not have a pass-through charging capability, so do keep that in mind when looking for a Bluetooth adapter. 

  • Great price. 
  • No lag or latency issues often, if at all. 
  • Available in multiple colours. 
  • Dual channel.
  • Doesn’t fit well with bulky cases. 

Best Nintendo Switch accessory for aim assistance

KontrolFreek precision rings

While most users prefer PC for FPS style games, they have been increasingly popular across all platforms over the last few years, including the Nintendo Switch with games like Fortnite. The Pro Controller and Joy-Cons are good at what they do, but for fast-paced FPS games you want something with more resistance while playing on a high sensitivity setting – which is where KontrolFreek’s Precision Rings come in. 

Available in several different colours indicating resistance strength, this pack has a mix of soft, medium, and hard resistance to better give you an idea of what you may need for certain games and your own personal preference of joystick resistance while pulling back, adjusting camera, and being able to raise sensitivity levels to their highest without compromising gameplay feedback. 

KontrolFreek also makes performance thumbsticks that can be attached to your existing controllers for additional comfort and precision that come in three different height levels. Low-rise for sports, platforming and low-key games, Mid-rise for action adventures and RPGs, and a High-rise (for pro controller) that’s perfect for first- and third-person type of FPS games. 

  • Works great at high sensitivity levels. 
  • Very durable.
  •  You do lose some range of motions. 

Best Nintendo Switch accessory for nostalgic users

8Bitdo SN30Pro gamepad

While a lot of people still think that Nintendo is for children, the demographic of gamers that play the Nintendo Switch are all ages – including and especially the mid-20’s to 40’s age range that grew up with the original Nintendo Entertainment System. For anyone looking for that nostalgia boost while playing games on the Switch, 8bitdo has created an absolutely fantastic controller that hits all the right notes. 

The 8bitdo SN30 Pro Gamepad is lovingly designed to emulate a Super Nintendo controller, down to the colour scheme, D-pad, and overall layout – with the additional perks of clickable joysticks, rumble/vibration features, wireless Bluetooth connection, rechargeable battery, screenshot and Home buttons, and a USB-C connector for when you need to charge. 

It has the perfect classic D-pad on the left, and joysticks near the bottom of the controller for when you want to use those instead for other games. Paired with the old SNES and NES games available for free (with a Nintendo Switch Online account) it’s a perfect combination for all of those nostalgic feelings, and as most users know that played the old consoles – The D-pad makes games much easier to play when platforming or going through certain games. 

8bitdo also has a classic NES controller available, with all of the same modern bells and whistles, with the old A, B, Start, Select, and D-pad available for use. 

  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Android. 
  • Beautiful design.
  • Durable. 
  • Can be pricey.  

Best Nintendo Switch accessory for longer playtime

AUKEY powerbank

The Nintendo Switch on its own has a pretty great battery life, especially if you’re playing games that take less of a toll on the system such as Stardew Valley or NES/SNES classics. That being said – more playtime while on the go is always welcomed. With AUKEY’s 20000mAh Powerbank, you’ll have more time to game and less time worrying about your battery dying. 

With two USB-A inputs, you can charge multiple devices at the same time, including your Nintendo Switch. The 20000mAh output ensures a powerful enough charge for more power-hungry devices such as the Switch, while being more than enough for your day-to-day, such as your phones or fitness trackers. 

An interesting note is that the AUKEY comes with a built-in flashlight as well if you ever need one, though do keep in mind that it will drain the battery fairly fast. Built-in safeguards protect your devices against any overheating, overcharging, or excessive currents. Be sure to check if your device outputs are compatible with the 2.1A output, to avoid any possible issues. 

The powerbank comes with a micro-USB cable as well, so if you don’t have one or wanted a new one, this has you covered from the start. It can take up to seven hours to fully recharge your powerbank once it’s depleted, and when fully charged up and raring to go, it should be able to charge your Switch about 1.5 times, give or take depending on your usage and other factors. 

  • Great price.
  • Long lasting.
  • Fantastic charging speed.
  • May die out sooner than other powerbanks, depending on amount of use. 

Best Nintendo Switch accessory for hands-on DIY

Nintendo Labo kits

Not to leave out any hands-on, DIY, and anyone interested in science and engineering, Nintendo Labo is a fun and interesting way to combine modern technology with sturdy cardboard and blueprints to create new adventures and experiences while learning how to engineer and create your own devices. 

The Vehicle Kit includes how to create your own drivers seat in a car, submarine, and even a plane. They’re family friendly for most ages, and construction instructions range from easy and simple to more advanced, making every step a fantastic learning opportunity for old and new users alike. You can create customized cardboard creations as well, called Toy-Con’s. Discover how they work, invent new ways to play and make your own designs with the sky being the limit. 

You can explore alien worlds, race your car, battle with special cars that have arms for smashing, interact with other places, and more. The limit is your imagination. There is currently a decent sized collection of Labo and VR friendly games for the Nintendo Switch, and if you wanted to upgrade your experience further with hands-on fun, the VR Kit is available as well. 

There are Blaster Kits, Variety Kits, the aforementioned VR Kit, and others available, all for your own building and creating pleasure. It’s a fantastic way to combine technology and basic engineering for younger intrigued minds and for all ages that want to expand their interests in a fun way. 

  • Great build qualities.
  • Fun for all ages.
  • Hands-on entertainment for learning. 
  • Can be difficult to purchase certain kits while they’re sold out.
  • Can be considered pricey depending on which build you opt for. 

Best Nintendo Switch accessory for Joy-Cons

FunLab JoyCon grips

FunLab is well known for their amazing Nintendo product accessories, and for good reason. With gorgeous designs, fun colours, and fantastic price points, it’s easy to see why their brand is loved by old and new users alike. 

If you’re looking to customize your Switch with a little something extra, these Joy-Con grips are an inexpensive and perfect excuse to do so. Coming in multiple colour schemes and in an array of designs (not just cute cat feet), these give you additional grip with the joysticks, as well as the opportunity to match your Switch’s case, favourite colours, or design goals. 

The high-density and waterproof silicone improves performance and comfort while playing games for any length of time, while simultaneously protecting your controllers from any wear and tear that naturally occurs from oils, grease, scuffs, or even accidentally being dropped. They do add some height and outer radius size to the joysticks, and some users may find this uncomfortable or strange at first to get used to. 

They come in packs of four pieces, (two pairs), and are often in reverse colour schemes of one another. For example, dark brown paw pads with light coloured background, and vice-versa. The price of a pack is $13, which is a steal for the durability and care that has gone into their products. Besides just the paw prints design, there are Pokemon Pokeballs, coloured grip capsAnimal Crossing Leaf Item designs, Mario grip caps, Cherry blossoms (pink & blue) or (blue & yellow), Dog paw prints (pink & blue) or (blue & yellow), and more. 

FunLab also carries some amazingly designed cases, game cartridge cases, silicone protective cases for Joy-Cons and consoles, and more Nintendo products for the Switch, GameCube, etc. Well worth checking out for more. 

  • Durable.
  • Beautifully designed. 
  • Works great.
  • Affordable. 
  • May feel too bulky for certain users. 

Frequently asked questions

What Nintendo Switch accessories do I need to get started?  

When you first get your Switch, everything you need is included such as the Switch itself, two Joy-Cons, HDMI cable, charging + TV dock, wrist-strap accessories, AC adapter for power, and a Joy-Con grip accessory. If you want to elevate your experience make sure to grab a few screen protectors, a carrying case, silicone Joy-Con grip cases, and if you can afford to get another pair of Joy-Cons or the Pro Controller that’s also highly recommended for when your initial joysticks start to drift. (Which is unfortunately still a ‘when’ not an ‘if’ issue with the Nintendo Switch console.) 

Can I find Nintendo Switch accessories for less than $100? 

Yes, absolutely! New Joy-Cons, a Switch Pro Controller, SD cards, HDMI cables, charging docks, carrying cases, extra battery packs to charge your Switch or Lite on the go, and much more can all be found for under $100 easily online on in stores such as Best Buy that carry accessories. 

Are third-party accessories safe to use with my Nintendo Switch? 

Some are most definitely safe and compatible to use with your Nintendo Switch/ Switch Lite! Be sure to do your research on a brand or type before purchasing as there are of course some scams out there, but the majority of ones that are available on Amazon or elsewhere are legitimate and perfectly safe. The ones listed here in our article are safe and reliable. 

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