Lifestyle, Travel & Outdoors: The best Black Friday deals for you

What started as a hack for savvy shoppers to snag deals and for retailers to clear their stock for the holiday shopping season has blossomed into a fully-fledged shopping holiday. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to grab your high-tech gifts so this year, you can be the cool parent. Mark your calendars for November 24h and the 27th to kick-off the Christmas shopping season. Here are some shopping tips to get you started.

Deals in Beauty & Fashion

Philips Multigroom Series 7000

Men can take care of all their grooming needs with the Multigroom Series 7000, which has great deals available this November. While not close to their lowest price ever, they are still offering considerable savings on this rechargeable grooming tool. Included is 23 grooming pieces including a nose-hair trimmer and foil-shaver, and bonus accessories including a travel pouch.

Assorted Garnier & L’Oreal skin products

Facial care products from these powerhouses of beauty and skincare products are on sale this Black Friday. Garnier and L’Oreal products for men and women are on sale between 15% and 47% off.

Baffin winter boots

Ranging from stylishly warm to ruggedly warm, there’s a whole wide range of Baffin winter boots available this Black Friday that will fit a wide range of needs and feet. Baffin boots have supplied Canadians with the warmth they need in the winter since 1979, so you can trust them to keep you warm this winter. Right now on Amazon, Baffin boots for the whole family are on sale, ranging from 10% off to as high as 47% off!

Cochoa Leather Bags & Wallets

If you are looking for a quality gift for somebody this holiday season, or need some organization yourself, a bag or wallet from Cochoa might be a good idea to look into! These products from Cochoa offer real leather in a variety of styles, including small handbags and purses and bi-fold wallets primarily. At prices between 20 to 40% off, these deals are great.

Herschel Supply Co. Mens Elmer Beanie

When the weather starts to feel cold, you can keep your head warm with one of these beanies from Herschel Supply Co. Not only is this 100% Acrylic beanie warm, but it’s pretty stylish too!



While winter is not associated often with sun, there may be those warm days on the ski-hill where the sun’s reflection on the snow is brighter than the sun itself! With Ray-Ban sunglasses and eye-glass frames at up to 30% off, it’s a great time to accessorize up if you are travelling somewhere warmer this winter, or a great time to stylishly upgrade your everyday glasses.





Deals in Entertainment and Hobby

FITBIT Fitness Smartwatches

With both Christmas and the New Year around the corner, we might be considering ways we can better ourselves in 2023. FITBIT has been a trusted name in tracking our health and our fitness goals. Right now, various models of FITBIT Smart Watches are on sale, ranging between 22% and 42% off.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush & Dental Care

Ensuring the best of your dental hygiene is cheap right now! Several of Oral-B’s dental products including electric toothbrushes, toothpaste, and whitening strips are on sale, at between 7% to an impressive 50% off.

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Bulbs

These lightbulbs from Philips can enhance the ambience of any room with vibrant colour settings. You can also dim and change the colour hue wirelessly via Google Assistant. Now you can try out the Philips Hue White and Colour Lightbulbs with savings of 15%.

Magic Fit Foldable Weight Bench

The Magic Fit Weight Bench will be great for any space you work out in. With 7 different positions this bench can fold into, it’s perfect for those who bench press or use other exercises that involve the bench. With 15% off, and good reviews, make this a perfect opportunity to add a quality component to your work-out space.





Deals in Pets

Deals in Baby & Kids

Fisher Price Baby Toys

If you are looking for a gift for a newborn or a set of new parents, Fisher-Price has a few great choices. A play place, a jumperoo, and a little sloth toy that can clip onto either of the prior products. At between 18 to 30% off, this is a strong price to make a baby in your life happy.

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

While it’s not for the baby, this Baby Monitor will give new or expecting parents some great piece of mind. This baby monitor includes a camera with controls to remotely control the camera angle and zoom level, and an external LCD display so you can check up on your sleeping baby. Best yet are the savings: this baby monitor is a staggering 39% off.

Select toys from Mattel

Kids are picky. Shopping for toys for kids can be difficult since it’s hard to know what toy they exactly have in mind. While we can’t help you remember what that toy your nephew talked your ear off about last time you are in town, but with select toys up to 30% off, this is the best we can do!

PlayShifu STEM Toys

PlayShifu STEM Toys

Play is a way that young kids can learn about the world around them. These toys from PlaySHIFU teach the little ones in your life the basics of science, technology, engineering and math, while also being super fun and engaging (for some kids).








Deals in Luggage & Vacation

Coolife Expandable Luggage

Going away anytime this winter? You need a suitcase to pack your swimsuit and your flip flops, and to bring back cheap booze and cigars. Made from ABS plastic, not only is this suitcase strong and durable, but it is available in five different colours. These Coolife expandable suitcases are great pieces of luggage wherever you are going. With three different pieces available (and a three-piece kit consisting of the three), at 21% off, Coolife’s luggage is a good deal right now.

Ulgoo Weekend Overnight Bag

Simple, elegant, and on sale, this canvas bag from Ulgoo is an attractive travel option if you like to travel light. With one large pocket for storing your clothes and electronics and a few smaller pockets for more important items, this is great for visiting family during the holidays.

Roots Backpacks

Roots backpacks are a staple at any Canadian school or campus. They’re well-made, offer plenty of space and pockets, and look sharp. Now, many signature styles of Roots backpacks are on sale for Black Friday only! At deals between 8% and 30% off, your kids will love a new backpack before they head back for classes after the holidays.

PROMUN Super Soft Head and Neck Support ravel Pillow

Many who can’t stand the cold take the holidays as the perfect time to travel.  If you have a flight to Mexico or somewhere else warm this winter, you might want to look at products that will take the stress out of the travel. This travel pillow from PROMUN takes the classic travel pillow design, and fills it with memory foam, making a supportive and comfortable sleep anywhere, even 36,000 ft above in the sky!




Deals in Camping Gear, Snow & Swim

Select Osprey backpacks

The off-season of any hobby or activity is a great time to look for deals for the gear you need. Osprey is a respected name among backpackers due to their quality bags, which are durable and fit well. With bags between 19% and 31% off, you can find your next pack for your next backpacking adventure at a good price.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraws are a quick, easy way to ensure water is safe to drink. With 17% off, you can ensure the outdoors-person in your life will never be without a safe drinking source.

TIBISI Touch-screen Winter Gloves

The worst part about being bundled up during winter is getting a call – only for you to have to expose your hand to the cold to pickup the phone. That’s the magic of touchscreen gloves – you can use your phone without getting your fingies cold! These TIBISI gloves are hovering around $20, so anyone can get a pair.

Odoland 4-in-1 Lightweight Snow Shoe Set

What to get the outdoorsey person that has it all in your life, what should you get them? Here’s an idea: snowshoes! Combining the classic idea of spreading out your weight with modern materials and design features, this all-in-one kit can get your family snow-shoeing quickly!







Deals in Car & Cycle

Chemical Guys car wash products and accessories

Winter weather can do a number on your vehicle – snow, sleet and salt are all things that can make your vehicle look worse for wear after just one cold season. Luckily, Amazon has listed many different Chemical Guys products for keeping your car clean and in pristine condition. From car washes to waxes, to car brushes and towels, there are plenty of products that are between 22 and 30% off, so you can clean and winterize your prized  vehicle for the winter ahead.

YIERTAI Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers help keep your car clean and pristine! Right now, you can save 30% off car seat covers from YIERTAI. Available for a wide range of vehicles, these car seat covers are great gifts for car lovers!

CXWXC Indoor Bike Training Stand

Some cyclists persevere through the winter, and some put their bike away when it gets cold. For the latter type of cyclists, this indoor training stand from CXWXC is on sale. This stand can transform your inactive bike to a stationary exercise bike, so you can still get a workout pedalling during a blizzard!  This bike stand is stable, quick to set up, and offers six different resistance settings, if you are looking for more of a challenging exercise. Best yet is the 25% off for Black Friday!




This USB Bike light is a great stuffing stocker for the cyclist in your life. Small but powerful (at 300 lumens) this light can illuminate everything in front of your bike if you bike in the morning or at night. This light charges via USB, making it highly versatile so you will never need to look hard for a place to charge. Not only is charging really convenient, but this light is designed with decent waterproofing so the rain doesn’t need to stop your plans at riding!






Everything you need to know

When is this Black Friday?

November 25, 2022

When is this Cyber Monday?

November 28, 2022

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are international sales-events where retailers cut their prices and put their fall stock on clearance to prepare for the winter shopping season. since it was conceived in the old days before the internet, Black Friday used to refer primarily to brick-and-mortar sales. But as online shopping became more popular, companies introduced Cyber Monday to achieve the same result: more sales.

Super Saturday vs. Black Friday: Which one is best?

Super Saturday (December 18) tends to be one-day events and flash sales that are more targeted to last-minute buyers so the cuts you might get better sale prices, but the bigger-ticket items may be sold out. Black Friday, on the other hand, could be useful for people who like to prepare in advance for their end-of-year shopping. In 2019, Super Saturday sales beat Black Friday by 10% and became the biggest single day in the United States retail history, according to Customer Growth Partners.

As suggested by many retail experts, Super Saturday could be a better opportunity for deals if you’re willing to take the risk of not finding what you were looking for, or just don’t have a specific product in mind. For big retailers, this is their last chance in the year to sell as much as they can, so they often invest in more aggressive promotions right before or after Christmas.

How can I save more money on Black Friday?

Always plan ahead:

  • Make your Christmas list of everyone you think you’ll be buying for.
  • Write down some ideas of what you think would make great gifts for them.
  • Budget for how much you’re willing to spend on each person or item.
  • Shop around and compare prices so you know you’re not spending more than you need to.
  • Stick to your budget!

How can I avoid Black Friday scams?

The best way to avoid scams is to avoid impulse-shopping. If you see a deal you like, shop around other sites to see if you can get them for a cheaper price then track its historical price on a site like to see if you really are getting a bang for your buck.

Boxing Day vs. Black Friday: Which one is best?

Boxing Day is an excellent time to sweep some home and Christmas decorations for next year, as their prices tend to go rock-bottom immediately and get cleared out pretty soon after the holidays, so if you’re looking for some additional Christmas decorations boxing day’s definitely the time to grab ’em!

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