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The Best Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs

We all want what’s best for our furry friends, including of course, their health and day to day. Water fountains for your pets are a fantastic way to encourage your dog or cat to drink more water and ensure they have fewer health issues, but also make it easier on you as the owner for cleaning and not having to worry about them not having enough water. 

Water fountains encourage pets by having a continuous flowing stream that they are naturally more drawn to. Stagnant water means bacteria, and our pets know better than we do if the scent of water is off. Our top picks below for both cats and dogs are all top-rated and come in several sizes and styles to better help you choose a new fountain for your pet! 

Our top picks

How to choose a water fountain for your pet

Size and capacity

Water fountains for cats seem to be around the same size, though some can be bigger or smaller depending on brand and style. Dog fountains are built different and generally meant for the outdoors, as opposed to their feline counterparts. Size and water capacity is important to keep an eye out for, so that you don’t accidentally choose a fountain that you must keep refilling every few hours. 


Not all pet water fountains are engineered the same. Some require more maintenance than others or need to be cleaned more. Brands such as the KittySpout are designed to help filter the water with double filtration, so that owners can even use tap water and it will filter it for you – without the need of having to use pre-filtered water such as from a Brita, etc. 


Some have filters sitting under the water, some above, some don’t even have filters to worry about. KittySpout has a cat fountain that double-filtrates the water for you. Outdoor dog fountains can just be hooked up the hose and used as needed. 

Check to see if the fountain you’re interested in for your pets is something that needs to be replaced more often, the expense, and if they’re easy and available to find in your area. 


Most water fountains for pets are very quiet and will get louder as the pump and filters get dirty with fur and need to be cleaned. Some can be louder than others and certain designs have different sounds for the water dripping or pooling. Find one that you and your pets can tolerate being around and on. 

The best water fountains for cats

Catit LED Flower Fountain

This blue LED indicator cat fountain designed in a flower shape is great for any cat owners that want to get an inexpensive fountain that has great features and keeps clean easily. The filters are inexpensive and only need changing every three of four weeks, depending on environmental factors. 

The additional six pockets in the tray allow your cat to have water even while the fountain is off. A new LED light feature and water indicator make it easier than ever to tell when it needs to be topped up with fresh water. Older models don’t have this, and the entire design makes it much easier to clean compared to their old ones. 

Three water flow settings allow you to change the flow rate for any picky cats – such as the full flower that makes gentle streams, the middle yellow part comes off for bubbling at the top, and it can be taken off entirely for a gentle flow of water. The flower can also be adjusted up and down for longer or shorter water streams. 

Triple action filter rings help purify the water even more and keep it cleaner for longer. Having it in an easy tray makes replacing it a snap, and the packs of two or five filters are available. 

  • Low water indicator.
  • Multiple water flow settings and multiple heights for the water to flow from.
  • 3L capacity.
  • Easy to clean. 
  • The water filter can get clogged more often if you have multiple pets/long haired cats. 

Catit Flower Fountain

A similar style to the LED version of this cat fountain, the Catit flower foundation is a more basic version without the LED light or the slots for extra water to sit in. Instead, it has a circular imbedded bowl that collects water and keeps it circulating. 

Three litres of water capacity will keep it full and fresh for a few days at a time, depending on how much water your cats drink during the days. A dual-action water softening filter and energy efficient pump, all made from BPA-free plastics – make it an economical buy. 

There is also an ergonomic matching feeder that goes along with this water fountain, if you need to get a new feeder as well. 

  • Low water indicator.
  • Multiple water flow settings.
  • Easy to replace filters.
  • 3L capacity.
  • Water pump can accumulate hair easily for multiple pets/long haired cats. 

Kastty water fountain

One of the quietest water fountains on the market for cats, the Kastty fountain has an elegant design and a nice dark navy-blue colour. It’s touted as being ‘whisper quiet’ and can even be placed in bedrooms without any noise interfering with sleep. This is ideal not only for cat tutors and their sleep but also for cats that are scared of different, loud noses.

Like most cat fountains, this one is also a large 3L capacity and the filters can be used for two to four weeks, to keep everything running smoothly and to ensure that the water doesn’t get slimy or full of cat hair and other debris. 

The LED light indicator will turn from blue to red once the water reaches down to less than 650ml, so that you know when to refill it without checking or having to hear the noise of the motor. A built-in switch on the power cord allows you to turn it off and on when needed, and there is a clear indicator window as well if you don’t want the LED. 

  • Whisper quiet.
  • Dual filtration system.
  • Easy to clean.
  • LED water level indicator. 
  • Rambunctious cats can easily spill some water from this design. 

The KittySpout

The KittySpout is a stainless-steel cat fountain that has a larger top than some other fountains and has one individual spout – much like a regular sink. It has a 3L capacity like most cat fountains, and is very quiet while running.  

An activated carbon filter helps to remove bad tastes and odours, and a pre-filter sponge helps keep debris and cat hair out of the pump itself. The stainless-steel build of this fountain is a nice change from plastic fountains if you prefer that, and the material itself is much easier to disinfect and keep cleaning from calcium build-up and other issues. 

It claims to be the quietest cat fountain on the market, so if you’re looking for one that is extremely silent while running, this may be the one to check out for your home and kitties. It is a bit pricier than most other fountains, but they do offer bundles with additional filters and that can save some money in the long run. 

  • Stainless steel.
  • Amazing filtration.
  • 3L capacity.
  • Large size. 
  • Expensive.
  • Cleaning could be easier.
  • Only has one waterspout. 

The best water fountains for dogs

Dogit Zeus water fountain

The Dogit Zeus water fountain for dogs (and cats) is a large, well designed pet fountain that is top-rated and perfect for multiple pet households. 

A large 6L capacity and surface area that allows the water to circulate more often is a wonderful step up from smaller pet fountains that may not filter as much. Triple action filter takes care of removing excess magnesium and calcium from water, making it better for your pet and on you for cleaning. 

The filtration discs are sold separately after you buy the initial fountain (like all do), and they work in other fountains as well that will fit the same design/size. So, if you own multiple and they’re different brands – if they’re similar, they may work. 

An elevated design makes it easier to drink for large or older dogs and other pets and makes it much better if they have joint or muscle pain. 

  • Elevated design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Triple filter.
  • Large surface area.
  • 6L capacity. 
  • May need to be cleaned more often for a multiple pet household. 

Drinkwell 7.5L fountain

With an extra-large capacity of 7.5L, the Drinkwell fountain for dogs is a great purchase if you’re looking for a larger fountain that can facilitate multiple pets or larger dogs. Both the tank capacity and the bowl size are much larger than average, which can be quite convenient. 

The foam filter will catch hair and debris before it reaches the newly improved pump, and the constant water circulating will help keep the water oxygenated and fresher for longer. There is only one waterspout, but for most pets that aren’t picky – that should be enough. This top-rated fountain isn’t the nicest to look at, but the pros outweigh the look. 

  • Large 7.5L capacity.
  • Improved pump design.
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe. 
  • Not the most pleasing design.
  • May need to be cleaned more often in multiple pet households.
  • Only one spout of water.

Happy Dog outdoor water fountain

A different type of water fountain, this outdoor ‘on-demand’ dog water fountain is a perfect playtime and training fountain for your pup when they’re running around outside. They press on the soft pad and water comes out for them to drink! 

Keeps them hydrated while outside in the backyard and is easy to attach to your water connection. It comes with a 2-way Y hose connector and adjusting pressure is done with a control valve built in. The design is well-thought out and has an anti-bite durable hose, soft edges, a built-in filter, non-slip pads, and an anti-rust coating along with anti-rust brass to ensure that it works for years to come. 

The pressure and height of the water can be adjusted with the easy lever attached to the hose, which is perfect for larger or smaller dogs that can otherwise not have a great experience with pressure that is too high or low. The built-in filter helps to make sure that your dog is drinking clean water, and the strength and durability are top notch. 

  • Easy to hook-up and adjust water pressure.
  • Fun and easy for your dog outside.
  • Perfect for travel and backyards.
  • Designed well. 
  • Not for indoor use.  

Our methodology

For this article, we chose our picks based on highly rated products, Amazon user reviews, personal experiences and use, and comparing to other reputable review websites. Taking into account budgets, variations, and styles to accommodate every pet owner and their needs. It was also important for us to separate dog and cat fountains, which makes it easy for more pet tutors to find an item that matches their needs. A german shepherd and a tabby cat would require completely different fountains.  

Frequent questions about water fountains for pets

Are pet water fountains worth it? 

They absolutely can be! Especially for cats, water fountains for your pets are a great way to ensure they get fresh water that isn’t stagnant, and it means less cleaning and changing their water at constant intervals like you would with flat water bowls. 

Why do cats like water fountains? 

Cats prefer water fountains (if you have a cat that likes to drink from the tap in your home, you’ll know) because moving water is easier for them to see, and like most animals – stagnant water signals that it could make them sick so they avoid it. 

There’s also less bacteria that impacts the smell. Cats are very sensitive to scent and even if you don’t notice that their water bowl is ‘off’ – your cats most likely will and won’t drink water. What it comes down to is movement, it’s fresher, and your cats will be more prone to drinking from a constantly moving water source. 

Do vets recommend water fountains for cats? 

Most veterinary clinics do recommend water fountains for cats. It depends on the cat, but most of them prefer it as well. If you’re having troubles with your cat drinking water – try a fountain and see if they’ll respond more favourably. 

How often should I clean a pet water fountain? 

It depends on the fountain and how many cats you have, how much your cat sheds, etc. Ideally you should clean it once a week or more. Some can be left out for longer if you change the water, but overall, a good throughout clean should take care of any slimy water, pet hair accumulation, and replacing filter pads, etc. to keep your feline friends happy and healthy. 

Do cats really need a water fountain? 

It isn’t necessary, but it is highly encouraged for cats for their health benefit and to make it easier for you on maintenance and cleaning. 

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