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Best Dog Gates in Canada

Whether it’s puppies, dogs, cats, or even babies – dog gates gates are essential in keeping your home safe and keeping your pup safe and sound as well. With a plethora of options available to choose from, it can be overwhelming deciding what works best for your house or apartment. Whether it’s going to be for a brand new member of the family, or you’re adopting an older dog – our list has you covered.

Our list below and tips on using them will hopefully help your choice and ensure a good fit for your pup and household.

Our Top Picks

What to look for in a dog gate

When looking into getting a dog gate, it can be difficult trying to decide. Keep these in mind while you’re shopping for a new or updated dog gate:

Size/Width – This should seem obvious but it’s easier than you think to accidentally over or underestimate the size of your space, and accidentally getting the wrong size gate. Most are adjustable width wise to an extent, though for proper fit and assurance – be sure to measure twice and order once.

Multi-functional – If you only need a gate for a singular dog or new puppy, that’s great! If you have a multi-pet household, there are dog gates that have built-in cat doors or walkthrough doors for yourself instead of having to step over, especially if you’re going with a taller gate.

Durability – Being durable is important, and some materials can hold up to more than others. Most plastics are fairly sturdy against smaller dogs, some may snap against larger ones, and some may need to be made of something safe that can withstand puppy chewing, etc. Wood and hard plastics are the main materials that most dog gates are made with, and you can’t go wrong.

Height – Be sure to think about a dog gate that can grow with your dog or puppy if they are younger. If you’re adopting an older dog or need a tall gate for large dogs, be sure to measure your space and your dogs to ensure a proper fit. It won’t help much if they can simply walk over the gate or easily knock it down.

Best dog gates for smaller dogs/puppies

Regalo 38.5

The Regalo dog gate is perfect for anyone that has some wider gaps they need to block off. It fits any space that is between 29-34, and 35-38.5 inch spaces/openings. It stands vertically at 30-inches. Be sure to measure your space to make sure that it fits into wherever you need to put it.

The design is all steel and includes an easy to use walk-through gate for yourself so that you or other family members don’t need to step over the gate at any point. Four pressure-mounted spindle rods keep the dog gate in place and it is noted that there is a gap between the gate latch and frame that sorts itself out once it’s installed and set-up.

  • Durable.
  • Great for large widths.
  • Not very tall.

Best dog gates for larger dogs

Regalo Tall

If you need a dog gate that is for bigger breeds, tall ones, or escape artists that tend to easily get over any smaller/short dog gates – this tall gate from Regalo might just help be the ticket you need.

Made of a sturdy metal, it stays free from dings, scratches, and being pushed. The pressure mount design makes it easy to set-up and equally as easy to take down. It has a walk-through gate that allows for easy access through without needing to step-over or taking it down.

Includes a 4-inch wide extension kit in case you need some more leeway between walls and still need a taller gate.

  • Great for taller dog breeds and spaces.
  • Has a walk-through gate.
  • Will not fit 34-35 inch space well.

Safety First Long/tall

Safety First long/tall dog gate is a wonderful choice for medium to large breed dogs. The extra wide adjustable pressure mounted gate makes easy work of wider passages. It has a walk-through gate with a hard to open latch for children, but easy for adults.

Unlike other dog gates, this one has a nice design at the top, scalloped shapes giving it some different style for your home. The Secure Tech indicator also has a pressure indicator that lets you know at a glance whether you need to adjust any part of it to ensure the best fit between passageways.

  • 29-47 inch wide gateway width.
  • Durable metal.
  • Very large dogs may be able to step over or knock it down.

Our methodology

For this article we took into account the top-rated and viewed dog gates for most dog sizes and useability for you as the owner. We went by price, height, and durability.

Questions about dog gates

Who needs a dog gate?

Anyone with a new puppy or dog can benefit from a dog gate. It also works wonderfully if you have children or are a multi-pet household that needs to block off certain areas of your home. They can be very useful for teaching your dog boundaries or to make sure they don’t get into trouble when you have to step outside.

How to use a dog gate?

Most dog gates are pressure mounted, which makes them extremely easy to set-up and take down when needed without causing any damage to your walls, doorways, or stair areas. They should be placed at the tops or bottoms of stairs, in hallways between rooms, or wherever you’re trying to restrict your pups movements into certain places.

How tall should a gate be for a dog?

For dog breeds that are medium to large such as golden retrievers, you can go up to 5 feet tall for dog gates. Most learn quickly that they can’t or shouldn’t go over the gates if they are at least at their eye height, 2-3 feet tall. Smaller breeds can use much smaller dog gates, though you have to be sure that the gaps in-between the bars aren’t large enough they can just slip through.

How do freestanding dog gates work?

Freestanding dog gates work like a three-fold divider that pull out to be a gate. They aren’t recommended for larger dog breeds or dogs that may get caught up in the grating/gate while it can get folded back down or etc.

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