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Best Protein Powders in Canada

If you’re looking to supplement your meals for extra protein or are working out and need all of the calories and protein your muscles can get, look no further than a good protein powder. 

With the sheer overwhelming amounts of options, it can be tough to even know where to start. Our list below is compiled of the best and top-rated protein powders in Canada and will hopefully help you narrow down the search and get you on your way to healthier living. Regardless of the reason why you’re looking to increase your protein intake, our protein power buying guide takes into consideration major factors such as flavours, ingredients, goals, and dietary restrictions. 

Read on for a list of the best protein powders in Canada, from keto-friendly to vegan powder options.

Our top picks

How to choose a protein powder

When choosing a new protein powder, here’s what to look for:  

  • Type – Whey and Soy are the top two protein powders available on the market today. Whichever works best for you can take some trial and error. There are also other types of protein powders available now that may be easier on the stomach if you’re lactose intolerant, have soy allergies, or if you have a vegan leaning diet, such as pea proteins and other alternative protein powders that may be worth checking out for yourself. 
  • Reason for use – Are you looking to gain weight, build muscle, lose weight, vegan/vegetarian, limit protein? There are multiple reasons to take protein powders and just as many options. Be sure you’re getting something that works for what you’re looking for and that aligns with what your body needs to continue functioning, and functioning even better that can help towards your goals.  
  • Flavours – If you’re satisfied with simple Vanilla or Chocolate there are endless options for that available on the market. Unflavoured is a great option if you want to mix in powders with your shakes, smoothies, bake with it, etc. or if you just can’t stand any flavours in your protein powders. And if none of those resonate with you, brands have crazy flavours now such as Banana Split, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Shortcake, or Ice Cream Sundae.  
  • Cost – There are affordable protein powders that are readily available in almost any store, and some that are expensive but worth the cost. Decide what suits your lifestyle and remember that you don’t have to go overboard right off the bat if you’re just trying out what may work (or not) for you. You also don’t need to purchase the largest tub of protein powder available when you’re first testing out different types of protein powder as well, which can save a few dollars and won’t take up your entire living space with Costco sized containers that might end up collecting dust.

Why trust us

With an exhausting catalogue of protein powders available, it can be difficult to determine which are the right ones for you to try. Our team spent over 15 hours reviewing and researching top-rated protein powders, ensuring that there should be one for everyone regardless of whether you need lactose-free protein, something more budget friendly, something that has multiple flavours that aren’t chalky – or anything in between. 

Best overall protein powder in Canada

Vega Protein & Greens Plant Based Protein Powder

Easily available within Canada, Vega Proteins are great for anyone wanting to get into using protein powder at an affordable price point. 

Their Protein & Greens blend is non-dairy, vegan, keto-friendly, and gluten-free – checking all the boxes for nearly everyone. It comes in multiple flavours including Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, Coconut Almond, Salted Caramel, Tropical, and a Plain/Unsweetened one for mixing into whatever you’d like. 

There are two sizes, a large tub and a small size if you want to just try it out at less cost. No added sugar and sweetened with Stevia, it also is gluten-free and vegan certified. 

No artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours make this a sure-fire win for anyone wanting to watch their global footprint, and it tastes great with every flavour. Mixes well for baking and lasts quite a long time, despite not having extra preservatives. 

  • Easily available.
  • Tastes good.
  • Can be a bit hard to blend.

Best protein powder for women

Six Star Whey Protein

If you’re looking for a protein powder designed specifically for women, the Six Star Whey Protein has you covered. 

Six Star’s Whey Protein for Her is from the makers of MuscleTech, so it’s definitely a formula you can trust. Coming in two flavours of Vanilla and Chocolate for an affordable price point, it’s worth looking into trying. 

It mixes well into shakes, smoothies, frozen fruits, yogurt, or even on its own with cold water or milk. It is a whey protein, so if you’re lactose intolerant it might not be the gentlest on your digestion. 

Most reviews have stated that this particular protein powder tastes fantastic and isn’t too underwhelming or overpowering like some others can tend to do. It blends well and doesn’t clump up as much or stay at the bottom of your container, whether it’s a shake or glass with just water. 

  •  Mixes well for shakes.
  • Great price.
  • Only chocolate and vanilla flavours.

Best protein powder for men

MuscleTech Platinum Creatine Monohydrate Powder

An unflavoured creatine protein powder, the MuscleTech 100% Creatine powder is great for after workouts and muscle building and is geared towards men. 

The price point is easily affordable and if you’re wanting to combat muscle breakdown and increase muscle and cell growth after a big workout. 

It has no fillers, no added sugars, and is simply creatine protein powder. Each container has about 80 servings, and the unflavoured design means that you can have this in any smoothie, shake, or drink without any added strange taste or flavour. 

It’s safe and effective, approved by almost all sports associations, and results from reviews and the company’s own testing have stated that they see great results using this in tangent with their workout routines and sets. 

  • Blends well.
  • Can be pricey.

Best whey protein powder

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

One of the top-rated protein powder brands for the last handful of years has been Optimum Nutrition, and especially their Gold Standard whey protein. 

It comes in multiple sizes, from two pounds up to ten pounds containers, and is available in nearly 20 different flavours from Double Chocolate, Chocolate Malt, Vanilla Ice Cream, Rocky Road, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberries & Cream, and even a Cake Donut flavour, and even more in between. 

For maintaining and increasing lean muscle mass, you can’t go wrong with giving this brand a try and supplementing your daily workout routine or general meal proteins. 

It does say that it is used as a dietary supplement only and muscle builder and is not suggested for losing weight. As it is a whey-based protein with lecithin to improve mixability, it does contain lactose and dairy, so keep that in mind when trying this protein powder, in case it affects your digestive system and stomach. 

  • Top reviews.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Multiple options.
  • Taste can be hit or miss.

Best keto-friendly protein powder

Love Good Fats

Anyone doing keto might be in the market for some extra protein and fats, and Love Good Fats is just the ticket. 

It comes in two sizes, a 400g tub and an option for 38g packets in Chocolate and Vanilla flavours only. Their chocolate and vanilla shakes are meant and designed specifically for keto diets to be high in good fats including MCTs while staying low in sugars and having moderate proteins. 

Made from 7g of grass-fed whey protein and 12g of high-quality fats derived from coconuts, it’s a perfect snack during the day or after workouts in the morning or afternoon. Blended with the MCTs, it promotes all-day energy and can help assist with increased focus and brain function while promoting a reduction of appetite to keep up with your keto diet journey. 

If you aren’t completely satisfied after trying it they do offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed money back option within the first 30 days, so if you’d like to try it and end up not enjoying it, you can get your money spent back. 

  • Great for Keto.
  • Tastes good.
  • Can take a bit to blend well.

Best tasting protein powder

Mutant ISO Surge

If you’re finding yourself exhausted and bored with the usual three flavours of Vanilla, Chocolate, and Unflavoured options – Mutant has the solution.

With multiple different flavours that are different enough to keep you and your tastebuds happy and a price point that’s not breaking the bank, you can’t go wrong giving this protein powder a try. Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Coconut, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Gingerbread Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla Ice Cream, Triple Chocolate, and more flavours are available for their powders.

Making great smoothies, shakes, or even baked into brownies and cookies for those afternoons treat protein boosts, you can’t go wrongIt does contain whey proteins, so if you’re lactose intolerant or sensitive to milk-derived products this one may upset your digestion or stomach.

It contains 25g of protein per serving and uses simple and high-quality proteins so that absorption into your muscles is fast. Whether you’re looking to maintain or gain weight and muscle mass, Mutant products aim to help you get there. It blends well, though reviews have said that some flavours are a bit more difficult.

  • Multiple flavour options.
  • Decently priced.
  • May be a bit harder to blend, depending on the flavour.

Best vegan protein powder

Genuine Health Vegan Proteins+

Anyone looking for a vegan protein powder without the whey or milk proteins can look no further than the Genuine Health Vegan Proteins Plus. 

Coming in two sizes of a large or small tub, and three flavours of Vanilla, Chocolate, and Unflavoured to add into any baking or treats you’d like. The multi-source plant-based protein blend is made from a combination of yellow pea kernel, sprouted brown rice, alfalfa, organic hemp seed, and potato protein isolate. 

The chocolate flavour is a natural cocoa chocolate blend powder, making it easy to blend and tastes delicious, unlike some other powders that can use artificial flavouring. It’s great to use while baking for added protein in brownies, cookies, or other baking uses that require chocolate and could use some protein. 

Long-lasting protein helps boost your metabolism, builds lean muscle, and supports the immune system while balancing blood sugar levels as well. An all-around protein powder that’s lactose-free is fantastic for anyone that wants to try something new or needs to supplement their diet with vegan powders. 

  • Blends well.
  • Tastes good.
  • Can be pricier.

Best protein powder for weight gain

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition once again making the list and worth mentioning is their top-rated Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder. 

Coming in two different sized tubs, 6lbs and 12lbs, and four flavours to choose from including Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, and Chocolate Peanut Butter you won’t get sick of these flavour choices any time soon and they can also be added into baking as well, besides just smoothies or shakes during the day. 

Enhanced with creatine, glutamine, and glutamine peptides this powder will keep you full and help gain weight with every scoop. 25 vitamins and essential minerals round out the ingredients, ensuring that you get a properly balanced and rich nutrient content. 

1,250 calories from fat and no artificial sweeteners to mess around with blood sugar levels while blending well into shakes, smoothies and baked goods make this a fantastic purchase to try if you’re looking to bulk up and gain muscle fast while working out. 

  • Has multiple flavours.
  • Tastes good.
  • Blends well.
  • Pricier.

Best non-dairy protein powder


A proudly Canadian company, NAAK has your source for vegan/lactose-free protein powders. 

A plant-based protein powder with 23g of protein per scoop, including 4g of BCAA’s makes this a powerhouse for dietary supplementing. A completely plant-based protein made from a blend of soy and pea protein provides complete and balanced nutrition with a sweet vanilla flavour. 

It helps recover muscle and also helps maintain as well. Providing a prolonged source of energy during and post workouts or exercise, even after walks or runs whenever you need a boost. Reduces fatigue after any workouts. No sugar added helps to ensure blood sugar levels stay even as well. 

NAAK produces, packages, and distributes all within Canada as well, so if you’re looking to purchase more local brands, this has you covered.  

  • Non-dairy.
  • Blends alright.
  • Taste can be a hit or miss.

Best protein powder for muscle gain

MuscleTech Nitro Whey Protein Powder and Creatine Monohydrate

Another offering from MuscleTech is the NitroTech Ripped, made especially for weight gain and muscle gains.

If you’re looking to gain weight and muscle mass quickly, MuscleTech has your needs in mind. Ultra-clean and high-quality hydrolyzed protein and protein isolate help you gain fast. Each scoop delivers 30g of whey peptides and whey protein isolate.

An advanced seven-in-one formula featuring L-carnitine, L-tartrate, green tea extract, CLA, kelp, rosehip extract, and MCT oil powder, plus C.canephora robusta for weight management all comes together in this powder blend thelp you gain and maintain muscle mass while working out.

  • Great for gaining and maintaining muscle mass.
  • Flavour can be a hit or miss.

Best protein powder for weight loss

GNC Total Lean® Lean Shake™

If you’re looking to lose weight while still maintaining proper nutrition and proteins within your diet, GNC has the answer with their Total Lean 25 Shakes. 

high-quality protein powder delivers 25g of protein and 8g of fibre per scoop or serving. It provides support for healthy glucose metabolism and can be used as a supplement or meal replacement whenever you’re feeling hungry and want a shake or smoothie. 

The French Vanilla flavour is delicious according to top reviews and doesn’t get boring when you’re having daily shakes. Some reviews have said that it can be a bit difficult to fully incorporate and blend, but it all depends on what you’re mixing and with how much powder you’re using. 

Pricewise, it is a bit more expensive than other protein powders on the list but is still on par with the majority of protein powders in general that are available. 

  • Tastes good.
  • Easily blends.
  • Can be pricey for sizes available.

Best protein powder for smoothies

Pure Protein Powder 100% Whey Protein

Protein powders are mostly used in smoothies and shakes, and some are designed just for that, like Pure Protein’s Vanilla Cream whey protein for shakes. 

Geared especially towards making protein shakes or smoothies, Pure Protein is a blend of whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavours, whey protein isolate, calcium carbonate, and other proteins to combine into a smooth and delicious shake or smoothie. 

It has 25g of protein per serving or scoop, only 2g of sugar, and 160 calories per scoop. The microfiltered whey protein isolate and ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate ensure that you have proper nutrients without disrupting your blood sugar levels. 

Pure Protein also has snack bars and breakfast bars if you want to take a break from mixing your own drinks day after day. Users have stated that it blends best with ice and water in a high-powered blender such as a Bullet-style blender and tastes delicious. It can be used for baking though results may vary. 

  • Tastes good.
  • Mixes and blends fairly well. 
  • Contains lactose as it is whey.

Best cheap protein powder

Vega Protein Vanilla for Smoothies

Easily and readily available within Canada, Vega’s protein smoothie blends are perfect for on-the-go smoothies that pack a punch for nutrients. 

A plant-based protein that is keto-friendly and gluten-free, it’s perfect for anyone looking for easy-to-make smoothies or shakes in the morning. Just toss in with some water, ice, fruits, or milk, and blend until combined. 

It contains stevia as a sweetener, while the Plain Unsweetened flavour has no sugars at all. There are five flavours to choose from, including Viva Vanilla, Bodacious Berry, Choc-a-lot, Tropical Mango, and the Natural/Unflavoured. 

The main protein blend is derived from pea protein and brown rice proteins, with 15g of protein per scoop. Added greens such as kale powder and spinach powder add even more to the nutrient list, along with everything being real food ingredients that are non-GMO Project Verified, and all Vega products have no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. 

  • Tastes great in smoothies.
  • Mixes well. 
  • Only really great in smoothies or shakes, flavour vanishes in baked goods.

Best hemp protein powder

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah Balanced Protein

While hemp can have a very polarizing taste for most people and tastebuds, the Manitoba Harvest Hemp protein powder will set that aside once and for all. 

Coming in two different sizes, a 454g pack and a 908g pack you can choose what works best for you. The price is very reasonable and affordable to try, barely reaching over $10. 

15g of plant protein per scoop or serving, 8g of fibre, and 2g of Omegas 3 & 6, it combines well with the hemp protein to deliver a good dose of nutrition for after workouts or during the day for an energy boost when that afternoon slump hits. 

Mixed well with mangoes, berries, other greens, water, or your milk or non-dairy milk choice, the hemp proteins blend well and don’t leave an awful taste in your mouth. They’re a Canadian-based company as well, so if shopping local is something you’ve wanted to do more of, Manitoba Harvest will appreciate your business. 

It’s keto-friendly as well, great for paleo diets, or anyone that may be sensitive to other fillers and protein types. There are no other fillers as it’s all just pure hemp proteins. 

  • Great for anyone lactose intolerant.
  • Has good taste. 
  • Can be a bit hard to mix/blend.

Best unflavoured protein powder

Six Star Unflavoured Whey Protein Powder

Another unflavoured whey protein powder, Six Star delivers with their high-quality ultra-pure whey protein powder is great for blending into shakes or smoothies with no added taste. 

Also great for baking into cookies or brownies, this unflavoured whey protein has 7.4g of BCAA’s per scoop and 25g of protein. Engineered for athletes and anyone looking to increase their muscle building and maintain weight with extra dietary help. 

It comes in two sizes, two pounds and four pounds, and if you do ever want to switch from an unflavoured choice, they have multiple other flavours as well like vanilla cream, salted caramel, and strawberry. It’s good for three to six months after opening, which is plenty of time to use your powders. 

A few reviews say that this powder can be too sweet depending on flavour, while others enjoy how just right it is. It bakes well into cookies and brownies, doesn’t break the bank, and has no creatine. Other reviews have also said that this whey protein doesn’t hurt their IBS or similar digestive issues, while actually helping matters. If you’re lactose intolerant be cautious, as it is a whey protein. 

  • Can be mixed into any recipes/smoothies without added texture or taste.
  • Not for anyone lactose intolerant.

How we picked the best protein powders

For this particular buying guide, we chose our protein powders based on top ratings and reviews on Amazon from top users, across multiple price points to make our list comprehensive for all budgets, dietary restrictions, and availability within Canada. 

Frequently asked questions about protein powders

What is protein powder? 

Protein powder is essentially a dietary supplement made from one or more of four basic sources of protein such as whey, eggs, soy, and rice. They’re concentrated and processed into powder form and can be reconstituted into liquid form as soon as they’re mixed with fruit juice, water, or even milk. Smoothies are the main way to add liquid back into protein powders.  

What does protein powder do? 

Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps build muscle, repair tissues, and make enzymes and hormones. Using protein powder as a supplement may help with weight loss and help tone muscles. It can also be used to bulk up and gain weight as well.  

Can I have protein powder in coffee?  

You can! Just make sure not to add too much and protein powder blends far more easily into cool or cold coffee, hot coffee may make the powder clump up and become useless. Using a small electric whisk or blender can help with any blending issues, as well as blender cups that have the ball in it that you just shake and take with you to the gym or to work.    

How many scoops of protein powder a day? 

One to two scoops a day is recommended, but just be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging, as they do all differ. Also, be sure to start off with half a scoop at first to allow your body to adjust to the protein intake, as most protein powders will tell you in the instructions. You don’t want to take too much at once and cause uncomfortable bloating and painful stomachaches by accident.   

Do protein powders expire? 

They can last for a few months past their expiration date depending on what else is mixed into the powder, but it will lose potency. It’s always best to use protein powder that is in date to avoid any unwanted side effects or lack of potency.   

Are protein powders worth it?  

If you’re looking to supplement your diet with more protein for muscle gain, weight gain, weight loss, or just making sure that you’re getting enough nutrients, a good protein powder can be well worth the price.  

Do protein powders have side effects?  

If you aren’t used to taking protein powder, there can be some side effects at first if you take too much right off the bat like an upset stomach or similar issues such as nausea, headache, and dry mouth. Be sure to take it with a lot of liquid and drink an adequate amount of water during the day. Most protein powders will tell you start with a small amount at first to get your body eased into consuming more protein, and depending on what ingredients are in your protein powders you can definitely end up with an upset stomach or uncomfortable bloating. Ease into taking it and don’t rush to take large scoops right off the bat. 

What recipes can I make with protein powder?  

Protein powders don’t have to be made into just boring smoothies day after day. There are countless recipes online such as brownies, cookies, energy bites, and other surprising things such as guacamole, hummus, soups, and puddings. Breakfast pancakes and similar foods to start the day have become increasingly popular, mixed in with some fruit makes for a strong start to the day (or for extra protein if you want to hit your target and eat breakfast foods for dinner, for example!)   

What’s the average protein powder price? 

Depending on the size and brand you’re opting for trying, protein powders can range from $22 upwards to $100 or more. Smaller sizes in different brands may be a good use of your time and money if you’re just starting out to see what works best for you and your wallet. And keep in mind that while some protein powders can be incredibly expensive, that doesn’t automatically make them the best of the best and you should shop within your budget and range.   

Where can I buy protein powder in Canada?  

Amazon, GNC, Popeye’s are probably the best places for you to buy protein powders in Canada. Walmart, London Drugs, and other stores around Canada depending on which province you’re in also stock protein powders – Vega especially is available in most stores and in smaller quantities if you’re looking to start trying protein powders to find what works for you. 

What is whey protein?  

Whey protein is the most common type of protein powder available, and is the main primary protein found in dairy products. If you’re sensitive to dairy and/or are lactose intolerant, you should avoid whey proteins and go for a non-dairy option such as soy or pea proteins, and other vegan focused options to ensure that you don’t get an upset stomach or any bloated uncomfortable feelings.   

What are the most popular protein powder brands? 

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard, Vega, Naked Whey, GNC Wheybolic are some of the best protein powders brands available in Canada and they are readily available in multiple locations, including more unlikely sources you wouldn’t think of off the top of your head, such as London Drugs and Walmart. 

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