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The Best Automatic Soap Dispensers in 2024

With cleanliness and hygiene becoming even more important last year, touching potentially gross surfaces that can harbour bacteria is definitely not a pleasant experience. We are here to help fix that with this list of automatic soap dispensers so that you no longer have to worry about touching surfaces after you’ve just washed your hands. 

In general, making it much easier to not have to worry about soap messing up your counters, keeping messy soap trays, or in general, always touching soap bottles and the like. Here is our list of top automatic soap dispensers available for you in Canada, taking the guesswork out of what might just be a waste of soap, time, and money. 

Our top picks

How to choose an automatic soap dispenser

With all of the choices and brands, there are more than a few different types of automatic soap dispensers to choose from. When you’re looking for one, keep these categories in mind: 

  • Durability: Obviously when you’re looking to buy a new gadget for around the house, you want it to last. Make sure to look for a good build and if it can withstand kids dropping it or being manhandled by a lot of people during the day, as in an office setting. 
  • Soap Type: If you prefer liquid soap or foam soap, make sure you look into a model that can handle your preference. Some aren’t meant for liquid soap and can clog if they’re only meant for foam, and vice versa. 
  • Capacity: If you don’t mind re-filling your soap dispenser daily, a smaller unit is perfectly fine, but if you opt for a larger model and have the space for one, then you don’t have to worry about re-filling for days or even a week depending on how much it gets used. 
  • Batteries vs Rechargeable: Do you prefer being able to just plug it in and letting it recharge, or are you fine with just throwing some batteries in and changing them when necessary? Both options are available. 
  • Sensor Distance: There are differences between models and some even have the option to change how far away the sensor will ‘trip’ and dispense soap to your hands. Keep in mind the distance of where your dispenser will be and how far away you’d like it to trigger. 
  • Soap Delivery: Most higher end models have no option to change the amount of soap that’s being dispensed, but a good amount of the cheaper ones do. It’s up to you for how much or how little soap you want or need. 

Why trust us

With a plethora of dispensers and automatic soap options out there, it can be hard to decide what’s worth spending your money on. Our team has spent over 10 hours researching the best automatic hand soap dispensers available across Canada. Based on trusted sources and top Amazon reviews, our list has the best for all budgets and needs. 

Best automatic soap dispenser in Canada

Glamfields Soap Dispenser

With a durable, fingerprint and smudge-free stainless-steel body and easy set-up, the Glamfields Automatic Soap Dispenser is your best bet for a dispenser in 2022. 

Four adjustable liquid soap dispensing levels with a system in place that ensures no dripping or soap trails are left behind after use. With a 280ml capacity, it is smaller than other automatic soap dispensers, but it’s perfect for home, especially for the bathroom or kitchen. 

It’s water-resistant and anti-leak, with a layer of security built-in so that the circuitry won’t get damaged or corroded from water or accidental drops. The waterproof cover base has rubber sealing rings, and everything is made of stainless steel and high-quality PC ABS plastic. No fingerprints, watermarks, or smudges will ruin the finish of the dispenser. 

The sensor detects hands within one pass, meaning no more having to wave your hands and be frustrated that it’s not working. It can be used with dish soap, liquid soap, but like most other automatic soap dispensers that do one and not the other, it doesn’t work with foaming soaps, so do keep that in mind. 

  • Adjustable.
  • Good build quality.
  • Pricey.
  • Smaller capacity.

Best wall-mounted soap dispenser

PURELL Healthy SOAP ES8 Dispenser

Purell’s ES8 wall-mounted automatic hand soap dispenser is top quality and well-known across the world for their hand-sanitizer and their hand sanitizer dispenser option. 

The ES8 dispensing system comes with the soap refill and battery change all in one go. There is a coin cell battery built into each and every soap refill so that you never have to worry or get annoyed changing one and then the other in a continuous loop. 

PET bottle and refill components are easy to disassemble and can be recycled and disposed of, which is great for anyone that doesn’t want to add to the plastic landfill build-ups and want to ensure helping the environment. An optional GOJO SMARTLINK set-up allows you to even track hygiene compliance for how often it gets used, get alerts when dispensers are empty or need service, and even more features will be added as the technology improves. 

Best placed 6” above your counter space wherever you wish to put it, the Purell ES8 isn’t too large to cramp up any smaller spaces, and still allow proper spacing between your hands and surfaces. 

  • No need to change the battery separately.
  • Clear window.
  • Can be pricey.

Best decorative bathroom soap dispenser

Secura Automatic Soap Dispenser

With a large capacity clear plastic container, the Secura Touchless Automatic Dispenser stands out from other soap dispensers. 

An LED light ensures that you know whether the batteries need to be changed by changing from a solid blue light to a blinking or low display. The large clear container makes it easier than ever to tell if you need to refill. It can be wall-mounted or placed on the counter and remains looking sleek no matter which preference you have. 

Perfect for the bathroom, it’s waterproof and has an anti-leak bottom ensuring that you never have to worry about the electronics getting wrecked from moisture or leaking soap all over the counters or floors if wall mountedThe top is a stain-resistant chrome finish while the rest is clear plastic with a black base that will match nearly any décor. 

Secura offers a two-year warranty with purchase, and it holds up to 500ml of soap. The infrared sensor can detect your hands up to 2.75 inches away and is longer lasting than most units that don’t have a secured, screwed on battery plate. That said, make sure that you have a Phillips head screwdriver around so that you can access the back when you need to. 

  • Beautiful design.
  • Large capacity.
  • The battery plate needs to be screwed into place. 
  • Not compatible with foam soap. 

Best automatic soap dispenser for the kitchen

Umbra Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

The Umbra Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser is a hands-free versatile use soap dispenser with a large capacity and contemporary design. 

It operates with four AAA batteries and comes with a five-year warranty if anything goes wrong or malfunctions. With a large six fluid ounce capacity that can be used with liquid soap, dish soap, hand soap it can be used for any need you have – just not foam soap as that will ruin the dispenser. 

That aside, the life before needing to change the batteries seems to be great according to Amazon reviews, and it can last over a week before needing to refill the soap, depending on your usage needs and those factors. If your soap is too thick it may need to be watered down slightly to flow correctly through. 

From the manufacturer, one issue users had was that their soap wasn’t being dispensed on first use. After inserting the batteries, if the blue light comes on and you hear the motor but the soap doesn’t come out, try pouring the soap into a separate container, then fill the pump with hot water (not boiling) and let sit for 5-10 minutes until cool. Put your hand in front of the sensor and repeat until the water flows well. Now empty the water and refill the pump with soap. 

  • Large capacity.
  • Easy to fill.
  • Pricey.

Best battery-operated automatic soap dispenser

YiShuo Soap Dispenser

The YiShuo can be used with any liquid soap such as dish soap, hand soap, etc. as long as it isn’t too thick. Foaming soap may work but isn’t recommended. With waterproof and anti-leakage covering, it’s an affordable and great portable automatic soap dispenser. 

Unlike some other bulkier automatic dispensers, this can be fairly easily be packed and brought with you to hotels and other places where you’re staying while travelling. The sensor is of high quality and won’t take multiple passes before it works correctly. Some thicker liquid soaps may need to be watered down to flow more smoothly, though the majority of Amazon reviews have said there haven’t been many issues. 

Four AAA batteries are all it takes to get this soap dispenser going and it lasts for quite a while depending on usage. You shouldn’t have to change the batteries out every few days or anything like that. The entire dispenser stands on rubber feet that keep the underside where the batteries are kept dry to prevent corroding, even though the waterproof case should help the most. 

So if you’re in the market for a quality battery-powered soap dispenser that you can take with you if need be, this might hit the mark. 

  • Clear soap level window.
  • Portable.
  • May not work as well with thicker soaps.

Best automatic soap dispenser for homes

simplehuman Brushed Steel Sensor Pump

With a sleek brushed steel finish, easy rechargeability without batteries, the Simplehuman Touch-Free Sensor is an ideal choice for home use. 

Unlike their older models where you manually chose what amount of soap you’d like dispensed; the sensor works depending on how far or close you hold your hand while using it  up close for little soap, and further away for more. 

It comes with a two-year warranty, and customer service will help if anything breaks down. The charging port is hidden with a hinged top, and one charge lasts around three months depending on usage. The funnel refill top is easy to use, though according to some Amazon reviews, it can be finicky if you try to fill it too fast as it works like a funnel. So be sure to take your time refilling if possible. 

Simplehuman has its own resealable hand soap refill pouches for purchase that come in a variety of scents, and are easy on the skin, especially for anyone that may have sensitive skin to fragrances. The whole device is waterproof, and it makes cleaning a snap, with just simply rinsing off the dispenser when it gets dirty, or just rinsing the pump in the sink to change soaps. 

  • Rechargeable.
  • Good quality.
  • Refilling can be slow.

Best automatic soap dispenser for commercial use

Uline Foaming Push Dispenser

Uline’s Foaming Push Dispenser offers its own line of foam soap dispensing, available in more affordable bulk purchases that are perfect for commercial spaces that need them. 

It’s touted to have 1,500 uses per foam soap refill, which is great for anyone that has multiple employees or are working in a high-traffic area. The foaming soap itself is all-purpose and isn’t meant as a hand sanitizer, just soap, but does the job well. 

The refills are 1,000ml each which is more than enough for most workplaces or commercial areas for at least a few days, depending on your traffic and hand washing needs. It all comes in several colours if you’d like to match your décor and is wall mounted. Other types and brands of soap won’t work with this dispenser, so be sure that you grab the proper refills for this type. Changing the refill is easy and can be done in seconds. 

  • Leakproof.
  • Soap level window.
  • Capacity could be better. 

How we picked the best automatic soap dispenser

For this particular buying guide, we chose our dispensers based on top Amazon reviews, and other trusted review website guides. Although we were looking for the best options regardless of the price, we tried to list the best soap dispensers for all ranges of budget, soap type preference, and ease of use. 

Frequently asked questions about soap dispensers

Where can I buy a hand sanitizer in Canada?

Walmart, London Drugs, Amazon Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, and in most grocery stores currently, such as Safeway or Loblaws. 

How does an automatic soap dispenser work?

Infrared sensors detect the infrared energy that’s emitted from your body heat. When your hands are placed in proximity of the sensor, it will essentially fluctuate the sensor, triggering the pump and dispensing soap. 

Is a soap dispenser worth it?

For the ease of use and the heightened cleanliness of not having to deal with bars of soap or bottles of liquid soap cluttering up counters, an automatic soap dispenser can be well worth it. 

Can I disinfect my hands with an automatic soap dispenser?

The simple answer is that yes you can put hand sanitizer into an automatic soap dispenser, but it can ruin the machine in the long run with the alcohols and other additives.  

 Do automatic soap dispensers require installation?

Depending on the type and style of soap dispenser you decide to go with, it can require some installation. Most however are just stuck onto the wall with double-sided tape if wall-mounted, and others just simply sit on the counter without any further installing. 

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