The Best No-Touch Door Keychains

With social distancing measures and the COVID-19 pandemic looking to be continuing for at least the near future, it can be stressful. Washing your hands, sanitizing, and being concerned about things like having to touch doors, ATM machines, elevator buttons, etc. in public while out and about is high on everyone’s mind. 

To alleviate some of that worry, there has been an influx of contactless keychain tools designed and created to diminish the number of surfaces you must touchWith hundreds of names and brands out there competing to be the best, it can be overwhelming to know what’s worth it. 

Through research and verified user reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the best no-touch keychains and door openers for you below, so that there’s at least one less worry on your mind as you go about your day. 

Our top picks

How to choose a no-touch keychain

What makes a good contactless keychain? There are a variety of factors that go into choosing the best one for yourself (or others), including design style, weight, material, portability, and price. 

  • Design style – While the over-all design for no-touch keychains is similar across the board, there are some that have larger hook sections (or none at all)finger slots, rubber end stylus tip nibs, or even built-in bottle openers that function as multi-tools. Different colours of coated metals, plastics, wood, and even ones with cute designs are everywhere.
  • Material – Brass and copper have been known to have antimicrobial and anti-viral properties for a long time, making them the perfect material for no-touch keychains. Metal alloysantimicrobial plastic, or wood versions of keychains seem to be the most available options against germs and anti-microbials.
  • Size – Many contactless keychain tools are small enough to be added to your car keychain or on a separate retractable chain that can fit onto a belt loop with ease. There are some designs though that are quite large – best used for doors that take a lot of heft to open, or just good for larger hands in general.
  • Function – Do you want simple no-touch keychain, or something that can double as a multi-tool for various other tasks, such as a bottle opener?
  • Price – While the price-point for most contactless door openers is reasonable, depending on what material it’s made from, or what functions it has, there are options across the board from very cheap to expensive – there are touchless door openers available for every budget. 

Why trust us

With a growing number of no-touch keychains and tools cropping up since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, choosing one or knowing what to look for can be stressful. Our team spent more than 10 hours reviewing and picking the best options available in Canada. 

The review process was data-backed and fact-checked, as wcurated this list from verified 4.0 star and above Amazon reviewsalong with other trusted websites such as 

Best Overall No-Touch Door Keychain

TheRang’s Door Opener Contactless Safety

This EDC Door Opener is a brass alloy contactless door opener every day carry that has an ergonomic designlarge hook end, smooth finger loop for comfortable holding, and a hole at the top to attach to your keychain. 

With 70% copper content, it has inherent antimicrobial properties compared to other material types, as copper and brass have long been known to have such properties against germs. Despite a higher percentage of copper than most alloy mixes, it remains sturdy enough to be used for most tasks without bending or warping. 

A flat-stylus tip, door hook, finger hole, and keyring loop make this brass no-touch door opener simple but effective for its purpose. The door hook has a lip at the end, making it ideal for opening latches and drawers without the tool slipping. The finger hole adds an extra bit of stability while pulling open doors, pressing elevator buttonsATM buttons, or anything else you can do hands-free. 

  • Brass/copper alloy.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Small for larger hands.

Best plastic no-touch keychain

Kooty Key Germ Utility Hook and Door Opening Tool

If you don’t want a metal hands-free door opener, the Kooty Key door opener might be for you. Made from manufactured antimicrobial plastics, it’s a lightweight and durable tool to have to limit your exposure to coronavirus or any other nasty germs, especially during cold and flu season that comes around during wintertime. 

large, rounded hook with a rubber tip stylus makes it easy for opening door handles, mailboxespressing toilet handles, etc. while the tip is ideal for ATM keypads, crosswalk, elevator buttons, vending machine buttons, etc. The rubber tip doesn’t work with touchscreens or glass, unfortunately. 

Being made from an antibacterial hard plastic, the Kooty Key is easy to clean and sanitize and can be cleaned with disinfectant spray, dipped in rubbing alcohol, or disinfectant wipes. Another benefit is that every opening tool comes with an added retractable badge reel  allowing you to clip it onto your belt or purse, without worrying about where to put it after using it as it just retracts back into place. 

  • Durable.
  • Antimicrobial plastic.
  • Includes key reel.
  • No finger loop.
  • Doesn’t work on smartphones/screens.

Best budget no-touch keychain

ORNOOU 4-Piece Contactless Brass Door Opener

Sometimes all you need is the very basics, and the ORNOOU 4-Piece Brass Door Opener set has you all covered. 

With this handheld, non-contact door opener and stylus keychain tool coming with a serrated edged top, comfortable finger loop, keychain hole, and a straighter hook than other models – It doesn’t get much more basic than this for limiting your exposure to Covid-19 and other germs. 

The caveat of such a simple design and lower price point is that the build quality suffers. For anything more strenuous such as heavier or sticky doors/drawersit could bend or warp with repeated use or force, compared to other brands and openers that are thicker and are better constructed. 

According to Amazon reviews, the main issues people have is the paint rubbing off quickly with use, and in some circumstances the keychains have bent with a lot of force. Majority of reviews were pleased with their purchase and for the basic functions it works exactly as described. 

  • Affordable.
  • Small and portable.
  • Not copper/brass.
  • Durability isn’t top tier.

Best Amazon’s choice no-touch keychain

KeySmart CleanKey

One of Amazon’s Top Choices, the KeySmart CleanKey is both highly rated and is manufactured by a self-made company that’s been in the game since 2013. Best known for inventing the compact keyholder, KeySmart has branched out in the last few years, creating better and better products – one of which is the CleanKey, an ergonomic contactless keychain tool. 

Perfect for protection during the current pandemic, or if you’ve been wanting to limit your exposure to microbes and be more germ-free, this brass CleanKey has you covered. Manufactured from 260 Brass alloy, the ergonomic design fits most hand sizes without being too big or small. It comes with a retractable carabiner, or you can attach it to your keychain with no problems using the keyring hole. 

One noticeable feature that makes it stand out from other door keychains is that it works flawlessly with touch screens and smartphones. Designed with an angled hook, straight end, serrated grip top edge, and ergonomic finger loop, you’re all set for nearly any hands-free applications. 

Able to handle door handles of all kinds like levers, pull, and sliding doors are easily managed, along with touchscreen buttons, elevators, and credit card machines. A benefit of using KeySmart is that if you have any issues with your purchase, you can contact customer service and they’re more than happy to help. 

  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Works on touch screens.
  • Sturdy.
  • Mid-range expensive.

Best large sized no-touch keychain

Z-Key Surface Avoidance Tool

NOTE: This item is currently unavailable on most Canadian online retailers. 

The Z-Key is a thick premium tool designed and manufactured in Austin, TX. Made fully from 360 Brass, it’s sturdy and won’t break or bend from use like some other no-touch keychains. 

Whether you’re wanting to touch fewer objects while out in public, a germaphobe, or just wanting to stay safer during the pandemic the Z-Key covers all the bases for nearly everyone. The only caveat is the size – but with that comes stability and function, all for a price that saves a pretty penny. 

A bit of a beast in size, made from ¼-inch thick 360 Brass and measuring 3.4-inches long x 2.5-inches high, with two 1-inch finger holes – it’s a contender for one of the best contactless door openers available. 

Manufactured on a custom CNC machine, milled to precise dimensions, and spending 24 hours in a polishing machine to remove all the sharp edges, each Z-Key is crafted with care and attention to detail which is always a nice peace-of-mind when there are multitudes of cheap manufactured options out there. 

There’s also an anti-slip notch along with the usual door pusher notch, door opener hook, button pusher, keyring hole, and includes a bottle opener at the top of the key. 

  • Made from 360 Brass. 
  • Two-finger holes. 
  • Durable.
  • Heavy.

Best unique design no-touch keychain

FunParties Premium No-Touch Door Opener Tool + Bottle Opener

For a little change in design that looks more along the lines of a rare key or something from a fantasy novel, the FunParty Premium No-Touch Door Opener Tool is worth checking out. 

According to Amazon reviews, many people were impressed with the quality, size, and durabilityIncluding that there’s a limited warranty that comes standard with every purchase so if you do happen to have any sort of issues, you’re covered – Which isn’t mentioned in the listing, but is good to know. 

The tip has a silicone sleeve on it, making touchscreens and smartphones able to be used with this, which is a necessity when almost everything includes one, whether it’s ATM screens or paying for something at the store. 

Lightweight, easy to use, and made from a copper/zinc antimicrobial alloy, it’s durable and won’t bend. This unique looking no-touch keychain can be easily cleaned with any sort of sanitizer wipe or spray without worrying about damaging it. 

The finger slot has smooth rounded edges, which is nice, meaning that whether you’re opening doors or pushing buttons, essentially using it everywhere you need it won’t hurt or damage your fingers like some other models can end up doing after a full day of being out in public or even at the office. 

It comes with a keychain carabiner if you want to attach it to your keyring or some other place that’s easily accessible. 

  • Different design.
  • Durable.
  • Too big for some.

Best simple no-touch keychain

StatGear Hygiene Hand Lite

Starting as a Kickstarter project at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the StatGear Hygiene Hand Lite went on to not only hit its pledge goal on the first day but continued to make almost half a million dollars by the end of its campaign – this simple but mighty tool is worth a mention on our list. 

Made entirely from brass (70% copper/30% zinc alloy mix), without a coating covering the metal, ensuring that you get the best antimicrobial result, without any unnecessary exposure to germs. 

The original non-Lite version of this no-touch keychain is twice the weight and nearly twice the cost, making this version already rather superior. Its size, weight, shape, and simplicity put it right in the middle ground in comparison to other keychains in its range. 

Small enough to not be annoying or clunky on a keychain or with a set of keys, but big enough to do all of the core tasks without compromising, as some smaller sized contactless keychains and keys miss the mark on getting everything right. The large hook opening fits most door handle sizes whether they’re lever or thicker pull handles, and the straight edge tip works with touchscreens and smartphones without damaging anything, if that’s something you have a worry about. 

  • Antimicrobial brass.
  • Lightweight.
  • It seems large on certain keychains.

Best premium no-touch keychain

PEEL Brass Keychain Touch Tool

Unlike other contactless keychain tools, the PEEL Brass Keychain Tool is crafted from one thick solid piece of 360 brass, making this no-touch tool able to stand up to strenuous use without the concern of breaking or falling apart.

With a keychain hole, decent hook size, stylus tip, finger hole, and bottle opener it’s an all-round, everyday germ-free helperWeighing in at 2.5oz and measuring at 3.5 x 1.7 x 0.2-inches, this door keychain is large without being too unwieldy, which is great if you’re taking it with you shopping, at the office, or using transit.

Aesthetically the PEEL Brass Keychain Touch Tool is sleek and one of the best we’ve seen, with all of the curves and corners seamlessly integrated and thought out, instead of looking too gaudy or ‘cheap’ like other hands-free tools available on the market.

  • Solid brass.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Well crafted.
  • Higher price.

Best compact size no-touch keychain

Saint Midas Touch

Unlike a lot of smaller sized hands-free germ keys, the Saint Midas manages to stand on its own with nearly every day-to-day task, all while looking glamorous. 

With some thoughtful design touches, the Midas stands out looking sleeker and more polished than a standard block of metal. Crafted from antimicrobial brass, and weighing only 0.9 ounces, it’s a beautiful little tool to have. Compared to other contenders it can handle everything you need for the day – elevator buttons, ATM machines, and most doors can be opened with ease, unless they’re unusually larger than the one-inch hook section. 

The finger hole diameter is small and rounded, making it comfortable for a wide range of hands, and the tip of the Saint Midas is a unique pyramid shape that works well for touchscreens and smartphones as long as you angle it correctly so that the entire face of the pyramid touches the contact surface. 

  • Beautiful design
  • Blends in more naturally with other keys. 
  • Can struggle with unusually sized door handles.

Best copper no-touch keychain

Aviano Copper Protector Door Opener

The Aviano Copper No-Touch Door Opener stands out from the rest of the pack because it’s crafted from 99% copper metals, as opposed to most openers and no-touch tools that are brass – an allow of copper of zinc. The benefits of pure copper are that it’s thought to be more self-cleaning than the rest. 

With the slit in the finger hole section, the Aviano was designed with this quick-attach feature that allows you to easily slide it onto a belt loop or similar. The door handle hook is large, able to handle almost every door you could throw at it, while the nose allows you to toggle elevator buttons, ATMs, and touch screens. 

A caveat about the front ‘nose’ of the Aviano is that the door push and touchscreen edges are exactly the same lengths, making it so that sometimes if you’re using a touchscreen or smartphone at a 90-degree angle, it will press two places at once. 

If you’ve been in the market to find a purely copper no-touch keychain, this may be for you. One other thing to note is that since it is copper – it will fade over time and can be more prone to scratches and scuffs as opposed to the other alloy material contactless door openers. 

  • 99% antimicrobial copper.
  • Quick-attach loop.
  • Larger size.

How we picked the best no-touch keychain

For this buying guide, we chose no-touch keychains that had a 4.0-star rating or above on Amazon, along with other trusted review sites as part of our selection guide. We chose the top-rated ones, along with different designs, sizes, and price-points to ensure that this guide is accessible to as many people as possible. 

Overall, we wanted to find a no-touch tool for everyone, at the best price point possible. 

Frequent no-touch door opener questions

What is a no-touch keychain?

A no-touch keychain, no-contact door opener, germ-free keychain, etc. is something that you hold that works as an intermediary between your hand and surfaces such as elevator buttons, ATMs, door handles, etc. so that you can limit the number of surfaces you come in contact with every day. 

Where can I find a no-touch door opener in Canada?

You can find contactless keychains pretty much anywhere these days. Still, Walmart, Canadian Tire and Amazon Canada are safe bets. 

Can contactless keychain accessories protect you from microbes?

They can help lower your contact with microbes and germs but aren’t an alternative to washing your hands or sanitizing – more so they’re something you can use along with washing your hands and sanitizing to minimize exposure. 

Copper and copper alloys like brass and bronze are inherently antimicrobial materials, but still need to be sanitized after each use to properly be of benefit.  

How does a touchless door opener work? 

While there are a few slight variations in style and brands, the main idea is the same – You use the hook to open doors, while the tip can be used to press ATM keys, elevator buttons, etc., instead of using your fingers or hands to do so. 

Some touchless door opener keychains even have multi-tool features, like bottle openers. 

Other no-touch door openers

Here are some more contactless keychains that didn’t quite make it onto the list, but you may still be interested in learning about: 

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