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The Best Smart Locks in Canada


When it comes to protecting our homes, we want what’s best for our families and ourselves. Smart locks let you ditch the keys and provide extra security for your house and loved ones at the touch of a button, voice-command, or remote button. Enabled by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, these futuristic and sleek looking locks can help provide some ease of mind and ease of use – which is especially helpful if you’re someone who may forget their keys or tend to rush on the way out. 

There are different kinds to choose from, and our list below will help you better decide what works best for you.

Our Top Picks

What to look for in a smart lock

While upgrading your home to a smart lock, it’s important to keep these factors in mind on what to look for:

Keep or replace your deadbolt – Smart locks can either go over your existing deadbolt system or can replace it entirely with a new deadbolt set-up and system. Be sure to check which your new smart lock system is, just in case you want to keep your current deadbolts. 

Communication compatibility – Do you use Alexa or Google Home? Apple or Android devices? Most smart locks work on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so your choice of smart home technology doesn’t always matter but it can make a difference for certain smart lock systems. Double check if the one you’re interested in setting up in your home is compatible. 

Lock interactivity – There is a clear variance between smart lock designs, and especially with how you interact with locking/unlocking them. Some have touchpads that make it easy if you don’t have your app up and just want to input a code. Others have simple touch screens, some just look like a regular lock without a keyhole that you can tap to open/lock. Depending on what you’re looking for and how ‘smart’ you want to go with or without keyholes still, the choice is yours. 

Camera or no camera – Smart locks either come with camera capabilities or they do not. Having a camera in your smart lock can be a great way to keep an eye on who comes to your home and if you don’t have any other external cameras, it can be a great all-in-one smart security system. Google Nest is a good example of a smart lock that has a camera that works with your smart home and apps. 

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave – All smart locks work with either Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, or through Z-Wave. There are pros and cons of each, so we’ve listed them here for you to make a better-informed decision.

Bluetooth – Common with smart locks. Doesn’t go through battery life nearly as quickly as Wi-Fi can. Range is very limited with Bluetooth and only good for when you’re at home, and even depending on how large your home is/the layout you can lose connection at around 300 feet. Bluetooth locks also work directly with your phone or tablet, meaning you don’t need any extra hubs or hookups.

Wi-Fi – Built-in Wi-Fi isn’t as popular yet and you would expect with smart locks and smart technology. Locks that do have built-in access will drain the batteries much faster, so be warned about that. Wi-fi in general will be able to give you the most access and the most options for features. Using Wi-Fi you can remotely lock/unlock doors, check cameras, and everything else from anywhere. It also will help if you’re already connected to Google Home or Alexa.

Z-Wave –  Z-Wave is one that most users probably have not heard of at all until you started looking up smart lock systems in the first place. It works with a compatible Z-Wave hub that in essence works with your router to create a signal that allows you to connect with your smart lock from anywhere. The lock and hub themselves need to be around 100-120 feet near one another for the system to work, though there are extenders and third-party sources that can allow the signal to bounce further. 

Top smart locks in Canada with Cameras

Eufy S330 Smart Lock

The EUFY S330 smart lock is consistently reviewed as the top smart lock system available in the market today. It has a sleek and thin design, works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems, and has multiple points of locking systems in place depending on your needs. 

The fingerprint film is thin, allowing you to easily unlock the door with your fingerprint in one second. The EUFY app itself, voice-activated entry, using the keypad, or can use your keys if need be. Remote control ability with the app allows you to see who is at your door via the camera and you can control the locks. 

Push notifications and thumbnail previews can be very helpful and are only temporarily stored in the cloud. The battery is large and rechargeable, meaning that you don’t have to keep worrying about changing them out every few months, you just simply have to recharge. There is no subscription fee to use this smart lock, and the working temperature of it works from -30C to 70C, so it will hold up during most of the Canadian winter and definitely in the hot summer months as well. 

  • Rechargeable battery.
  • No subscription fee.
  • Works in -30C weather.
  • Some users have had deadbolt malfunctions. 

Lockly Vision Smart Lock

The Lockly Vision Smart Lock is the perfect all-in-one system if you’re looking to get yourself a smart lock and a camera as well in one bundle. You can connect through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and the Lockly app itself to lock/unlock when you need to. It also allows for a remote-control feature so you can use it anywhere in your home. 

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the app allows you to easily see who is on the other side of the door with the 720P HD video, while the 2-way audio allows you to not only talk to them, but they can reply.  A 3D print scanner allows you to unlock the door the quickest if you don’t want to open your phone or are otherwise occupied while carrying things. 

LED indicator and automated locking function gives you a peace of mind, while also being a fantastic indicator at a glance whether or not your door is secure. Entry and exit history is all recorded, and the battery life is touted to last 12-months, though they may need to be replaced sooner than later during the cold winter months as the cold air drains electronics quickly. 

  • Connects multiple ways.
  • Easy to use. 2-way audio.
  • 720P HD Video.
  • Takes 8 AA batteries.
  • More expensive.

Top smart locks in Canada without Cameras

Ultraloq Smart Deadbolt Lock

A top-rated smart lock all around from many different reviews and websites, the Ultraloq smart deadbolt lock is a wonderfully versatile smart lock that has fingerprint scanning capabilities, number touchpad, and there is a hidden keyway in case you need to use your regular keys for any reason.

The design is sleek, narrow, and doesn’t stand out too much like some other smart locks do. It doesn’t bring attention to itself. The number keypad is designed in a circle around the lock section. You can share temporary access to visitors without having to change the whole lock sequence/code. We do recommend getting the Wi-Fi adapter, as it allows for much more range and remote control than just the Bluetooth alone. 

Installation is easy and does replace your current deadbolt system for the Ultraloq deadbolt smart lock entirely, so if you’re looking to keep your same deadbolt without changing too much, this model may not be to your liking.  

  • Versatile.
  • Sleek profile.
  • Responds quickly. 
  • Wi-Fi does not integrate with Apple’s HomeKit.
  • Fingerprint scanner can be finicky at times.

SMONET Keyless Entry Lock

The SMONET keyless entry smart lock has an included door handle that does have key access if you need it. It has fingerprint recognition, IC card, voice activation, regular key unlock/lock access, and works with Google Home/Alexa as well – for many options to choose from. 

It runs on Bluetooth and is waterproof, good for temperatures from -30C to 70C, and can hold up against most Canadian winters and summers without issue. Some users did state they had some problems with their units accidentally locking them inside/couldn’t unlock their doors and updated to say it was defective models/very cold outside so it was most likely rare events, but still important to note nonetheless. 

It is widely compatible for 150+ passcode combinations, 1000+ IC cards, 250+ fingerprints, and over 1000 authorized admin codes. There is a 30-day exchange or return policy if you’re not completely satisfied with your SMONET smart lock. 

  • Easy install.
  • Durable for Canadian weather.  
  • Some users have had issues with unlocking. 

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

This simple touch and go smart locking system is sleek and works with your already existing single-cylinder deadbolt system. Through Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily lock and unlock your door from anywhere. 

The auto-unlock feature will unlock your door when it detects you and will lock behind you as you leave, so if you’re ever in a hurry you don’t have to worry about fumbling with your keys on the way out or forgetting to lock the door at all. You can send secure keys to family, friends, or whoever needs it and you can also revoke access at any time. The biometric verification uses your smartphones fingerprint or facial recognition as an additional security measure before it will allow you to use the locks remotely. 

This is a 4th generation of smart lock from August, and is 45% smaller than their older models that were a bit clunkier and harder to work with. This makes installation and looks much easier to deal with. 

  • Attaches to your existing deadbolt.
  • Full remote access through Wi-Fi.
  • Battery dies very fast, especially if it is colder than normal outside during winter.

How we chose the best smart locks

For these smart locks we chose the best options from reputable comparison websites that test all of their products first. We also based them on customer reviews, top-rated Amazon reviews, and other security based websites. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a smart lock? 

A smart lock is a lock for your doors (usually your front door) that changes the way you can lock and unlock your home without the need for keys. There are a few different styles such as ones with number pads, touchpads, some are simply touchscreen styles, and others can be locked and unlocked with the tap of your hand.

They are best for added convenience and smarter safety around your home. Especially if you already have your home set up with Alexa or Google Home for most applications. 

Are smart locks safe? 

Smart locks are safe. There is little chance of someone remotely ‘hacking’ your smart locks, and like regular locks, they work with your deadbolt so that is the same as before. 

How do smart locks work? 

Smart locks work generally by replacing your deadbolt system or work by using your current deadbolt by replacing the lock portion. They work via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave and depending on the model you have gone with, that will work for locking and unlocking your home. 

How secure are smart locks? 

Smart locks are very secure and work like any other lock that can be locked/unlocked. Only the method of how they do their job is different. It takes a lot to ‘hack’ them and most smart locks have failsafe’s and let you use your key in case of an error. 

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