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The Ultimate Stanley Cup Guide: Which One to Buy for Each Purpose 

Stanley cups (no, not the hockey related one we all know) are the fascinatingly popular insulated travel mugs that come in a staggering amount of colours and special editions that have even led to fights over obtaining them on launch days. If you’re in the market for a well-made insulated travel mug for work, travel, camping, and more – our guide below can help point you in the right direction for whatever your purposes may be! 

Our top picks

What to look for in a Stanley cup

Size/Capacity – Stanley tumblers come in multiple sizes, an impressive array of them at first look. From 14oz upwards to 64oz, which is nearly 2L of liquids. This can be a dealbreaker depending on how and where you plan to use it.    

Authenticity – There are many insulated stainless-steel tumblers out in the market. Since Stanleys are sought after and can be marked up in price, especially the limited-edition new ones, there are a lot of copy cats and fake Stanleys on the market as well. Be sure that when you’re purchasing a Stanley tumbler that it has an official logo stamped and that it’s from an official retailer.  

Colours – This is less important as a feature, but to some it might be far more so. Stanleys come in a massive array of colours and designs, depending on which style and model you’re wanting to purchase based on your needs. Everything from easy and basic black and beiges to bright colours and limited-edition styles for the seasons and new releases. Their camping focused set for example comes in a few colourways, but the majority is a light shade of tree green. 

The best Stanley cup for drinking coffee

Stanley The Camp Pour Over Coffee Maker Set, Stainless Steel Filter

With a built in pour over coffee drip maker, this is an easy way to get coffee going in the morning before work or while out camping, having a picnic outside, or even just making a nice pour over coffee whenever you like it. None of the fuss. 

Including a stainless steel easy to clean mesh coffee strainer that means no more paper disposable coffee grounds and a perfect hot cup of coffee ready to go when you need it, this Stanley is perfect for the coffee drinkers. The mug portion of the cup has a sealable lid with an easy to drink from mouth section that can be opened or closed whenever its needed. It can be travelled with and taken wherever you need without the extra coffee strainer/pour over part. 

Like most other Stanley products, the coffee mug portion has a handle for easy carrying, though unlike the big water tumblers, the bottom is not tapered for cupholder sizes but it’s still easy to bring with you wherever it needs to go. Stanley also says that if possible, don’t combine any milk or cream styled products in with your coffee if you’re planning on going for longer trips or keeping it covered without drinking it, as the increased heat and temperature can curdle or cause bacteria if left alone. Otherwise, having it as your morning coffee en route to work or only in there for so long is perfectly fine.

  • Built-in pour over coffee maker.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great for camping and in the mornings. 
  • Does require a little bit of extra time.

Best Stanley cup to use as an everyday bottle

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lid and Straw for Water

Stanley’s newest (2024) tumbler is touted as the best tumbler to use every day. Water bottle, hot or iced or cold, it holds everything. With a large array of colours to choose from along with sizes varying from 14oz upwards to 64oz (nearly 2L), there’s a H2.0 Quencher Stanley tumbler for everyone. Double wall vacuum insulation means that drinks stay hot or cold or icy for up to 48 hours. The narrow base (on most sizes) fits most cupholders and other types of holders, such as cup holders on strollers or sewn into backpacks. 

The lid has a developed FlowState design that features a rotating cover with three different positions: A straw opening with a seal that holds the reusable straw in place, a drink opening, and a full cover top for additional leak resistance, so no worries about it spilling or splashing anywhere when it’s moved around or jostled in a backpack or car. The ergonomic grip handle for the H2.0 version has a new comfort grip strip that does add extra comfort to carrying the tumbler around, especially the larger sizes that can get pretty heavy. 

90% BPA free recycled stainless steel makes it a sustainable sipper, and has durability that will last for a lifetime use. Dishwasher safe, and the stainless steel keeps it pristine every time without it being stained or wrecked by coffees and teas. Stanley products purchased directly from Stanley itself has a lifetime warranty guarantee, so if even years down the road something happens – you’ll be covered. 

  • Multiple sizes and colours to choose from.
  • Durable.
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • Larger sizes don’t have the same tapered bottom for cupholders. 

The best Stanley cup to keep beer and cocktails cool

Stanley Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein

For any drink lovers looking for a Stanley mug that can help keep drinks cold while out camping, at a party, or elsewhere – this large stein mug is the way to go. Crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, it’s been built to last a lifetime and has even held up against storms and other disasters, so you know it lives up to the name. According to Stanley themselves, drinks will stay hot for up to an hour, cold for up to 5 hours, and chilled can last for up to an impressive 20 hours – all without a lid. 

Family BBQ’s in the backyard, sipping on some drinks out while camping, cooling down in the pool – this insulated metal beer stein has an extra large handle that allows for a big grip and the insulated walls ensure that it won’t sweat and get your hands wet while it thaws out and warms up over time. It’s a great gift idea and great to have around for whenever you have friends over, parties, and even for when you just want a nice big mug of anything on the couch without needing to get back up. 

As with all Stanleys, this one has a lifetime guarantee warranty if bought directly from Stanley sellers/stores, such as their Amazon one. 

  • Vacuum insulated double walls keep drinks chilled for up to 20 hours.
  • 24oz size. 
  • No lid.
  • Only comes in a black colour. 

Stanley Classic with Never-Lose Cap

If carrying around flasks is more your speed for drinks while out and about, water, etc. then this 80z pocket friendly, leak proof Stanley flask may be the right choice. There are several colourways to choose from, including a camo-esque style design that would be great for while camping or hunting when you don’t want to carry a large bottle, etc. around with you. 

The flat back slides easily into pockets, and the hinge connected cap will always ensure that it stays covered to avoid any leaks or spills that can happen with other flasks. It’s built to last with 10mm thick and strong 18/8 BPA-free stainless steel that remains lightweight, rugged, rust proof, and the design of this flask in particular works well for camping, hunting, sporting events, concerts, and more. It’s easy to drink from with the wide mouth opening, and if you’re looking to pour, the lanyard cap won’t go anywhere. 

  • A few nice colours to choose from.
  • Great size for carrying in a small bag or pockets.
  • No leaks or spill worries with the insulated lid.
  • May not be big enough for some users that are looking for a larger flask style bottle. 

Best Stanley cup to take for a hike

The IceFlow tumbler is a good choice from the Stanley lineup if you’re out for a hike or a walk around town, regardless of whether it’s a short jaunt to the store or a longer hike out in the woods for a few hours. It will keep your drinks nice and chilled or hot during the winter days. 

This large tumbler with a leak-proof lid and straw will keep your drinks cool, cold, and hot all day long – perfect for hiking and walking around. Water, iced coffee, smoothies, etc. Easy to fill and just go on about your day without worrying about it. Double wall vacuum insulation, as all Stanleys are made from, will keep drinks chilled for up to 12 hours and iced can stay icy for up two whole days, 48 hours. 

If disposable straws drink you crazy or even having to remember your own straws otherwise, the Polar classic has a built-in IceFlow straw that allows for easy sipping and when it’s closed, is entirely leakproof, just snap shut and you’re good to go. At least 10% of the lids material is made from recycled fishnets to keep the carbon footprint down and keeping the planet healthy. 

Unlike other Stanley handles that are built on the side, this one has a rotating floating handle on the top that allows you to just grab it and go, attach it to something, hang it off of gym equipment, and more. It’s very versatile and fits in most cupholders as well. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and durable for life. 

  • Multiple colours available.
  • Durable.
  • Ergonomic floating handle. 
  • The straw section can be harder to clean outside of the dishwasher at times, especially if something gets lodged in. 

Best Stanley cup for camping or road trips

Stanley Classic Legendary Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

With a retro look and colour, the hammertone green Stanley classic thermos is perfect for camping and being outdoors, at the jobsite, or even in the car while on the way to or from work. It holds a decent amount of stews, soups, ice creams, etc. The limit is your imagination. 

Thicker foods may be harder to get out from the very bottom of the thermos, so be wary of that. Soups and stews and chili for example are great for this. Hot chocolate, etc. The wide mouth opening and the lid included can be used as a bowl. Rust proof, and made from the same widely renowned stainless steel double wall insulated craftmanship makes this durable and for a lifetime use. The lid holds up to 12oz of food or drink, while the entire bottle itself is 24oz. 

According to all of the reviews and updates from users, the classic holds up well carrying hot lunches for up to 5+ hours, no issues, and most importantly – no leaks or spills when the lid is closed properly. Easy to clean and is sturdy enough to get jostled around in transit or when accidentally dropped. It’s good for all seasons and works well with the Stanley lunchbox as well. 

  • Holds well for soups, stews, etc. as well as drinks.
  • Durable.
  • No leaks. 
  • Deep and narrow for eating some foods that may be thicker.
  • Lid can be dented if accidentally dropped on harder surfaces.  


Best Stanley cup to take to the gym

Stanley QuickFlip GO

As with all Stanley products, the Quick FlipGO is made from 18/8 durable stainless steel BPA free materials that are double insulated that keeps your favourite smoothies, water, teas, coffee, or more hot or cold for up to 12 hours. Bike trails, the gym, and more make this a nice easy bottle to carry with you on shorter ventures. 

It fits in most cup holders, the leak-resistant cap is great for walks and gym going, without any worry about spills or leaks while it’s being moved around. The best part about the FlipGO bottle compared to others is that it’s designed to be used one handed as the lid has a push button that’s easy to press, drink, and then close again all with one hand and you don’t have to fuss with stopping your routine. It’s easy to clean with the wide mouthed design and as always, is dishwasher safe to keep it squeaky clean – especially for any stubborn smoothies or pre-workout drinks that can get stuck on other materials. 

  • Great fit for gym bags and travel pouches.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Doesn’t sweat when ice melts or etc.
  • Easy trigger action lid makes it easy for one handed use.
  • Just has one small handle on the lid.

Our methodology

For this article, we used top user reviews from Amazon along with our own personal experience with using Stanley tumbler cups over the years. We also take into account other trusted review websites and their overall rating on Stanleys. 

Common questions about Stanley cups

Are Stanley tumblers and products worth the cost?

Depending on what you’re using your insulated tumbler for, Stanley brand ones are very much worth the cost. They are double wall insulated, the handle for easy carrying, and the tapered slim bottle fits in most cupholders and strollers, etc. all while keeping your drinks cool or hot when you need them most, and the durability of their products seems to hold up well over time to last years if well taken care of.  

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