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The Best Sofa-in-a-Box Brands in Canada 

A sofa is the main element in a living room. Choosing the right sofa for your house, apartment or office space comes with pressure. It is not a pair of shoes that can be easily replaced if suddenly they no longer please your style. Most people decide to purchase a couch that would serve them longer than one season. Only a decade ago buying a couch involved not only pressure from choosing the right style, material and size, but also the necessity to explore local furniture stores. One had to dedicate a few days or a few hours to touching upholstery, laying on cushions and measuring each couch with a tape.   

However, times change and purchasing at a brick-mortar store is no longer the only option. Online shopping offers the convenience of looking at numerous options of materials, colours and models, plus efficient delivery. That is why the sofa-in-a-box concept became so popular.   

What exactly is a sofa-in-a-box?  

A sofa-in-a-box is a widespread trend of a couch ordered online and selected from a vast list of seating arrangements, colours and materials. Those sofa modules are typically shipped in pieces and can be easily assembled without professional help. You do not have to worry about hiring a transporting van or a track. The new sofa will arrive right at your door. As each piece is shipped in separate boxes you also won’t have to overthink carrying boxes inside, or fitting a whole couch through the door.   

If, however, assembling a sofa by yourself is not something you are looking forward to, keep in mind that some opinions already ship with pieces attached. What you will be left to do is attach one seat to the other in the proper order. Buying a sofa online provides you with many modular designs (U-shape, L-shape, 3-Seater). But that is not the only attractive factor about it. For instance, if you have limited space, and could only fit in a loveseat size, but later you wish to expand the size of your couch, some companies provide options of adding extra seats to the already remaining couch.   

Another reason why sofa-in-a-box became so popular is the price point. A quality, sophisticated style sofa can be purchased for somewhere between $1500-$4000 depending on material and modular options.  

Why Trust Us

Sofa-in-a-box is all about convenience and comfort. That is why researching the best sofas-in-a-box we made sure to select only those brands that design comfortable sofas and offer free shipping. We analyzed what customers have to say about selected couches, and their satisfaction only proved that Canadian furniture brands are far advanced in production and design. Besides that, we based our list on what other buying guides had to say about sofas-in-a-box (LivingCozy, Family Handyman, Made in Ca., etc.)

What to look for in a sofa-in-a-box

Modular Options   

Most sofas-in-boxes are customizable, and that is one of the biggest advantages this type of furniture offers. Typically, modular options come with a variety of seating configurations that can create a sofa that would fit perfectly into your space. If your family grows, or on the contrary, you move into a smaller or a larger place, a modular sofa is the best decision you can make for your living room. Keep this factor in mind if you are planning to keep the couch for a while or planning to move into a larger house.   


Some people crash into their sofas at the end of a work day, hence cushions should allow proper sinking in. Others look for the firm and steady shape of the sofa, cushions included, so it would always look presentable, and wrinkle-free. Even if a website does not state the exact level of firmness, there are a few indicators you could use to choose the right sofa for yourself.   

First, look for foam cushions (memory foam is the best one) if you are looking for a firmer couch. Memory foam becomes soft when in contact with body heat, and forms to your body making a sofa customizable. Often, memory foam is used as a top layer on top of high-density foam that provides support. Most likely sofa-in-a-box you will see online is made with memory and high-density foam simply because such cushions are easier to compress, hence it is simpler to ship in smaller packages.   

The second type of cushion material is polyester. Although polyester is rarely used in sofa-in-a-box, you can still find such options, and they will be less expensive than memory foam.  Polyester fill is typically smooth and durable and provides a comfortable bounce when you sit or lay on the couch.  The only downside to this material is that over time polyester fill flattens. If a sofa is an investment you are making into your home interior, polyester cushions might not be the best choice.   

A few other cushion materials are feathers, fibre and batting. You will notice the price difference between those three, where the feather is the most expensive one. Fibre fill is relatively cheap, but you cannot expect the same support from it as from memory foam. Batting is made of cotton, polyester, wool or a blend of those three, which means it can offer thickness and firmness variations. At the same time, they tend to flatten and hard quickly.  Yet you can consider one of those fills for sofas that you do not use every day (second living room, office, etc).   


Continue to speak of cushions, after you have decided on the type of fill, think of the exterior material used on the sides, back and cushions of the sofa. Some sofa types come with removable washable cushion covers, while others stay and only require dry brush cleaning. Some of the best materials for sofas are natural (wool, leather, cotton, linen), or more popular ones such as synthetic fibres (polyester, nylon, blend). And if the former ones can be more expensive, and not as durable (for instance, linen), the latter materials are extremely strong, and often resist wrinkle and staining. It is recommended to choose leather or wool sofa material if you are looking for a more luxurious feel, and polyester or other synthetic blends if you have kids or pets.  

Here it also makes sense to add that for families with pets or children, a removable sofa cover might be useful. Check with the instructions or contact the brand to see if a cover is available to purchase. Most covers come with a zipper and can be easily washed in the washing machine.   

Size and Dimensions  

After you have decided about style and material, think through, along with meticulous measuring of a living room, size and dimensions of a sofa-in-a-box. Keep in mind that most sofas-in-a-box are smaller than average couches. Expect the back of a sofa to be shorter, and seats not as deep. Although it sounds like most sofas that come in a box would fit into the smallest living rooms, make sure to take a measuring tape and see if a couch would fit into the room.   


Since sofa-in-a-box is shipped straight to your door it will require some assembly to put pieces all together in place. Most likely assembly will be simple, plus instructions are typically provided. If, however, you want to avoid any instructions, look for a sofa that offers tool-free assembly, and you could simply attach one seat to the other. You would only have to snap seat models into the configuration you chose. If you have selected a sofa with a chaise lounge, the piece will be shipped separately. The same applies to armrests. However, in most sofas-in-a-box, those pieces are snapped or latched into place by a few quick and easy manipulation.   

Shipping and Warranties   

Speaking of shipping, most Canadian furniture companies ship their sofas-in-a-box at no extra charge (unless they have some address exceptions). And besides a free shipping advantage, you will have a trial period to see if the sofa fits into your living room and lifestyle. During the trial period, if you change your mind, returns are free of shipping charge.   

If the sofa meets all your expectations and requests, and you decide to keep it but worry about tearing, stains or other damages, those companies do offer a certain warranty against major defects. We are not going to discuss every single condition Canadian furniture companies offer. However, if you decide you like one of those sofa brands, make sure to read through their policies on shipping and warranties before making a purchase.   


One of the best parts about a sofa-in-a-box is that despite the size, material or style, you can choose from a variety of colours. From a line of neutral tones that would match any interior style, to more complex, accent colours. (If you are looking to add a splash of colour to your living room, choose blue, emerald green or brown.) After all, a couch is an eye-catcher, a centrepiece, especially in smaller spaces, hence focus on choosing a sofa considering the aesthetic you wish to achieve.  

Built-in USB charger   

One of the most convenient additional features you can look for is a built-in USB charger. Instead of reaching for an outlet, you can charge your phone and other devices while lounging on a couch. However, if you decided to get one of those couches, keep in mind that you will have to plug it into an electric outlet to provide a source of power.    

Noa Home Sofas

The first Canadian sofa brand we want to mention is Noa Home. The founders of the brand have dedicated their careers to researching, designing and building a customer-centered company that focuses on high-quality products.   

Noa is one of the leading furniture retailers in North America that designs on-trend sofas and sells them at attractively affordable prices.   

Among a vast selection of sofas, you can choose from sectional, modular, love-seat, L-shaped and other types, available in ten firmness levels, at least six colours and various textures.

The Monaco Noa Sofa

One of our favourite Noa sofas is Monaco. This sofa is a unique combination of mid-century and modern aesthetics. It features a sleek silhouette, slim track armrests, and clean metal legs that hold a high-quality structure of a wooden frame.   

Because this particular sofa’s exterior is finished in velvet, it requires proper care. This lustrous fabric is not machine washable, and that is one important point to keep in mind when your couch will need some refreshing. For instance, to remove packaging marks use a steamer to eliminate creases. Use a soft brush to ease wrinkles. If you want to wash cushion covers, remove them and clean dirty spots with a mild detergent. Finally, make sure to fluff and rotate cushions to maintain an even shape.  

As to other features, the Monaco sofa sits at least three people on high-density foam cushions and is available in five colours. It is a sophisticated-looking sofa, that would fit perfectly into both a minimal interior décor and maximalist eclectic rooms. 

Nook Living

Nook is another respectable Canadian furniture retailer. They focus on choosing the highest quality materials and work with Canadian manufacturers only. Their goal? To take made-in-Canada furniture to a higher level, introducing premium materials, exceptional craftsmanship and a customer-oriented approach.   

When buying a sofa from Nook Living you can pick from a few highly resistant woven fabrics, as well as Italian leather, a vast selection of colours and styles. Many of their sofas allow you to assemble, disassemble, and remodel your already existing Nook sofa. 

The Nook Leather Six Seater Sofa

Speaking of assembling and remodeling, this particular Nook Living sofa is an ideal option for those who want to control the overall look and layout of their couch. It features the availability of customization from cover materials, configuration, colours, armrests and more. You can choose a small or large design that would fit into your living room, by adding or removing pieces.   

As for covers, if you are into a luxurious aesthetic, you can select leather as your finish material, or if you need a more durable, long-lasting material, go for polyester covers. You can also select from such colours as dark grey, light grey, blue, and beige.   

If one day you will want to expand Nook your sofa, you can always order a matching ottoman or chaise lounge that can be moved around the room or attached to the couch. 

Cozey Sofas

Cozey is one of the furniture brands that does not make you wait for a dream couch. The brand founders came up with an innovative solution for months-long orders and long delivery of furniture issue. They were pioneers in introducing the sofa-in-a-box concept. Those boxes fit through the door and are tool-free assembly.   

Cozey sofas feature elegant designs and high-quality materials that come at an affordable price. This alone revolutionized the Canadian furniture industry where comfort, simplicity and convenience are the philosophy of the brand. 

The Original Cozey Collection Sofa

One of the most popular Cozey sofas comes from the Original Collection where each piece is designed for ultimate comfort with a focus on a modern lifestyle. It offers the possibility of adding modules allowing you to expand or reduce the size of the already existing Cozey sofa.   

This particular sofa offers a tool-free assembly. Each piece is designed using a patent-pending hardware system. But as easy as it is to assemble as much you can be confident in the quality of the cushions. They are made of layers of high-density foam, with ultra-soft foam on the top layer to increase comfort. Besides, cushion covers are removable and machine washable. (Use a cold-water delicate cycle with a mild, bleach-free detergent. Lay them flat or hang them to dry.)

Wayfair Miller 83.85” Upholstered Sofa

Not Canadian production, yet loved by many Canadians, Wayfair is a quick and easy way to find a piece of affordable furniture. For instance, this Miller sofa is a compact, yet sophisticated-looking piece. It is comfortable to seat on while watching TV or hanging out with friends, and at the same time such sofa could add a sense of style to your living room.   

Miller sofa features a streamlined silhouette, foam-filled cushions, a mid-century aesthetic and a selection of eleven colours. The frame is a hand-crafted frame with solid kiln-dried FSC-certified wood.  

As one customer noted, she loves this sofa. Her is creamy winter white, which is what she was hoping for. The Boucle is forgiving and it makes it look more expensive. It has fairly deep seating, but if you remove the back cushions it is perfect for lounging and can easily fit two people. The seat cushions are very firm and hopefully, that will help keep the shape.

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