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The Best Cordless Vacuums in Canada 

Say goodbye to pulling out the bulky vacuum and fighting with the cord just to clean up some crumbs. When it comes to choosing the best vacuum for you, cordless vacuums get where bigger ones cannot reach. Being able to just pick up your vacuum and clean out car seats, cushions, and quick spills makes them a convenient must-have in today’s hustle and bustle. 

Below selection features the best cordless vacuums available on the market today. It can help narrow down which vacuum suits your needs best. Pet hair, larger spills removers, or just a quick and affordable vacuum—we cover all the bases to help you save time and energy when shopping and cleaning.  

Our top picks

What to look for in a cordless vacuum

When it comes to purchasing a cordless vacuum, keep these factors in mind:  

Upright or stick vacuum – Upright cordless vacuums stand up on their own, while stick vacuums need to be leaned against something. Small cordless handhelds can be generally placed on a wall or kept horizontal. Be sure that whichever you’re looking at purchasing that it suits your needs for storage.  

Runtime – Cordless vacuums don’t run forever and most have a shorter runtime in between charges than some users think, but technology and batteries have gotten better as time goes on. Modern cordless vacuums can last long enough to clean your home, depending on the model and size. 

Your living space and how much you need is important. A small apartment would be fine for a vacuum that lasts 35-45 minutes to clean the whole space. Larger surfaces? A 60-80 minute vacuum with more power may be just what you need. Some models may even come with extra batteries that you can swap in when you need to recharged.  

Ease of use + cleaning – Speaking broadly, cordless vacuums are easier to use since you aren’t tethered to a wall and they’re smaller. That also being said – some brands can be heavier than others and some cordless stick vacuums require you to hold down the power button the entire time you’re using it, as opposed to clicking it on and off. This is fine for handheld cordless vacuums for small spills but when it comes to larger vacuums the ease of use is very important to remember and keep in mind.  

Special cleaning needs – If you own pets or have several kids, clean up and the needs of your vacuums can change. Something with more power to get through dog or cat fur without clogging or breaking, or if you have very active kids with dirt and mud all around the house – you might want to find something that can also handle wet spills as well. 

This also includes determining what kind of flooring you have, such as carpet or hardwood/laminate. Keep in mind what to look for in regards to your flooring, mixed flooring, etc. 

Best cordless stick vacuum

Dyson V8 Origin Cordless

Dyson is well-known for their various appliances with the quality and design being top tier. The Dyson V8 Origin Cordless vacuum is no exception to their line-up. It uses a rechargeable battery and is powered by the Dyson digital motor for a fade free power source while using it. 

It can quickly be switched to a handheld as well to reach smaller spaces such as the couch, in the car, hard to reach corner areas, or stairs – as examples. The powerful suction doesn’t clog and works well with fine dust, pet hair, and even slightly larger particles such as spilled cereal or pet food crumbs. The HEPA filtration also ensures that the air stays clean that gets kicked up into the air while vacuuming instead of it blowing all over your home. 

It’s also incredibly lightweight and maneuverable, making it easy to pick up, use, and put away without needing to heft around a larger, heavier vacuum and the two-in-one design including a smaller handheld makes this a wonderful cordless stick vacuum. The drawback to Dyson is their price, but they are well worth the cost if you have it in your budget. 

The battery life could be better, especially given the price – but overall, it works well for allergens, being light, and able to maneuver, plus its suction is highly reviewed. 

Best cordless handheld vacuum

Black + Decker Dustbuster

Black and Decker have been making home appliances and tools since 1910, with their craftsmanship known for being durable and affordable. The Black + Decker Dustbuster holds up to that legacy. The storage capacity before it needs to be emptied is great and the filter only needs to be cleaned and put back in, no needing to buy any new filters whenever you empty the vacuum. The easiest way to keep the filter clean is to give it a shake when you empty the vacuum itself, and since it is made of fabric it can be washed and placed back once it is fully dry. 

This handheld vacuum is ideal for quick pickups and spills, and perfect if you have pets and need to quickly vacuum up and furballs that may accumulate throughout the house, especially in corners and in areas where it’s hard to reach with a normal large-scale vacuum. The battery life is decent for a handheld vacuum and does not take that long to charge back up to full, upwards of a few hours from zero to 100. It comes with a wall mountable base charger, washable filter, on-board crevice tool to get into the small spaces that the normal set-up can’t reach, and the vacuum itself. 

With a translucent design for the dirt bowl, allowing you to see how much dirt and debris is accumulated and when you need to empty it, it’s helpful to not have to guess. It’s lightweight and easy to clean, great for stairs and corner edges with the crevice tool pulled out. It has twice the suction power as other V8 vacuums, according to Black + Decker themselves and the quality is worth the cost. 

One of the only downsides is that sometimes debris or other things such as pet hair can get stuck in the small corners of the dirt bowl and can be tedious to get free if they are stuck – however it doesn’t impact the vacuum or its use. 

Bissell Handheld PowerClean Pet Cordless

This handheld Bissel PowerClean vacuum is great for pet hair and other dust/dirt related spills and issues around your home. Triple-level filtration help make a cleaner experience and performance. The dust bin is large and easy to empty, especially from pet hair and other debris that were picked up. 

A set of specialized tools including a motorized brush tool, upholstery tool, and crevice tool allow you to get into every area of your home (and car) to better keep everything clean and tidy without lugging a giant vacuum out or plugging something in. The lithium battery keeps the vacuum working powerfully for a 12-minute run-time and will charge rather quickly back to full within a couple of hours. 

The only real downside to this (and for many handheld vacuums) is that their battery lives are shorter than those of their bigger counterparts. But for quick messes and just wanting to go around the home to vacuum up any pet hair and dust balls, this is a quality choice to try. The addition of the extensions makes it a solid choice as a handheld vacuum. 

Best cordless vacuums for pet hair

Black + Decker Cordless (HHVK515JP07)

The Advanced Clean Black + Decker handheld vacuum is meant for anyone that owns a pet or multiple, targeting pet hair and dander. It runs at 20V compared to the regular 18V that most others run at for handhelds and has important anti-tangle rubber bristles that are motorized to not only pick up stubborn fur and hair – but ensures that it doesn’t destroy the vacuum by getting stuck or caught in the motor and dirt bin. 

A washable filter and the added pre-filter makes for easy cleaning and maintenance, which is especially helpful when it comes to frequent use due to pets, accidents, and other spills around the home that occur. A one-touch easy empty dirt bin allow you to clean the vacuum without ever needing to touch the dust and pet hair. An extra long crevice tool is perfect for couch cushions, in the car, and for carpeted stairs where pet hair may accumulate and otherwise be difficult to vacuum out and clean. 

It can be a touch heavy depending on what you’re cleaning and if you’re using it for a longer period, but overall has great suction and works wonders with pet hair. The battery does take longer to charge than other handheld vacuums, but it also has a longer run time in general as well.  

Dyson V10 Animal

Its namesake may give away the nature of this Dyson vacuum, the V10 Animal is meant for pet hair and is engineered for ground-in dirt, hair, and fine dust from hardwood flooring and most importantly carpets. 

Up to 20-minutes of runtime for this cordless stick vacuum is fantastic and the power is fade-free, meaning it won’t start to fade down and stop working as the battery gets low. This vacuum is designed to drive the stiff nylon bristles into carpets to break up stubborn dirt and stuck pet hair that otherwise won’t come out with other vacuums that lack the same suction and design. It’s also lightweight, making longer jobs much easier to handle without feeling fatigue in your arms or back while vacuuming. 

It does require charging for 3.5 hours before first use, and after that it only takes upwards of an hour or two to recharge from zero back to fully functional once again. The V10 Animal has won the J.D. Power aware for two years in a row for customer satisfaction, making it a versatile and highly reviewed cordless stick vacuum, that if you have the budget for can be well worth the money spent on needing or trying out other vacuums, especially if you need a deeper clean from your appliances. 

This converts itself to a handheld as well if you require a quick and smaller vacuum use, and the filtration system works to expel dust and dander back into the air as you clean, capturing 99.9% of particulate matter that otherwise will end up back into the air in your home. A point-and-shoot dust bin emptying function allows you to empty the bin directly into the trash can without accidently getting it over the floor or missing at all. The dust canister itself is smaller and as a note, can be filled very quickly with a lot of pet hair, so do keep that in mind as a downside – especially if you have larger dogs or breeds that shed quickly, such as a Husky, or same with most cats. 

Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless

This Canadian version of the Shark Rocket Pet Pro vacuum is the same as the other versions, just red in colour and able to be purchased here at various retailers. Powerful suction from this handheld stick vacuum makes easy work of pet hair and debris, tough messes, and deep-set dirt. 

A self-cleaning brush roll with their Dirt Engage technology allows for nonstop removal of long hair, pet hair, and other debris that may get tangled otherwise with different vacuums. It delivers an unbelievable performance on carpets and bare floors compared to other Shark vacuums and is designed with pet owners in mind. It directly engages with bare flooring instead of missing patches or not fully cleaning the floor. 40 minutes of runtime allow for a good clean of your home, depending on the size of your home or apartment of course, and the removeable, rechargeable battery can be charged in or outside of the unit. 

An anti-allergen seal and HEPA filter trap pet dander and other allergens while it picks up dust, hair, and debris, and ensures that it doesn’t blow it back out as most other vacuums tend to do while running. The vacuum easily converts from its stick form to a handheld version of itself, perfect for couches, cars, and other smaller jobs that require it. Small shelves, tight spaces such as corners, and other such areas. The clean-touch dirt ejector allows everything in the dust bin to be emptied effortlessly and you don’t need to get your hands dirty or touch the debris. 

It’s ultra lightweight and even has LED headlights that work to show any debris or caked on dirt/hair that you may otherwise not see in front of you while vacuuming, especially on higher pile carpets that tend to hold onto pet fur and dirt. 

Lightweight cordless vacuum

JS T1 Swift Cordless

The JS T1 Swift cordless vacuum from JS Innovations is in a lightweight class of its own. As a three-in-one cordless vacuum that runs as a stick vacuum and handheld for smaller harder to reach messes, it has three power modes and is designed ergonomically with the user in mind. 

Ergonomically, it has a flexible handle structure that allows the T1 to be folded against its joints, allowing you access to harder to reach areas and this also ensures that it can be maneuvered effortlessly. Its extremely lightweight design coupled with that make it seem to glide along the floor while maintaining a strong suction as it works. A stainless-steel HEPA filtration system keeps allergens and dust particles in the vacuum and out of the air in your home. 

It comes standard with a wall mount for easy putting away and charging, and also has multiple tool heads to ensure that the job will get done as needed without any extra parts needing to be purchased separately. The battery is a 25.9V lithium ion rechargeable, that runs for 48 minutes on standard and around 18 minutes on turbo. It’s decently quiet while running, even on Turbo mode and it weighs under 5 pounds. 

The roller has a built-in light that allows you to see any debris or fur that you may have missed while cleaning or vacuuming and the vacuum has a one year warranty in case it isn’t up to the tasks of your home. 

iRobot i3 Roomba

It isn’t quite a ‘cordless vacuum’ such as the others on this list, but if you want a truly hands-off vacuum that is cordless – you may want to check into getting your household a Roomba!

They can pick up pet hair, dust, dirt, and other spills on your floors whether carpeted or hardwood, without too much trouble. Roombas may not be good if your home has a lot of stairs or areas where it can get stuck easily, such as small spaces, but for most it can be an easy way to keep up with cleaning pet hair and dirt every day without needing to vacuum yourself. They work with Google Home and with Alexa, allowing you to voice activate cleaning without pressing a button or needing your phone. 

The i3 EVO model uses dual multi-surface level rubber brushes that flex to adjust to different floor types and avoid getting tangled up with pet fur as other older models of Roombas can tend to do. It cleans in straight lines intelligently while navigating around furniture and other obstacles in its way. When it needs to recharge, it will do so and then pick cleaning back up from where it stopped. Integrated sensors also indicate where it needs to clean first, registering where dirtier areas are such as entrances that may have more dirt or areas your pets frequent, such as rooms or living areas around cat trees or dog beds. 

It will learn your home layout and creates an Imprint Map – so you can direct it to clean any room you want, whenever you’d like, without needing to do a full home clean every single time. Set schedules for your Roomba to clean, maybe while you’re at work or if you’re on vacation and want to keep up with vacuuming. 

Common concerns about cordless vacuum

Can I replace my large upright vacuum with a cordless one?

You can if you have a smaller space or if you find yourself not needing a large upright vacuum, absolutely! Cordless vacuums can also be easier to use if you have any physical issues as they weigh less and are much easier to use as they don’t need to be plugged into a wall to function. 

If you have carpets throughout your home, a plug vacuum may be beneficial and more powerful still. Modern cordless upright vacuums have come a long way and can get the job done, but if you need more ‘oomph’ in your vacuum – you may want to look into getting a small cordless vacuum for the small spills and keep your large one for the rest of your home. 

Why isn’t my cordless vacuum charging?

Cordless vacuums may not charge for a variety of reasons, one of which may be that your vacuum isn’t sitting right in its dock or it may have issues with where it’s plugged in. Many arise just from simple adjustments we don’t realize need to be made or they could just be finicky chargers. 

If your vacuum isn’t charging at all after trying different outlets and after making sure it’s firmly in its place, contact the manufacturer and ask about what options they may have, as all models and makes are different.  

Do cordless vacuums need filters?

All cordless vacuums come with filters – some need to be replaced, but most modern cordless vacuums have filters that just need to be cleaned by rinsing with water and letting it dry, or shaking out the fur and dust that accumulates on it. Be sure to check which your cordless vacuum needs and determine which is best for your cleaning schedule/maintenance. 

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