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The Best Pressure Washers in Canada

If you’re looking to amp up your cleaning game and want a satisfying, time-saving method – Look no further than pressure washers. Anything that needs a good scrub or cleans like dusty outdoor furniture, dirty walkways or old paint that you’ve been meaning to remove can all be done quickly and easily with a pressure wash. 

Read on for our full review of the top pressure washers in Canada.

Our top picks

How to choose a pressure washer

When you’re looking for a new pressure washer or buying one for the first time, keep these in mind: 

  • Type – Do you prefer an electric model, or a gas-powered pressure washer you can use almost anywhere? 
  • Cost – Electric pressure washers are generally less expensive, while gas pressure washers can cost upwards of a couple thousand brand new. 
  • PSI – PSI ranges from 1,300 to 4,000 or more. 1,300 to 1,800 is best for more delicate jobs such as cleaning cars, shutters, spot cleaning, grills, outdoor furniture, light mold or mildew removal, while the high numbers from 3,000 to over 4,000 PSI are meant for heavy industrial jobs such as paint stripping, graffiti removal, etc. 

Why trust us

With an array of top-selling pressure washers available on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Our team has spent over 10 hours comparing and researching the top-rated pressure washers available within Canada on the market today. 

The best pressure washers in Canada

Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer

The Sun Joe 3000 pressure washer has most, if not all of your basic cleaning needs covered for outdoor work.  

With an output pressure of 2030 PSI, it works well for car washing, house side cleaning, decks, driveways, patios, patio furniture, etc. It comes equipped with rear wheels for easy portability around the yard, and a long plug-in cord so you have a decent amount of reach distance. 

It has a dual detergent tank system for any kind of pressure washing detergent you’d like to use, and both are removable. You can switch between them as well while spraying with the selection dials, and the wand is 34-inches extendable. 

There are five Quick-Connect spray nozzles for almost any job – A small 0-degree spray, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and a soap nozzle. Easily change between the pencil point intense jet to the 40-degree low-pressure fan spray for lighter jobs such as vehicles or siding where you don’t want paint to get sprayed off. 

Other features are a 20-foot-high pressure hose, harden hose adaptor, and a TSS Total Stop System trigger that will automatically shut off the pump when the trigger isn’t engaged, to save energy and prolong the life of the pressure washer. 

  • Decently quiet.
  • Great for cars and lighter pressure jobs. 
  • Might not be powerful enough for some users. 

Best value pressure washer

Oasser Electric Pressure Washer

For a compact and affordable pressure washer to handle all of your cleaning needs at home, the Oasser Electric Pressure Washer has you covered without breaking the bank. 

With a powerful 15-amp/1800-watt motor, this Oasser pressure washer delivers up to 3046 PSI water pressure and 1.85 GPM of water flow for maximum cleaning performance regardless of what you need to wash up. 

For safety in mind, it’s ETL certified, the 35-foot power cord with GFCI protection works on all outdoor/exterior outlets, and the IPX5 waterproof rating means that you don’t have to worry about any splashes, and it can even be used in the rain without shorting out. The TSS Total Stop System trigger shutdown will automatically shut off the pump when it isn’t in use, to save you power and keep the pump working for longer. 

There are five quick connect interchangeable nozzles from a zero-degree pencil thin pinpoint spray up to a lower pressure 40-degree wide spray, and a soap nozzle for cleaning. The high pressure can be used for any stubborn dirt, mud, or paint on tough surfaces such as sidewalks or walkways, while the lower pressured nozzles are great for cleaning your vehicles, patio furniture, building siding, and more. It’s a compact and small top rated pressure washer with rear wheels, giving you the ability to move it around your yard with ease. 

  • Compact.
  • Great price.
  • Build quality could be better. 

Best cordless pressure washer

Worx Cordless Hydroshot Pressure Washer

If portability is what you’re looking for then the Worx Cordless Pressure Washer has you covered. 

For any off-the-grid pressure washing needs, this can do the job, provided that they aren’t over the top type projects. Great for cleaning smaller vehicles, furniture, housing sides, ATV’s, whatever you would need. 

It draws fresh water from any source without any setup time. If you have a large bucket full of water, water tank, pool, lake, whatever works well for you – you’re all set. Perfect for easy cleaning uses around the pool, marina, at the docks, you name it. 

The versatile 5-in-1 nozzle has varying degrees of water stream to choose from, starting at a pinhole sized high pressured zero-degree spray, 15-degrees, 25-degrees, 45-degrees, and a watering option for low-pressure jobs. The hose is 20-feet long with a water filter and float attached, and it can easily be attached to a garden hose as well. 

There is a battery charger that comes with the pressure washer on purchase, however, it has been advised by a few top reviews to carry a few spares just in case yours dies and you have to wait for the batteries to recharge themselves, as it takes around 4-5 hours to fully charge from completely dead. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Portable. 
  • Batteries can die quickly. 

Best high-pressure washer

Stanley High-Powered Pressure Washer

Including a high-pressured foam cannon, this highly rated Stanley pressure washer can tackle your most difficult cleaning jobs. 

Perfectly designed for cleaning siding, decks, pavement, cement, RV’s, animal cages and litter trays, garbage cans, ATV’s, pools, and more. It has 22mm connections, and a brass garden hose connector as well 

The pressure washer gun, wand, 25-foot high-pressure hose, foam cannon and detergent tank, four quick-connect nozzles, and an O-ring replacement kit ensure that you can do most of your common cleaning projects. A two-year limited warranty is included, giving you some peace of mind with your purchase. 

Working at 2150 PSI with a 25-foot flexible high-pressure hoseand with the long electric power cord, you can be sure to reach nearly any of your home cleaning projects with ease. Rear wheels make it easy to transport around your yard and driveway, while the on/off power switch is a knob. According to top-reviews, it’s hassle free out of the box and the connector being brass, it won’t get cross-threaded or break like other plastic connectors can. 

  • Compact.
  • High-Pressure.
  • Easy to use. 
  •  Wand can be too short for some users. 

Best gas pressure washer

X-BULL Gas Pressure Washer

If you’re in the market for a gas-powered pressure washer, then the X-BULL Gas Pressure Washer Kit might be just the ticket. 

Reaching 4800 PSI, you’ll be able to clean and more for everything that you need. The perk of gas-powered pressure washers is that they can be taken almost everywhere as long as you have fuel in the tank, and even longer if you bring refills. 

Built-in detergent tank makes it easy to add cleaning solutions of your choice for deep cleaningThe welded steel frame ensures that it’s long-lasting, while the pro-tip nozzles guarantee you have a nozzle for the job. Zero-degrees, 15-degrees, 25-degrees, 40-degrees, and 65-degrees provide you with a variety of options from a pinhole point to a large lower-pressured spray for lighter jobs. 

All pressure washers are tested for proper functionality before they’re shipped and may contain a minimal residual fuel odour or fuel/oil left in the tank. 

  • Great performance.
  • Well built. 
  • Pricier.

Best industrial pressure washer/ 4000 PSI+ pressure washer

SIMPSON Cleaning 4200PSI Pressure Washer

Going up to 4200 PSI and built tough for any industrial high-powered jobs, the SIMPSON pressure washer can’t be beat. 

This gas-powered top-rated pressure washer has all of your bases covered for bigger, tougher cleaning jobs such as paint stripping, sidewalk/cement cleaning, or cleaning large industrial vehicles and buildings such as tractors, large ATV’s, etc. 

It unpacks easily from the shipping box and is easy to use. Steel ensures that no parts get stripped or stuck, and the Honda GX390 engine ensures that you have all the power you’d need. The smallest nozzle at zero-degrees could easily tear through cement or concrete, so be careful when operating this pressure washer. 

The pro-style spray wand comes with five quick-connect nozzle tips, the zero-degree, 15-degrees, 25-degrees, 40-degrees, and a soap applicator nozzle. The larger nozzles can be used for quick cleans around the home for the pool, garage, patio furniture, and of course cleaning any vehicles. 

  • Perfect for commercial grade jobs.
  • Great quality.
  • Pricey.

Best small pressure washer

Bosch EasyAquatak 1700

If you need a smaller pressure washer for easy travel or portability, the Bosch EasyAquatek Pressure Washer might be a perfect fit.

The compact portable design has a broad base for increased stability, and even includes storage for extra accessories. Roto nozzle is good for cleaning small patio or deck areas, while the high-efficiency metal motor pump produces a strong cleaning performance.

For easy cleaning for cars, garbage bins, or cat litter boxes, etc. you can attach a detergent bottle onto the nozzle to use as a soap spray to achieve even better cleaning results. The integrated lance allows you to store it hassle-free and secured onto the holder on the tool body, so you can pick up from where you left off before.

Three nozzle attachments are suitable for a wide range of cleaning, the rotary nozzle cleans stubborn dirt and grime, foam nozzle allows you to apply detergent, and the fan jet nozzle is great for bicycles, motor bikes, or other smaller vehicles. The auto-stop system shuts off the pump when the washer isn’t in use/when the nozzle isn’t being pressed to ensure energy saved.

  • Great for smaller jobs.
  • Good power.
  • Build quality could be better.

How we picked the best pressure washer

For this particular buying guide, we reviewed and researched the best pressure washers in and compared them with top Amazon user comments, along with other peer-sourced websites to ensure that our list has top-quality pressure washers for whatever job you need, and for most budgets that are in the market for a washer.

Frequently asked questions

What is a pressure washer?

Pressure washers use high-powered water spray to clean and remove loose paint, grime, mold, dirt, and most anything else off of surfaces that need a deep, strong cleaning.

How does a pressure washer work?

They work with either gas or electrical engine or motor that powers a water pump. The pump accelerates the water through a hose, to produce high pressure spray. They’re hooked to a high-powered hose and nozzle, and some that have different settings can be used on a less pressured setting for more delicate surfaces.

What are the main benefits of pressure washing?

One of the main advantages is how fast and how deeply you can clean surfaces with a pressure washer. It can also tackle grime, mold, and paint that would otherwise take a lot of hand scrubbing and time.

Gas vs. electric pressure washer: What’s best?

Overall, electric pressure washers are ideal for most washing jobs and are often cheaper. Gas is great if you need to pressure wash anything that’s away from an electrical outlet, since you can take them basically anywhere, though they are more expensive.

How loud are electric pressure washers?

Electric pressure washers on average are quieter when compared to gas ones, as the engine stops immediately when the trigger is released.

Is it okay to buy a used pressure washer?

Buying a used pressure washer can be an amazing deal, just be sure to make sure that it works still and is a quality washer to start with.

Where to buy a pressure washer in Canada?

Canadian Tire, Home Depot or Amazon are great places for you to find a good pressure washer in Canada.

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