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The Best Heated Mattress Pad in Canada

If you are someone that can’t seem to stay warm during the night (or any time of day really) and you want to be comfortable and snug – a heated mattress pad may be exactly what you need. They are comfortable, safe to use, have adjustable heat settings for when you either want just some warmth or cranked up to fireplace level settings. 

Our list below will help you find a top-rated heated mattress pad (and our opinion about them) and guide you towards a better nights sleep, especially in these Canadian winters. 

Our top picks

How to choose a heated mattress pad

Safety: Safety is the number one important thing to be looking out for in heated mattress pads (heated blankets, etc.) as you don’t want to accidentally end up starting a fire, let alone while you’re directly in contact with the mattress pad. ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) or UL (Underwriters Laboratories) are two that fall under the labels for testing to ensure they are safe.   

Size: With a heated mattress pad, the sizes don’t need to be as exact as say a fitted sheet, but they do need to match up with your mattress size enough that you aren’t having too much of an edge or too little and having gaps. Luckily most are labelled well and coincide with general bed sizes. Be sure to check your numbers before you get a heated mattress pad.  

Material: Just like any other bedding, the material that your heated mattress pad can be vital in what is comfortable for you or doesn’t work. Most are made with cotton, polyester, or a blend. Cotton is a breathable natural material that is great for wicking away moisture and heat, keeping a relatively comfortable temperature all night. Polyester is more durable. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, a cotton/polyester blend can give you breathability and durability without having to worry.   

Ease of cleaning: To keep up and maintain your heated mattress pad, be sure to check the cleaning instructions thoroughly as they are different from brand to brand, and even product to product based on the materials and how they work. If you’re getting a mattress pad for a child or if it’s in an area prone to spills, opt for one that isn’t just spot cleaning only and is fully machine washable. Some are machine washable, but aren’t alright for the dryer, some are as easy as cleaning your regular clothes, and some are spot clean only and cannot tolerate much moisture.  

Adjustable settings: Not all heated mattress pads have adjustable settings further than an on/off switch. Some have many adjustable settings for heat levels. Some may have 2 or 5 settings. Some have up to 20 different heat settings. Be sure to find which works best for you and what you may want.  

SunBeam Restful

The SunBeam Restful heating mattress pad is a quality, durable polyester mattress pad that has rave reviews from Canadians across the board, especially during the winter months. It has 12 heat settings and a 12 hour selectable auto-shut off function for your peace of mind if you don’t want to leave it on throughout the whole night or just want to heat up your bed beforehand. 

The Queen and King sizes of this heated mattress pad include two controllers for independent control and customized warmth for each side of the bed, which is perfect for couples or even twins that share larger beds. It’s a neat feature that isn’t included in many other heated mattress pads. It’s made from 100% polyester and is entirely machine washable, including being dryer safe. 

  • Comes in sizes Twin to King.
  • 12 heat settings.
  • Machine-washable.
  • May stop working as well after 2-3 years according to some reviews. 

Giantex Temp Regulation

Giantex Temp Regulation

This great quality polyester fiber heated mattress pad is another wonderful option available in sizes from Twin to King. It has 8 temperature settings, and 4 different timing modes including 1, 2, 10 hours, and a constant heat setting for when you want to use it and shut it off on your own. 

It’s machine washable, including the dryer on a lower tumble, making it easier to clean and not have to worry about damaging it. The duplex heating wire is wire and doesn’t get tangled and you don’t feel any of the wire within the mattress pad as you’re sleeping like some cheaper mattress pads and heated blankets can have. It is a polyester fiber that is durable and comfortable without being scratchy or too hot to lay on, leading to sweating. It’s breathable. 

  • Eight temperature settings.
  • Machine-washable.
  • Buttons can be noisy when adjusting the temperature levels. 

Navien Mate Dual

If you’re looking for a heated mattress pad that doesn’t involve electricity, this hot-water circulating thin pad is a good option. It utilizes water heating technology to provide an even heat distribution without any risk of fire hazards from electrical types and no EMF emitted from the pad itself while on. 

There are personalized heating controls and the mat itself is very thin, but users don’t feel the tubes at all and it is comfortable fabric. It also runs quiet, between 32-34dB. Energy saving is also a definite perk of this heated mattress pad. One issue that some customers have had is that it can bunch up and move around while sleeping and as such needs to be adjusted before reuse. 

  • Good for muscle and joint pains.
  • Water heated, so no risk of fire. 
  • Can bunch up if you move a lot while sleeping.  

BeautyRest Cotton Blend

This polyester/cotton blend mattress pad is quilted, deep pocketed, and machine washable to keep it clean and reusable without any extra cleaning work needed. Reviews do say that if you have a larger washer/dryer it tends to clean better without wrecking. 

It’s soft, durable, and has a 10 hour auto shutoff, five temperature control settings, and the soft flexible wires aren’t felt through the mattress pad while sleeping on it and it comes with a remote control to ensure that you can easily adjust to your liking. It is a great choice for anyone that likes to preheat their bed, especially during the winter. 

  • Cotton blend.
  • Machine washable.
  • Durable. 
  • Only available in Twin XL. 

How we picked the top heated mattresses

For this article, we took into account top-rated customer reviews and in-depth reviews from trusted testing websites that ensure the best quality, budget, and features are showcased. We wanted to include different price points and features to ensure a wide range of options. 

Questions about heated mattress pads

Are heated mattress pads worth it? 

There isn’t a right answer to this question, so always check to make sure that it will suit your needs. If you are someone that runs cold during the night no matter how many blankets you have, then a heated mattress pad can be a good item to throw your money at. However, if that’s not your case, you’re probably not going to need a heated mattress pad anytime soon, and an extra blanket will probably do the trick on a colder day. It really depends on your goals and how you feel during your sleep, but, yes, heated mattress pads work for those who need them. 

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