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A digital food scale can not only help with consistency during the baking and cooking process, but also improve portions intake, thus help with weight control. In fact, using a scale can improve your meal preparation and elevate your baking skills to a professional level, where mistakes (almost) never happen. Besides that, a digital scale limits the number of cups and dishes to clean after cooking: you can place a mixing bowl on the scale and add one ingredient after another.  

When my mom shares a cooking recipe with me, I will most likely fail embarrassingly. Her recipes, while exceptionally tasty, include measurements written in approximate proportions. Whenever I demand an explanation and ask the exact weight of butter and flour, my mom shrugs her shoulders and says that she simply throws ingredients into a mixing bowl in an estimated amount. Unlike my mother, whose experience allows her to cook with estimated measurements, I need a food scale that will provide me with precise numbers and a well-baked loaf afterwards. 

Choosing the right digital kitchen scale for your cooking style, size of your countertop, products you will weigh might be overwhelming: the market is filled with varieties. That is why we reviewed the best food scales in Canada. Based on customers’ reports, other buying guides suggestions, chefs’ and home cooks favourites, we selected top kitchen scales that can meet the needs of both a professional baker and an aspiring culinarian, as well as those who watch their figure or start a diet.  

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What to look for in a food scale

  • Capacity:  The capacity of a kitchen scale you choose will depend on the meals you will cook and the food you will weigh. Some scales can handle up to 16 pounds (recommended for professional cake bakers or butchers), while most standard ones have a capacity of 11 pounds (the most preferred choice for daily use at a domestic kitchen, and everyday portion control). 
  • Size and storage It is unlikely you will keep the food scale on your countertop permanently. Thus, depends on the size of your kitchen and storage availability, you might look for a smaller scale. However, if your kitchen space allows and you fancy retro style, something like the large Taylor Precision scale is available and can add a  certain flair to your kitchen decor.      
  • Units of Measurement: Another factor to consider is which a scale supports. Depending on the metric system you prefer to use, imperial or metric, you might count everything in grams and never use ounces. In that case, make sure that a scale has a switch button that turns ounces into grams. Some scales we present in this guide also have additional measurements as milligrams and millilitres.   
  • Price Considering the budget you are willing to spend on a kitchen scale, and your cooking style, keep in mind that the one that costs $70 most likely includes features you would never use, and a scale for $20 can do the job just as well. However, if you are looking for a smarter unit that would show more than grams and ounces, be ready to spend a little more.   

The best food scale for meal prep

Escali Primo P115C premium kitchen food scale

If you want a durable and efficient scale for improving your baking skills or measuring food portions, this Escali Primo scale is one of the most affordable, yet popular options on the market. According to customers’ reviews and other buying guides, this scale was regarded as the most accurate scale. Escali is also known for its capacity to weigh up to 11 pounds and unlike many other food scales, it can remain for four minutes before automatically turning off (most scales shut off after two minutes). Another factor a few customers noted is a quick tracking of weight, for example, when adding flour into a mixing bowl, you do not have to stop to let the scale catch up.  

The scale features only two-button operation: one for turning it on and off, and another one for setting grams or ounces. The display and control buttons are sealed under a protective shield, so it is easy to clean and prevents damage from spilling liquids on it.   

One more thing we love about this scale is that the weight platform is elevated. It allows you to read numbers on the display when a large bowl is placed on the scale.    

  • Absolute accuracy.   
  • Easy to read numbers. 
  • Rubberized feet that prevent scale moving from on the counter.
  • Four minutes before automatic turn off.   
  • Some customers noted the scale feels too lightweight.   

Best food scale for dieting

Etekcity food kitchen scale

Most people do not realize that portion control during weight loss is as important as calorie counting. In fact, you have to burn more calories than you consume. That is why the Elekcity kitchen scale is preferred by many people who are trying to control their meals. High precision sensors provide accurate results when weighing food portions or cooking ingredients.  

The smart, touch-sensor screen has two control buttons: one to turn the scale on and off and another one to switch measurements from ounces to millilitres or grams. As some customers noted, they use the scale not only for dieting or cooking but also to weigh some small house objects.   

The scale features a sleek, minimalist design: the surface is made of stain-resistant glass that is durable and easy to clean, while the padding is made from anti-skid material that allows the scale to stand stable on the ground.   

The only factor that we found inconvenient comparing to the Escali scale is that automatic turn-off happens after one minute. That might be a bothersome factor if the scale turns off in the middle of your pouring in flour when baking a pie.   

  • Aesthetically pleasing design.  
  • Non-slip padding.   
  • Easy-to-clean glass surface.   
  • Only stays on for one minute.

RENPHO digital food scale

This is another scale we want to highlight as one of the best options for dieting and portion tracking. The Renpho digital scale is a smart device that comes with the Gennec app. The app can provide you with nutrition details, calories calculation and complete recorded food data. Whatever it is you are measuring, the app can show you the weight, number of calories, fat, protein, sodium, cholesterol and other components. Besides that, you can track and log each meal and see positive progress of eating less and healthier. One satisfied customer noted that knowing the approximate calories of a weighed product is handy if you are calorie counting, and it also can Bluetooth with your other Renpho products like their body mass scale. Otherwise, it is also great as a general usage kitchen scale.   

The scale can convert counting in a total of five different units: gram, millilitre, ounce, fluid ounce, pounds. The tempered glass surface is durable, easy to clean, and it looks elegant and minimal on any kitchen counter.   

Renpho digital scale is also preferred by many baristas and coffee lovers: the Gennec app has a coffee timer function that can help you to brew a perfect cup.   

  • Smart app to count calories.   
  • Measuring five units.   
  • Affordable.   
  • Compatible with other Renpho devices.   
  • Not the most accurate scale according to some customers. As one noted while weighing a two-kilogram piece of meat, the scale shown seven grams difference. 

OXO Good Grips 11 lbs. stainless steel food scale

One unique fact about this scale that makes it stand out is a pull-out display for easy cleaning and the ability to see numbers when large bowls are in use. The OXO scale also features a slim body and minimal design that suits any kitchen decor and can be left on the counter all the time especially, if you use it to weigh food portions.   

According to a satisfied customer who uses her scale at least daily, she finds it the best way to measure ingredients for cooking and baking instead of using a stack of cups and bowls. Although a bit pricey, this scale has excellent reviews. It weighs up to 11 pounds, easy to zero out to add more ingredients, has a pull-out display and a platform that comes off for easy cleaning, and it is easy to convert from pounds to kilograms.  

  • Removable platform.   
  • Pull out display.  
  • Digital screen and two-button operation.
  • Not an ideal scale for measuring small amounts.   

Best kitchen scale for baking

AccuWeight 201B multifunctional digital kitchen scale

AccuWeight is one of the leading scale brands. This particular model features a high-quality tempered glass platform and a slick minimal design. The scale can stay turned on for two minutes, and it is fairly precise with providing correct measurements. As one customer noted, she picked this up for her baking because she feels grams are much more accurate as opposed to measuring cups, and it has worked very well for this purpose. In using this over the past year and a half she has used this for much more than just a simple kitchen scale.  

Another customer said that they have been using this product consecutively for four months now, and she says, they love it. It is convenient and can be stored just about anywhere, but it is also big enough to weigh out most of your kitchen needs.  

The surface of the scale is easy to clean; you can just wipe it with a cloth after every use. Other features, the AccuWeight scale can measure four different units: ounces, pounds, grams and milligrams. It also has a tare function button that allows you to measure liquids and ingredients amount without adding the weight of a container. 

  • Tare function.   
  • Slick aesthetically pleasing design.   
  • The compact and thin size.   
  • Measures in four units.  
  • According to some customers, when you place an actual metal mixing bowl on it, it is hard to read the display.

Best waterproof scale

KOIOS waterproof digital food scale, USB-recharchable

While you can easily clean with a soft wipe any scale we presented in this guide, Koios’ kitchen scale can be rinsed under a stream of water without worrying about possible damages. Every time my husband makes pizza dough and measures each portion separately on a scale, I struggle with cleaning that glass surface afterwards. And, if that issue sounds familiar, with this waterproof scale you no longer have to invent ways to wash it without breaking it. This food scale was made from high-quality tempered glass that is durable and easy to clean.  

Another attractive factor about this scale is that it does not need batteries. You can charge it via USB cable and do not worry about it for the next two-three months: a little sweet thing that is also good for the environment.   

Regarding measurements, this kitchen scale has six settings including grams, milligrams, ounces, pounds plus millilitres and ounces for milk (milk is a heavier liquid than water, so you can always trust the scale to provide you with precise results). And, as one of the customers noticed, the continuous tare is another fantastic feature. You can essentially measure out all of the ingredients for a recipe without dirtying a single measuring cup.  

  • USB charging unit.  
  • Waterproof.   
  • LCD screen.   
  • Minimum weighs three grams, maximum 11 pounds.  
  • Some customers had issues with charging, finding it losing connection time after time.

Best vintage kitchen scale

Taylor Precision Products stainless steel kitchen scale

That is another Taylor food scale on our list, but this one is an ideal option for those who are in love with the retro style. It has a gleaming stainless steel finish, an extra-large dial and a removable bowl that can enhance any kitchen’s decor. According to a satisfied customer, this scale works great for almost anything you need to weigh. While it might seem bulky in a small kitchen, if you have room to leave it on the counter, you can enjoy the classic look and quick access to accurate measuring.  

The scale can weigh up to 11 pounds, and you can use it for food portioning, weighing cooking ingredients. The only thing to keep in mind is when you are measuring liquids remove the original bowl from the scale and place the one you use for cooking.  

One little disadvantage we must mention is that the Taylor Precision scale cannot capture anything that weighs less than 50 grams: it is not as sensitive as digital scales. However, if you are looking for a sturdy, stylish item to add to your kitchen to weigh apples, pieces of meat and other bigger ingredients, this scale won’t disappoint.   

  • Retro style appliance.   
  • Ideal to weigh large ingredients like fruits, vegetables and meat.   
  • Does not need batteries.    
  • Have to keep it on the counter as it is not a small item.   
  • Not an ideal choice for measuring liquids and lightweight ingredients.  

Best food scale for tracking macros

Smart Weigh GEM20 high precision digital milligram scale

A milligram scale is not essential for every kitchen. However, if you are working with yeast, baking bread and making pizza dough, then a digital milligram scale is a must-have. As one customer observed, this Smart Weigh GEM20 is highly accurate, and he has not seen them fluctuate by more than three milligrams; he usually finds the scale is accurate within one milligram. Some other people noted they use it to measure medications and components for homemade makeup.   

While it might not be the science laboratory-style scale, it is an affordable, accurate enough option to assist you during the baking process. The reason many people purchase an additional milligram scale besides a standard kitchen scale, is that you cannot trust the latter with measuring the smallest amounts. Unlike standard kitchen scales, this one has a thousandth of a gram accuracy (0.001g).   

The Smart Weight also comes with a tare function. It might be hard to weigh yeast by placing it directly on the scale platform. With tare function, however, you can always place a little container on the surface of the scale, bring it back to zero, and measure needed ingredients.   

  • Precise measurements. 
  • Ideal for baking. 
  • Measures in grams/ounces/carats/grains. 
  • Compact pocket size.  
  • The scale’s “auto off” has a very short duration (about one minute). 

Other food scales that we like

Taylor Precision Products 1020NFS Aquatronic digital scale

Taylor brand has been a trusted provider of kitchen instruments since 1851. As one customer noted, it is the second time she bought this scale; she had the first one for at least 10 years and loved it. When the first one stopped working, she was so hoping to find the same one, and she did. This model features a six-inch stainless steel platform and can weigh up to 11 pounds. The raised platform is created for easy number reading when you place a large mixing bowl on the top. Besides that, the Taylor scale has a tare function that allows you to reset as you add more items for maximum accuracy.   

This Taylor kitchen scale has four sealed buttons: to turn it off and on, and to switch between pounds, kilograms, milligrams and ounces. Another customer noted that he uses this food scale in his cafe to measure out portions or to help keep track of inventory of items like ground coffee. It works great, and all of the settings are extremely accurate.   

  • Stainless steel platform.   
  • Tare feature.   
  • Accurate measurements.   
  • Four measuring settings.   

Does not register a weight fewer than 10 grams.

Ozeri Pronto digital multifunction kitchen and food scale

Ozeri Pronto is a cheap kitchen scale that, nevertheless, is known for its accuracy of measurements and elegant appearance. It can measure up to 11 pounds and stay turned on for two minutes. According to a customer, baking/cooking using the Ozeri scale to measure the required amounts, made the resulting food as expected. Another one confirmed that it is perfect for measuring exact serving sizes. He found out exactly how much overestimating he has been doing, and it made a huge difference in portion control.  

The scale is also compact, and we think it is one of the best small food scales. It is easy to clean by wiping the surface and store in a drawer or even keep on the counter as it does not demand much space. Besides, the Ozeri kitchen scale has only two-button control that allows you to switch between milligrams, ounces, grams, and pounds.  

  • Tare function.   
  • Converts between four measurements.   
  • Elevated chrome platform.   
  • Affordable.   
  • The platform is not real stainless steel but an imitation.   

How we picked the best food scales

We selected food scales that were approved by a variety of buying guides (Serious Eats, The Spruce Eats), professional chefs and home cooks. We considered several possible needs and included scales that can assist in cooking and baking, as well as dieting and portion control. Besides that, all selected kitchen scales on the list earned at least four Amazon stars and many positive reviews from satisfied customers.   

Frequently asked questions about food scales

How does a kitchen scale work?  

A kitchen scale works by converting the weight of a placed on the surface object into selected measurements as ounces, pound, grams, and others.   

Is a food scale worth it?   

A kitchen scale allows you to easily measure food portions to determine calories intake. Using a food scale can also turn your cooking/baking experience into a more precise process. Thus, if you want to get more accurate results during your culinary experiments, or watch your figure through portion control, then yes, the food scale worth it.   

How to use a food scale to count calories?   

A food scale can help with calorie control and helps to prevent eating more than you planned. To track calories with a food scale to make sure your dinner portion does not over exceed the limit, you can weigh your food right after it was cooked. For example, meat should weigh three ounces per serving and cheese no more than two ounces per serving.   

Where can I buy a food scale?  

You can buy a food scale at any store that sells kitchen equipment like Kitchen Stuff Plus, Walmart, ThinkKitchen, and Stokes. Also, every unit presented in this guide is sold on Amazon and available to Canadian customers.   

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