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The Best Rice Cookers in Canada

An easy and comforting meal or side dish, rice is versatile and inexpensive. It can be frustrating to try to make sure you have the perfect measurement ratios and temperature if you’re cooking it on a stove. Besides that, having to scrub out a pot that has rice stuck to the bottom is no good. 

Rice cookers take the guesswork out of the equation, saving you time and headaches. They’re easy to use and can be affordable at all price points. And if you don’t feel like rice, they can be used for a surprising number of other dishes as well – the sky is the limit! 

Read on to check our full guide on the top rice cookers in Canada in 2024.

Our top picks

How to choose a rice cooker

When looking for a rice cooker, keep these in mind – 

  • Size – If you don’t eat rice often or only cook on a daily basis, you most likely don’t need a large rice cooker and can be comfortable with a three-cup-sized rice cooker. Or if you have rice quite often and have a large family, then a bigger one will be ideal. 
  • Functions – Rice cookers can come with a basic on/off switch or can be as intricate as having texture settings and reheat cycles. Decide how fancy you’d like to go for your new appliance and look for the features you want most. 
  • Cost – Rice cookers are relatively affordable and can range from anywhere from $20 to upwards of several hundreds if you want fancier models. 

Why trust us

With a plethora of rice cookers and even other appliances that masquerade as rice cookers, it can be daunting to choose or even know where to start. Our team spent over 15 hours reviewing and researching the best rice cookers available in Canada to help you on your way. 

The best overall rice cooker

Black & Decker Rice Cooker

For a simple, large, and well priced rice cooker, you can’t go wrong with Black & Decker’s 16 Cup Rice Cooker. 

With a capacity up to 16 cups, this rice cooker will have you covered for whatever amount you’ll need, either for yourself or for your family. It can go as low as three cups, so you can easily just make enough rice for one meal at a time if you prefer to do so. 

The removeable non-stick bowl makes easy work of cleanups, no more scrubbing the bottom or sides of a pan. The rice cooker comes with a measuring cup and spoon, so you can cook the perfect amount of rice every time. Be sure to follow the instructions on ratios when using your rice cooker, as they do vary from product to product. 

With simple settings and an on/off switch, all you have to do is add your rice, water, salt, or whatever other ingredients you’d like to add in, turn it on and let it do everything automatically for you. It will automatically switch to Warm mode once the cooking has finished, so there’s no need to guess when your rice is done or worry about it over cooking. 

It includes a steaming basket as well for any vegetables, fish, dumplings, whatever else you’d like to make, so it doubles as a steamer as well. 

  • Good size. 
  • Non-stick bowl. 
  • Only has basic features. 

Best small rice cooker

Dash Mini Rice Cooker

If you’re looking for a small rice cooker just to make rice as a side dish, or if you’re looking for just enough for one person, this might fit the ticket. 

With an included measuring cup and spoon, you don’t have to do any guesswork with your rice and water ratios. The non-stick removeable inner pot makes cleaning easy and you don’t have to worry about any leftover stuck or burnt on rice. 

It will automatically shut off once your rice is cooked and will also automatically shut off if there is any overheating. It can be used right out of the package, just plug it in, add your ingredients and water to the inner pot, turn on, and let it do all the hard work for you. 

It comes in multiple colours to match your kitchen or other appliances and is compact and small for easy storage when you don’t need it or want more space. You can cook other things in it as well, such as soups, quinoa, rice bowls with vegetables, and more. A recipe guide book is included if you ever need any new dinner ideas or side dishes. 

  • Perfect for one person and smaller counter spaces. 
  • May be too small for some. 

Best large rice cooker

Instant Pot Instant Zest Rice Cooker

When it comes to easy and fast cooking, Instant Pot needs no introduction. The Instant Zest Instant Pot takes all of the stress and guesswork out of your meals and rice cooking. 

Four Smart Programs allow for easy One-Touch cooking for rice and other grains such as quinoa, and oatmeal. There are also two settings for rice, one for White Rice and one for Brown Rice for a longer cooking time. Wild Rice can also be used. 

It can quickly steam vegetables, fish, dumplings, whatever else you’d like with a single touch of the Steam button, and it can hold up to eight cups. Doubling as a warmer for other foods as well, it has a built-in overheating safety system to ensure that nothing will get burnt. 

It’s compact and easy to store, along with not taking up much counter space. In addition to the non-stick inner pot, it also comes with a dishwasher safe steaming tray, rice measuring cup, and a spoon, taking the guesswork out of measuring and ensures that you get a good result every time. Be sure to use the included measuring cup to ensure best results. 

  • Versatile. 
  • Multiple safety features.
  • Works fast. 
  • Pricier. 

Best high-quality rice cooker

Zojirushi Fuzzy Technology Rice Cooker

If you’re looking to step up your rice cooker game from the more basic models, opt for a Zojirushi Rice Cooker. 

Available in two sizes, a 5.5 Cup and a 10 Cup capacity, you can decide what works best for you and any cooking needs. The inner non-stick circular liner allows for proper cooking and a detachable inner lid allows for easy cleaning once your meals are done. It uses advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology that allows your appliance to think for itself and make small adjustments as your dish is cooking, to ensure a perfect result. 

It comes with an additional steaming basket for any vegetables you might want to steam and has an incredible array of cooking options. From regular white rice, sushi rice, brown rice, mixed rice, porridge/oatmeal, rinse-free rice, and even a setting to bake cakes! 

When the cooking has finished and it switches to Warm mode, you can program a melody or just use a default beep audio indicator. A large easy to read LCD display shows how much time you have left and there is a reheating cycle for any other food you’d like to warm back up. 

It comes with a spatula, two measuring cups for regular rice and non-rinse rice, has a retractable power cord, fold down handle for easy carrying and storage, and cleaning is a snap with the lid and inner cooking pot being separate. The inner cooking pot also has Stay Cool touch handles, allowing for easy removal. 

  • Fantastic. 
  • Multiple settings. 
  • Pricey. 

Best rice cooker and steamer combination

Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker/Steamer

Another Zojirushi model, this rice cooker and steamer is another step up if you’re looking for a perfect rice cooker/steamer combination appliance. 

The MICOM technology takes your regular everyday cooking tasks and makes it even easier while it does all the adjustments itself while cooking to ensure that you get a perfect result no matter what you’re making, every time. It adjusts cooking time and temperatures based on what kind of rice or food combination you have in the inner bowl. 

Available in two sizes with a 5.5 Cups and 10 Cups, you’ll be sure to have more than enough food regardless of which size you choose. It is a pricier cooker/steamer, but the functions and technology are well worth it. 

An automatic, extended, and reheating cycle ensures that your food always stays at the perfect serving temperature while the easy to clean inner pot and stainless steel outer casing can be simply wiped down. When your cooking time is finished, you can choose between a programmable melody or a beep timer audio cue.  

It has multiple steamer settings for whatever you’re steaming such as vegetable, rice, potstickers, etc. and includes a Mixed setting for making rice with vegetables or meats already stirred in. sushi rice setting, Brown rice, and an oatmeal/porridge setting ensures that regardless of what you’re making, it will come out perfectly. 

Like the other model, it also comes with a Cake setting for baking, allowing for the easiest cooking and baking session without having to keep an eye on it or guess timing and heat in a regular oven. 

  • Works great.
  • Fuzzy Logic technology.
  • Pricier. 

Best personal sized rice cooker

Mishcdea Small Rice Cooker

A small, compact, yet versatile and stylish rice cooker is here with the Mishcdea small rice cooker. 

Perfect for one person, a couple, or for use as small side dishes, this has you covered. The inner lid is detachable for easy cleaning and so is the inner cooking pot. The digital LED display allows for easy and clear time left, along with the sensitive touch panel that lets you do one-button press cooking. 

The three-cup capacity can make two to six cups of rice, depending on the type. Be sure to use the included measuring cup to get the best results and to make sure that you’re using the right measurements compared to a standard other measuring cup. 

With settings for soups, congee, and even cakes – it’s a versatile little appliance. The Keep Warm feature is flexible for meal planning as well with a 24-hour delay timer and a 12-hour keep warm function. The stainless-steel exterior is easy to wipe down and clean, while the inner detachable lid and non-stick inner pot are easy to hand wash and dry. 

Keep in mind to not accidently over fill the rice cooker when you’re using rice or other ingredients and settings and be sure to follow the instructions that come with the appliance, since it can boil over if there is too much liquid or ingredients. 

  • Compact.
  • Nice design.
  • Perfect for one or two people. 
  • May be too small for some. 

Best compact rice cooker

Mishcdea Medium Rice Cooker

A pricier and sleeker Mishcdea rice cooker model, the four-cup capacity cooker is great for small families or up to four people. 

With the same features as the smaller version, it comes with a measuring cup, spoon, and instructions for each setting. User friendly with a bright digital LED display, you can always keep an eye on the time remaining. The touch panel allows you to cook meals with a single touch of a button. 

Soups, congee rice, brown rice, quinoa, cakes, and more can be cooked with this rice cooker, and smart settings ensure that you get perfect results each time. The outside is easy to clean, while the non-stick inner pot and detachable lid make cleaning a snap for handwashing and drying. 

Be sure to attach the inner cover correctly after cleaning so that steam and water won’t affect the inner wiring or get through where it shouldn’t be. Make sure to not overfill or overdo the capacity, in case of boiling over or damage to the rice cooker. The sleek white design fits onto any countertop and the circular style makes it fit nearly anywhere. 

Much like the other rice cooker from Mishcdea, this also has a 24-hour delay timer and a 12-hour reheating cycle available if you’re on the go and want to come home from work to a warm meal ready at the perfect serving temperature. It can have a programmed melody when cooking time is up, or the default beeping noise. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Sleek design. 
  • Pricier. 

Best ceramic rice cooker

Aroma Ceramic Rice Cooker

If you’re looking for a more natural inner pot alternative instead of non-stick metals, the Aroma Ceramic Pot Rice Cooker has you covered. 

Touted as a natural and healthier alternative to non-stick coated pots, ceramic pot inserts are readily available in a few rice cooker models. This one comes with a steaming tray, rice measuring cup, spoon, soup ladle, and a bamboo rice paddle. 

The Cool-Touch outer surface is a welcome additional feature, especially if you have kids or pets that like to play near or on the countertops. No more worrying about a hot appliance sitting out. It can be moved and touched at any time during the cooking process, without the worry of burns. 

With multiple settings, you can also make soups, tarts, cakes, and even yogurt. 12 different functions are available, making it a versatile product for the price. There is also an option to steam vegetables and meats while the rice is cooking below, for an efficient and easy single-pot meal and no extra waiting time to do them separately. 

The easy-to-use digital controls are a snap and the automatic Keep Warm function is fantastic for when you want to make a meal earlier in the day but keep it at perfect serving temperature when you’re ready to eat. 


  • Multifunctional.
  • Cool-Touch outer surface. 
  • Inner pot can scratch easily. 

Best Korean rice cooker

Cuckoo Rice Cooker

For an interesting design and quality rice cooker sure to stand out, Cuckoo can do no wrong. 

This electronic rice cooker has Fuzzy Logic technology to ensure that your meals will be done right every time, making minute changes as it cooks to perfect results. A non-stick Teflon coating also makes sure that nothing will stick or burn. 

It has eight built-in programs including mixed rice, brown Gaba, porridge, steaming, baby foods, multi-cook, and warm/reheat functions. An additional feature is their My Mode setting that allows you to choose between different heat and soak levels for perfect chewy or soft rice every time, based on your personal preferences. 

The baby food function can be great and easy for parents, while the detachable cover is easy to clean, and it has a Auto-Steam Cleaning mode to sanitize and allow for easy wiping down of the inner pot. Safely keep your food warm as well after it’s done cooking, and you can even adjust the temperature as well to set it for what feels safest for you. 

You can pre-set the time to start cooking meals for up to 12 hours, so feel free to start the cooker at night before bed and wake up to a cooked and warm meal, ready to serve at perfect temperature. It comes with a rice scoop, measuring cup, and instruction booklet. 

How we picked the best rice cookers

For this particular buying guide, we focused on different functions and price points, ensuring that regardless of budget or needs, there is one available for most users looking for a new rice cooker. Using top-rated Amazon reviews, we narrowed down the hundreds of available appliances to the best ones for cost and functions. 


Frequently asked questions about rice cookers

How does a rice cooker work? 

A rice cooker cooks using a water to rice ratio that varies by whichever type of rice you’re cooking. The water gets absorbed, the temperature of the insert/interior rises and once the water is gone, it automatically shuts off or switches to warm, depending on your cooker, indicating that it’s done. 

Is it worth it buying a rice cooker? 

If you eat a lot of rice yes, and even if not, they’re a wonderful kitchen appliance to have around. No more guessing if your rice is cooked properly, or risk of overcooking it and scrubbing pots. 

What’s the average price for rice cookers? 

Average costs can vary depending on how advanced and large you want your rice cooker. Anywhere from $20 to $200. 

Rice cooker recipes: Can I cook something other than rice?  

Yes, absolutely! You can cook oatmeal, quinoa, chili, even pancakes! 

Water and rice: What’s the rice cooker ratio? 

The water to rice ratio will depend on what type of rice you’re making, along with how much and what the instructions on your particular rice cooker say, as some are faster than others when cooking. 

In general to get you started, keeping in mind rice doubles in size when cooked:

1 cup of rice  cups of water
Short grain, white 1
medium/long grain white 1 1/4
jasmine 1 3/4
sticky 1 1/4
brown 2
wild 2


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