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The Best Bike Locks in Canada in 2024

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This buying guide reviews the best bike locks in Canada, their pros and cons, as well as the main features you should look for in one.

If you are a cyclist, there is a good chance that your bike is worth a lot to you. There is also a good chance that your bike is worth a lot to a potential thief. While keeping your bike in your garage or on your balcony when not in use is your safest bet for your long-term storage, when you are out biking to work, out into town, or running into a store while on your bike, a bike lock can help keep your bike safe. It only takes a minute for a skillful thief to steal your bike, so we picked the best bike locks to deter this from happening to you.  

What to look for in a bike lock

Type – The different categories of bike lock have different advantages and disadvantages.  For example, one of the most common types of bike lock are chain locks, which feature strong metal chains that can be wrapped around a bike in a secure way. However, a metal chain can be bulky and heavy. The U-Lock is another strong deterrent, with a strong, U-shaped frame, but it does not have versatility that chain locks provide. Folding locks consist of links that fold neatly for an easily transportable lock; however, the rigid links are more susceptible to smashing attacks. Lightweight locks are like zip ties with a lock on them, and do not provide strong protection, but are lightweight, quick to use, and enough to deter an opportunistic thief.  

Material: Look for a lock with at least some form of hardened steel. This is one of the most used materials, due to its durability from different kinds of breaking, cutting or twisting attacks.  

Length: Length or size of the lock will influence how you can secure your bicycle. For chain locks, folding locks, or lightweight locks, how long the lock is will impact how you can secure your bicycle. Same with U-locks, although these locks are designed to either lock around a certain part of the frame near the wheels, a wheel, or both. Certain configurations will need different sizes of lock, so consider your bike, the types of bike racks in your locale, and how you plan on locking up your bike before choosing the size of lock that will suit you best. 

Lock: There are different means of locking a bike lock, although primarily, they are either locked by a key or a numerical code. If you always lose items, a numerical code might suit you better, and if you forget passwords all the time, maybe a key would be the better choice. Regardless, either can be picked or broken by a competent enough thief.  

Thickness: The thicker the lock material, the harder it will be to break through brute force. 16 mm thick hardened steel is too thick to be cropped by any pair of manual bolt cutters, but this thickness can often come with extreme weight. Do not just look at the thickness or durability of the links or frame, but the connectors and the locks themselves. Many locks may have specific vulnerabilities among the different components or how they are connected.  

Price: Bikes can be extremely expensive, and so you might be thinking about purchasing a bike lock to protect your bike from thieves. Unfortunately, given appropriate time, resources, and know-how, a determined thief can realistically break any bike lock and ride off with your bike. The biggest deterrent from bike theft is not putting your bike in the situation where it could get stolen, even if you spend top dollar on a bike lock.  

Why trust this buying guide

When looking for a bike lock, the key factors is how it secures your bike, and how well it deters criminals. However, these factors are controlled by a multitude of base factors. For thinking about how a lock will secure itself to your bike, and your bike to a bike rack, you need to think about how the lock is designed. Likewise, the sturdiness of the material, the construction of the bike lock, and the integrity of the locking component itself are factors that affect how secure the bike will be from thieves. It was these factors that we heavily considered when forming this buying guide.   

We put over 16 hours of research into this guide. We looked through numerous verified user reviews, and looked at professional evaluation of each lock to bring you this guide. We only picked locks with an average user score of 4 stars or higher.  

Best chain bike lock

Kryptonite Black 14mm Fahgettaboudit Chain (Kryptonite 999485)

If you are looking for an extremely durable chain lock, Kryptonite has a wide range of options. Like their U-Locks, Kryptonite’s Fahgettaboudit chain is designed with the big apple in mind, so it will likely be good for city use wherever you are.  

The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit chain features 14mm six-sided chain links made of manganese steel, and a 15mm hardened steel shackle to deter and prevent attacks. This lock comes with a 39-inch and a 60-inch chain so you can pick the length of chain that suits your bike best. However, this chain is extremely heavy, coming in at 4.9kg (10.8 lbs) and 6.9kg (15.25lbs) for the different sizes respectively.  

This bike lock comes with 3 stainless steel keys, and if you are the type of person who loses keys often, registering with Kryptonite’s Key Safe program will ship you 2 keys anywhere in the world. For even further peace of mind, Kryptonite’s Anti-theft protection will pay out a certain portion of the value of a stolen bike where a properly utilized Kryptonite lock was defeated.  

  • Strong, thick chain make it extremely strong against theft.  
  • You can register with Kryptonite for their Key Safe and Anti-theft programs.  
  • Very heavy, so this is not advisable to bring with you on your biking expeditions.   

Best U bike lock

Kryptonite New-U New York “Fahgettaboudit” Mini

If you want one of the strongest, toughest locks available, the Kryptonite New York “Fahgettaboudit” line is by far one of the most sturdy, dependable U-locks available. Designed for the mean streets of New York, this lock is sure to help keep your bike safe.  

With an 18mm hardened steel shackle, this U-lock is highly secure against cutting attacks. The hardened double deadbolt also helps resist against twisting attacks. Kryptonite’s patented steel sleeve covers the cross bar to even further boost security. 

The Kryptonite is approximately 8cm by 15cm, so it is perfect for locking your frame to bike racks, but the Kryptonite is a little on the heavier side, at 2.06 kg (or 4.5 lbs).  

The Kryptonite Fuhgettaboudit comes with 3 stainless steel keys.  

Like other Kryptonite locks, you can register your locks with Kryptonite’s Anti-theft Protection Offer and Key Safe programs, which is like an insurance plan and back-up key services, respectively.  

  • Extremely thick, durable lock that will withstand most pairs of bolt cutters.
  • You can register for Kryptonite’s Anti-theft and Key Safe programs.   
  • Some users find this can be hard to lock, making it not the easiest to use.  

Best budget bike lock

Via Velo Bicycle U-Lock

If you are looking for a strong security system for your bike without spending a lot of money, the Via Velo Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock is a strong contender. This 2-in-1 package is both effective and highly cost effective.  

The U-lock lists that it features a 14mm hardened steel shackle, with a double bolt crossbar that protects against attacks like prying and jacking. However, this figure does not account for a few millimeters of the plastic coating. The U-lock is approximately 15cm x 25cm in size (or around 6” x 10”), so it will fit most bikes. The woven steel cable is 10mm thick and 1.8m (or around 70 inches long) to bolster the security of your bike. The total weight is a solidly lightweight 1.45kg or 3.2 lbs, so carrying this around in a backpack will not weigh you down.  

The Via Velo U-Lock features a PVC cover to protect this bike lock from the elements, whether that be dirt, dust, and weather. The lock also features a debris cover, to protect the internal workings of this lock from dust or even prospective thieves, who have been known to glue the lock, preventing you riding home – so they can steal the bike later. While on the subject, this lock comes with two keys, so you have a spare just in case.  

The Via Velo U-Lock comes advertised with a 3-year warranty, and a 90-day money back guarantee for ensured satisfaction.  

  • Thick, 14mm shackle and 10mm woven steel cable are a solid deterrents against thieves.  
  • Protection against the elements makes this lock a strong choice for urban and rural use.
  • Total combo is a very inexpensive.  
  • The lock of this unit is not hard to pick.  

Best light bike lock

Hiplok Spin

If you are looking for a convenient bike chain that you don’t need to think about while cycling, the Hiplok Spin is an easy-to-use, wearable bike chain. While it is not a very secure lock, this is ideal if the most you will need a chain bike lock for is running into a stores or coffee shops on your bike rides.  

The Hiplok Spin has a locking length of 75 cm, that can be worn like a belt with an adjustable fit between 26” and 44”. The 6mm hardened steel chain at the core of the chain makes this chain durable and decently resistant to thieves, although we would not recommend this chain for long term protection or for busy locales. At 800g, this lock is lightweight so it will not weigh you down when you are out on bike rides.  

The Hiplok Spin allows users to create their own four-digit code for easy to remember and decently hard to crack codes, without the use of keys. 

  • Lightweight. 
  • Adjustable and wearable, perfect for longer bike rides that you expect to make some short stops.  
  • Not strong protection against bike theft, so it is not recommended you rely on this lock. 

Best lightweight bike lock

Bell QuickZip Combo Lock

Lightweight locks like the Bell QuickZip Combo Lock will not protect your bike from a determined bike burglar, but they will stop opportunistic thieves running off with your bike while you pop into a store. The Bell QuickZip is extremely cheap, easy to use, and will work with most bikes.  

Each of these zip-tie locks is 53 cm (or 21 inches long), however the two you get with each order can be used separately or together, the latter effectively doubling the length of these locks. The QuickZip is super lightweight, coming in at 231g. The Bell QuickZip bike lock features a 4mm steel core to protect your bike. This bike lock will not stand up to wire cutters or other common forms of attack.  

The locking mechanism of this lock uses a 3-digit combination, which is not very secure. Ultimately, the QuickZip alone will not provide protection, but should prove enough deterrence for very short-term use, or in combination with a more durable lock.  

  • Two-pack of lightweight zip locks can be used separately or together.
  • Very cost-effective price.  
  • 4mm inner steel core will not do much against a determined thief.  

Most secure bike lock

Abus Bordo Granit XPlus 6500

The Abus Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 is a heavy-duty folding lock that a potential thief might see and just walk away from. A little bit heavier than other options, this is a strong choice for protecting your bike. 

With 5.5mm thick steel bars, cutting attacks on this bike lock are ineffective, although the connecting pins appear to be unhardened. This lock feels secure, and most people are comfortable using this lock for securing their prized bikes. For many, this peace of mind justifies the higher price tag. The Bordo Granit XPlus is 85cm long, long enough for securing most types of bikes. It is a little on the heavier side, at 1.58 kg (or 3.48 lbs).  

This bike lock includes Abus’ XPlus cylinder, for improved protection from picking. This proves strong against lock picking. However, this otherwise secure lock can be broken by nut splitters, but this still a process that takes time and precision, which is not as replicable in the field.  

  • Durable folding lock that is a strong deterrent to bike thieves.  
  • Folds together for compact storage and transport.  
  • Very expensive. 

Best anti-theft bike lock

Kryptonite Evolution Chain Lock Series 4

Sometimes we look to experts and influencers for their knowledge on a subject. The Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 is the bike lock of choice by Youtuber LockPickingLawyer, whose developed a following for his skills in lockpicking. This enough should be a huge compliment for this bike lock, but the specs of this lock speak for themselves. 

The Evolution 4 comes in two sizes: a 5.25” and 35.5” (or 13cm and 90cm) length. Both of these are heavier units, at 2kg and 2.77k, respectively. The chain for this bike lock is 10mm, six-sided, and made of manganese steel. Combined with the weather-resistant nylon sleeve, this makes cutting the chain immensely difficult, even with angle grinders which require the chain to be held secure to break through.  

Included with this bike lock is 2 ergonomic keys, so you have a backup in case you lose your main key. Additionally, like Kryptonite’s other locks, you can register with Kryptonite for the Anti-theft Protection and their handy Key Safe Program. 

  • One of the hardest to break bike locks on the list.  
  • Kryptonite offers 1 year of their Anti-theft and Key Safe program.  
  • Heavy, perhaps too cumbersome to carry around all day on a bicycle.  

Best folding bike lock

Kryptonite Keeper 585

The Kryptonite Keeper Foldable bike lock is a lighter-weight, foldable bike lock. This portable option is great for running errands with or for short-term moderate protection.  

The Kryptonite Keeper features 3mm hardened steel links to protect from bike thieves. The Keeper comes in two lengths: the Kryptonite Keeper 585 is 85cm long, and the Keeper 510 is 100 cm long, the latter of which is one of the longest folding locks, making it versatile for most bikes to be locked up in most places. At 0.77 kg (or 1.7 lbs), this is a lighter folding lock, but comparatively heavier than some types of bike lock.  

The included lock holder attaches to the bottle-cage screws, that makes taking this bike lock with you easy. The Kryptonite Keeper comes with 2 keys, just in case you lose one. Like all of the other Kryptonite locks on this list, you can get 1 year free of Kryptonite’s Anti-theft protection, which can refund part of a stolen bike, as long as you follow Kryptonite’s terms and conditions. You also get access to Kryptonite’s Key Safe program if you need more keys.  

  • Lightweight yet durable folding lock.
  • Register for Anti-theft protection and Key Safe program.
  • Some users have reported the lock itself jamming, which would be really unfortunate if it jammed when in use.  

Common questions about bike locks

What are the different types of Bike Locks?  

Bike locks can be divided into four different categories typically. U-Locks are large, U-shaped locks that feature hardened steel that are sturdy, but can ultimately be inflexible when locking your bike up. Chain locks feature hardened steel chains that are flexible yet can be hard for even seasoned thieves to break but are typically large and heavy. Folding locks are similar in certain ways to chains, but instead of the loose connection of the links, they feature more rigid links that fold into themselves. Finally, lightweight locks are light, skinny and easy to use, but do not provide too much protection. Each lock provides a different level of protection, amount of space it takes up, and versatility in how to lock your bike. For optimal protection, using two or more dependable locks is ideal.  

How to lock your bike? 

The best way to ensure your bike will not be stolen is securely storing it in your garage, on your balcony, or in your home. You should not rely on a bike lock to keep your bike secure overnight. The best way to lock your bike usually will be by the bike’s frame, if not the frame and wheel if possible – if you lock by the wheel only, you will come back to see only the wheel. You should keep the lock off the ground – so it cannot be smashed. You should also place the lock in a way that people will struggle to access it, to deter a thief trying to pick a lock or tampering with the lock so not even you can access your bike and ride home.  

How to pick a bike lock? 

We do not condone picking locks. However, knowing how a thief may attempt to break your lock to steal your bike is important in picking out the best deterrent. How keys work is the grooves that are on a key correspond to a locking mechanism inside. The classic pin-tumbler lock has a series of pins, that are spring loaded to prevent the plug inside from turning, unless you have a key that pushes these pins to the right spot, letting the lock disengage and unlock. For more on lock picking various locks, YouTubers like LockPickingLawyer or Bosnianbill have built their platforms around this skill.  

Where to buy bike locks? 

Any store that sells bikes will carry bike locks, however the bigger stores like Walmart or Canadian Tire might not have as good a selection as specialty bike stores would. Amazon and other online retailers can ship the perfect bike lock to your front step.

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