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The Best Ring Lights in Canada

If you find your pictures and videos in need of improvement, a ring light is the right tool for both photographers and vloggers alike. However, it is a misconception to think that only YouTubers, TikTokers or makeup artists find ring lights useful. Besides streaming on YouTube and taking selfies, you can effectively use a ring light for online meetings, especially if the majority of them happen in the evening.    

Selfie ring lights are available in various forms, yet the most popular one is a circular, donut-like shape. Despite the shape, most ring lights use LED lighting technology, and some models even come with adjustable colour/temperature range. (Those are especially useful for makeup artists and beauty bloggers.)   

By producing continuous, diffused lights, selfie rings help to smooth and flatter skin, and brighten any other object. Hence, whether you want to look more presentable during online meetings or improve your tutorials, vlogs and other videos and images, there are various options you can pick from.   

For this buying guide, we selected the best-rated ring lights both budget-friendly and high-end ones, rings with professional features as well as simplified models. We also made to sure to include versatile ring lights that would satisfy makeup artists, photographers, TikTokers, and YouTube content creators.

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Most ring lights can be divided into two groups: large tabletop models and compact and portable ones. We suggest you pick a selfie ring based not only on your occupation but also on available desk space. For instance, if your work takes you on a road, or you frequently commute between home and a studio, give your preference to a smaller option that can be easily installed and transported.    

If your vlogging or Zooming is mostly done from a home office, and you are not planning on constantly transporting ring light, you can always consider a larger model that would provide more than enough light for any type of face-focused videography or photography.    


Again, depending on your projects and the type of work you do, you might want to look for a smarter version, loaded with features. Whether you are involved in the makeup field, or video creating, look for a ring light with adjustable colour temperature and brightness. Besides, experts say to pay attention to the powering options that a ring light offers. While ring lights with batteries are easier to transport, an AC adapter powered rings do not run out of power as long as they are plugged in.  


Depending on how serious you are about your projects on social media (or the way your face looks during Zoom meetings) be ready to spend around $200 on a standard ring light. Certainly, you can find much cheaper models, with basic features. For instance, if you simply want to elevate the quality of your selfies, you won’t need the most powerful ring lights.    

However, if you constantly create videos for YouTube or other social media, we recommend you get the best option out there that is powerful and versatile.    

The price point can also indicate the number of LEDs and the overall quality of light in the ring. While many models on the market can be rather attractively cheap, do not rush into buying the first one that pops up with a $20 tag. Make sure to double-check the number of LEDs in a ring. (The higher the number the softer and more diffused light would be, which would make your face looking more flattering with reduced unevenness and blemishes.)  

Neewer Table Top 10-inch USB LED Ring Light

You might not be a content creator, but if you want to brighten up your face during video conferencing there is no better ring light than this Neewer Table Top 10-inch model. It is a simple, desktop light which is compact enough so you can fit it beside your computer. You can keep it as close to your face as you wish, which makes this ring the best for video conferencing.    

But let not a small 10-inch size discourage you. The Neewer 10-inch ring light offers USB connectivity, a flexible phone holder, and 120 LEDs. USB connectivity allows you to connect the ring to your computer, and do not worry about it running out of power during long Zoom calls. A flexible built-in holder for your phone is designed so you can position your device at any angle.    

Neewer Table Top ring light consists of 120 energy-saving LEDs which means even if you are streaming or showing up in an online meeting while sitting in a dark room, the ring provides enough illumination to brighten your face. Depending on the time of the day and light in your room you can also vary between ten brightness levels. The ring also offers three light modes (white, yellow-white, and yellow).    

This ring light is affordable and quite bright. The ring is large enough to fit most phones for filming. The included stand can hold the smartphone centered as a ring light is meant to be used. If you are using a laptop, simply put the stand behind/above the LCD/Camera.  

  • LED light.  
  • Dimmable: 3 light modes and 10 levels brightness.   
  • Smartphone holder.  
  • Ideal for video conferencing.  
  • Smartphone, Laptop, Computer, Power Bank, USB Charger are NOT included.  

Neewer Advanced 2.4G 18-inch LED Ring Light

Another Neewer ring light on our list and this one is a full package to elevate your streaming and video recording process. It is a versatile ring light that is used by professionals and enthusiasts. The Neewer Advanced 18-inch ring comes with one LED ring light, one light stand, 2.4G remote control, four white filters, an orange Filter, one cold Shoe Adapter, one Power Adapter, one US Plug, one Rotatable Smart Phone Holder, and one Carrying Bag. Basically, it is one of the best ring light kits we have seen; the kit contains all you need for content creating or video streaming.    

We especially want to focus our attention on white and orange filters. Those filters provide creative freedom allowing changing shooting effects, enhancing skin tone when shooting portraits, changing colour temperature and softening light source.    

Satisfied customers say they use this Neewer Advanced 2.4G 18-inch ring to shoot outdoors, portraits, fashion, weddings, product photography and more. This ring light is Dimmable 18 inches/48 centimeters with 240 LED bulbs which makes it an ideal choice for vloggers, photographers, videographers and live streamers.  

Beyond all that, the ring is lightweight and easily portable, you can take it for any outdoor project, carry it to a studio or take it along on a trip, (here is when included carrying bag comes in handy). The ring also offers you the flexibility of multiple light settings control. It is designed with eleven channels to choose from based on the light in a room or a skin tone. 

Lastly, Neewer Advanced comes with a sturdy support stand. The stand has various adjustable heights from 36.2 inches to 78.7inches. Based on some reviews customers swear the stand is durable and sturdy. Made of aluminum alloy, the 3-leg stage design offers solid stability.  

  • Complete kit.  
  • Versatile.   
  • Lightweight and portable.  
  • Sturdy support stand.  
  • White/orange filters are included. 
  • The ring is not the best for glass or ceramic products.

Best ring light for iPhone

Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit

Whether you are into taking selfies for social media or often use your phone for online meetings, Rotolight Ultimate ring light can help to brighten your face, flattering features and reducing blemishes.    

The Rotolight RL48-B Stealth is not only a portable ring but also an all-in-one kit, which includes a mini tripod, phone clip, accessory bar and stand adapter. The kit is the perfect accessory for your work desk. Based on what customers say, this kit is also useful as a camera light for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. If you are into content creating, you might find this Rotolight ring a convenient addition to your creative routine. It is designed for both streaming, and taking pictures, Youtubers and Instagram influencers alike. Due to its compact size, you can easily transport the ring from a studio to outside, from an office and back home.    

Keep in mind that it is not a professional ring light: the colour temperature is fixed, and you cannot adjust the brightness. However, for such low price, portability, and versatility this ring works well with any type of content you decide to create using your iPhone. (The LED light output is 242 Lux (1000 Lumens). The colour temperature is 5600K.     

The only downside we find with this ring is that it is powered by batteries. Make sure to always have some extra batteries at home in case your ring light runs out of power. Based on the product description, batteries last up to four hours if you use Li-ion cells.   

  • Versatile.   
  • Lightweight and easily portable.   
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Complete kit.
  • The colour temperature is fixed at 5600K unless you use filters.

Best ring light for TikTok

EICAUS 10” Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

TikTok keeps gaining its popularity and the followers base. It is social media where the quality of image plays a role as significant as entertainment. Thus, the more serious you get about content creating on TikTok the better your equipment should be. For instance, this Eicaus 10-inch ring light can improve the quality of your videos instantly. Choose from three colour lighting modes (Warm Light (3000K), Day Light (4500K) and Cool White (6000K)) and ten brightness levels, an option that allows you creative flexibility whether you are shooting outdoors or in a studio.    

Eicaus ring light comes with an adjustable stand and a phone holder. You can lift it from 15.7 inches to 50 inches whether you need to change an angle or shooting point. The phone holder is easily rotatable so you could position the phone in the middle so the light would brighten your face evenly.    

A customer noted this ring light is so bright. She loves many light settings, and a flexible stand which you can adjust to many different heights and can use your phone horizontally and vertically. And the little remote you get to snap your photos gets all the praise, she added.   

Another special feature is a touchpad in front of the light and AC/DC adapter. Those two factors make it easy to use with one touch and charge the ring by connecting it to your laptop. Besides the touchpad, the Eicaus ring comes with a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled remote. It is a useful feature to have especially when you are taking self-portraits or travelling and shooting from a distance.  

  • Various height options.  
  • 10 brightness levels. 
  • Wireless remote.   
  • Easily portable.  
  • Some people wish the tripod would be sturdier.  
  • You have to keep it plugged in constantly. 

Lume Cube 18″ Cordless Ring Light Kit for Smartphones and Cameras

Product photographers understand the importance of proper light when shooting objects, be it an advertisement for cosmetics, shoes, or restaurant menu. If you often have to shoot in the evening or your clients prefer studio-style images of their products, consider this Lume Cure 18-inch ring light.  

As one satisfied customer noted he decided to give this light a try and he was not disappointed. The light is very bright and almost blinding at 100%. The stand is sturdy and you can operate the light with or without the power cord as it also uses batteries. The bonus is that it comes with two batteries, a carrying bag and an accessory bag for the small components, he noted.   

The ring offers bright lights built-in 3200-5600K colour temperature range and enough brightness to minimize shadows, reduce facial imperfections and smooth skin, or speaking of product photography, flatter any object you take pictures of. To add to our favourite features about this Lume Cube is adjustable, tilting180º and rotating 360º, head. The mobile ring is removable from the stand for those cases when you are shooting with your camera or using the ring for a video conference. Many customers also note they use this ring as a makeup light.    

For your convenience, this Lume Cube ring light comes with mounts for iPhone, digital cameras, and a carry case. A carry case is especially useful for anyone who takes a camera and a ring light travelling or has to commute between a studio and home.    

  • Adjustable light  
  • Lightweight and portable  
  • Carry case is included  
  • Versatile  
  • Runs on batteries which means if you are planning on using it for a few hours straight you have to have some extras in the bag   
  • Expensive   

Neewer 20-inch LED Ring Light Kit

You might be a professional makeup artist who creates YouTube tutorials or simply a person who enjoys the flawless application of cosmetics, in both cases a Neewer 20-inch LED ring light is a useful tool to have on your vanity table.   

It is a fairly large ring which comes with 20-inch SMD LED ring light, light stand, ball head adapter, rotatable phone holder, DC power adapter, a remote control, and a carrying case. All those items are especially useful to professionals who travel to photoshoots or even wedding sets. (Imagine how much a bride’s makeup would improve if every artist would use a professional light.) Meanwhile a phone holder and ball head adapter allow you to film your face while brightening it up. Connect your camera to the ring light and enjoy a 360-degree rotatable holder when filming YouTube in landscape mode, or TikTok/Instagram in portrait, vertical position.  

Because of 44W of dimmable output from 352 LEDs, the ring does not have as much power or temperature range as the 18-inch model we talked about previously. However, larger light sources are known for their softer light, something that most makeup artists or hobbyists would appreciate more than a bright, cold type of lightning. However, with this ring, you can choose from the temperature of 3200k to 5600k and adjust brightness by using a separate control knob.   

Finally, the Neewer 20-inch ring light can be powered by batteries as the first option (when you take the ring light to a studio, for instance), and a USB charger, (when you have it standing on your work desk). It is a convenient choice compared to rings that only offer one of the charging ways. Keep in mind, the brand says, that power will be lower by about 10W when you use a battery, and it can work for about 48 minutes with fully charged batteries.   

  • Complete kit.  
  • Two power options.  
  • Versatile.  
  • Adjustable colour and brightness. 
  • Not ideal for professional photography.  

UBeesize 10’’ LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

Our final pick is this Ubeesize ring light, with over 13,000 reviews and almost five stars on Amazon. It is another budget-friendly ring light, and here is what a satisfied customer noted about this lighting tool.   

As many others, her professional life has moved online, (she works as a teacher and film/tv actor), she needed something to brighten up her face well and not cast harsh shadows behind her when she shows up on a screen. For taped auditions, the ring provides a very bright light allowing her to shoot with no problems. The Ubeesize ring light comes with a tripod, a cellphone holder, and a universal mount thing; there’s a lot in the box and it is easy to set the thing up anywhere and anyhow you want, she noted.  

Another factor she enjoyed is that Ubeesize light does not flicker and is consistent throughout. Finally, one morning, she left the light on and noticed how much better she felt throughout the day, despite the fact her office is in a basement. It was like having a window there!  

This might not feel and look like a professional ring light, yet it does the job well unless, of course, you are planning professional photoshoots at a studio. It features a touchpad in the front for easy maneuvering and brightness/temperature adjustment 3000K-6000K (Warm to Cold) which makes it a versatile tool; use it for selfies, makeup and Zoom calls alike.   

  • Brightness/Temperature adjustment. 
  • Budget-friendly.  
  • Tripod included.  
  • AC/DC charging adapter.  
  • Tripod and plastic details feel cheap.  

We could start by saying how thorough our research is, but the main point is that every product we talk about is something we would buy and use ourselves. As office workers, who also often work from home, we realize the importance of a proper lightening in a room when attending Zoom meetings and video conferences.   

But that is not all. We also realize how much difference such a simple tool as a ring light can make for content creators, makeup artists, professional photographers, and videographers. That is why we did not only pick the best ring lights for home office setup, but also professional ring lights that can be easily transported to a studio or outdoor shooting session.   

Finally, yes, our research is thorough and based on multiple factors. First, the time that goes into studying the market usually takes about ten to fifteen hours. Secondly, we select trusted sources (most of the time other buying guides like Wirecutter, The Strategist, and in the case of ring lights, BAZAAR Magazine). Thirdly, we check every product, analyze customers’ reviews and select only those items that earned at least four stars and the approval of many satisfied users.   

Questions and answers about ring lights

What are ring lights?   

Ring lights are typically donut-shaped lighting tools that are commonly used in portraits, beauty, fashion, micro photography, videography and streaming. Ring lights consist of LEDs placed into a circle, which when turned on illuminates any object in front of it, flatters skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes.    

What do ring lights do?   

Ring lights are widely used in photography by portrait and product photographers, content creators, selfie enthusiasts and especially makeup artists. However, lately, the demand for ring lights among office workers has also grown. Workers who often attend online meetings or hold steaming sessions find ring lights useful to brighten up faces during Zoom meetings.   

Are ring lights bad for your eyes? 

Although there is no proof that ring lights are hurtful to your eyes, some eye strain and headaches can occur after looking at bright LEDs for a while. To avoid it make sure to take a break from looking at the light and limit time in from of a ring light.    

Are ring lights worth it?   

It would depend on the type of work you do and the content you create. Ring lights are useful for anyone who is involved in makeup, portrait, micro and any other studio type of photography. If your work requires constant shooting, be it video or photography, then it makes sense to invest in a quality ring light. If, for instance, you only look for a tool to brighten your face when you are taking selfies or attending online meetings then you might not need the most expensive ring out there, and can get a budget-friendly option. But, to return to the question, yes ring lights are worth it if you want to improve the quality of your images and brighten up your face.  

Do ring lights burn out?   

Yes, eventually ring lights burn out. However, their lifespan completely depends on the quality and number of light bulbs. Look for LED ring lights rather than fluorescent models if you want them to last longer. Overall, most modern ring lights last on average up to 50,000 hours.    

Do ring lights make a difference?   

Yes, ring lights make an impressive difference. Additional light on a face or any other object flatters skin, smooths blemishes, and brightens up especially if you are shooting in a darker room or a studio. Using a ring light can help to create balanced lighting, and increase the quality of images and videos.    

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