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Amazon Prime Day 2021 Canada: Everything you need to know

What is Amazon Prime Day ?

Amazon Canada Prime Day 2021

Had something on your shopping list that you hadn’t gotten around to buying just yet? Can’t justify the shipping costs on a 20-dollar purchase? Well, keep an eye on Amazon because Prime Day is coming up. Prime day is their annual event where the retail website offers massive deals and opportunities to save money on a variety of their products and services, including e-books and movies. Plus, they always have some sales you can take advantage of early. 

According to Amazon, there is going to be over a million deals globally this year. The two-day shopping event will provide Prime members with discounts on many product categories, including toys, TVs, electronics, fashion, beauty, kitchen, home, and Amazon Devices, such as the Echo Dot and other Alexa-compatible speakers.

When is Prime Day 2021? 

Prime Day 2021 is June 21 & 22. So, you should already have your Amazon wish list ready to go. Despite the name, the event takes place over 48 hours. 


Prime Day shopping tips

Download the Amazon App: With the app you can get real-time notifications of deals as they come in. This makes it so you’ll never miss that item you want going on sale.

Double-check the price tag: Sites like CamelCamelCamel help you trace the price history of the products so you can see if you’re really getting a better deal, or if you’re better off holding out until Black Friday.

Make a wish list: Planning ahead is a good way to avoid spending money that you don’t want to. The further in advance you plan, the less likely you are to spend. Also, be sure to review your list a day or two in advance so you can really make sure that it’s something you want.

And don’t forget to cancel your free trial before it ends!

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Early Deals

We’ll be updating this  products go on sale before the actual event. Stay tuned for something awesome. 😊

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – Day 1 deals

We’ll be updating this products go on sale on the first day of the event. Stay tuned for something awesome. 😊

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – Day 2 deals

We’ll be updating this products go on sale on the final day of the event. Stay tuned for something awesome. 😊

Frequent Prime Day questions

Should I wait for Black Friday? 

You can’t guarantee that the product you want will be on sale in the future, much less at a desirable price or in stock at a location near you. If it’s something you really want or need you might want to jump on it as soon as you can. 

How to get Amazon Prime in Canada

If you’re just starting out in the service and haven’t gotten it yet, you can start with a 30-month free trial, after which it’s $7.99 per month or $79.00 for the whole year. If you’re in Quebec, rather than a free trial, you can get an initial 2-month membership for $7.99. 

Students are also eligible for Prime Student, for 50% off, where you get all the same access to movies, deals and streaming for just $3.99 a month. 

What is Prime Day Live? 

Prime day Live is a concert hosted by Amazon, headlining some of the top stars of the year.

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