The Best Oven Proof Pans in Canada

If you love to cook, then you have probably considered buying an oven proof pan.  These pans are valued for their efficiency and convenience . Overall, these pans can truly enhance your cooking experience.

You have probably noticed there are a variety to choose from. There are also several things to know about oven proof pans before you make a purchase. This can make it hard to select an oven safe pan. To help you with your decision, we have created this buying guide that lists the best oven proof pans in Canada. Here you’ll find everything from cast iron skillets to budget friendly fry pans.

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Our top picks

What to look for in an oven proof pan

Materials: The most important thing to look for in an oven safe pan is the materials it is made of. There are four major materials used to make these pans.

  1. Cast Iron: Arguably, cast iron is the best metal for oven safe pans. The metal is good conductor of heat and will evenly heat your meal to capture flavour. Additionally, these pans will not rust or deteriorate as long as you properly clean them. Compared to other oven safe pans, cast iron requires more maintenance. Before you use a cast iron pan for the first time, you will have to season it. Seasoning is a cleaning process that protects the pan from rusting as well as maintain its natural sheen. Here is a great article on how to season a cast iron pan.
  2. Stainless Steel: This metal is durable under high temperatures, making it an ideal material for oven safe pans. However, most stainless steel pans are not non-stick, so your food my get stuck to it. Still, its durability and good heat conduction make stainless steel pans a great option. And as a bonus, many are dishwasher safe as well.
  3. Aluminum: Aluminum pans act the same way as aluminum foil on a baking tray. They are great at producing heat but not so great at retaining it. This means that it will take longer to cook food in an aluminum oven proof pan.
  4. Copper In the past, fully copper pans could make your food taste metallic. However, recent improvements to these pans means this awful aftertaste rarely happens. Now copper oven safe pans can compete with cast iron and stainless steel in conducting and retaining heat.

Note: If the pan has any plastic or wood on it, then you should not place it in an oven. The wood could burn or catch on fire and the plastic will melt. You should also see if the pan has a Teflon coating. Teflon makes the pan’s surface non-stick, but it can burn off and create toxic fumes under high temperatures. If your are unsure, check the pan to see if it is labeled oven safe.

Handles: Try to pick pans with cool-to-touch rivet handles. This makes it easier to take the pan out of the oven. Another thing to consider is whether you want a pan with a detachable handle. This depends on how much storage space you have, and how big your oven is.

Cleaning: The way you clean the pan can be an important factor. Some pans are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean. Other times, all you have to do is run the pan under warm water and wipe it down with a paper towel. As mentioned earlier, cast iron pans require more delicate care when it comes to cleaning them. Every so often, you will need to re-season your cast iron pan.

Best oven proof pan with a lid

Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet

The Cuisinel cast iron skillet is a versatile cooking tool. With this skillet, you can bake, grill, broil, and braise food. To aid in your cooking, this skillet comes with a tempered glass lid, which can go up to oven temperatures of 350 degrees F. The Cuisinel cast iron skillet also comes with a heat resistant silicone handle cover (Note: the cover should not go into an oven). This skillet comes pre-seasoned, and its cast iron design offers precise heat distribution for improved cooking.

There were several positives people wrote about in their customer reviews. First, many people thought the lid was perfect for cooking, easy to wash, and overall was well designed. They thought the skillet had good heat distribution and it was easy to clean (no detergent was needed, only hot water). Even though the Cuisinel cast iron skillet came pre-seasoned, most people seasoned it themselves. The reason for doing this was that they found the pre-seasoning to be inadequate.

  • Skillet is well designed.
  • Versatile.
  • Lid aides in cooking.
  • The pre-seasoning may be inadequate.

Best oven proof cast iron skillet

Lagostina Cast Iron Frying Pan

This cast iron frying pan is designed to be energy efficient. The Lagostina cast iron frying pan offers excellent heat retention, and it evenly distributes heat. This pan is also durable. It has a warp resistant body that is made to last for several years of use. In the oven, the Lagostina can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F.

Many customers said that they were able to create great tasting food with the Lagostina cast iron pan. Also, once it was seasoned properly, most people found this pan to be virtually non-stick. As mentioned before, cast iron pans need more maintenance than other pans. If nor cared for properly, the Lagostina cast iron fry pan will deteriorate. Some people struggled with properly cleaning/handling this cast iron pan. This is likely the reason behind many of the negative reviews on the product’s Amazon page. However, if you know how to properly use and clean cast iron, then the Lagostina cast iron frying pan is a great cooking appliance.

  • Energy efficient design.
  • Can withstand high oven temperatures.
  • Requires more maintenance than other pans, which some people may find annoying.

Best budget oven proof pan

Granitestone non-stick frying pan

This product from Granitestone is a non-stick frying pan at an affordable price. The pan’s surface is coated three times with premium granite stone minerals and reinforced with diamonds. These two materials make it easy to flip, toss, and release food. They also make the pan durable and scratch resistant. Because this frying pan is non-stick, you do not need to use butter or oil in cooking. This results in much healthier food. In the oven, the Granitestone non-stick frying pan is safe up to 500 degrees F. In terms of cleaning, you can place the pan in the dishwasher.

Customers found this Granitestone frying pan had a great non-stick surface. Some small remnants of food may remain on the surface, but they can be easily cleaned off. One negative noted was that the pan’s handle was too long. One person almost knocked the pan off the stove when they pumped into it. Also, the long handle means this pan may not fit in small ovens.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Non-stick surface.
  • Handle is too long, which can be a safety hazard.

Best oven proof pan with removable handles

Cleverona Essential Fry Pan

The Cleverona fry pan is good option for people with limited storage space, small kitchens, or small ovens. This pan has an ergonomic handle that detaches easily and snaps on securely. The detachable handle makes it easy to store the pan, which saves space in your kitchen. You will also have more room for the pan in your oven. The Cleverona pan also comes with a universal lid with a silicone rim. It is heat resistant and has a steam vent to prevent pressure build up.

Several customers said that the detachable handle worked flawlessly. More than one person said that this pan is the perfect appliance to take camping or on a vacation, thanks to its space saving detachable handle. The Cleverona fry pan’s non-stick surface was another plus, but one person said the material faded after several years of use.

  • Perfect for small kitchens.
  • Non-stick surface can fade over time.

Best oven proof pan set

Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet Set

For those looking for a good deal, look no further than this cast iron skill set from Cuisinel. With this set, you will get a 10 inch and 12 inch cast iron skillet, along with a book of recipes. Both skillets have all the features and properties of the Cuisinel cast iron skillet, such as silicone handle covers, tempered glass lids, cooking versatility, and even heat distribution.

Customer reviews for these skillets were overwhelmingly positive. Overall, people found the Cuisinel cast iron skillets to be a quality product at an affordable price. However, one common complaint was the skillets were heavy, which is common with most cast iron appliances. Because of the heavy weight some people had trouble lifting the skillets or just found them uncomfortable to hold.

  • Affordable price for high quality products.
  • Heavier than other skillets.

Our methodology

For this buying guide, we spent over eight hours researching oven safe pans. We only considered products rated four or more stars. We also read countless customer reviews to understand what people want out of a good oven proof pan. Our team referenced other websites when we needed additional information, like the best oven safe recipes for beginners. Lastly, we based our picks on the design and features of the pan.

Frequently asked oven safe pan questions

How do you tell if a pan is oven safe?

The best way to tell if a pan is oven safe is to check the product box or manufacturer’s directions. Both will say whether the pan is safe to put in the oven. If you do not have those on hand, then check the pan’s construction. A pan is oven safe if it is entirely made of metal. If the pan has any plastic or wood elements, then you should not put it in the oven.

Is there an oven safe symbol?

There are oven safe symbols, but they all differ slightly. If you see a small drawing of an oven on the product box, manual, or the pan itself, then that pan is oven safe.

Can you put any pan in the oven?

If the pan is entirely made of metal, then it should be oven safe. However, pans will differ on the maximum temperature they can withstand. The general temperature for oven safe pans is 350 degrees F. After that, the temperature for each pan differs. Some pans are oven safe up to 480 degrees F, while other are oven safe up to 500 degrees F. Non-stick pans are oven safe, but they should not be put in if you are using the broiler function. The non-stick surface is not designed for the high temperatures of a broiler.

Why should I use an oven proof pan?

Oven safe pans are worth it for their convenience and efficiency. They are perfect for recipes that require both stove top cooking and oven baking. All you need to do is fire the pan directly into the oven. Oven safe pans can also safe you money. You do not need to buy extra cooking appliances like baking trays or Dutch ovens if you own an oven proof pan.

What’s a good beginner cast iron skillet recipe?

Using a cast iron skillet for the first time can feel like a daunting task. You can cook many dishes with these skillets, so knowing where to begin can be difficult. A quick and easy recipe to begin with is fried eggs. Be it scrambled or sunny side up, starting with a simple fired egg dish is a great way to start. After you have cooked up some eggs, you can move on to meat dishes like pork chops or steaks. These meat dishes will demonstrate the cast iron skillet’s stove-to-oven capabilities.

What are some good oven safe pan recipes?

You can find plenty of oven safe pan recipes online. Many of them are great for beginners. Here are some of recipes we’d like to try:

Here are some links to other oven safe pan recipes:

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