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The Best Local Bakery in Each Major City Across Canada 

In a country as large as Canada, it makes sense that there are large varying differences in the local breads and bakeries, province to province. Coast to coast, the ingredients and signature foods can change the simplest of dishes – so below are the best local bakeries in each major city across the country with the best breads and desserts. 

Purebread – Vancouver, BC


Purebread Bakery is a local family bakery in Vancouver, BC (that also has locations in Whistler, Squamish, and even a market in the YVR airport) that is well known for their fresh breads, savouries, cakes, and other treats that vary daily and they love to experiment with new and exciting goods. 

They have brioche bread, croissants, fresh breads that change daily/weekly, cheese and chive scones, lemon blueberry basil scones, frittatas, and a whole lot more. There is even a spicy chili cheddar cornbread, spinach feta rolls, and flourless chocolate chip cookies. Loaves, cakes, and a large range of breads that are freshly mixed, shaped, and baked every single day. No added sugar or preservatives – all of their taste comes from the fermentation process and the time they are allowed to develop flavour. A few staples are available daily, and for the rest, they vary the selection so that there is always something new to try. 

Some examples of their variety for breads include hazelnut fig, lavender rosemary, whole wheat sourdough, honey walnut sourdough, pure grain, olive rosemary, ciabatta, rustic Italian, old stumpie rye, asiago potato rosemary, and seriously seedy. 


Image source: Purebread’s Instagram

Duchess Bake Shop – Edmonton, AB


Long lines snaking down 124th Street in Edmonton means that you’re most likely around the Duchess Bake Shop. Known for it’s pastries, breads, and all homemade with the best ingredients sourced locally. The pies are well known for being the finest in the city, with staples all year round, as well as specials sprinkled throughout the seasons – it’s a sure bet that you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy whether it’s breads, baked goods, and pastries. 


Image source: Duchess’ Instagram

Rio Vida Gluten Free Bakery – Edmonton, AB


If you’re looking for a bakery in Alberta’s capital that caters to gluten free (and other allergen related speciality baked goods), Rio Vida gluten Free Bakery has you covered.  They have gluten, dairy, egg, and sugar-free options available, including vegan friendly – all without sacrificing any flavour or deliciousness. 

They can even take special orders for any allergens you may have that aren’t listed in their regular lineups of baked goods. They’re open five to six days a week, being closed on Mondays and are occasionally open for a few hours on Sundays. The best part is that they have frozen doughs and pie crusts available for purchase to bake on your own and use, dry mixes, and even ready made frozen dishes such as perogies, buns, chicken pot pies, empanadas, pepperoni calzones, and flatbreads. 

Manuel Latruwe Patisserie – Calgary, AB


Winning the International Patisserie Grand Prix (one of the most prestigious pastry awards in the world), Manuel Latruwe moved from Belgium to Calgary to open his own bakery in 1998. His contemporary creations incorporate top tier ingredients including local, such as butter, milk, and cream from Alberta. Pure maple syrup, European cheeses, and French wines. 

Not just pastries and cakes are made here, as they offer over 20 styles of rustic sourdough and classic breads, baguettes, and buns for every occasion. Everything is all made fresh, baked in the morning and they are all based on classic European methods, using only the finest natural ingredients – no commercial mixes or commercial sourdough starters. 

Another interesting and lovely mix of products they offer are their ‘Take and Bake’ pastries and breads. It was born about 15 years ago when customers would ask to freeze products so they could travel further with them, especially anyone coming from out of the city area. Now they offer a wide selection of baked goods you can fool-proof bake yourself at home or bring to family gatherings, such as croissants, cinnamon buns, Belgian waffles, quiches, pre-baked baguettes, gourmet thin crust pizza, croque monsieur – and more. 

Croissants and bread buns are their speciality, and they do offer some vegan options as well. 


Image source: Manuel Latruwe’s Instagram

Christie’s Bakery – Saskatoon, SK


With daily-baked artisan breads, this hot spot is well known locally for its fresh, wood-fired oven Neopolitan styled pizzas, along with their other baked goods and pastries. Wood-fired makes all the difference with taste and quality. 

A Nutana-neighbourhood hot spot staple, there’s no shortage of baked goods if you’re stopping in or looking for a new place to get breads and sweets for your days. The cinnamon buns are a must try, as the morning buns are made using croissant dough and they’re filled with cinnamon, sugar, and drizzled with syrup just after baking for that additional sweetness without being too overpowering. Co-owner Tracy Muzzolini also won silver in the 2008 Louis Lesaffre Cup (which is a sibling competition to the World Cup of Bread Baking) so you know that it’s going to be good and worth checking out. 


Image source: Christies Bakery’s Instagram

Pennyloaf Bakery – Winnipeg, MB


For all of your bread needs in Winnipeg, Pennyloaf Bakery is the neighbourhood bakery for everyone. Touted as one of the best places for breads and baked goods, this small-batch artisan bakery specializes in Old-World style breads that’s made fresh daily in a wood-fired oven. 

They offer an array of European pastries, scones, and some of the best cookies in the entire city. The chocolate chip, pretzel, and potato chip cookie is noted as a local favourite, as long as the red velvet cookie as well. You can order online, they do catering, and they also offer sandwiches as well for lunch if you’d like to stop in. 


Image source: Pennyloaf’s website

Bomou Bakery – Toronto, ON


Bomou is a French pastry shop that specializes in buttery croissants, mousse, breads, and even house-made jams that you can purchase and take home with you. Breads are baked in several batches throughout the day to ensure that there is always something fresh, with the first one starting at around 4:30am. 

A main focus for bread loaves are their sourdough, selling full loaves for $7 or baguettes as well for $4.50 each. Olive fougasse, full loaves of rye, spelt, and there is even a seeded white sourdough variety as well. The bakery also sells amazing looking pastries and bon bons filled with flavours such as an orange whisky, vanilla, strawberry, and including decadent croissant sandwiches. Mango blueberry tarts, cookies, canales, and housemade chocolate bars. 

If you’re looking for airy and different flavour profiles, their pistachio mousse made with fresh rosewater, raspberry, rose petals, and edible gold leaf can hit that sweet tooth with an additional fancy measure that’s sure to make your days better. 


Image source: Bomou’s website

Art-Is-In Bakery – Ottawa, ON


A favourite of visitors and locals, the Art-Is-In Bakery has some of the absolute best artisan bread in the city and is continually recommended as a must-visit while in Ottawa. Located in a trendy industrial area of the city, it’s family owned and always has a wide array of delicious freshly baked bread. Sourdough and levain breads are a staple, while their dynamite loaves have flavours such as rosemary garlic, jalapeno cheddar, and those are a perfect accompaniment to any sandwich or snack throughout your days. They’re open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, with a dine-in café and patio. They offer a pickle melt, served on a fresh baked bread loaf, or on a tasty pretzel bun. You can even order an artisanal pizza loaded sky high with toppings of your choosing on their housemade dough. Kronuts, croissants, chewy cookies, cinnamon buns, and speciality pastries such as espresso brownies and decadent fruit tarts are available as well that will give you the best experience. 

Automne Boulangerie – Montreal, QC


Montreal could be a list all on its own for the amount of bakeries and amazing French pastries and breads. A well known and locally enjoyed bakery, Automne Boulangerie opened in 2016 to a huge fanfare, which was for good reason. The duo behind the bakery, Julien Roy and Seth Gabrielse, favour using simple, seasonal, quality ingredients and it shows. The simplest of their breads still manage to stand out – which is saying a lot when there is no shortage of boulangeries in Quebec/Montreal. 

Baguettes, croissants, and other daily baked goods are available – with their seasonal fares happening throughout the year, changing depending on the ingredients. 


Image source: Automne’s website

Titus Bakery – St, John’s, NB

Website: Titus Bakery

Titus Bakery is a beloved family-owned bakery that has a well-deserved reputation for creating some of the best pastries and doughnuts around the province. A small, cute little shop, the bakery has a well-loved reputation. Their commitment to fresh ingredients hasn’t changed over the years and they continue to only use the freshest ingredients in their creations. 

The menu features various pastries, breads, doughnuts, buns, and croissants. Setting them apart from other bakeries is their dedication to preserving traditional techniques and the resulting authentic pastries. All of their baked goods are created from locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, ensuring top-notch quality and flavours while supporting other local businesses. Free from chemical additives and preservatives, they provide a commitment to using natural everything.

A favourite is their pumpkin muffins, pan rolls, cookies, and their breads of course. 

LF Bakery – Halifax, NS


Top of the list for many bakeries in Halifax (and Nova Scotia as a whole), LF Bakery will tend to come up as one of the absolute best. Stepping inside the bakery is always a treat for the senses, welcoming sweet aromas from freshly baked pastries, loaves, and baguettes are always worth the visit. 

Serving some of the best croissants in the city, along with their bread loaves, beignets, milk buns, tarts, and more. Stacked high behind the counter for you to try to choose from. Flavours are ever-changing, with staples available throughout the year as well. Apple rhubarb, pepito, pear tarts, apple nest, sesame croissants, almond croissants, etc. just to name a few that you can find. They were awarded 2023’s Gold for Halifax’s Best Bakery as well, so it’s worth stopping by if you’re in the area/city. 

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