The Best Powerline Adaptors in Canada

If you’ve ever noticed that your home has wi-fi dead zones or spots that don’t have a stable connection despite your router and signal being strong, a powerline adapter might be your best bet to combat those issues so that you can comfortably sit on the couch or be in the kitchen without losing any signal strength. 

Shopping and searching for the right power adapter can be difficult, and so we’ve compiled this helpful list below to better help you on your way to getting a stable and smooth connection again, everywhere in your home that you’d need it. 

Read on for our full review of the best powerline adapters in Canada this year.

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Our top picks

How to choose a powerline adapter

When you’re looking for a powerline adapter, keep these in mind: 

  • Speed – If you can afford to get the fastest speed for a powerline adapter, it is highly recommended to do so. You may not hit the highest speeds listed on the box, however, it’s always important to get the fastest speed possible to ensure a more stable connection around your home. 
  • Ethernet Ports – The majority of powerline adapters come with only one Ethernet port which may be fine for some users, but if you’re looking to connect your Smart TV, game consoles, and computers in a second room or space that needs the addition internet connections – look for one that has multiple, unless you don’t mind switching between your electronics for what’s directly connected. 
  • Electrical Interferences – Using other electronics while you’re downloading or buffering videos, etc. can greatly affect your speed while using a powerline adapter since it works through your home’s electrical grid system. Microwaves, larger use items can slow down your speed and stability. 
  • Cost – Lower-end adapters hover around the $50 range, while the higher levels can reach $200+. You may not need the top of the line for your connection issues, and you may not even need the highest speed depending on your usage and personal needs. 
  • Reliability – Powerline adapters are not all created equally, and they can perform better or worse depending on your home set-up and what may be causing interference between your router and signal in general. Metal, concrete, mirrors, etc. are huge wi-fi signal blockers that can be worked around, but you may not get the best signal even with a booster. 

Why trust us 

It can be tedious and overwhelming to choose the correct electronic devices that can help our day-to-day living. Our team spent over 10 hours researching and reviewing the top-rate powerline adapters and chose the best for our list, geared towards all budgets and styles so that most users will be able to find a perfect fit. 

The best powerline adapter in Canada

TP Link AV1000

If you’re looking for a simple plug-and-play powerline adapter that you can just plug in and go to start getting better internet performance, TP-Link has you covered. 

A trusted name for electronic devices, TP-Link is a great brand known for their quality at decently affordable prices. With this AV1000 powerline adapter, you can increase your internet stability and speed, using an ethernet in conjunction with the adapter – just plug one end into your adapter and the other into your game console, PC, or other device that you’d like a wired connection for. 

With up to 1,000MB/s (megabytes) per second for data transfers, you shouldn’t have to worry about slow or lagging connections for watching movies, streaming TV, or playing console games online with others. There will be different speeds at different times, depending on what other electronics are being used, since powerline adapters go through your circuits. Be sure that when you’re placing your adapters, that they are on the same power circuit for best results in terms of stability and speed. 

A caveat when using powerline adapters is that depending on your home layout and how the circuits are placed, you may not have the highest speed or stability, but it should help. These are ethernet cable only, not Wi-Fi enabled extenders, so do keep that in mind when purchasing. These adapters also feature a Power-Saving Mode that can lower power consumption by 85%, which can in the long run save you some dollars with power usage as well. 

  • Plug and play, no configuration needed. 
  • Reaches higher speeds.  
  • May not work for all circuit configurations.
  • Pricier.

Best cheap powerline adapter

TRENDnet Powerline 500 AV Nano Adapter Kit

For those who are looking for a decently priced powerline adapter that can get the job done without needing top of the line speeds, TRENDNet’s Powerline-500 adapter should be more than enough. 

With a speed up to 500MB/s, it isn’t the fastest powerline adapter on the market, but it will get the job done if all you’re needing is a more stable and solid connection that can help amp up your internet speeds to a usable rate. A perk of these adapters is that both connections have pass-through capability, allowing you to still plug in other electronics without losing an entire socket space. 

They are compact and work using Ethernet cables, like most other top-rated powerline adapters, no Wi-Fi enabled however, so do keep that in mind if you’re wanting a Wi-Fi capable powerline adapter, this one won’t help, but there are others on this list that are wi-fi enabled. 

Just simply plug your Ethernet cable from the powerline adapter straight into your game console, computer, whatever you wish to have a stable, quicker wired connection with, and it should start to work almost immediately. Some configurations may need to be done depending on your home layout and how your circuits are set to run throughout, but as long as you have them both set on the same circuit, it should be great. 

  • Great cost. 
  • Pass-through enabled. 
  • Easy install.
  • Only up to 500MB/s speed.

Best powerline adapter for gaming

NETGEAR Powerline Adapter 2000 Mbps

Most gaming set-ups are hardwired directly from the router when possible to ensure the best stability and speed, especially when playing online against others, but due to home layouts, where the internet needs to be initially set-up can make that trickier, especially if your gaming set-ups are in different rooms or across the house entirely. 

Netgear’s 2000MB/s powerline adapter reaches blazing speeds and stability through both of its Ethernet ports. Unlike most that just have one line out, this has two for whatever you’d like to make a hardwired connection with. A console and a PC would work well, two game consoles, whatever works best for your set-up. 

AV2 technology allows Gigabit speeds for improved coverage and stability, allowing you to stream 4K HD games and online streaming without much latency or lag. Both adapters have pass-through capabilities, allowing you to plug directly into them without losing any outlet space. 

Netgear has stated that you can even connect multiple adapters if needed to ensure an even better network, though you don’t want to spread your wired connections too thin, losing speeds and stability between too many adapters. 

  • High speed and stability.
  • Pass-through enabled. 
  •  Pricier. 

Best powerline adapter with Wi-Fi capability

TP-Link AV1000Mbps Powerline WiFi Extender, Powerline Adapter

With Ethernet speeds up to 1000MB/s and the dual-band Wi-Fi range reaching up to 750MB/s, if you’re looking for the fastest Wi-Fi capable Powerlink adapter, TP-Link’s range may be what you’re searching for. 

Reaching up to 1000MB/s while wired through the Ethernet port, it’s ideal for anyone that needs extra stability and speed within their home, while the Wi-Fi capability is perfect for a family or if you need faster speeds with anything that can’t be connected via Ethernet such as certain game consoles like the Nintendo Switch or even some Smart TVs still, it can be nice to have a more secure Wi-Fi connection. 

Power-Saving mode automatically reduces your consumption by 85% and does not require any additional settings changes or configurations. It’s an easy install and the data encryption ensures that your internet is safe while being used. The simplified set-up allows you to easily tap the Clone button on your adapter that will clone and synchronize with your current Wi-Fi home settings, no inputted information needed. 

Like all powerline adapters, all you have to do is plug in one adapter to your router and the other in the room you desire your wired connection and high-speed to be. Gaming consoles, a PC, even a streaming set-up is possible with both the Ethernet and Gigabit speed Wi-Fi. 

  • Wi-Fi capable. 
  • Simple to install and use. 
  • Pricier.
  • No pass-through.

Best upscale powerline adapter

Comtrend Powerline Adapter with Pass-Through Outlet

If money is no objection or you’re comfortable with spending a bit when looking for a powerline adapter, Comtrend’s powerline adapters will fit the bill. 

An easy and quick install with these power adapters should have your internet connection working faster and more stable from the get-go as soon as you connect in with an Ethernet cable. Especially if you live in an old house, apartment, townhouse, etc. that has thicker concrete walls or a basement that can cut off Wi-Fi and internet signals relatively well. 

Reviews wise, these have a great rating, and most users are impressed with their purchase. While some other adapters reach 30-40MB/s, these were hitting consistently higher in almost all reviews and cases. The speed and stability will depend on your current circuit set-up and internet speed in general with your router, but if you’re having a hard time with your internet reaching other rooms, this adapter should help. 

They both do come with the pass-through capability so that you don’t lose an outlet either. 

  • Great customer support. 
  • Pass-through capable.
  • Can connect to 16 devices within power network. 
  • Pricey.  

Best powerline adapter with pass-through

Comtrend 1200Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter

Pass-through powerline adapters allow you to plug something into them as if it were still just an outlet space. They can cost a bit more, however the ability to have an outlet space instead of losing one is well worth a few extra bucks. 

Comtrend is a known brand with fantastic customer service and products. They are a bit pricier, but the cost matches the quality for these devices. With a speed up to 1200MB/s, they can handle all of the streaming and online gameplay you and your family will need. 

The technology allows fast speeds and stability through the circuitry of your home, ensuring better connections through the Ethernet, especially in rooms that may not receive well. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi capability, but if all you need is a hardwired connection through Ethernet cables to a PC, game console, or Smart TV then this should be all you need. 

The pass-through capability lets you plug in whatever you’d like straight through the adapters, so that you aren’t losing any outlet space, which is great if you don’t have any extra sockets and need to utilize every plug-in that you have. 

  • Pass-through capable. 
  • 1200MB/s range.
  • Easy install.
  • Pricey.
  • No Wi-Fi.  

How we picked the best powerline adapters

For this particular buying guide, we chose the best and top-rated powerline adapters based on user reviews, trusted review websites, and overall ratings for quality, speed, and if they’re worth the cost. We wanted users to be able to find a powerline adapter to suit their needs whether it’s budget, large or small spaces, or simple use across the board. 

Frequently asked powerline adapter questions

What is a powerline adapter?  

Powerline Adapters are like wi-fi extenders in that they help your internet connection reach dead zones or weak areas or can help stabilize a weak signal.  

How does a powerline adapter work? 

They use two units connected at different spots within your home to route the signal through your power grid. Unlike wi-fi extenders that are stand-alone units that can extend your wi-fi reach simply by trying to extend the signal. 

What’s the average powerline adapter price?  

Powerline Adapters are average around $50 to $200 depending on their brand and specs. 

Is a powerline adapter worth it? 

It can be if your wi-fi is otherwise weak and you want a stable connection. They work through your homes already existing wires to create a high-speed network. However, they can still drop signal or not be as strong as you hope, compared to a hard-wired Ethernet cable straight from your router. 

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