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Best Waterproof Mascara in Canada

When it comes to mascara, it can be tricky and overwhelming to decide what you want and what works for you. Waterproof mascara is in a league of its own, with its ability to withstand unexpected mishaps like rain or tears. They can last all day and night with minimal or no smudging while keeping your lashes looking fresh. Our guide below will point you in the direction you may need for whatever waterproof mascara you want, such as hydrating for dry lashes, big and bold results, and everything in between.

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What to look for in a waterproof mascara

Waterproof vs water-resistant – If you’re in the market for a true waterproof mascara, make sure that you’re looking for a waterproof mascara and not accidentally purchasing a water-resistant one instead. Be sure to check the labels when you’re shopping! All of the mascaras in this guide are specifically waterproof and won’t budge during your day (and night) 

Smudge-resistant/non-flaking/non-clumping – Of course, the biggest selling point of waterproof makeup is that it won’t smudge, run, or bleed during long periods of time from application to removal. You want your mascara to stay put during any unexpected rain showers or crying sessions crop up. Some mascaras aren’t as smudge-proof as others even if they are waterproof, so be sure to cross-reference what level of smudge proof and no flaking you would like. Along with that, clumping will vary between brushes and mascara formula – most on this list are non-clumping and mean it. 

Desired outcome effect –  Like any other mascara, the desired outcome effect is important as well. Do you want more subtle mascara or large and bold lashes? Different mascaras yield different results for length, volume, and definition. If you’re aiming for less volume, opt for mascara that won’t build up volume too quickly. A volumizing formula will lend to bold, dramatic lashes. Lengthening mascara can also plump up lashes for additional definition. Buildable formulas are also available for waterproof mascaras, contrary to some beliefs. They are great for day to day wear as you can change up your look and touch up when needed without creating flakey or cakey mascara on your lashes. 

Conditioning ingredients – Waterproof mascaras are very drying and since they often require a bit of elbow grease to remove them, sometimes even scrubbing with micellar water or oil-based remover won’t get the job done in one pass. If you have sensitive eyes, it may be beneficial to only wear waterproof mascara a few times a week. If you have dry or brittle lashes to start with as well, look for formulas that have included ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, nourishing oils and waxes. 

Covergirl Clump Crusher

Covergirl Clump Crusher

Covergirl is well known for their cosmetics and their mascaras are no different. This affordable waterproof mascara is a no-clump buildable formula that will allow you to have fresh and more natural lashes or built up to a more dramatic finish. 

They claim 20x more volume vs natural lashes and they are of course, cruelty-free. It delivers separated lines without any clumping or ‘spiderwebbing’ effects present. This formula does dry out lashes (like most waterproof mascara does), but it can be worn every day without any ill effects or problems to sensitive eyes or dried out lashes with proper removal. One of the most convenient aspects of this particular waterproof mascara is that it can be found in most drugstores wherever makeup is sold, such as London Drugs for less than $20. 

  • Cruelty-free.
  • Zero clumping.
  • Budget friendly. 
  • May not deliver as much volume as some users want. 

Loreal Paris Telescopic

Loreal Paris’ waterproof mascara comes in varying types, but the Telescopic Original enhances lashes with intense length and lash by lash separation, which means minimal or no clumps. The flexible precision brush can take some getting used to according to top user reviews, but it works very well once you do so. It has a flat side, while the comb side separates lashes with more precision than other mascaras. 

It is ophthalmologist tested and works very well on sensitive eyes, and is fragrance free. This mascara can be used on top of or over other Loreal Paris mascaras to get whatever desired effect you’d like if you want a more stacked look that still has waterproof qualities that won’t flake or budge throughout the day or night. 

  • Lengthening.
  • Ophthalmologist tested for sensitive eyes.
  • Clump-free.
  • Zero flaking.
  • Can be very difficult to remove.
  • The flexible wand may take some time to get used to. 

Maybelline New York Sky High

This beautiful waterproof mascara from Maybelline is available in two different versions that both have multiple colours available. There is a washable mascara and this waterproof formula. 

As the name implies, this has a sky high impact from every angle as it helps keep a curl and offers full volume length. It is a volumizing and lengthening product that is infused with bamboo extract and fibers to produce full, long lashes that aren’t weighed down and stay lightweight even if you apply multiple coats. If you have sensitive eyes, these are ophthalmologist tested as well to ensure that it is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  

It removes fairly easily compared to some waterproof mascaras and is less drying as well.  

  • Multiple colours available.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Great for sensitive eyes.
  • Lightweight. 
  • A bit more expensive than some others. 

Loreal Paris Volumizing

Another waterproof mascara from Loreal Paris, this volumizing formula ensures thick lashes without any real clumping or weight issues. It’s uniquely formulated to soften and build up lashes 5x their natural thickness. 

The brush thickens lashes evenly and smoothly, while leaving them still soft and manageable with virtually no flaking, smudging, or clumping. Loreal also has a lash primer that is a perfect match for this mascara that allows it to hold on even better and instantly builds a more dramatic volume – much like eyeshadow primer allows it to grip better for more colour payout, this mascara does the same. 

  • Volumizing.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Easy to find. 
  • Can flake after a long day. 

Lancome Monsieur

Lancome is known for their higher end makeup products, and their conditioning waterproof mascara is well worth it. If you have sensitive or brittle lashes, you may want to wear this particular mascara less than every day – maybe a few times a week to avoid damage or any irritation. It is stated by Lancome themselves that this is worn casually. 

The conditioning formula is good for dry lashes and it dries down instantly, so if you’re in a hurry this is the perfect mascara to throw on and forget about all day. It lasts without flaking or smudging for up to 24-hours that will last against water and eye rubbing fairly well if you’re working or out late. Lashes feel smooth and it doesn’t clump up or ‘spiderweb’ like some mascaras can do. 

  • High volume building.
  • Last for up to 24-hours.
  • Dries quickly. 
  • Can be very drying for brittle lashes.
  • May not be suitable for every day.
  • More pricey than other products. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost

If you suffer from sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses, or have brittle, easily broken eyelashes – this is the waterproof mascara for you. With hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, and keratin as the enriching ingredients, this hydrating mascara is a wonderful addition to all makeup kits. 

Specially formulated to boost hydration and it coats every lash to help strengthen and instantly plump up the look of lashes without any irritation. It’s non-smudging, non-flaking, and safe for contact lens wearers as well. Lahes look glossy, smooth, and don’t spiderweb or appear cakey. Healthier looking lashes that look good and last all day. 

  • Best for sensitive eyes and dry/brittle eyelashes.
  • Great for contact lens wearers.
  • Non-clumping. 
  • Pricier.
  • May not give full, dramatic volume. 

Our Methodology

For this article, we chose the best waterproof mascaras based on top-rated user reviews, verified reviews from trusted websites, and our own personal experiences with these makeup products and how they work and hold up day to day. We considered different budget price points and varying features such as hydrating formulas or easier to remove mascaras. 

Questions about waterproof mascara

How to remove waterproof mascaras? 

Waterproof mascaras are notorious for being difficult to remove and as such, should be removed with care without damaging your eyes or lashes in the process. Oil-based cleansers are the way to go, because as the name suggests – water won’t budge these mascaras. 

Micellar water and oil based makeup removers are the best way to gently remove any residue and waterproof mascara that may be stubborn. 

How does waterproof mascara work? 

The ingredients in waterproof mascara are typically silicone or wax-based since they don’t mix well with water, they’re the perfect ingredients to keep mascara on without much smudging or budging. The right balance of oil-and-water soluble ingredients allows waterproof mascara to resist any ill effects that normal mascara suffers through.

Is waterproof mascara safe and healthy? 

Yes, waterproof mascara is safe and healthy just like any other mascara out there. Keep the ingredients list in mind and any hydrating or additional benefits that can help keep your natural lashes (and eyes) free from irritation and severe drying effects, especially if you’re wearing it every day. 

What ingredient makes mascara waterproof? 

The ingredients in waterproof mascara are varying blends of silicone or wax-based soluble products that ensure that it applies smoothly while staying resistant to smudging or bleeding. Dimethicone is a main ingredient in a lot of waterproof mascaras and by itself is a drying ingredient. 

Is Covergirl a good mascara brand? 

Yes, Covergirl is a good mascara brand. They have varying mascara types for all eyes and results wanted, from more subtle looks to bold lashes, all while staying as a budget-friendly brand that is available in most drugstores across Canada where makeup can be purchased, such as London Drugs.

How to fix dry waterproof mascara? 

You can fix dried out waterproof mascara by adding a few drops of aloe vera gel and shake the tube and shaking vigorously for a minute or two. Keep in mind that ‘reviving’ dried out waterproof mascara is typically not a good idea as it can and most likely will interfere with the waterproof effect. And as always, eye safety is important and mascara is notorious for harboring germs and bacteria. It’s always best to purchase a fresh tube. 

Is Sky High mascara waterproof? 

Sky High mascara is a waterproof mascara formula infused with bamboo extract and fibers for lightweight but waterproof results. 

What’s a good makeup remover for mascara? 

Micellar water and oil-based makeup removers and cleansers are the best makeup removers to get waterproof makeup off with minimal issues or damage to your natural lashes and eyes. 

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