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Hair creams are a staple in good hair health and styling. It not only fulfills styling needs but it also works to make hair healthier. Natural ingredients such as rosemary oil, hemp, peppermint oil, and almond oil give hair a shine and nourishment without drying it out or stripping it of its oils when you wash it out/wear it every day for styling. It also helps to fight off damage done by harmful pollutants, UV rays, and daily dirt and dust that can accumulate. 

Our guide below will help explain how hair creams can help hair and style, without any of the harsher chemicals that can weigh down hair. 

What to look for in hair matte cream and how to use it

When it comes to looking for matte hair creams and how to use them, keep these important things in mind:  

Hair texture and weight – Hair creams and hair products in general will work more or less effectively depending on your hair texture and weight. For example, curly and curling related creams and products won’t do anything in pin-straight thin hair and will work less effectively than a cream that may be lightweight and better for straight shorter hair.  

Hair thickness – Hair thickness also plays a part in hair cream and how it affects your overall style and how it works for you. If you have thin and fine hair, or fine hair in general, you typically would avoid any hair creams or waxes that can weigh it down and make it unmanageable or appear greasy instead of slick and bouncy (if that’s your intended look)  

Any specific concerns – If you have any concerns such as balding or thinning, there are hair creams that are perfect for it, especially matte hair creams. Hair creams are also perfect for any needed moisture and shine that you may not get from other products, since creams contain natural ingredients such as peppermint oils, almond oils, rosemary oils, and it will help fight off damages from other factors such as UV rays and more from daily living. 

Hair cream vs Pomade vs Wax

Hair creams, pomades, waxes, and gels are sometimes all used interchangeably even though they are very different products with the same sort of end results, though they do factor in ingredients and how they work.  

Creams are for casual and fresh styles that are easy to do, while also nourishing as they rest in your hair. It adds natural shine to rough hair without making it greasy or sticky like some products can tend to do. Be careful to not use too much though, a little goes a long way, and it will leave you with clean, nice smelling good to boot. High maintenance and party style types such as mohawks, pompadours, and other high volume styles are not going to be achieved with creams. 

It smooths tame hair, tames fly-aways, and nourishes dry and frizzy hair with much needed oils that allow for healing without looking sticky or feeling crunchy.  

Pomades will make your hair have a high gloss sheen, with some making your hair look wet, even. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re going for a style that’s looking to create that sheen and gloss without being too heavy. Pomades can still nourish hair while styling as well, even though they may seem ‘greasy’. They can give a dose of nutrients while hiding flyaways and they do double duty with the polishing up. 

If you’re someone that tends to run their hand through their hands during the day, you may not want to use pomades. The product itself is meant to stay and be pliable and it won’t ‘dry down’ like hairsprays and mousse do. The holding power of pomade isn’t as strong as powerful gels that would keep hair, especially shorter hair, into place with some rigidity, a neat combed hairstyle can benefit greatly from good quality pomade. Medium to somewhat longer hair can benefit from pomade as the weight of the hair keeps it in place better. 

Waxes give your hair a matte finish. They’re thicker than gels but doesn’t harden or feel sticky to the touch. Too much wax can make your hair greasy or heavy as well. Most waxes are oil-based and have a moderate hold – which does make them harder to wash out at the end of the day and can lead to more damage and stripping oils. When using wax, only take a small amount and spread it evenly across your hands before applying to your hair. Apply it to your hair when it’s completely dry as well, as wet hair can cause it to clump or worse – as the oils will not play nice with water. 

LAVISH CARE Canada, Matte Cream Paste

The LAVISH CARE Canada Matte Cream Paste is a hair styling cream paste that allows for absolute control and a matte look that also washes off easily. Hir will look thicker and fuller with the ability to remain in the original look the day after. It offers strong immediate all day hold while staying malleable, for all hair types, and it can control even the most stubborn flyaways and hair. 

Use on dry or slightly wet hair to get the best results. It can be reactivated by water as well, so be cautious when using this while out in a storm or etc., as it can accidentally ruin your hair style if it gets too wet. It can be used every day without any consequence and can be used on dry or camp hair without any awful residue. It’s free from parabens, sulfates, alcohol, and other drying chemicals that can be found in other products. No animal testing and cruelty free. 

Layrite Natural Matte Cream

The Layrite Natural Matte Cream is a flexible, medium hold cream that holds your style in place all day while leaving your hair feeling soft and natural. The lightweight formula won’t weight down hair either, especially if you have fine or thinning hair. It adds shape, dimension, and  a matte look without looking too dull or dry. 

This clean matte finish is perfect for any short to medium length hair, as it will hold its place while being lightweight. The drier the hair, the higher the hold for the Layrite cream. They have several different kinds of it as well will varying levels of hold from original, natural, superholds, and even a cement clay finish that allows for high holds that will last. Simply apply a small amount to you palms (the smaller the better, a little goes a long way), distribute evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired. 

You can restyle by running your hands through your hair or using a comb, no water required at all. Rinses out easily as well with water alone. 

AG Care Stucco Matte Clay Paste with Long-Lasting Hold

The AG Care line has several versions for the best finish you’re looking for, whether it’s molding cream, stucco matte clay paste, pomade, or hard gel. They use all vegan ingredients that nourish your hair instead of dry it, while allowing your style to shine though. No silicones at all, their matte cream is ideal for styling with high hold and low shine without appearing dull. 

You can style without product build up, avoid crunchy, greasy, textures and the proteins will help you protect your hair health as its being used. No flaking or drying as the day goes on and it can be reactivated easily with some tousling and just as easily washed out with water when you’re done. Sea clay as the base component adds in beneficial minerals and castor oil moisturizes and replenishes, while the flower extracts in it add even more moisture and care. 



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