The Best Baby Monitors in Canada

Getting a baby monitor is one of the best things you can do for your freedom, since you can bring it everywhere in your home, while cooking, doing an indoor workout, reading a book, or doing anything else while keeping an eye if the baby is sleeping or awake. According to the National Library of Medicine, sleep time is related to subsequent cognitive and developmental benefits, as cognition, memory, and growth. Following your baby’s sleep quality at night is an important step, and a baby monitor can be your best friend.

Even going to the washroom can be a challenge with a baby, especially for new parents, so the monitor camera works almost like an investment in your quality of life. It gives you more independence and confidence during the day, and peace in the nighttime. If it’s a high-end model, you can even check your baby from outside, while you work.

Read on for our reviews of the best baby monitors in Canada.

Our Top Picks

What to look for in a monitor camera

  • Wi-Fi: Are you going to leave the baby with a nurse, and would like to check often if everything is well? So, you need to invest in a monitor camera with Wi-Fi, which gives access from anywhere.
  • Real-time communication: Today, many cameras have speakers and mics, making it possible to chat with the baby in real-time, which is great to keep them calm.
  • Night vision: Versatile, a good product needs to have a high-quality night vision to assure you will see check how the baby is doing and any other details.
  • Smart camera: This is a feature that increases the price range for a baby monitor, since this means compatibility with virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. You can ask Alexa or Google Assistant, depending on the camera, to show your baby’s room or anywhere else the smart baby monitor may be installed.
  • Motion and sound detection: This is also another feature that increases prices but can be useful in many cases since the camera will send you a phone notification whenever it detects an abnormal movement or sound.
  • High-resolution image: Nothing better than clearly seeing your baby and the room where they are, especially because babies are quite vulnerable until they can recognize danger levels and choking hazards. High image resolution can give you extra peace of mind and make all the difference without adding up too much to the final price of a baby monitor.

The Best Baby Monitors

KAMEP Baby Monitor

Affordable, if we consider that most baby monitors cost more than $100, the KAMET camera has a large LCD Screen (3.2-inches) and night vision, which provides a high-quality image to check the baby’s sleep routine during the day or at night with also a 2x zoom magnification function.

Besides hearing baby noises, it’s also possible to chat with them using the product’s mic and speaker. So, you can give a timely response whenever the baby needs it. Another benefit is the anti-noise technology, which makes the communication clearer between parents/guardians and baby.

Regarding the night vision we talked about before, the 940nm infrared LED lights make the night still clear, creating a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby while giving you visibility. The camera is easy to set up – no app or Wi-Fi is required, since the monitor and camera are connected directly, with 100% digital privacy, in the real-time transmission monitoring with a range up to 1100 inch in an open area. This is easily the best baby monitor without Wi-Fi.

With regards to safety, the monitor has a temperature function, letting you follow if the room temperature is too warm or too cold for the baby. This is a great helper in avoiding flus and health issues in general.

  • Follow the room temperature.
  • No Wi-Fi needed.
  • No app required.
  • LCD screen.
  • Night vision.
  • Low battery life.
  • 1100 inch in an open area.

HelloBaby Monitor

This video monitor has night vision, high-definition colour video, multi-angle setting, high-quality sound, talkback communication technology, long-range – up to 960 feet, 2x digital zoom, and many other features that improve everyone’s experience since also assures the guardian can check the baby position, his/her safety, and even the room temperature.

If the baby or toddler only sleeps listening to your voice, it’s possible to use the camera to gently talk to them into sleep. And if for some reason the baby wakes up at night, or throughout the day, you can interact with them while doing other things.

As the baby camera has a long-range, up to 960 feet on open spaces, is viable to watch the baby steps even if you are outdoors. It’s easily possible to leave the baby sleeping in their room while you clean the house, cook, work, check the backyard, or work out knowing that everything is well.

A good helper, the camera alerts about high or low room temperature in the room, increasing the safety and helping the guardian understand if the room is comfortable for the baby, which will positively affect the baby’s sleep.

  • Long range – up to 960 feet.
  • Multi-angle setting.
  • Night vision.
  • Room temperature.
  • Short battery life.

Hello Baby Monitor Camera

Basic but enough to give you some independence at home at the same time, the HelloBaby camera has 355° of horizontal rotation and 120° vertical ensuring you can check the baby even if they’re moving a little.

To chat with the baby or toddler, you don’t need to go anywhere. The two-way speaker makes it possible to communicate and distract the baby from a distance, which is quite useful, considering that sometimes they only need to hear our voice to go back to sleep or while playing.

With wireless technology, the baby monitor is practical and easy to set up. Although basic, it has a good-sized monitor (3.2″ LCD display), and digital encryption technology ensures a secure and reliable connection.

Other features that bring parents more peace of mind are the room temperature alert, night vision, lullaby, and sound level with a LED indicator to improve night vision.

  • Night vision.
  • Range up to 300m.
  • LCD display.
  • Room temperature alert.
  • Sound issues.

The Best Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Technological yet cute, the Cubo Ai Plus is an smart baby monitor that brings independence in many ways to all parents, since they can hear and see all the baby movements or noises in high resolution and real-time. Pediatrician co-created, it is a well-done and thought-out product with important features for guardians, detecting even if the baby’s mouth and nose are covered or if they’re facedown, which is so important especially when they are newborns. This is always a concern for parents at night, so ensuring the baby is breathing without having to go to their crib can make you truly confident to rest.

One of the nice things about this baby monitor is that it brings many benefits for users, such as 1080p HD night vision, Wi-Fi, app, true cry detection, and danger zone alerts, to know the right time to go check the baby. After each night, you can check details about the baby’s sleep quality, including movements, longest sleep time, caregiver visits, and more.

This baby monitor comes with a floor base, crib attachment, and mobile stand, which gives you flexibility to check on your baby in multiple setups, including during the transition from baby to toddler, which requires different camera positions. In case you want to set your Cubo Ai on the wall, it’s possible to check this video made from the brand.

Good for large families that want to follow the baby’s routine, the camera connects multiple Cubo Ais to a single account and shares access with up to 7 people. It is also CTIA Cybersecurity Certified to assure your account and data is safe.

  • Wi-Fi.
  • App.
  • Movement’s detection.
  • High-quality image.
  • Noise detection.
  • Detects if the baby’s mouth and nose are covered.
  • Danger zone detection.
  • Expensive.

Nanit Pro Baby Monitoring

The Nanit Pro baby monitor includes many features to improve the parent’s experience and baby safety, such as sensor-free breathing motion monitoring, sleep tracking, height tracking, and a smart sensor that captures funny moments, creating memories for the whole family. This makes it a great monitor not only for parents concerned about comfort and safety but also if you care about missing special, cute moments, such as funny faces, laughs, and singing/humming sessions.

If you work outside and want to follow the little one’s routine during the day on your iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, or Echo Show device, that is possible using this baby monitoring camera, checking in real-time and with a high-quality image and audio what the baby is doing.

Practical, multi-stand, versatile, you can easily set the monitor camera everywhere (living room, bedroom, etc.) The sleep tracking is a good feature to know the quality of your baby’s night, especially because nighttime is essential for babies’ and kids’ growth and immunity. The stats you get each morning, alongside the recorded video and the time-lapse highlight reel of their sleep, give a clear view of how the night was.

To increase even more the safety, the monitor comes with a small Breathing Band, so you can track your baby’s breaths per minute to detect your baby’s breathing motion from any position, in real-time and send you alerts if they need you. Nap safety is always a concern for every parent, so we were happy to find a baby monitor that it was so focused on that without overlooking other useful add-ons.

  • Sleeping tracking.
  • Breathing band.
  • Nature sounds.
  • Weigh and high track.
  • Pricey.
  • Connectivity issues.

The best baby monitor for less than $100

ANMEATE Baby Monitor

This is an affordable baby monitor camera especially when we consider its feature, such as high-quality 2.4” screen colour, 2x zoom magnification for better coverage, 4 soothing lullaby songs, high-definition night vision, temperature monitoring, LED Lights.

The two-way talking and the long transmission range (up to 960 feet) is enough cover to have certain independence at home while the baby sleeps or plays in a safe place when you cook, clean the house, work, or need to go a little bit far to check something. Another great helper is the 4 soothing lullaby songs that can be used to bring a comfortable feeling for the baby, considering many of them prefers to rest hearing music or voices.

Easy to install, the camera comes with tabletop or wall mounting options. It also has a high-capacity battery (950mAh), lasting up to 8 hours in eco mode. That is a differential since we read in many reviews some complaints regarding battery life.

  • High-capacity battery.
  • Affordable.
  • 4 soothing lullaby songs.
  • Night vision.
  • Often loses connection.

The best baby monitor for less than $50

LAXIHUB Baby Camera

Baby monitors have clearly come a long way. However, when looking for a budget baby monitor, you’re probably already expecting a smaller range of features. That’s why we were so positively surprised about the LAXIHUB baby camera.

This affordable baby monitor costs less than $40, and although basic, it comes with important features such as human motion and sound detection, two-way audio, night vision, and even elements usually found in smart or pricey monitors, since you can ask Alexa or Google Assistant to show your baby’s room or anywhere with the M1 Wi-Fi baby monitor.

Smart, the advanced human and sound detection (three sensitivity levels) sends a message to the guardian’s smartphone as soon as abnormal movement or noise is noticed. This is a detail that brings confidence when both parents and baby need to rest, especially at night, without any concerns.

The night vision up to 10m/32ft is another feature that improves the user’s experience. It allows you to watch delicate movements of your little one in high resolution. To eventually see what happened before, it also supports up to 180 second video recording and playback – longer than most other cameras on the market. And if you use an SD card, it can support full-day recording.

  • Free app.
  • Smart features.
  • Night vision.
  • Sound and human detection.
  • Image delays.

Our methodology

In my opinion, as a mom, a baby monitor camera is an investment for everyone, from parents to guardians who need to take care of their little ones. It gives you well deserved independence at home since it allows you to do all you want or need while watching and ensuring the baby is safe

To bring you this guide of the top-rated products, we put over more than 13 hours researching the best baby monitors in Canada considering features such as night vision, audio quality, two-way talks, Wi-Fi, companion apps, image resolution, temperature trackers, and any other specifications that make a good baby monitor.

Frequently asked questions about baby monitors

When to stop using the baby monitor?

If the baby monitor doesn’t show the image or sound in real-time, that is considered a useless product for taking care of the child. The most important features are image and sound to follow the little one’s routine and ensure their safety. If neither are working well, then it’s time to stop using it.

With regards to age, there are no right or wrongs. A baby monitor can be used in the long term depending on the guardian and the kid’s needs.

What is the best baby monitor?

The one that can deliver a high-definition image and sound in real-time. If you want to check the baby during the day from the office, for example, having Wi-Fi connection would make a lot of sense.

Before buying a baby monitor, you need to define the features that are essential for your situation. Although we tried to cover a wide range of specific needs in our buying guide, some people may need something really basic whereas others may need plenty of smart features. Of course, this will directly affect the price of your baby monitor.

How much does a baby monitor cost?

It depends on the brand and features. If it’s a smart/high-tech baby monitor, the product will cost probably more than $150, but if it is a simpler version, you can easily find options that cost less than $100.

For this guide, we even included a smart baby monitor priced at even less than $50. So, you just need to check what best fits your budget.

The average baby monitor price varies from $50 to $500.

Where to use the baby monitor?

Whenever you need it. Kitchen, living room, bedroom… It’s possible to install it anywhere, and that is why this product is so versatile and useful for guardians.

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