CryptoTab Browser Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Buying cryptocurrencies can be very expensive. The most popular coins usually sell for thousands of dollars. For example, Bitcoin’s price as of December 2023 is $22,582 CAD (Canadian Dollar). Because of these high prices, many people are looking for ways to get free cryptocurrency. And who can blame them? Unfortunately, there are not many legitimate ways to earn free crypto. But CryptoTab Browser is one way you can get Bitcoin without spending a dime. In this review, I will explain what CryptoTab Browser is, how it works, and its pros and cons. I will also answer some frequently asked questions about CryptoTab Browser. But the first thing we should cover is what crypto mining is.

What is crypto mining?

Crypto mining the process in which new crypto coins are entered into circulation. It is also used by blockchains to confirm new transactions. Mining requires sophisticated hardware to solve complex computational math problems. Crypto mining is expensive and takes along time. The computer hardware needed for mining uses a large amount of electricity. This leads to an expensive electricity bill. The large energy expenditure also negatively impacts the environment. Because of these factors, not many people do crypto mining. It is usually done by experienced crypto traders.

What is CryptoTab Browser

Not that we learned what crypto mining is, it’s time to cover what CryptoTab Browser is. Essentially, CryptoTab Browser is a mining service. However, it operates as regular web browser. In fact, the design is based on Google Chrome. Because of this similarity, you can import your bookmarks, extensions, and settings from your Google account. At the moment, CryptoTab Browser only supports Bitcoin mining. While this may seem like a drawback, it is a great way get the most valuable cryptocurrency for free.


The web design of CryptoTab Browser.

Just like other web browsers, you can customize your CryptoTab Browser account with various extensions. This enhances the browser’s functionality and improves the overall user experience. Lastly, CryptoTab Browser is also available for tablets and smartphones.

CryptoTab Brower is designed to operate without interfering with your computer’s normal power usage. According to the website, it only uses “unused resources”. The mining algorithm runs as long as the browser is open, and the mining feature is turned on. Using the browser to surf the web increases the algorithm’s efficiency.

How do you use CryptoTab Browser

Using CryptoTab Browser is very easy. To start mining, open the browser and click the CryptoTab icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the mining dashboard. Next, set the mining speed to run the mining algorithm. The mining speed tab will display your hashrate, which measures how fast your device mines crypto. Increasing the speed means you will mine Bitcoin at a faster rate, while lowering it decreases the frequency. There are a few ways to increase your mining speed. One way is to use regularly use CryptoTab Browser to surf the web. As I mentioned earlier, doing this will increase the mining efficiency. The second way is to use the Cloud.Boost feature. This feature speeds ups the mining hashrate without using additional power consumption. Cloud.Boost is a pay to use feature with four different subscriptions: Lite, Basic, Pro, and Ultra.


CryptoTab Browser subscription levels.

In the centre of the dashboard, you will see your balance. This is updated every 10 minutes. Once you are ready to stop mining, simply set the speed to zero and close the browser. CryptoTab Browser will hold your balance until you are ready to withdraw.


The main dashboard of CryptoTab Browser.

Other features

CryptoTab browser has additional features related to crypto mining.

One example is their referral program. This feature lets you invite friends, family, and other people to sign up with CryptoTab Browser. Once a person uses your referral link to install CryptoTab Browser, you both will receive free Bitcoin. Additionally, you will receive a percentage of the person’s mined Bitcoin; earnings are not subtracted from the person’s overall balance. The referral program has up to 10 levels of referred friends. The number of levels you have determines the percentage of your earnings:


Percent earned

1st level


2nd level


3rd level


4th level


5th level


6th level


7th level


8th level


9th level


10th level


The second notable feature is CryptoTab Browser’s NFT Mining. This is a stand-alone service that does not require you to use CryptoTab Browser to access it. With CryptoTab NFT, users can buy special NFT’s from the exchange OpenSea; the NFTs feature the CryptoTab character CryptoBot. With the CryptoBot NFT, owners get special abilities and privileges. The most noteworthy is linking the NFT to CryptoTab browser to get and additional hashrate. You can connect multiple NFTs to your account to increase your mining efficiency.

Pros and cons

There are several pros and cons for CryptoTab Browser. I’ll start with the positives:

  • Simple interface: Since it is based on Google Chrome, CryptoTab Browser has a simple and appealing interface. There is a sense of familiarity when you use the browser. It is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for; at no point was I ever lost or did not know here to find things. Plus, information is written in a straightforward, uncomplicated way.
  • Easy to use: As I noted earlier, crypto mining is a complex procedure. But CryptoTab Browser simplifies the entire process. All you have to do is open the browser, set your mining speed, and surf the internet. Once you are done for the day, simply turn the mining speed off and close the browser.
  • Referral program: This feature acts as a nice little incentive for you to sign up with CryptoTab Browser. Plus, it is a fast and easy way to earn some extra Bitcoin. While I did not use the referral program, I believe many people are making the most of the feature.

Now here are some of the cons of CryptoTab Browser:

  • Power usage: This con comes from my own experience, so yours may differ. While I was mining, I noticed may laptop’s battery power quickly drain. This even happened while it was charging. While this issue may not occur on desktop computers; the amount of power CryptoTab Browser requires is still high. In then end, you may end up paying more for electricity than what you are earning in mined Bitcoin
  • Slow mining times: Unless you are using Cloud.Boost, mining times are slow. Even if you set the mining speed to max, there is very little increase in the mining frequency. And if you open up multiple tabs to increase the mining efficiency, the browser may lag or freeze completely.

Concluding thoughts

Overall, CryptoTab Browser is a good mining service for beginners; it simplifies the complex process that is crypto mining. Plus, its additional features enhance the user experience. However, the slow mining times and high power usage of CryptoTab Browser can be a dealbreaker for some. Personally, both of those cons led me to stop using CryptoTab Browser. I realized that, in the end, I was not earning enough Bitcoin for the amount of time I spend mining. And I did not feel like draining my laptop’s battery each time I used the browser.

But if you are still interested in CryptoTab Browser, I would recommend giving it a try. Just remember to be patient and ensure you have the appropriate hardware to run the program.

Frequently asked questions about CryptoTab Browser

Is CryptoTab Browser legit?

There are many questions about the legitimacy of CryptoTab Browser. For example, many people wonder if they mine actual Bitcoin. After using the program for a few weeks, I can say that CryptoTab Browser is totally legit. The Bitcoin you mine is real and can be deposited to your crypto wallet. However, one issue I ran into during my research is that CryptoTab Browser apparently withheld earnings from some users. These customers were unable to withdraw their mined Bitcoin. One person had over $3,000 worth of Bitcoin that they were unable to cash out. With that being said, other users reported no issues with withdrawing funds, so those complaints may be isolated incidents.

Is CryptoTab Browser safe?

Since the program is a web browser, there are concerns about its safety. There is always the chance that a hacker accesses your CryptoTab account and steals your Bitcoin. During my research, I could not find cases of major scams with CryptoTab Browser. I only found anecdotes from user reviews, some of which were questionable. Another concern is the safety of user’s private data when using CryptoTab. To save and synchormize your mining progress, CryptoTab needs to save your online data. Some people may not be comfortable with this.

How do you withdraw from CryptoTab Browser?

The withdraw process for CryptoTab Browser is similar to the process for crypto exchanges. To start, you must login with one of your social network accounts. This is required for security reasons; to protect your access and make it easier to recover your ID. Next, go to the mining dashboard and click on the menu widget located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click on withdraw BTC. You will be redirected to a separate tab. From there, enter in your crypto wallet address and the amount you want to withdraw.

Note: You must have a minimum balance of 0.00001 Bitcoin to withdraw funds.

What are some alternatives to CryptoTab Browser?

If you think CryptoTab Browser may not be for you, there are plenty of alternatives out there.

Ecos is a cloud based app that offers serval features like crypto mining, a crypto wallet, a crypto exchange, crypto portfolio management tools. Unlike CryptoTab Browser, you have to pay to use the Ecos mining tool. But the cost is smaller than what you would pay for advanced mining hardware. To start mining with Ecos, you have to buy a contract. The contract has set mining time period. Once the period finishes, you will receive your mined Bitcoin.

Bitdeer is digital assest mining service located in Singapore. The company simplifies crypto mining by handling various aspects of the process, like acquiring hardware, managing power consumption, and running daily operations. More specifically, Bitdeer owns and operates mining farms, which are whare houses filled with mining rigs. The company also operates cloud-based mining pools. To use Bitdeer, customers select one of the Computer Power Plans (pirces range from $550.00-$5500.00 U.S.). Next, users create a Bitdeer account, which gives them access to one of the Bitdeer mining farms. From there, you can start mining Bitcoin. Payouts come directly from the mining pools.

CredoMine is another web-based mining service that is easy to use. Like Bitdeer, CredoMine operates the mining rigs for you. Once you set up your account, you can start mining by accessing CredoMine’s cloud mining service. CredoMine provides you with a free plan once you create an account with them. There are higher priced plans that generate more mining power.

To view more alternatives to CryptoTab Browser, click here.

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